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Ryzen / RTX 3080 Gaming PCs [R5-3600/X570 WiFi/16 3200/480/750G]: $2286 + Delivery (Ships Late February) @ TechFast


Hi all, everyone knows there are no unallocated 3080s in the country now and if you've been following our deals you may have seen me commenting that we've been working with suppliers and manufacturers on RTX 3080 stock. They have all confirmed that the GPUs offered in this deal will be coming into Aus from late February onwards, following the Chinese New Year holiday period, so that's when these systems are offered for: late February onwards, pending arrival of the GPUs. Buying now will reserve a) this price which may well have risen by late Feb and b) your earliest position in the queue when they arrive.

Ryzen 5/7/9 | RTX 3080 10GB Gaming PC: $2286 after RYZEN-3080-FEB

  • Base CPU: R5-3600 6c/12t (5600X, 5800X, 5900X upgrades available. The 5600X and 5800X are readily available but the 5900X is offered on pre-order only at this stage and wait times may extend beyond the arrival of the 3080s - they may arrive sooner, but with no firm word from AMD on 5900X stock right now we're letting you know there's a chance they'll arrive after the 3080s do. You can always check in with us later in February if you're interested and up/downgrade accordingly.)
  • Galax RTX 3080 10GB (guaranteed MSI card upgrade available for those who prefer MSI)
  • Gigabyte X570 Aorus Elite WiFi motherboard (this motherboard supports 2 x NVME for those wondering)
  • 120mm liquid cooler - the 3080s make all CPUs work pretty hard so we're bundling a 120mm over the Wraith Stealth. For extended gaming or pushing into 4K/Ultra settings, or for Zen 3 chips, the 240mm upgrade is really a recommendation.
  • 16GB 3200MHz RAM (brand/model may vary)
  • 480GB 2.5" SSD
  • Gigabyte P750G 750W 80 Plus Gold PSU
  • MSI MAG Forge 100R or MAG Vampiric 100R Case

Existing 3080 Order Update
For those with existing Nov/Dec/early Jan 3080 pre-orders or Black Friday code orders from us, the 3080s for those systems have officially landed in Australia so we're nearly there! Many systems are already prebuilt just awaiting installation and testing and they will all be a priority once they get to us. More recent 3080 pre-orders (mid to late Jan) will be fulfilled as soon as possible, possibly with the stock from this new deal unless we can get more in earlier, which we are always working on.

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  • +8

    As always the lowest available listed PCPP price for the identical or equivalent part used which also generally excludes shipping: PCPartPicker Part List

    Type Item Price
    CPU AMD Ryzen 5 3600 3.6 GHz 6-Core Processor $305.80 @ Newegg Australia
    CPU Cooler Cooler Master MasterLiquid Pro 120 66.7 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler $79.00 @ PC Byte
    Motherboard Gigabyte X570 AORUS ELITE WIFI ATX AM4 Motherboard $294.33 @ Amazon Australia
    Memory Patriot Viper 4 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3200 CL16 Memory $106.99 @ Amazon Australia
    Storage Crucial BX500 480 GB 2.5" Solid State Drive $64.78 @ JW Computers
    Video Card GALAX GeForce RTX 3080 10 GB SG Video Card $1449.00 @ Austin Computers
    Case MSI MAG FORGE 100R ATX Mid Tower Case $89.00 @ PCCaseGear
    Power Supply Gigabyte P GM 750 W 80+ Gold Certified Fully Modular ATX Power Supply $135.00 @ PC Byte
    Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts
    Total $2523.90
    Generated by PCPartPicker 2021-01-28 14:08 AEDT+1100
    • +3

      Ryzen 5 3600 is $287.75 shipped via Amazon AU.

    • Hi Luke, what colour are the Patriot Viper 4s? Blackout or blackred? :P any rgb options?

      • That RAM is one used for comparison, as the lowest priced 16GB (2x8) 3200MHz RAM on PCPP. Our brands/models may vary.

  • +3

    Any intel options?

    • +3

      There will be in the coming days, yep.

      • What about an i7 10700k with a 6800xt? Or just another 6800XT system?

        • +1

          No word on 6800 XT at all right now.

    • +2

      But…. why?

