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Wofea Wi-Fi Garage Door Controller (Works with Alexa and Google, AU Plug) A$22.89/US$17.40 Delivered @ Wofea AliExpress


I've seen a few Ozbargainers mention these in comments before as being a good option for a WiFi garage door opener. At this price I figured I'd give it a go. Price includes GST - which is added on at Payment stage. Compatible with a lot of garage door makes and models - basically if your model supports a wired button then there's a good chance it'll be compatible. There's instructions on how to check this on the webpage.
Coupons like aliex178 or aliex437 may also work to give US$4 off if you are creating a new account via social media. Didn't try so if coupon works for you - please let us know in the comments.

EDIT: I asked Wofea for a clearer Compatibility List

Mod: Warning Be aware of safety standards and laws regarding the use and installation of this before purchasing.

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      I spent the last 40 minutes figuring out what model was my Eco garage door and came to the conclusion it's either a FS-600/800/1000

      I short the PB and GND closest to the left side and it works

  • -2

    I can’t read the compatibility list- can anyone help whether the Delta DRC-40D is compatible? Ta

    • If it has a hard wired button at present, see which terminals are attached. If you short them together with a paperclip or metal screwdriver and the garage door opens/closes - this opener will work.

  • I'll give this one a go, thanks OP!

  • Anyone know what model/make my garage door is?

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      Might be a Potato 🥔 same brand as your camera 📸

    • +1

      From the looks of the buttons I'd guess ATA.

  • Does this work with Siri??

  • Isn't this a security risk with Alexa/Google Home integration? Wouldn't anyone be able to open the garage door by screaming 'OK Google, open garage' from outside the house?

    • I believe it requires a pin as well

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    I have never seen a thread with so many questions. Love it

  • Thanks

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    My garage door unit is a Merlin Prolift 230T and I couldn't find the terminals anywhere. Does anyone have the same unit?

  • Have anyone tried this with a sliding gate instead ? I have a FAAC 740 (
    Should I plug it to Accessories (page 6) Open (1 or 2) and Edge (6) or Stop (5) terminal?

    Also, would it work with Homekit/Siri ?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Are these units dumb switches that click once —> Open, click again —> Close.

    How do I check if this supports sensors that advise if the garage is opened or closed?

    • +1

      Yes, they are.

      It has a built in sensor that lets you know if door is open or closed (uses magnetic reed switch)

  • -2

    All this does is basically simulate someone pressing a button. I would recommend not installing without a beam sensor or at least a camera. Else we will have posts about people damaging things

  • Thanks OP, I checked out my Stratco SDO800G and it work with the far left 2 pins.

    I was going to build my own system so this has saved me lots of time. Thanks!

  • I don't quite understand this you usually you park or move your car you are already near the garage door.

    Having it on wifi or not doesn't matter. The traditional remote ones are fine. But not sure why you need yet another app for it.

    Automation sure but do we really need to make the garage door open and close at certain times? Open when it's sunny day and close when it's raining….. "if my car is near by open the door, and close if it's inside with no obstruction?"
    Sometimes I think we use these as gadgets more than being practical

    The more IoT things you connect the likely to introduce security issues. Imagine someone just hack and open your garage.

    I had my motor changed with new remote few years ago and by in cocident, a neighbour garage door opens also disables their security alarm. That's only for an old type remote. The reason is his one was constantly listening and accepting codes whoever installed it as long as my one is in range it learnt my remote.

    I basically could disable his security system and open all his garage door with one click of a button without knowing when I come back home

    Can imagine someone can just hack into your garage door open and break in without you knowing one day.

    • +2

      For me I want to hook up as much as I can to IoT.

      I do it so at the end of the night I can go time for bed, and it will turn off the TV, put the blinds down, check to see if the garage door is closed and if it's not alert me or tell me and potentially turn off the lounge aircon and turn on the bedroom aircon.

      I'm trying to find and IoT devices that opens and closes windows and alert me when one is opened when it shouldnt be.

      I'm also installing security cameras with AI for person and object recognition so i get alerted if someone is walking near my house. I'll also be putting one over the pool to detect if someone/thing is in the pool when it shouldn't be.

      I work in cyber security so I'm aware of the risks but I'll also design my network to minimise them. Eg using local services instead of cloud services where I can, logically separate the IoT network from my normal network

    • OK say I go out and don't want to carry keys with me.

      I can use this to open the garage door when I get home and let myself into my house (the garage is attached to the house).

      Similarly, say you have a guest who's staying but have no spare keys to give them during their stay. You can just give them access to the app for the duration of their stay.

      Just a couple of examples of use cases.

  • +1

    Another heads up - when I received one of my units from Aliexpress from this seller, it was DOA. The LED light just constantly flashed blue and it made this capacitor whine noise when plugged in. I had to send Aliexpress a video of me trying to pair the unit and they refunded me after a few days.

  • Nice find OP. Got one !

