This was posted 10 months 4 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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5-Tier Boltless Shelving Unit $39.99 @ ALDI


Thought this was a pretty good deal for a 5 Tier Shelving Unit with up to 175KG load per shelf (875KG total).

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    Bunnings have the Montgomery ones for the same price. Usually $45

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      Wonder if Montgomery can be constructed in different shapes like the Aldi one

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        they can

      • Please explain

        • I was looking at them today at my local Bunnings. The vertical supports are split halfway and stack on top of each other (possibly a structural weakness) allowing them to be used as two half height shelves or one tall shelves.

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          It's a modular system - in the sense that you can construct two smaller shelves (which you could corner as a bench style arrangement.

          It doesn't work to extend the height though - as in you can't create 'extra' tall shelves using multiple sets.

          You can do these with the nut-and-bolt cheap $15-20 units which are much more annoying to work with.. I've constructed 2.1m tall shelves for specific spaces - which of course are attached to the back wall and used for 'light' loads..

          It is a weakness that it has a 'joiner' but not much of one as when correctly installed, the weight of the top set of shelves is directly position over the bottom posts and they (the Bunnings variety anyway) also supplies 'holding pins' that slot in to keep everything in place.

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      And from my previous research the ALDI one is shit quality and the Bunnings one much better!

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        Good to know as I was about to go to ALDI tomorrow to get it.

        In that case I'll go to Bunnings instead.

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        Shit quality? I bought one of these about 4 years ago, assembled it and put in the garage. Later moved to another house, disassembled and reassembled. Still using it to store tools and boxes, can't even notice any wear and tear. The shelves do not have any nasty smell. I don't have any other brands, so maybe I just can't see the difference between shit and good quality.

      • I generally find aldi products to be much better quality than Bunnings.

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          I don't

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          Not this one.

          • @bashar20: Could you elaborate why for those of us that don't have either?

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              @hambeet: The Aldi one uses very thin aluminium for the body and very thin shelves and for very odd reason the shelves stank as well.
              The Aldi one is hard is assemble compared to Bunnings.

              I am usually happy with Aldi special buys but those shelves were a fail so I returned them after assembling them. Then I decided I wanted larger ones which were more expensive at Bunnings so I ended up buying from these guys warehouse. Quality is closer to the expensive Bunnings ones. I believe I paid $85 for the longer one.

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      What are the shelves made of - mdf?

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        Yep, and pretty thin at than. But you can swap them out for the rack it wire shelves and it makes them 100x better. Well worth the total cost.

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      The MDF used in the Montgomery off-gasses for a LONG time. The smell never really goes away until it's painted or sealed.

      The Pinnacle brand uses decent MDF and doesn't stink. It's a lot more expensive.

      I wonder what the quality of the Aldi ones are…. It would require a smell test.

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        Can vouch for Pinnacle. We spent over $500 on shelves and do not regret it. Great quality and zero smell.

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          Second this. I got a pair of pinnacle shelves on special at Bunnings a year ago. Easy to assemble, sturdy and no smell at all.

      • I have put in 12 of them over the last 6 months and there is no smell whatsoever. They might have made a change with materials or something.

        3 shelves were missing feet and pins etc though. Great to find just after you've cracked a beer for an afternoon of working in the shed.

        • Can anyone help answer this: I'm hoping to put the Montgomery (or ALDI one) OVER my aircon compressor. I've measured the height and width of the compressor, and these shelves should fit over it ONLY IF the bottom shelf is NOT installed (I think the metal frame for the shelf can be installed, but not the wooden shelf itself).

          Do you think this shelving unit can still stand and be relatively sturdy without the bottom shelf in place? Thanks.

          • @dlee: Yep. You just don't put the bottom piece in.

            • @Jay43: Thanks. It's just that the Bunnings instructions say, "Place MDF board on bottom shelf to minimise buckling"… very afraid of buckling! I will only put light stuff on the shelves, though, so I think it should be OK. (The manual says the load is 150kg per shelf, but I won't go anywhere near that max.) Just hoping the legs can remain sturdy without the MDF shelf.

              • @dlee: If it says that it might not be the best idea then.

              • @dlee: That's primarily to aid in assembly. It should be fine with light loads

    • Looks like this Aldi one better load weight

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    I read this as bottomless.

