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Xbox Gamepass Ultimate 36 Months $165 @ MTCGame (VPN Required)


Please note that if you have any active subscriptions to Xbox live, gamepass or ultimate I am not sure if this will work for you. I am not an expert on this process and therefore check the comments for any additional information that may help you decide if you can/should do this.

I have seen other posts on this however would like to post this to make sure everyone knows this still works. This method will require a VPN to change your location to Brazil for the redemption to work.

Visit the following link https://www.mtcgame.com/en-AU/microsoft-points/xbox-live-gif...

Purchase up to 36 months of Xbox Live Gold (3x12 Months) then navigate to the code redemption page in the windows store on PC or anywhere else you may find a redemption option in your Microsoft Account, although make sure your device can use a VPN service. Once you have changed your location to brazil via a VPN you may have to sign out of your account and back in then apply the code (up to 36 months). Also ensure while applying your codes that you do not turn on recurring billing as this may mess up the process.

Once you have successfully applied your codes to your Microsoft Account make sure to disconnect the VPN service then purchase 1 month of Gamepass Ultimate through Microsoft Directly for $15.95. This will end up costing you a total of $165 AUD. Although if you do not trust the website that is being shown in this post feel free to purchase $80 codes from JBHIFI online with digital delivery of your codes, which will not require a VPN but will cost $250 instead. When activating the 1 month of xbox gamepass ultimate you will have all xbox gold time converted to Xbox Gamepass Ultimate at no additional charge.

Also be aware that the website I have linked can take around 30 minutes to deliver codes, and may require phone verification too.

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  • Conversion is only 3:1 ratio for Xbox gold to gamepass ultimate is 3:1 though for 12 months of an Xbox Live sub - this will only give you 12 months of gamepass ultimate


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      You talking about something completely different here mate.

      He's not converting, he's upgrade his gold to ultimate. This will only work if you do not have an ongoing membership and I've done it before - it works.

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        Ah my bad, read the summary in Google before the full article as remembered there was a trick with conversion rates. Lesson learnt, though still a good note does not apply to any existing subs

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    "Feel free to disconnect" ?

    I'll add that you need to disconnect the VPN or else you going to be upgrading your ultimate to Brazil account.

    Thats kinda one of the most important step.

  • Isn't this for people that haven't moved to Gamepass and won't convert 1 to 1 if you're an a existing Ultimate user.

    • You are right. This trick will only work if you don't have a current ultimate membership.

      Unsure if you can add Brazil gold to an existing Australia gold.

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      I let my Ultimate subscription expire, then while inactive succesfully did this process.

    • I have been able to "upgrade" 1:1 multiple times, but only when inactive, if someone has an active GPU sub, like from the 3 months $1.00 I currently have, they will lose out big on this.

  • I’ve just cancelled my existing PC Gamerpass and it’ll expire mid February..never used the Xbox gamerpass, so I’m a little worried it wont work..

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      I have a feeling that this will not work for you when you have an active subscription, as it may not give you a 1:1 conversion on xbox gold to Ultimate

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        Nah. It will work as long as you don’t have an active subscription. You just may not get game pass ultimate for a dollar. So just wait until it has expired in feb before buying and adding

        • Yeah won’t risk it. Will wait

          • @Noslien90: If you want to buy now, you can use Microsoft's online chat and ask staff to cancel your subscription. I tried that before and had my Xbox live gold which still had half month been cancelled.

            • @garfield0018: Did you then do the $1 trick?

              Otherwise, could I purchase and then sit on the codes until my subscription finishes?

              • @Noslien90: Yes, I cancelled my xbox live gold, then bought 3 years xbox live gold, after that, I paid $1 and upgraded to XGPU.

                I don't know if the code and the $1 upgrade still be available when your subscription finishes. For the code's expiration date, I think you can ask MTCGAME.

                • @garfield0018: Usually Microsoft codes don't have an expiry date unless they're promotion codes. I'd be more worried about MTCGame attempting to resell your codes to other customers (Not saying they do but there's a risk).

  • I successfully went through this exact process three weeks ago, though be warned MTC may send you a Turkish Gold membership instead of Brazilian (the online chat just shrugged when I asked what was going on).

