12 Months Xbox Live Gold $49.95 at JB Hi-Fi


Saw this sign in JB advising 12 months of Xbox Live using the sku: 804108.

No idea on stock but a bargain if you can find it. Should be pretty easy to give the staff the SKU if you’re ringing stores.

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JB Hi-Fi
JB Hi-Fi


  • Does anyone know what the current conversion rate to Ultimate is for these?

  • Its because these are now a clearance line.
    12m Sub cards are being phased out and Microsoft is clearing them from most retailers.
    You can expect to see many retailers selling these at reduced prices in the coming weeks.

    • Do you know if these physical cards/codes have an expiry date? My current subscription has 3 years to go (and you can't extend it any further) and would like to pick up cheap subs for the future.

      • I'd also like to know this

      • I think it is stated at the back of the card.

      • Not sure about expiry date… someone who has bought physical could probably answer.
        really good idea to grab a couple to add later actually :)

      • Officially Xbox gift/gold cards not sold as a promotion do not have an expiry date, though I'm not sure what's the longest people have tested. At the very least it'll be 3 years as per Australian law.

  • Remember you can upgrade Live Gold to Game Pass Ultimate for $1: https://www.xbox.com/en-AU/live/gold/upgrade

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      Yeah so up to 3 years (legitimate) Ultimate Game Pass for $151 great price. I paid $120ish even jumping through Brazil.

      • Hows it work…
        my gold is nearly up (in few weeks) 3yrs for 151 sounds good.
        sign up for the $1.00 - then ?

        sorry for the noob question

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          Redeem all three years as 12 month codes, then pay the $1 to convert to Ultimate

          • @cc23: Redeem from ?

            • @pharkurnell: As in purchase 3 x these 12 month cards, activate/redeem them and then pay the $1 to switch to Ultimate.

              • @whitelie: You guys rock
                Thanks :)

              • @whitelie: Hey guys, sorry I seem to understand everything correctly. I was out of subscription.
                I got the x3 12month halo cards
                Redeemed them
                Now trying to use the $1 upgrade to ultimate the $1 deal links keep taking me to the next page that presents me with
                Buy $15.95/month

                Even though the previous page displays the $1 upgrade @ 94%off
                Am I missing a code? Or just a noob?

                • @BIGPETE0005: If you've previously used the $1/mo promo then you can only upgrade at the full price, which is still worth it. Just make sure it's an upgrade and not a new subscription.

                  • @wangasm: I called Microsoft today I’m still uncertain, but apparently it will work if I wait till I’m down to 35 months, because the upgrade gives you an additional month.

                    I’m just worried if I wait they will pull the $1 upgrade deal.

                    Confirmed I have never had ultimate or a trial previously…

            • @pharkurnell: Buy them from JB, redeem the codes on your Xbox or the Xbox website (maximum subscription allowed is 36 months). Then convert to ultimate for $1 with the link above.
              You can only do the conversion once where they will give you 36 months ultimate for 36 months live. After that, you only get 8 months ultimate per 12 months Xbox live gold.

              Youre In a perfect opportunity to take full advantage of this ;)

              • @Benjamin7711: Awesome work mate … appreciate it.

              • @Benjamin7711: It's actually 4 months for the basic Xbox Gold.
                Here are the conversion rates:

                Token says…

                1 month of Gold = 20 days of Ultimate

                3 months of Gold = 50 days of Ultimate (1+ month)

                6 months of Gold = 79 days of Ultimate (2+ months)

                12 months of Gold = 4 months of Ultimate

                24 months of Gold = 8 months of Ultimate

                1 month of Xbox Game Pass (Console Games) = 20 days of Ultimate

                3 months of Xbox Game Pass (Console Games) = 2 months of Ultimate

                6 months of Xbox Game Pass (Console Games) = 4 months of Ultimate

                12 months of Xbox Game Pass (Console Games) = 5 months of Ultimate

                24 months of Xbox Game Pass (Console Games) = 10 months of Ultimate

                1 month of Xbox Game Pass PC Games = 20 days of Ultimate

                • @Crownie: thats the conversion if you've already got ultimate, if you start from gold you can upgrade 1:1
                  edit: i am bad at reading my bad ignore this

              • @Benjamin7711: Isn't the $1 on new account only?

                Even if your sub expired, it means you are not a new MS sub and you can't buy the $1 for 3 months.

                Or have they changed that?

      • How did you get it for $120 through Brazil?

    • That's only if you are new.

      Even if you don't have a sub but isn't a new MS account, you can't upgrade gold to ultimate for $1.

    • Is this a cost effective way for somebody to get PC games pass?

      • Pretty much. There isn't a whole lot of great content on PC though so check the library before you do. Also note games don't stay there forever with some dropping off every week and doesn't include extra content/DLC packs etc which are all extra.