      • +1

        Why what? Intel has its advantages also, for example a lot of old stuff that i have was made for Intel and won't work or really work with amd. World didn't start with the amd trend that picked up last couple of years ago.

        • +3

          hey man, what is gonna work on the new intel stuff that doesn't work on AMD. Just curious haven't come across anything apart from intel Optane

          • +2

            @pranav: Sounds like hot air to me

          • +6

            @pranav: Nothing. They support the same instruction sets.

          • @pranav: The one thing is Thunderbolt 3. I bought a Tomahawk X570 with a TB3 header on the mobo and then they removed all references to Thunderbolt from the web. Apparently it's an Intel licensed technology.

        • +2

          example please

        • +2

          Like an Intel motherboard?

        • +1

          AMD's current Cpu's are just crushing Intel's in every way. Why would you want an Intel chip instead is the question. Have you not been following the CPU market recently?

          • +2

            @Ruddaga: $/fps ratio for purely gaming. competition is good but correct that if you must have the latest tech AMD processors do it better.

  • -3

    This is an awesome price. Good job luke!

  • assuming the Gpu models you are receiving are the 1 click oc and the ventus ?

    • The only Galax 3080 we've seen so far is the SG (which is also a 1-click OC) and we don't think the EX OC is coming in at this stage. MSI's base model is the Ventus so that would be the minimum for the MSI upgrade - we do get Gaming X Trio too which would be used if the upgrade was purchased and no Ventus were on hand.

      • Hi Luke,

        In your personal opinion, Is the MSI the better card?
        For less than $100 I'd be happy to shell out if it's more reputable.

        • +4

          In my experience with the 20 series the galax had a much stronger cooling solution than the ventus. While the cores are pretty much the same the cooling was the difference that resulted in the galax being the stronger card. I havent had my hands on either card in this revision so things may have changed but in general the ventus is normally considered one of the lowest tier cards. Maybe check techpowerup or or gamersnexus to see if there is a breakdown review of each one.

        • Galax cards are solid. Just may not hold it’s resale value as good as big brands.

        • +1

          Agree with the previous two comments - Galax's top tier cards are good cards. Some people prefer the brand they know.

  • -3

    RTX 3080 - $1449.00 - smh

    • Lol, that's under for what they will be selling when stock is available

  • Noob here, never heard of galax, how good are they?

    • MSI Gaming X Trio > Galax SG > MSI Ventus. $79 pretty steep to pay for what will likely be an inferior card with a chance of getting something better.

    • Been around a long time.

      From memory Tech Yes City on YouTube would have good reviews on em. For the most part, it's not worth buying a top end model, especially when it budget creeps into the higher spec range. Performance is negligible, noise may be slightly higher, warranty can be better (or worse)

    • If you get gaming x trio with the upgrade then you hit the jackpot, it performs on par with rog strix this time around, the cooler is actually better in fact

      Otw galax sg and msi ventus are similar

      • What would you say about evga vs asus? I’m waiting for either of these for the 3080 version.

        Coming from an evga 1080 hybrid, I like that it’s still running after so many years.

        Would be paring with a 3700x for now until I can get my hands on a 59xx

        Intending to customloop at some point in time.

        • No custom loop: evga hybrid > msi trio/suprim > strix

          Custom loop: not sure as i haven't put any underwater yet

          Also if you plan to go custom loop, don't buy 2 8 pin models so avoid one like asus tuf, msi ventus, evga xc3, etc.

          • @ln28909: Totally new to custom loop (but going to start with one of ek quantum kits) why no 2x8 pins?

            • +1

              @slowmo: The 3080 are already pulling 370w easily at stock settings, which is the max recommended capacity for 2 8 pins cards

              3 8 pin just give you more flexibility to play around with

              • @ln28909: thanks for the heads up. I might need more cables on top of getting the right cards then….

    • +1

      I had a Galax 2080 super - worked perfectly fine, cool and quiet. Sold it and went for Zotac 3080 shudder

      Though to be fair havent had any issues with the Zotac running bone stock, they barely overclock.

      • That's on the card design not the vendor, unless you buy one with 3 8 pin, you should forget about overclocking

        • +1

          I think the Asus TUF 3080 is a 2x8pin and does pretty well as its got a better quality components/VRM. Also much harder to find.