    • Yes I wouldn't say they are exactly a great website however do offer good prices for this product

    • I got Turkish codes. Does it still work with a Turkish VPN? Or should I request a refund?

      • Yup Turkish codes still work, you just a need Turkish VPN.

  • Not too bad

  • This is more of a hack and a gamble than a deal. Get it slightly wrong and there goes your account, or you can enjoy moving to Brazil (or Turkey) ;-)

    • I am not aware of this happening, if you mean using the VPN incorrectly then maybe but I think I heard of someone getting microsoft to help them with this issue without removing Ultimate.

  • Wiill this work if i have a few months left of an existing gold account?

    • This should work yes as it coverts any gold memberships to ultimate once you purchase at least one month of ultimate. However you might not be able to use brazil codes, only aus

    • On same boat here. I have gold til May. Will this work?

      • Try Brazil VPN first and go to XBox Brazil site, see if Microsoft would allow you to purchase more XBox Live Gold from the Brazil sites. Technically, Microsoft does allow you to switch account to a different region (I think it is once a year or once). But in this case, you just want to add extra months to your AU account.

        I went for this OZB deal previously: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/575902 ($49.95 - special clearance SKU). Also, I opted to use the $1.64 for 7 days deal to convert, instead of paying Microsoft full price ($15 for a month) to convert to Ultimate. I am not happy with Microsoft's decision of letting "new" users get the $1 for 3 months, but existing members need to pay full price (some people are able to convert from Gold to Ultimate with $1 special twice).

      • You should be able to.

        I believe you just been to go to your profile and change your location to Brazil.. obviously, you have to be doing this while running a Brazil VPN.

        Be silly for Microsoft to think people don't move countries.

  • So i've read the comments here already. Just to confirm. I can do this if I only use PC game pass?

    • If you have just PC Game Pass yeah you should be able to since you haven't upgraded to Game Pass Ultimate.

    • If you currently do not have an active gamepass subscription you can use the method to get ultimate for cheap, which includes gamepass for PC

    • Wouldn’t risk it

  • +2

    Small bit of effort for 3 years of pleasure. Did this at Christmas and it worked a treat!

  • Added the 10 x 7 day ultimates from previous deal to my account about 20mins before this was posted, I assume that means I can’t use this?

    • +1

      Sadly the Gold upgrade only works if you don't have an existing Ultimate subscription. You will have to wait for it to expire.

  • Which payment method are you guys choosing?
    All three of the card payment options (G2A, PayU and iyzico) are declining with my Up card…

    • I did it via the POLI transfer and another transaction via Bitcoin

  • FWIW, remember that Live Gold will be free soon for free to play games…

    Furthermore, free-to-play games will no longer require an Xbox Live Gold membership to play on Xbox consoles.

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    Thanks. Got 3 years 3 months for $150 with the $1 sign up and two bonus months. Awesome value

    • I just signed up for the three months earlier today. Not sure I can get this now

      • no you can't do this with an active subscription, wait for the 3 months to run out first and then this should work.

    • Puzzling as I thought you couldn't get more than 36 months on game pass.

      I wonder if they've changed that limitation.

      • That is the case, yes

    • Please let us know a step by step instructions if you can that would be greatly appreciated by everyone on this thread as I am new to XBOX Setup.

      PS - Currently I am on my 3 Months Free Trial for $1 on a temp XBOX but happy to setup a new AC for a new a hand me down XBOX One I am getting soon.

  • How are you all paying for this? All three of my cards declined.

    • I used POLI transfer which is direct with the bank and also Bitcoin

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    here is a better step-by-step instruction and useful comments

  • Mostly unrelated: the Perks, they seem to have two different expiration dates.
    E.g. with Disney +, the main one I want, is it that I have to click on it before end of January but then can follow through until March?

  • Purchased 3x 12 months , didn't receive code. Contacted support who just said " no payment with that email address." I provided evidence of the payment and they just refused to discuss any further. Now I have to dispute the transaction with the bank .

  • Hi! Anyone know if this still works? Or are there any alternative methods to get a long term Game pass ultimate cheaper? Thanks.