  • Shame that it isn't $49.95 on the site.

  • Keep this one in mind as well, save a bit more again if you take a bit of time to go through the process

  • Could be a dump question before I google it, but can these cards activate for PC?

    I.e. 3x12m Gold deal stacked > Game Pass convert > Game Pass PC?

  • I’ve been buying the game pass ultimate from a guy half price

  • I want to know the future of XBL if 12 month cards are going away.

    Do i want to buy an expensive console if they will rise the subscription on top that shouldn't really exist?

    • You can still get 3 or 6 month Live Gold Subs going forward

      They are pushing for more to subscribe to Games Pass hence the decision to retire the 12m sub option across the board

    • Microsoft wants people to convert to GamePass Ultimate. The problem is that once you converted, you generally cannot convert back and it appears that Microsoft is clamping down on $1 / month deal for people previously had GamePass Ultimate.

      While I had done the conversion twice, I cannot quite remember what I did to trigger the downgrade away from GamePass Ultimate early this year. It could be a GamePass for PC beta voucher or a GamePass standard voucher. However, this time, I am noticing my main account is now stuck in GamePass Ultimate (elapsed membership state) and I cannot take up the $1 / month deal and despite using a Game with Gold voucher, it doesn't seem to trigger the ability to get GamePass Ultimate for $1 on that account anymore.

      As I support multi-platforms, I don't normally get long term GamePass Ultimate subscription. However, it does appear Microsoft starting to close some of the backdoors. It is all great for this conversion the first time, but once Microsoft really makes it once off (with all loopholes closed), next time it is due for renewal, unless we get cheap GP Ultimate voucher deals, it is going to feel unpleasant.

    • There are rumours (intensified after dropping 12 month sub in online) that MS is going to drop XBL all together in favour of game pass ultimate. Nothing else I heard of other than that. There is a minuscule chance that MS may do it as the final punch in the console wars to attract more people by free multiplayer, but again, it's all officially just rumours and nothing else.

  • In case it helps anyone it's the halo 5 guardians Xbox Live SKU. The Brazil method didn't work for me. I got three from harbour town jb hifi

    • What sort of expiry dates are noted on them?

      • I couldn't see any expiry dates. I just redeemed them all and converted them to Game Pass Ultimate (which I have now till October 2023 :) ).

        • Am i right i saying you purchased these cards and redeemed? Please read my messages last few on this thread as im pulling my hair out here why its not working for me.
          With no refunds possibly $151 down the drain.
          Not tried other two codes but not sure why im having issues.

    • what did they cost u?

    • Yes same for me. Special HALO 5 marked package $49.95 in the games counter drawer when i asked. A Standard gift card was full ticket.
      -5% suncorp rewards JBHIFI voucher $47.50

  • Do you think Xbox Live Gold will go free in the future? Because Halo Infinite's multiplayer would be made free for all players, it would mean that playing multiplayer on PC would be entirely free but playing multiplayer on Xbox would require Xbox Live Gold subs… resulting in an inequity in pricing.

    • Microsoft had Games For Windows Live Gold subscriptions to allow you to play PC games online.

      It did not last long.

    • People are guessing / predicting online saves and online play becoming free (and XB Live Gold disappears / GamePass replaces it). I am still cynical about it. I don't expect XBox Live Gold to be completely free (at least not the monthly free games). Question is how will Microsoft compensate people on XB Live Gold currently? Free upgrade to GamePass Ultimate (though honestly, that does have a down side - if what Microsoft has been doing is an indication - i.e. right now I am stuck on Game Pass Ultimate, not able to figure out a way to downgrade back to XBox Live Gold yet - $1/month doesn't work even though my Game Pass Ultimate subscription has elapsed. Not going to pay $15/month for GamePass Ultimate right now with no new first party exclusives this month).

  • In Vic, cant buy em due to lockdown

  • On a serious note, retailers are opening this Wednesday by the look of it in VIC.

  • Which store was this at, as the stores I've called still report a price of $79?

  • Thanks heaps got 3 OP.

  • I called my local stores but they don't have any in stock. I'm getting the Series X and don't have previous gold subscription.

    So if I buy 3x12months gold from JB for $239.85 and then redeem them on my Xbox account and upgrade to ultimate for $1 it will work out cheaper than ultimate straight up ($15.95 X 36)?

    Sorry for noob question

    • Yep,I did this but only got 2 years. Also I used a new account and then you set recurring billing for the Xbox Live, get 2 months extra. So for 160, I don't need to pay any more until January 2023

      • What do you mean recurring bill?

      • PSA: Do not redeem the extra month if you are redeeming 3 x 12 month subscriptions. You can only have 3 years of xbox live converted to game pass ultimate, so if you buy three cards, you won't be able to redeem the third card if you have opted for the free extra month.

