[Back Order] Ubiquiti UniFi U6-LITE Wi-Fi 6 Access Point $161.10 + Delivery (Free over $200) @ Wireless1


ETA 10th of February. ETA of May 31.

Cheaper than my last post, which turned out to not be in stock until mid-Feb either. So if you’re going to wait a little you may as well do it for less.

EDIT: Now in stock (as of Feb 4th)

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    • You are not going to get 6E and 160MHz for under $200. 6E isn't even approved by ACMA yet.

      • +4 votes

        & no Wi-Fi 6E clients.

      • Well you kinda can https://www.gsmarena.com/xiaomi_demos_its_wifi_6e_ax6000_router_by_pitting_the_xiaomi_mi_11_against_the_iphone_12_pro_max-news-46996.php

        Of course its an import, so at your own risk of course.

        Looks like it's still a 5ghz only router with some advanced aggregation and higher QAM.

  • Will this work with Airport Extreme as the NBN router and Linksys POE+ switch https://www.pclan.com.au/linksys-lgs108p-8port-unmanaged-swi...?

    Or I will need a Ubiquity gateway for this to work? If yes, what gateway is ok to use that can do FTTP NBN?

  • Anyway know how this compares to the NANO-HD?
    Am thinking probably to wait for the the equivalent product in this generation

    • It out performs the nano-hd on speed(YouTube video), but can't comment on the range in comparison.

    • Wait for the Unifi U6 LR.

    • Based on the following, it compares favourably. The person testing didn’t have the higher end 6 LR model which replaces the Pro/Nano to benchmark against.


      • Is the Unifi 6 LR confirmed to be the Unifi Pro & Nano HD replacement or is this guesswork from guys on the Ubiquiti forums?

        • There’s some rumours there may also be a Pro, but it’s being labelled that now based on some key specs around MIMO etc aligning fairly closely between the LR and those other models and the price tag matching the Nano HD exactly. It’s also weather rated, where the current Pro was also designed to support outdoor use.

          Given no other comparable model has entered their early access program, the LR is also the only model that’s available now other than the Lite that looks like a sensible swap out, with the 6 Lite obviously being a replacement for the current Lite.

          Something else may come along, but it’ll probably be some time until we can get it here if it does so for now it’s easily the best fit and upgrade path.

      • Thanks all…
        Seeing as how the iPhone 12 Pro is my only device supporting it, at this current stage I’m probably best served with my 2 existing Nano HD.

  • Have stopped updating the firmware on my Ubiquiti devices for a bit. There's been a couple of real irritating bugs in the last couple (DHCP issues, APs that crash after a couple of days and get really hot).

    Guess I should check the Ubiquiti reddit to see if it's safe yet.

    • Edit: Yep, looks like the AC firmware that's buggy as hell is still the current. Acknowledged issue from UBNT but they won't pull > 4.3.20. I feel this is the death knell for Ubiquiti for me.

      They're fixing the more modern devices, but not AC-Lite / AC-LR / AC-Pro which are not end of support.

      Very disappointing.

      • It’s not like those devices are that old though….

        It’s a real shame, however I’m inclined to stick with them since the ecosystem and support in general for extensibility is among the best.

      • I'm using AC-LR with the firmware set to auto update and I've had zero issues.
        Have you got a link to these problems ?

        • https://www.reddit.com/r/Ubiquiti/comments/kaoco8/uap_firmwa...


          A couple there. I've found 4.3.20 stable for me (apart from dropping to 100mbit uplink, but I'm guessing that's more my fixed cabling than the APs / switches)

          4.3.24 seems to be the most recent firmware available for my devices.

          Edit: there's now a link suggesting there's a 4.3.26 release candidate. Not super enthused about installing beta firmware, particularly when they've not fixed the issues in a couple of months. I get that it's likely they're just focused on the new Wi-Fi 6 hardware but seems they're not that interested in supporting older (still current) devices right now.

          Edit2: Nope, based on the first comment here


          It's still eating CPU (which is the crash and overheat issue I was getting)

          Yeah I won't be upgrading and will need to look at something else when this stuff finally gives up. Such a shame, I really liked the ecosystem

          • @unique452: Thanks for that - just a case of waiting for new firmware to fix that particular issue or downgrade back to .20
            This has happened before (and last time the issue did affect me) and it will happen again 👍 Luckily they don't usually take long to release a fix…

  • Has a release date been set for the U6-LR in Aus?

  • Forgive my lack of knowledge, but what is the different between this, a wifi extender, and mesh networks?

    • This is just a wireless access point (AP).

      Wi-Fi extenders are an AP that add additional range, usually by connecting to another AP that already exists. You can use some Ubiquiti devices as Wi-Fi extenders.

      Mesh networks are just a collection of APs usually with a central controller. You can create a mesh network with the Ubiquiti devices.