    • Then you need to get glasses

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        Hoed gasses?

      • 🤓

        • ^ high needs

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    And FWIW if it's OOO just go to Bunnings. I noticed online they matched their Montgomery ones a few days ago.

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    Who made this?

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      If it is like the Bunnings ones, you need to bash each section in with a rubber mallet

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        I bought a generic one that’s very similar.. and yeah In the ends bolts might’ve been easier and I added some for stability but overall it does what it said

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        Yep pain in the ass but overall cant fault the design as its quite modular and sturdy

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        I built the bunnings ones today. Two sets of them. Tap with the palm of my hand and they went together no problem took ten minutes each at most

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    I don’t recommend the Aldi one for the following reasons:
    Very thin aluminium.
    Thin shelves that stink.
    Not as easy to install compared to Bunnings ones.

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    How does the Bunnings one compare to the Stratco one?

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      In have bought 2 of the Stratco ones and was impressed by the quality for the price. MDF is thin but they have a centre shelf support. I'll be getting some more for the shed.

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      So this is actually cheaper than both ALDI and Bunnings?

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      Can't seem to see any Max load rating on that one. It's a good deal if it can hold as much as the Bunnings one

    • Bunnings one is slightly larger

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      I bought 5 of the larger version of the Stracto Shed Style racks during a sale. About half price from memory. They are just OK. MDF very thin which bows quite easily and the middle brackets are a pain. They keep popping out if the shelf bounces around when you drop stuff on them. Good for light stuff. I think total weight is something like 180kg vs 175kg per shelf for this one.
      The Stracto one also uses a slot and tongue type connector which can be very fiddley. Rivet and hole types are a lot simpler

      • I don't think the MDF size would scale well to anything larger. I would have hoped they increased the thickness with a bigger span. If the design of the cross shelf supports is the same then you can bend the tab into a U shape once installed so they can't move. Get a flat head screwdriver in behind the tab and lever it around.

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      I went and compared them, bought Bunnings ones. Straco ones are very average. Retail is retail. Straco probably buy at $15. The importer and wholesaler needs another 30% margin. So landing in Aus warehouse has to be $12. AUS12 does not go very far.

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      The stratco ones are trash. The fixing mechanism is a flap of the frame that you have to fold out and bash into a creased slot in the receiving frame. I have both stratco and bunnings, pay for the bunnings one.

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        Agree - apart from the fact that the Stratco's were on sale (thanks Ozbagain) mine are 450mm deep which matches the depth of my storage cabinets. I won't buy the Shed Style ones again. Their Rivet range is far superior but you pay a lot for it.

      • Not sure if this is the same as the one listed above - when I bought they came with 4 X tab joiners which are separate pieces.

  • There'll be a competition tomorrow morning? lol

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    Bought 3 (Made in Germany) from ALDI a few years ago which are pretty good in quality, shame they don't sell these ones any more.

    • I guess this one is made in China?

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        how sad that everything is made in china now - shows how much we rely on them

        • Would you be happy to pay double the price for something made in america or uk and not necessary double the quality? Considering the ppl go shop at aldi cause things are “cheap”, I don’t think they care where things are made long as its more bang for their buck.

      • All are mate…

  • Iam looking for a outdoor plant bench. Not sure if it's suitable.. Any suggestion??. Thx

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      issue is getting MDF wet. If you're careful or have a plastic layer to prevent moisture it'll be fine otherwise get a timber sealed one or galvanised metal

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      What size plants?
      I use IKEA Hyllis to store general outdoor stuff and still seems fine after many years.
      For showing off pots and just having them higher than ground level I use treated sleepers and cinder blocks I stole from a hospital construction site.

      I don't recommend the Bunnings galvanised shelf. Far more flimsy shelf pieces.

      • The ikea ones I have 4 aren’t very heavy duty. I got afew boxes of stuff on it and it wobbles Everytime I bump it.

        • Bolt/tie them together. I only have 2 side-by-side though. I've got all the (relatively) heavy stuff like my stash of Bunnings $1 pots on the bottom two levels so it's not easy to tip.
          It is what it is though, being such a narrow shelf with thin metal BUT definitely way better than the Bunnings one. You put something weighty like pots on the Bunnings one, the shelf instantly sinks and warps.

