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Sapphire NITRO+ Radeon RX 6800 XT SE 16GB Video Card $1,449 + Delivery @ Capitol Computer


Sapphire NITRO+ Radeon RX 6800 XT SE 16GB Video Card
Vendor Part No: 11304-01-20G
Vendor Name: SAPPHIRE

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  • Cheaper elsewhere.
    Still $500 over RRP.

    • $400 i believe …

    • You are incorrect - this is an non-reference design.
      The reference 6800xt started at $1049.
      So even if this was a reference card, your comment of $500 over RRP is wrong.

      • yeh from what i've seen the AIB cards are actually a good 20-30% over MSRP which is near impossible to find now anyway… there's some controversy with the AIB's saying they are buying the chips for their cards are much higher prices which they then have to pass on and margins are tiny … although i doubt that at the moment with the shortages … either way it's crazy time we live in…

      • Maybe not exactly $500, sorry for my heinous inaccuracy.

        • OzB is not a place for heinous exaggerations when it comes to prices … even when warranted with the moronic GPU prices

        • as ppl have said, reference card was $1069 so this is not that bad, maybe $200 but considering you cant find any and this card is on par with 3080 minus rtx then its not a bad deal

  • For a non-reference design I think it's a good price. Besides, it's a gaming GPU. Getting one that's not from a scalper is win if you can pay for it

    • +10 votes

      Isnt this a scalper?
      (Scorptec and pccg got it for 1399. both reliable and well known.)

      • They're all out of stock. Also, the MSRP for Sapphire cards are likely to increase very soon too, following other AIBs like PowerColor and Nvidia AIB cards.

  • I need a dam reference 6800xt and in stock for <$1100. It seems I may have missed the boat

  • The reason it's in stock is because it's over-priced.

    $1399 from PLE (pre-order) - 1.1% with Shopback cashback $1383.61

  • Surely if we storm the store together, we can take all the cards for free??


  • people still under the impression that 3080 should cost $1139 and 6800 xt should be $1049. But these prices never actually exist. Even a 3070 cost over $1000 for most models. Nvidia and AMD are the one to blame, the MSRPs they set are basically lies.

    • I don't think AMD and Nvidia are to blame here, their leaps forward caused an extreme demand for their products.

      It's not too far fetched to think that they thought RRP would be a good starting point with the demand on the previous generation. Combine that with the currents effects of scalping, and people staying at home due to Covid wanting to upgrade.

      • no, they are to blame, AMD cant produce enough stock with new Ryzen and Xbox + PS5 launch (as you can see by their delays as well)
        Nvidia is just tapering production to keep their prices high (and in turn AMDs)
        there is no reason Nvidia cant produce adequate number of cards, they have the resources

        • Care to back this up with some sources

          • @ln28909: common sense? Nvidia is a 18 Billion dollar company
            yet they cant produce enough cards ? like for real?
            they are running the same scam since latter 1080ti days
            amd on the other hand…they were always a small fish

            • @botchie: So with common sense, nvidia is holding back on their gpu production which is the main source of their revenue to sell less gpu and making people p$$$ off

              That common sense is beyond me

              • @ln28909: who knows but how come they never have adequate stock?
                when you are responsible for pretty much 90% of the gaming market what other option do ppl have then pay high price for a product if its hard to get?
                I can guarantee you they would have plenty of stock if there were other options there, maybe 4-5 other card makers and ppl actually have the choice
                I would hate to think how things would be if AMD wasnt around, we saw how much 2080ti was and what was the reason for that $2500 price?

                • @botchie: Lol

                  Just look at ddr4 price when it first came out vs now

                  Nvidia pushed rtx and dlss with their 2000 series, there was a lot of r&d and risk associated with an innovation, hence a higher price

                  Now that the tech is mature with less r&d, its prices drop, natural cycle

                  Without nvidia, what would amd brings to the table, just look at their gpus, still has a long way to go before they can compete with nvidia

            • @botchie: Nvidia doesn't own their own fabrication plant, they were producing their new line with Samsung's fab who have very poor yields and quality. They are now planning to move back over to TSMC who has been completely swamped with producing all of AMD's GPUs, CPUs and the two new consoles. Also Intel are booking space in TSMC too, which is a historic change cause by the failure to upgrade their own fabs.

              So the reason for the low number of consoles, GPUs and CPUs is because the tech giants have put all their eggs in one basket and have bottle necked the production. The cost of TSMC's last fab plant was over $9 billion, the next one is expected to cost $20 billion.

  • This place is a rip off. Avoid.

    Went into physical shop once, wouldnt sell GPU or CPU without buying a whole system.

  • Use the GPU stock alert discord for stuff like this.

  • Not a deal. Com. Au