        The only way I'm aware of having the 3 years and then converting them is to not get the extra month with auto-renew.

  • Apparently just clearance on old Halo branded cards. These now sold out across WA according to guy in store.

    • It took many people several times to get the purchase done. 2 only at Belmont WA, and nil stocks when I left the store.

    • Nah I just picked another one up today, I had to ask staff to check the SKU in the pic but she got me their last one in store :)

  • I already got game pass ultimate and previously I had converted it over. Can I purchase this to redeem or not?

    • You have to let your Game Pass Ultimate run out first before redeeming this then pay $1 to convert it to Ultimate. Else pay the $15 a month to convert it to Ultimate if they don't offer you $1 per month. I've done it.

      • My ultimate runs out in 2 years will it work in 2 years time if I let it expire then redeem these at the 1:1 ratio?

  • So I bought two cards and redeemed them fine but going to https://www.xbox.com/en-AU/live/gold/upgrade , and clicking upgrade for $1 is just giving me a green loading circle animation? Any fixes or has MS just shat the bed for now?

    • Am i right i saying you purchased these cards and redeemed? Please read my messages last few on this thread as im pulling my hair out here why its not working for me.
      With no refunds possibly $151 down the drain.
      Not tried other two codes but not sure why im having issues.

      • If you have already done the $1 trial/have gamepass active. DO NOT. I REPEAT DO NOT redeem the Xbox live stuff just yet. Wait until the $1 free trial ends on your account and let it go for a while, then redeem the live stuff. Otherwise you won't get the 1:1 conversion (I'm not entirely sure how long you need to wait probs a month or two, my subscription ended in September and I did this on Sunday night).

        There's two codes. There's the master chief halo 5 one which is useless and then scratch UNDERNEATH that one a bit more and there's another code that gets you the live stuff. Redeem those two then do the $1 thing (at a later date if you have already got game pass activated. These Live cards don't have an expiry date pretty sure so don't stress too much)

        As wangasm said in another place on this thread: "12 months gold is actually 4 months of ultimate as per https://www.xbox.com/en-AU/live/gold/upgrade
        That's why it's best to wait for your current subscription to expire before upgrading to get the 1:1 conversion."

        • I hope im reading this right but idiot i am never knew there was another code to scratch lol.
          Found them and im hoping i did this right but may have read your info wrong.
          I don't have ultimate game pass never have but the option is there for $1.
          I have redeemed my three cards and my live gold is now active till 2023.
          So hope im right here i can then join the ultimate for $1 and my live gold turns into ultimate for 36 months correct?
          I still to do that part but fool me for not knowing there was another number to scratch.
          The free halo thing i obviously added one of these thinking it was part of some xbox live thing but it was not lol.
          No idea if i have any use for the halo thing but its on the xbox anyway and the other two will just be the same thing right?

          • @bwatt72: Ok, good. The halo thing is useless I'm pretty sure because it's an in-game item or some shit. As long as you don't have an active game pass subscription and have redeemed all the live codes you can go ahead and go here: https://www.xbox.com/en-AU/live/gold/upgrade and do the $1 offer then. You will get it for 36 months after you subscribe.

            • @Dragon9000: Ok cool yes dont have ultimate game pass was tempted ages ago to pay the $1 after not using xbox for sometime i then i read you could get 3 years worth of xbox live and convert to ultimate with same 3 years.
              Was just waiting for right deal.
              Had been waiting for deal from jb of buy one get one free but was never happening.

              So when i seen this i was on it, im still fuming my local idiots they are said they cant sell them as it goes with buying an xbox.

              I argued but just walked away, i tried to get them to price match a blu ray set not long ago with amazon and said they dont match online stores.
              Never been an issue in past im a regular customer there and just get treated like crap these days.
              So might have to travel a bit further away to get ny stuff now as getting sick of here games.

              Regarding this xbox live cards i just called another store that day told them to hold and picked up next day. No crap about cant sell as need to buy xbox etc.

              But i was in a bit of a panic when i entered that code and why xbox live was not coming up.
              Good job i never went back to store i got them from as would have been embarrassing and waisted travel.

              But did you say these dont have expire? They probably be non valid in 12 months time.
              Just curious if anyone got more than 36 months worth seems pointless if you cant add more than 36 months.

              • @bwatt72: There's no expiry on the packaging that I could see. It just meant you could kinda choose when you started the game pass sub if you hadn't redeemed live yet. I doubt it will expire anytime soon, those codes have been around for 5 years already.

                No one would've got more than 36 months because the deal can only be done once (otherwise it gets transferred at the 12 months live to 4 months ultimate rate) and the max you can have transferred is 36 months.

  • my store got heaps, only bought 3. the code has halo 5 bonus pack.

  • I’m currently on an Ultimate subscription. Is there any benefit in letting that expire, go to gold and then upgrade to Ultimate?