          • @BargainKen: That's 100% marketing i tell you, I have a strix supposedly top of the class in components and trio supposedly using cheap as components

            The trio performs better than the strix

            Asus tuf is overhype, if you have both and compare with your zotac I guarantee you they'll perform similar

            • @ln28909: The Tuf 3080 is the card to get. It performed well above its price range.

                • @ln28909: So you linked price jacked figures like they all are?

                  Go watch reviews. Tuf is highly regarded since launch


                  See, I can post links too.

                  • @scuderiarmani: So ple the only store that sell at the founder edition msrp is not a fair place to look for price comparison

                    I can tell you my own review if you want between a gaming x trio and a strix, if you listen blindly to hardware unboxed then you should recheck your source, there are limitation to what reviewers do and your actual use case

                    Even before the tariff, tuf and gaming x trio has always been the same price, and it is without a doubt that gaming x trio is better albeit for ethereum mining

                    • @ln28909: I watched all the big reviews. Tuf is highly regarded, I bought it for that reason. It was much quieter then the competition.

                      Strix is overpriced and a waste this time.

                      It was also more readily available then some…..

                      Regardless, no one should be picky and choosy on 30 series cards. You just get what you can.

                      • +1

                        @scuderiarmani: Do you agree that a strix will be a better performer than a tuf?

                        I'm telling you that a gaming x trio performs better than a strix at the tuf price

                        Asus is always overpriced

                        3080s is not hard to buy, it just depends on the price you're willing to pay

                        Asus tuf is like all the other 2 8 pin cards, they are considered as low tier model

                        I'm sorry you got caught out by the hype

                        And what you bought it cause it's quiet lol, the gaming x trio is quieter out of the box, the tuf is actually quite load comparatively

                        • @ln28909: Do you enjoy making up things to suit?

                          I'm looking at the benchmarks on those 2 cards right now. The Tuf is 8 degrees better regularly and fractionally faster. Normalised fans their similar, but Tuf better still.

                          And yeah that's Hardware Unboxed.

                          And frankly MSI stinks as a company too. Though I have their great X570 board, although I have a few quality issues with it.

                          And who gives a toss about 3 8 pins?

                          • @scuderiarmani: the rare OCer i guess

                            • @abuch47: If that OC wants to use significantly more power for an inconceivable difference in games, good luck to em. Their e peen will get all the ladies.

                              The cards are already close to limits, and frankly under volting is probably a much better idea.

                          • @scuderiarmani: https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/314657/86532/20210128_...

                            Do you believe me now?

                            Who gives a toss about 3 8 pin?

                            It gives you more performance, so not sure about you but if we're paying the same price, I would prefer to get more performance

                            Msi makes bad motherboard, just like asus makes bad 3000 series cards

                            • @ln28909: Why do I care what you have? I'm sure others lining up for months think highly of you.

                              I just told you, reviews, you're wrong.

                              The Tuf out performed the MSI card. Simple. Cooler, faster though negligible like always.

                              Your 3 8 pin argument falls flat when the Tuf had higher fps…. But hey, more powa!

                              • -1

                                @scuderiarmani: I mean you already bought it right, nothing you can do now, but just keep that in mind for future, the tuf is neither faster nor quieter than the gaming x trio which is what seems to be your criteria

                                And again, I don't recommend Hardwareunboxed especially with videos from Steve, there are many flaws

                                • +1

                                  @ln28909: OK. You don't like his videos, cause reasons

                                  Yet I know he's as highly regarded as any and in his video, your MSI card isn't as good as the Tuf.

                                  Whatever makes you sleep I guess.

                                  Obviously you've got an agenda.

                                  Tired of your rubbish, again. Can't even accept basic facts, just try to show off with your 3 cards. Sad.

                                  • @scuderiarmani: I'm telling you that the trio performs better than an rog strix and you seems unwilling to accept that, likewise i guess, but hopefully people don't get caught out and think that tuf is a good value card for the future

                                    I simply showed you the cards to demonstrate that I at least know a little bit on what im talking about

                                    • +1

                                      @ln28909: OK. I don't care. I watched reviews. I've seen figures.