  • Hi does it work with Merlin MT100EVO and can i install it myself without electrician ???
    Thanks, Cheers

  • Is this a solution to a problem or a product looking for a marketplace ?

  • Be aware that installing this device by itself is illegal, as it doesn't met safety standards namely AS/NZS 60335.2.95.

    In particular, the Australian standard requires safety sensing devices (monitored safety IR beams) when using a smart-controlled garage door opener.

    So when fitting this device, you must also fit IR beams to your garage door system.

    • Given that most of the people here cant work out the simple wiring for the switch I assume this would be above the majority of people here. Pretty simple that the remote shouldn't work when something is crossing the beam (lets not assume the doors are all well maintained and calibrated and will stop on and obstruction), but i doubt most people will bother. There is a reason its in the safety standard.

    • +1

      I'm no lawyer - but does not following Standards make it illegal? For an electrician it probably does, but surely not for me doing my own install. Any lawyers in the house?

    • +4

      It's not illegal as no legislation exists that references that standard.

      Standards are voluntary "recommendations".

      • +1

        Just to expand on Zeggies post
        The strange thing about Australian Standards is that the Australian Standards are NOT issued by a Government dept but by a private company (Australian Standards)
        When Australian Standards are issued by a private company they have no force at law UNTIL the standard is included in a Government law, State or Federal.
        So for example the basic electrical standards (AS 3000 I think it is) is included in the all the State electical laws and so become law in every State that references that Standard.
        The crazy thing about this system that as the standard is written by a private company you have to pay the private company to buy a copy of the standard in order to know what the law is.
        If a standard has not been included in a Government law then as Zeggie says it doesnt have force of law.

        I dont know if this standard has been included in any law but Zeggie says not.

  • +1

    I’ve got a Merlin but can’t see any remote connection. Can someone please let me know if it can work with this wifi controller. Here’s a pic of the Merlin


    • Can't tell what model but my Merlin and a few others I've seen use pins 1 and 2. Short them with a paper clip or your needle nose pliers to be sure.

      • When you say short pins 1 and 2 are you referring to the two pins under the red number one in the pic? Thanks.

        • Yes.

          • @Joberu: Just did that and nothing happened. Would I be correct in assuming this device will not work for me then?

            • @shertiger: Doesn't bode well. If you can figure out what model it is the manual might be online for DL. Post the link here if you have any doubts.

              • @Joberu: Here’s the manual

                I connected left red pin 1 to right white pin 1 and triggered the door. Guessing this means I can install the wofea!!

                • +1

                  @shertiger: Nicely done. Merlin MT800 Compatibility - Check.

                  • @Joberu: As that garage door opener also provides 24V, you can use a Sonoff SV directly powered by it too… in theory anyways. Mine was providing 40V for some reason so had to get a separate voltage regulator. Upshot was I didn't have to get a sparky to change my single outlet into a double.

                    As a complete package though this opener's much better.

  • I have a Merlin MR850 and here is the manual. Do you think using the 1 & 2 from page 13-15 will work? Thanks

    • +1

      Yep. Short them with a paperclip to be certain.

      • Thanks - will give it try. Which switch I should short on: 1 or 2 or both ?

        • Short 1 & 2 together i.e. stick the pliers/paperclip into 1&2 at the same time.

          • @Joberu: Thanks @Joberu. Shall give that a go.

          • @Joberu: Is it safe and I won't get electrocuted? lol

  • Can someone please help me? Would this work with my garage door opener? I have attached the manual below. Would greatly appreciate any help so I can buy this today :) thanks

    • +2

      It looks like it can using the O/S/C switch though you have to test the switch to be sure. I am still working out how to short my switch 1 &2 to check.

      • Thanks. So would the black and red wire both go to the OSC ?

  • Boys would this void warranty on a new garage door? Thanks muchly.

    • +2

      It shouldn't, because if the pins are designated in your manual as being for a manual door control then they can't dictate what brand you use (otherwise it's restraint of trade). Having said that - I'd still unplug and hide it away if calling them out because I've seen reps use any excuse to try an avoid fixing things under warranty. It's pretty easy to disconnect and reconnect again later on most models - e.g. my "pins" are like the ones you get on the back of speakers where you push down on the "button" underneath to insert/remove the wires.

      • THANKS! I have ordered one. I will remove if we have if they visit for a look.

  • Can someone please help me? Would this work with my garage door opener MT100EVO?? I have wireless wall unit

    I went thorugh page 6 for wiring I have yellow learn button, I assumed I need to short 1 & 2 - am I correct ?? But there is green button on it ???


    • +1

      yes - page 6. section 7.2

    • +1

      Mine had a green button on pins 1 & 2 as well (Merlin PowerAce) that the manual said was "to open and close the door when no remotes available". This button does the same job as the wireless i.e. it closes the circuit between the two pins. You can take the button off, if you want, or you should be able to connect both at the same time - whichever one closes the circuit (wifi gadget or green button) will activate the door.