      • 20 cm and 30 cm pots for rose plants..

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    Just erected 3 Bunnings Montgomery $39 ones today, very simple, 10-15 mins a set. Very happy with them.
    I'd probably go Bunnings over Aldi just so you can get more any time.

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      yeah everyone is upvoting this aldi item whilst so far everyone is saying that the bunnings one is the same price but superior quality… should put this in the OP description " alternative is bunnings which is better quality <insert link> " lol

    • You did this at 2am??

    • Can the bunnings one converted in different arrangements? The photos or descriptions on bunnings website doesn't clarify this. The photos on Aldi catalog is what I'm actually after

      • Middle shelf is the only one that has to be in a certain position as it ties the verticals together (which are split to fit in the packaging).

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    It’s interesting that bunnings only lower their prices when Aldi do. Shows the lack of competition out there.

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      I remember when everyone used to make fun of Masters. I hope they enjoy the monopoly pricing now, I'm sure sausages out the front makes up for it.

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        And what about Mitre10? All but disappeared from the consumer space.

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        I loved masters, could use woolies giftcards, usually had 10% off, and just click and collect most things before bunnings even had a proper website. Having said that masters management wasn’t very switched on. They should have tried to recruit some from bunnings and office works. Product lines left a lot to be desired and heaps of inefficiencies in operation.

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          Masters, I also liked shopping there but an object business lesson in how not to do it….expand too rapidly, blow a ton of cash, impatient short-sighted shareholders, close the whole thing down.

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    For stuff like this I always just buy second-hand.

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    I have this, wood shelving deform and sink overtime. Don't recommend these outside or put anything small and heavy.

    my all metal shelving is still standing strong after 10 years

  • Is the Bunnings version cheapest so far or were they cheaper in the past?

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    I've bought from these guys before and the shelving I got is top quality - and it looks like they've upgraded them since then.

    What I got was identical to the Bunnings "more expensive" option: their upper range, in other words. I didn't t go to Bunnings though as these guys were just over half the price at Bunnings.

    They're a bit more $ than Aldi but double the width and slightly deeper. They also have steel shelves.

    Also, as an aside, I'd like to see someone test the weight rating of the Aldi shelves…

    Anyway, for reference -

    • Yes. Look like heavy duty shelves.

  • Bought the bunnings one. 2 things :

    1) if the bunnings one is better quality than the Aldi one, I'd hate to see the Aldi one lol

    2) I'd be surprised if the shelves can actually support the 150kg they're rated for - i don't want to test that out lol

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      I have 12 of these Aldi shelves and they have heavy boxes full of books/ papers on the top shelves, plus hold a 2 tonne trolley jack, 2 tonne axle stands, big compound saws, boxes with crow bars & chisels, heavy breaker bits, heavy metal tool boxes full of hand tools, 10L tins of paint, welder, sanders (you get the picture), and they support the weight no problem at all, so I'd judge them just as good as the (usuallly more expensive) Bunnings ones.

      I just make sure to pack the feet level with shims before loading them up with weight. Yes, the MDF bows (as would all the other makes), but just keep one side of the heavier items at the edge to make sure it's partly supported by the metal rails, and make sure they never get excessively wet.

  • We got the Bunnings ones during one of Melbournes Lockdowns to re-arrange our Garage, which now looks spectacular. They feel quite flimsy while putting them together but magically once they're all screwed in place they're solid as a rock.

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      Would love to see photos - my garage is a nightmare and need to see something spectacular for inspiration

  • Just looking at pictures of the Aldi one, it looks like the legs protrude above the top shelf. This may or may not affect how you use it, but it might be something to keep in mind. That is one advantage of the ones sold at Bunnings, the legs are flush with the top shelf.

    • I personally have 3 of the Montgomery ones but 1600 length. Top quality racks but promo line.

      Yesterday paid $205 for a pinnacle rack which was 1500 length. Another top quality rack.

    • it's actually flush, unless u want to put the plastic feet on top too, won't stay there though. the legs have a sharper end, and rounder end.

      • Ahh, fair enough then.

  • this one wobbles unless nailed to the wall. the weight limit is for when it's nailed to the wall.

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