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SanDisk 256GB Ultra Fit USB 3.1 Flash Drive $40.49 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Slightly cheaper than previous deal and sold by Amazon AU this time. Previous deals: $44.94, $42.50.

Ultra Fit USB 3.1 Flash Drive, CZ430 256GB, USB3.1, Black, Plug & Stay, 5Y warranty

Limit of 3 per customer.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Wouldn’t this heat up like crazy being so small?

    • That's not what she said!!

      • I suppose if it's really small it can't heat up so fast (or at all) because the shorter length results in less sustained friction on insertion and removal therefore less generated heat from the lack of lubrication.

        ..wait, we still talking about flash drives? :)

    • If they haven't changed the design in a couple of years, it does heat up a little bit, but they seem to have overcome that by making it ridiculously slow.

      I just got a Samsung Fit Plus after using one of these for a couple of years and it's about 10x as fast for most things. It's also about 2-3 times the size (the bit outside the port), but that's still pretty damn small.

      (Edit: looks like this is a newer model than mine, but still, I'd look at some reviews about actual performance)

    • +3

      Absolutely! I've been through 5 of these with heat death; and thats just playing MP3s in the car.
      Sandisk controllers try for maximum speed all the time.
      Samsung and Patriot make similar sized options, that run at a much more reliable speed and prevent heat.
      A constant 150mbps is much nicer than bursts of 300mbps which droops to 10mbps for more than 50% due to heat…..

      And I know it's heat, because I smashed one out of it's case and attached a ram-sink. and pointed a fan at it; kept at 300mbps the whole time.

    • +1

      I've got one and it does get pretty hot! Wouldn't want to drop it in your lap when your naked type hot

    • Slow speeds, heats up, slower speeds.
      Easy to lose, has trouble fitting in some ports (Officeworks printing ones can be fun)
      Both the 2-in-1 USB and the Ultra Fit have the same issues it seems.

      Wouldn't bother getting.

  • The description doesn't look good:

    Features & details
    This is an aftermarket of generic part

    • Yeah it's been like that for months and they have just never fixed it, mentioned in previous deals. It has the wrong product info in that section (that description is about an SD card).

  • +5

    These are prone to overheating making them suddenly stop transferring the file you wanted and hang indefinitely, or suddenly slow down to USB 1 speeds.

    I had a 128gb version, total rubbish!

    • Thanks, that stopped me buying one.

  • +1

    i have the sandisk dual usb-a and c, it's small and it heat up a lot when i make a bootable usb

  • Wouldn't buy this model again. Gets extremely hot to the touch after copying over files. Much better options out there.

    • Much better options out there.

      Imagine the updoots had you listed a couple.

  • How about the ultra variant?

  • Great to keep on a set of keys or for plugging in temporarily for a single transfer.
    Leaving mine in a usb port for any length of time turns it into a branding iron.

  • these are crap, heat up and fall apart.

  • This deal is definitely a much better alternative at $42.89 - https://www.amazon.com.au/SanDisk-Ultra-256GB-Drive-SDDDC3-2...

  • +1

    I've got these in a Wii U and they work well. Mostly read, very little writing going on, the Wii U cannot utilise fast USB speeds either.

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