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Telstra Oppo AX5 64GB (Prepaid, Locked) $45 @ Kmart


Kmart said $190 discounted to $130 but when you scan the product it says $45.

Telstra locked pre-paid mobile that also works with Boost Mobile. It will not work with resellers of Telstra Wholesale like ALDI Mobile, Woolworths Mobile and Belong without unlocking.

6.2" Screen 720 x 1520
64GB Internal Storage
4GB or 3GB RAM (not sure)
Comes with a screen protector and a transparent case.

It feels like a lot of phone for the money!

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    great for an indoors security camera :)

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      What app to use ?

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        Alfred is free but had banner ads. I haven't tried others.

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    • Stick it in some tupperware and it's an outdoor camera.

      • That someone can just take off the wall?

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          If you want actual security you pay for it.

          If you want to see when the neighbour's cat is shitting in your yard you pay for a crap phone and put it in a lunchbox.

          • @cfuse: You replied to someone who said it was a good indoors security camera.

  • I am looking for a cheap android device to test my UI.

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    How to check in-store stock? Looks like a good deal.

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      Ask Anthony.

      • First thing I noticed.

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    No nfc!

    • +1

      No band 28 :-P

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          Ah nice! I checked on gsmarena and it doesnt have a mention of B28. It also mentions 4GB RAM for the 64GB variant. Maybe this is a customised version for ANZ region?

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        Telstra dont sell non band 28 phones

        • Does this mean VoLTE will certainly work on this phone by default?

      • +1

        Actually know about band 28 or just say it loosely because others say it?

    • NFC is nice to have, borderline must have in these non contact times. Can always put a credit card inside your phone case I guess .

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    With a formidable 3GB RAM and 64GB ROM taking center stage, the OPPO AX5 runs fast and smoothly

    Seems like 3GB RAM. Also Android 8.1, not sure if any other updates available
    Great deal for only $45!

    Especially good value if it's your child's first phone starting school (Year 7 not K lol)

    • Great phone, as you said, for child's first phone.
      Though, No upgrade, No NFC, and many play store apps are already not compatible with this version of Android.
      Other than that, it's a good phone, nice camera and most of the social media apps works.

      • +4

        are already not compatible with this version of Android.

        Really? I know this is quite an issue on iOS but from experience most apps have crazy early support like Android 4.4 or Android 6. After all, Oreo is still on a lot of devices.

        However, I think it's the oldest that still has any kind of "support" so expect that to go soon and then the phone will gradually become obsolete.

        Edit: seems like 4GB ram from comments, we get a beefier one than NZ :)

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          My Android tablet that came out in 2014 and running an older version of Android than this phone still supports most apps. All the social media, multimedia, pay to win games, fast food restaurant apps and so on are available. It’s in developers best interest to not cut support too soon. Even if the developers do drop support the older versions of the app supported on your device could work for a while too. This is what happens a lot on old iOS versions, you get by on the last version of the app until it stops working.

    • Also Android 8.1, not sure if any other updates available

      Always check for availability of custom roms for any phone you don't want to end up as a paperweight in a couple of years.

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    Hard to find this phone even online. Its either "A5" or "AX5s" but dont seem to find "Telstra Oppo AX5" anywhere. This looks like some old stock which they are looking to clear off. But need to know in-stock store before scouting…

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      Complete a survey, give us all your details and we promise to send you an unlock code….. Yeah no thanks

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      FYI Telstra locked prepaid phones do work with Boost

      Source: My locked Telstra Nokia 2.2 that took a Boost SIM no problems

      • +5

        Yes they do work on boost, not on Aldi though.

      • -1

        Ok. Fair enough.
        The ones we sell dont work with aldi.

        • +1

          Do they work with Boost?

          • -4

            @HomeAlone: I havnt actually had anyone try. But judging by the other comments, yes they do

          • +1

            @HomeAlone: Yes, but they don't work with Aldi.

      • Have you already unlock your Telstra Nokia 2.2 now? I have one As well….

      • Nope, it doesn't, I tried it.

    • +5

      I thought they worked with Boost (Retail Telstra), but not with Aldi, Belong, Woolies (Wholesale Telstra).

      • That’s indeed correct.

      • +3

        Using an AX5 with a boost sim and it works. Not sure about others.

        • Thanks! How much did you get it for? And when?

          • +4

            @djoz: I have had this one for over 6 months now. I believe I paid $149 at Bigw

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    can anyone confirm if it works in another store? is there even stock anywhere as website doesn't show this phone.

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    Unlock your Telstra Phone
    When you have your IMEI you are ready to unlock your phone. Simply call Telstra:

    From a Telstra phone - 125 8887
    From a non-Telstra phone - 13 22 00
    From overseas - +61 439 125 888 (international charges apply)
    The operator will talk you through the process and at the end you will be asked to nominate how to pay the unlocking fee. You have the option to use your prepaid credit or to pay via credit card. The cost is determined by how long you've had the phone for.

    Less than 6 months - $80
    More than 6 months, but less than 2 years - $25
    More than 2 years - Free

    Found this, I'd probably wait for the 6months one though

    • -1

      Wait six months ask live chat you are overseas and need to activate a sim card

    • +1

      To network unlock a device, look around the web or Facebook. There is always someone out there that does mass unlock for free. I unlocked my Optus portable WiFi hotspot via Facebook.

      One must be careful because publishing IMEI on public www isn't very wise but if it's just a spare phone then it's no problem.