    • +3

      Thanks alot for your help guys, I was able to find youtube video for my exact garage door model. Cheers

      Actual installation video of similar controller for other Ozbargainers ease


      • Thanks for sharing! Same model in the video as mine at home. Looking forward to testing this out.

    • Does anyone know if 1) it works with siri or not & 2) its suitable for multiple users??? Thanks

  • +1

    I already had an Ali express account (hadn’t ordered anything though.) Just ordered this using coupon code aliex437 and it came down to $17.57 AU including freight. Confirmed via banking app transaction.

    Even if it isn’t compatible with my garage door, it’s worth a try for that price. The amount of times the wife’s left the door up and I can see it on camera but have to drive home!

  • +1

    Has anyone faced issue mentioned in this video:

  • Anyone know if there is an equivalent that would work with HomeKit/Siri?

  • +1

    Well this one 2 times cheaper than replacement remote which I need anyway for Eco doors. Tested the shorting terminals if anyone wonders, it works on eco doors (at least my model)

  • Can someone help me please? Would this work with my garage door? Please see the photo on the link below. If yes, how will this need to be wired?

    Thanks so much in advance.

    • Yes, it should but you can test it with a straightened paper clip - that's what I did before ordering, per the instructions on the product page.

      • Thanks. I just tested and it worked. Sweet!

        I over looked the instructions on the product page for compatibility check. Thanks for pointing it out.

        I’ll purchase one and give it a go. Thanks @OP


  • Looking at the text written on the right it looks like pins 2 and 3. There's already a white cable attached to those pins - does it lead to an existing wall button? Test using needle nose pliers/paperclip. If it works you can loosen the screws and add the wires for the wifi opener to the same pins (leave the button attached - should still work).

    • Thanks for the prompt reply. Yes pin 2 and 3 does lead to an existing wall button. Will give it a go and order one.


  • Does anyone know how this would work for double garage doors? Two motors means I need to buy two wifi controllers…but what about voice control? How does it determine which door to open? For example, can we set a name for each door, say door 1, door 2?

    • try google

    • +1

      I'm pretty sure you should be able to rename the devices in Google home so that you could say open "mum's garage" or open "dad's garage" - but don't have mine yet so can't confirm. There was one I came across when searching originally that can handle multiple doors but can't remember the brand - maybe Meross. I think it was around $100 though.

  • Does anyone have this for a 4D doors garage?

  • Does anyone know if mine will work?

    i have a Avanti MPS12 i think

    would this wifi thing work on mine?

    • +2

      Yes it does, look at page 17 figure 15, connect the wires to NO(1) and COM(3).

      • so what color of wires goes to which ?

        • It's a relay switch so it won't matter

  • Purchased one too. Cheers!

  • I have Merlin Prolift 230T and I couldn't find the terminals anywhere yet. Does anyone know if this WiFi Garage Door Controller will work with this Merlin model?

    • I have the same model and the door opened when I short circuited the terminals, so I assume it will work.

      • Thanks, I just found the terminals.. I might order this controller then..

        • i have the same brand, there are 4 terminals which terminals should i short-circuited?
          1-2-3-4 >> is it the 3 and 4? or the 2-3?

          • @cocomelon: I tested with terminals that says 'Manual Controls'

            • @Trek: thanks i dont why i didnt read it that way when i look it up in the manual,
              to those who interested the manual controls is terminal 2 and 4

  • Really excited by this! Would anyone know if this would work with a Vicway VR900e door (manual -

    It seems to have the option to connect a photocell (see page 10), so I'm guessing this should work. Would make life so much easier given remotes for this door are really expensive.

    • +1

      Should do because your manual mentions a wired wall button is an option. Test by connecting the "PB" and "GND" pins with pliers/paperclip. (Fig. 10 on P13).

  • Bnd Control-a-door s paper clip works on Osc and Gnd.

    I am curious about the YouTube video posted by Newbie Aussie, but others here advised it works. I’ll ordered two anyway, thank OP.

  • Can anyone please confirm if this will work with Herculift SDO V10E

    Thanks in advance!

  • Should do. Check the manual on page 8 - Terminals 4 and 5 are for a wall button.

  • I dont have Alexa or Google Home.
    Is it possible to just connect it to my home wifi or internet or do i need to buy Alexa or Google hardware?
    I dont need voice control, just open andshut and see if door is closed.
    Sorry if this is very basic but obviously i know nothing of home automation.

    • -1

      I believe you do need a base ‘Alexa’ or Google Home’ to communicate with your server if you are not connected to the same Wi-Fi. The app will work on the same server.

    • You can use your phone.

      • Just noting you cant use your phone outside your wifi network.

    • +1

      dont need alexa or google. just use app on phone

  • Does this need to be specifically hooked up to a garage door controller?
    I've been looking at a wifi smart switch/repeater, how does this device differ from that?

    PS. My use case is to automate my pool, mainly lights and heating.

    I feel I'm going around in circles a bit so any useful info/tips would be much appreciated 😊