Bonus US$100 for New Referred Accounts with US$200+ Deposit and US$100+ Trade @ eToro


Firstly, this is a somewhat duplicate post. I assumed that a repost would be appropriate in this instance due to the change in requirements for the offer, the 6+ month age of the previous post, and the fact that this is a very good sign up bonus that received surprisingly minimal attention when first posted.

Contrary to the title of the previous post, the referral offer now has three requirements:

• The referred person must not have a pre-existing account on any eToro sites or apps.
• The referred person must perform account verification, and deposit at least $200 USD (~$260 at the time of this post) to their account within 6 months of registration.
Both the referring and referred persons must trade at least $100 USD (~$130 at the time of this post) within 30 days of the referred person's initial deposit.

The full (updated Dec 16 2020) terms and conditions can be found here.

Upon completing the requirements, the $100 USD bonus is credited to both the referred and referring persons' accounts within 7-15 business days, after which it is available for immediate trade or withdrawal.

Two associated costs should be noted in this process. The first of which is the required $100 USD trade, which may incur a cost depending on the time that the position is kept open, and the price movement of the asset itself. In my experience, simply buying and immediately selling $200 USD worth of BTC cost approximately $3 USD. The second associated cost is the withdrawal fee, which is $5 USD. To summarise, the $100 USD bonus can be achieved for a commitment of less than $10 AUD.

Due to previous complications with receiving the bonus, OzBargain has changed the referral system to private messaging - meaning you can send a message to someone with an eToro account using the below referrals (just ask them if they are interested in taking part, and what their referral link is). If you're having problems getting through to your random user, feel free to send me a message and I'll give you my link.

Referral Links

Referral: random (205)

US$100 for the referrer and referee after the referee's first deposit (Minimum US$200). Both Parties must trade at least $100 USD within 30 days of first deposit to be eligible. Conditions apply

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  • How long does verification take before you can trade?

    • It was instant for me, though you are also required to complete a short quiz to show you know the basics of trading.

      • Instant mean you were not selected for random verification. Their verification takes a few days after you upload your copy of ID, it's manual process if you happened to be randomly selected.

  • Wonder if I still have time to jump on the GME rocket ship…

  • So now the refferer also needs to make another US$100 trade within 30 days of referrer taking up the offer?
    I got all my friends and family to sign up with the earlier offer was great but could be difficult if you get random clicks on here as many don't actually follow through.
    Thanks for reminder though OP this is a good one I think everyone should take advantage of, just understand what you are doing when you make your trade.
    They don't like ppl buying and selling within I think it's 5 minutes & sometimes will use it as grounds to close your account and void any referrals. Pretty easy to work around though

    • yeah it is a painful process I can definitely attest to it.

      eToro finds all the way they can to void any referral.

  • (profanity) eToro. I can't even buy AMC on their shit platform.

  • Anyone get a survey from these guys offering $100USD of shares on completion? End of last year.

  • I have been using Etoro for a while now and am quite happy with their "copy people" service . you just need to study the people you want to copy carefully based on their past performance and investment portfolio. Then you can enjoy the return on your investment leaving the hard work to someone else. I have had higher returns comparing to other places like Raiz and Spaceship. the available people for copying have been professionally trading in Etoro for years and know what they are doing. There is no fee involved for copying.

    • Do you have to copy exactly the trades? Or can you selectively do so? What about the amounts? Exact copy (which potentially means need big capital?) or can you set the amount to invest for each trade?

      • Don't think you can be selective but the amounts is basically done as %, so you say how much you want to put in to copy them and when they make a trade, it uses the appropriate % of the funds you put there.

      • You can invest as much as you want however each of the people have a guide in their portfolio with the min investment to receive the best returns. When you choose copy, you can tick copy open trades, then it will copy all the open position the person has. If you don’t tick it, it will only copy the new trades that the person will do going forward.

      • If you believe the positions that the person have already had their growth and now are overvalued, don’t tick the copy open trades, otherwise leave it as ticked. I have left it as ticked as I look at it long term and the investors usually recommend to copy their entire portfolio for balanced investment.

  • +5 votes

    I have casted my very first negative vote on Ozbargain, just to let everyone know to take your risk on this because eToro is trying their best to reject the referral bonuses.

    It is a painful process, some of my mates got the referral bonus after 6 weeks, one got painfully rejected after 6 weeks, and one still pending (after 7 weeks of waiting)

    Each of my mates has to follow up with eToro multiple times (up to 3 follow ups just to get a response on the referral status)

    eToro customer service asked all the weird questions they can think of, just so that they can reject sending out the bonus.
    In my housemate's case, eToro requested for weird information (eg. who you got the referral link from, and asked for a screenshot of how he got the link), and concluded that him and myself live in the same household so eToro can reject the referral bonus

    • Interesting. I received mine in 6 days without any issues.

      • Sorry to hear that, still working fine for me. Just referred a friend last week and bonus paid today for both sides. But yes, u need to know the other side username if u need to follow up with CS, which I think is a reasonable request

  • Get on those TSLA Shares ! 🚀

  • if the referrer doesn't trade 100$ does that mean the referee cannot receive the 100usd?

    • i got my bonus before i traded but that was a while ago they may have changed this now.

    • Correct, both the referrer and referee need to trade at least $100 USD within 30 days of the first referee deposit.

  • Yes, since October 2020, they changed the condition that both party need to trade. So, make sure your referrer has traded previously. I like their copy trade feature, which is pretty good (and yes, that'd qualify for $100 too once you use $100 or more, which is easy if you copy the open position).

    • You've got PMs turned off in your profile settings. Best to just go through OzBargain's referral system or PM someone yourself.

  • This worked for me! $100 in the bank. Thank you OP.

  • Looks like they have automated the referrals. Used to have to email them each time but the latest one has gone through automatically.

  • Is etoro a good and safe exchange to store bitcoin? Is it well regulated?

    • I have the same question. It looks like it's well regulated. How about buying US-based ETFs from eToro? Can we use this portal for long term investments (over 5 years)?.

      • Buying bitcoin maybe not the best, as etoro Australia use only cfd for crypto. ETF should be fine though, as it’s like shares

        • Thanks for the reply. What does it mean? Can you pls clarify? I have bought some Bitcoin, Etherum and Ada.

          • @gsaianandh: etoro Crypto is CFD, not backed by physical underlying asset. Kind of borrowing rather than owning. So, you can't, for example, transfer it to your wallet elsewhere (as opposed if you buy it on Coinspot or Binance, where you can transfer it to different wallet as you wish).
            Not much different to be honest if you're just trading short term or if you don't mind to keep it on etoro.

  • After referral, do we have to do at least $100 USD in one trade or many? Please clarify.

  • Please use the random referral system instead of requesting for referrals in the comments.

  • Looks like these guys are going through a massive outage at the moment -

    They also stopped the ability to make market orders outside of market hours, suspect that occurred after the Gamestop drama.

  • Received the $100 just 5 days after we trade, thanks OP

  • I am now only 3 people off my max OP - You are a legend and have made me a lot of money.

    • Nice, yeah, it's been pretty OK with the tracking, sometimes a day or 2 delay but in general they're pretty good with the tracking