  • +8

    Cant find any anywhere

  • anybody know reliable online sites to unlock this phone. The unlockpedia website seems suss

    Any help is appreciated

    • +2

      Justwait for 6 months and call & pay Telstra if possible.

      I tried a couple unlock this phone/device site and wasted >$10 last time and eventually paid Telstra.
      Only took me 1 try to call them and get the code in 5 mins over the phone.

      • Justwait for 6 months and call & pay Telstra if possible.

        Do you mean "port your number to Telstra, pay Telstra plan fees for 6 months, then unlock", or "buy phone, don't use for 6 months, then call Telstra"?

        • +1

          Can port number to Telsrta plans or prepaid, your choice. After six months unlock and do what you want, simple.

          • +1

            @ozhunter68: Hmm, I don't want to lose my current plan (not with Telstra) as it's a "grandfathered" plan, and it's better than anything else available ATM. But I see I can buy a Telstra 6-month "long life plus" plan for $15, which will do the job for me.


            • +1

              @Russ: For all I know the start of the six months might begin from purchase date of phone, maybe nothing to do

              with activating a Telstra sim, but most likely you would need to activate first. Maybe someone can chime in on that.

              Could always just get a Free/$2 Telstra sim and activate.

  • real cheap

  • Can someone confirm if its 3 or 4gb of ram and if you can update Os from 8.1 to Android 10?

    • Maybe Android 9 if your lucky lol.

  • +5

    Chadstone, Southland, Richmond, Burwood don't have. Staff will buy it if they see it.

    • +1

      You called to ask? Is that the only way to confirm stock?

      • I called

        From a year ago



        • +1

          If there is stock, can we "reserve" one for us, and then go to buy later during the day, or say, tomorrow / Wed?

          • @djoz: They will hold it for you if there's stock. Any store will do that.

            • +3

              @abacus: I was told they won't hold for me so i went straight in to buy this time.

            • +1

              @abacus: A lot don't, especially when it's on clearance. Will usually depend on the person who you get but the majority will not that I have come across.

              • +1

                @4892: My experience, if you say "please put away for an hour", they don't mind.
                If I could get a $300 phone for $45, I would try to get it in an hour.

        • I called
          From a year ago

          No you didn't!

  • Price.match Ow?

  • +3

    There is one in Chatswood Chase NSW

  • +1

    4G Ram with 64G internal storage
    Good for price.

  • NZ page with specs: https://www.oppo.com/nz/smartphone-ax5/

    • 3Gb RAM
    • 6.2" display actually would measure a bit less, as screen sides are not quite right angles (?🥺).
    • +2

      This YouTube video showing the Australian Telstra version shows 4 gb of ram.


      At 2 min 36.

      • +4

        Can confirm 4GB RAM on the telstra version. Picked one up from the Stud Park Kmart, they had the clearance tag there, but no tags underneath it. Asked at the entertainment desk and they had one there. Not sure on remaining stock, but it didn't sound like I got the last one.

        • +1

          Does it have any updates?

        • You are lucky. Called Stud Park and they sold the last one 40minutes ago.

  • +3

    There are none at Woy Woy and there has been none there for months.

    • +1

      Why Why?

      • Lol I reckon!

      • The local scum broke into the back room and stole them all

  • -1

    Can it play genshin impact?

  • +2

    None at Eastland, Knox and rowville.

    I was given there is stock from other stores but they were on hold

    • +2

      Try to get ax7 at cheaper price. Same spec.

  • +2

    One left at Bass Hill Kmart!

    • Did you also ask if they will sell it for $45? Is the discounted price nationwide, confirmed?

      • +2

        Got a coworker who confirmed that it is currently $45 :)

  • Bass hill is my local ..i hate bankstown kmart its always a mess there

  • +1

    Could not find stock in any local store, but grabbed Optus ax7 at $35, not sure it's a good price or not.

    • from Kmart ?? any more stocks for ax7 @$35 ?

      • +1

        Got it from Brandon Park Kmart

  • -2

    About $40 overpriced

  • Any one grab these from melb stores?

  • +2

    Got the last one from eastland. Boost sim does not work. Currently on livechat to see.

    Anyone other luck with unlocking?

    • Were you able to get the Boost sim to work on your phone?

      • Not yet, they can't accept payment over the phone, so i need to go instore. I tried to tell them i have had my phone for 2 years.. but according to their system, it was purchased jan 2020 - meaning $25 unlocking fee. After paying in store, i need to call them up to reference the receipt for them to request a code that takes 7-10 days

  • Can someone who got one confirm if you can be updated from Os from 8.1 to Android 9 or 10?

    • +2

      Not natively. It had a security update from December 2020, but it is still using Android Version 8.1.0, ColorOS version 8.1.0.

      • thanks . is the telstra one dual sim or single like the optus ax7?

    • +1

      Android still at 8.1

      Colour OS will get updated to the latest version. The log says that it includes security updates too

      Telstra will charge $25 if you are nice. They will take the money upfront and then tell you that it takes about a week for the phone to be unlocked because they have to send a request off to somebody else

      Source: Bought one and have been through the process. The phone is not unlocked yet :(

  • can someone confirm if the Optus ax7 is in fact priced at $35 at Kmart and what are the differences in specs are between the telstra ax5 and the optus ax7 are apart from network locked and the optus one not having the 3g 850mhz band?