      There's a lot of confusion about these sorts of devices because some are what it actually is, some is how you use it. Google's mesh product for instance is actually some APs, a router and a switch, the remote nodes are effectively Wi-Fi extenders, but they aren't referred to as such.

      Trying not to go into too much detail because I'm worried I'll just confuse you more with the semantics of it all

      The general tl;dr is if you don't know what this is, it's very likely not for you

      • "The general tl;dr is if you don't know what this is, it's very likely not for you"

        I would emphasise the general part here. In a specific context yes, but it may very well be what they need. So others viewing this, it might be worth reading into unique452 response further and learning more about those concepts.

        Everyone's needs and circumstances are different and we no nothing about melbournedeals network requirements. I guess I'm just saying that people need to learn and start somewhere - be informed and know their options. As sometimes its exactly what they were looking for and just didn't know it before.

        As an IT professional for my organisation I find myself working with many non IT focused staff. They do things in such inefficient ways simply because they don't know any better.

        Once I explain to them an option or provide information on something, like you have for melbournedeals then sometimes they are amazed and say "I didn't know this was possible" or, "that will save me so much time" or that is a function I needed but cant find/confirm on other devices, or I have had this specific issue for ages and never know doing x,z,y would fix it etc…

        • Agreed, I did add 'in general' specifically, but should have accentuated. I find suggesting people buy something like the Google mesh product is much simpler for them to cover the 'my Wi-Fi is bad in the bedroom' type issues as it's just a lot less headache for them. Trying to explain the semantics of the roles a router, modem, controller, APs etc play that are all separate devices in my home network frequently confuses people as their only experience is the device their ISP sent them, but then some people really do want some more flexibility in their home setup and these sorts of solutions might be more viable.

    • General advice these days, at least what I give is
      1) small house/apartment, use a wifi router
      2) medium house, 2 node mesh
      3) large house, 3 node mesh
      4) IT junkies go ubiquiti
      5) granny flat? Mesh network across the gap if it has line is sight
      6) never use wifi extenders

  • Hey guys, quick question on NBN HFC. If my suburb has existing cable network (eg foxtel) and I want to connect to NBN, do I need the NBN technician to come and install anything? Or can I just buy a NBN connection box like the one here -> https://www.commander.com.au/sites/default/files/2018-12/nbn and that would suffice

    • As far as I'm aware, yes, it is likely that you'll still need to arrange for your ISP to get the NBN technician to visit your premises. Even if you have the actual HFC cable (e.g. foxtel cable, or old cable internet) already in your home, the NBN technician will need to program/link the HFC box to your premises/address.

      This is why there is typically a sticker on the NBN modem/box that says to leave the box at the premises if you leave/move-out of the property.

    • Don't purchase a 2nd hand HFC connection box online. It won't connect to the NBN.

    • Can confirm that you will need to be home for a 4 hour window waiting on an NBN tech even if you already have Foxtel/Telstra cable installed and operational.
      I'll be at my Mums' watching the NBN tech do exactly this on Monday.

  • Just waiting for the dream machine pro to go on sale… :/

      • just saw in another post on here! it, thanks for this.

        Finally getting my DMP and this AP.

        • Any thoughts on the benefits/differences of this vs the ac-lr access point?

          I too am looking at the dream machine pro and some access points


          • @Lindsayr: Hi Lindsay,

            It really depends on your use-case.If you require a long-range model right now, and since there isn't a WiFi 6 version of LR, then you might need to go for the AC-LR. However, if your home or small office does not require long range signal, it may be a better future-proof idea to get the U6-Lites. Also, the price difference between the U6-Lite and the AC-LR is not that significant.

            Besides the technical differences of WiFi 6 (on U6-Lite) and WiFi 5 (on AC-LR), the LR does have a 3x3 wifi configuration on the 2.4GHz and 2x2 wifi configuration on the 5GHz.

            What's the environment that you're planning to set your UDM-Pro and access points? and do you have any specific requirements?

            • @viewfinder: Hi @viewfinder

              This is for a house. Currently 3 bedroom lowest brick house. Adding an extension on the front at the moment, an extra 48ish sqm bottom floor and similar top floor extension (existing house remains 1 storey). Was looking at putting one access point upstairs, one downstairs and one at the other end of the house. On hfc nbn at the moment and potentially looking at adding Ubiquiti door bell/cameras in the near future. Will be setting up small cabinet under the stairs to hold patch panel etc.

            • @viewfinder: There is a Unifi 6 LR coming.

              • @Twix: Thanks mate, yes, there'll likely be WiFi 6 revisions for many of the Unifi wireless line-up, which is why I mentioned that if long range is needed right now, then AC-LR is the only option for now.

  • Thanks OP. Been holding off until a sale on the Wifi 6 versions for my New Reno!!

  • Unlike the AC products, this doesn't come with the PoE injector I believe?
    I'm pretty sure this is the one you'll need for an extra $35

  • Just an update, these have come into stock ahead of schedule. I ordered from them two days ago and it’s already been dispatched.