                                      The Tuf is faster, cooler and at same noise. Better.

                                      You just don't like Tuf or Steve. So you have an agenda.

                                      So your opinions are just that. Opinions.

                                      • @scuderiarmani: I think this is the definition of selective bias

                                        More than happy to show you some numbers as well

                                        • @ln28909: If you've got a lemon Strix bad luck.

                                          I had a lemon Aorus 2080 too. Much hotter then normal.

                                          My Tuf 3080 is excellent. So yes, like 1000s of Tuf buyers, very happy.

                                          I don't need your numbers. I watched professionals.

                                          • -1

                                            @scuderiarmani: This is cross checked with 2 other strix owners, I am rank in the top 10 in Australia for performance with my 3080s so I think that my recommendation has a significant validity to it

                                            If you really want, just share us your score in 3dmark timespy or something and we can figure it out

                                            • @ln28909: Cool story mate.

                                              I don't give a shit about 3d mark time spy or your ranking in Australia. I have other priorities.

                                              You be you. I watch reviews, I'm happy with my purchase.

                                              • +1

                                                @scuderiarmani: Yeah, if you haven't bought one then, it's a different story, but since your already do, just be happy with it

                                                My comment was there to help those that haven't purchased one yet

    • I've got a Galax 1070 that works totally fine.

  • +1

    Probably the only real chance of getting an RTX3080 for the next little while…

  • What memory brand and speed does the system build use? I know the newest Ryzen's are a bit touchy with RAM speed matching the FCLK to get optimal performance.

    • +1

      Thats not unique to Ryzen 5000, 3000 is in the same boat as they use the same memory controller. You basically want it 1:1 so if you bump it up to 1800Mhz, get DDR4 3600 RAM otherwise DDR4 3200 leave it at 1600Mhz stock.

  • Any hope of upgrading to EVGA 3080?

    • +1

      Not from us

  • +4

    Honestly not sure about their stock issues.
    I ordered a previous 3080 deal in november, arrived just before xmas with a DOA 3080. Sent it back and it arrived in SA thursday 2 weeks ago.
    Since then, nothing, emailed them 1 week in and they told me they'll "look into my situation shortly", 2 weeks in now and haven't heard anything.
    Most likely they are short on stock so be careful, there may be a long wait, especially if something goes wrong.

    • +1

      Any DOA card is sent back to the distributor, who send it back to the manufacturer once they've confirmed the fault. Under normal circumstances the manufacturer would replace the card with stock they have…there just isn't any stock for them to replace it with. We haven't received any cards back from the manufacturer for at least a month. There has never been a supply situation like this where there have been literally zero equivalent alternatives to offer.
      But yours and any other DOA 3080 has been allocated a replacement from our incoming new stock that have just landed in Aus. When they arrive, if it's a different model from the one you originally ordered, you'll get an email offering you that card or the option to wait for your original card's replacement from manufacturer.

      • Thanks Luke,
        Didn't know about the sending back to manufacturer part, but I suspected the lack of stock was the issue.
        I understand the complete lack of stock, just wished there was some communications about his instead of nothing unless I emailed and even then, I didn't get this information when I last asked.
        Worst part I think is that the damage occurred during shipping, seeing as it would have been tested prior. Should have asked for the 3080 to be shipped separately but hindsight is 20/20.
        Hope this delay is resolved, understand there's nothing that can be done at this point but wait.

        • We can definitely ship it separately this time around as it can be down to an individual courier who does your route not handling correctly, in which case it may occur again.

      • Many systems are already prebuilt just awaiting installation and testing

        How are people getting DOA cards? How thorough is this testing?

        • I think he purchased a card only - not the actual computer

          • @botchie: no, it was a full system, with a 5600x.
            ordered in late november
            https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/578949?page=1 was the deal in question.

            • @TheC: Oh my bad, that would suck in that case

              • +2

                @botchie: Yep, sux indeed ><
                Nothing against techfast (except maybe the slow communications and lack of updates), they did everything well and professionally.
                It's just stock issues combined with the bad luck of a 3080 damaged during shipping.
                still gonna upvote this deal since they did nothing wrong, but wanted everyone to be aware of the possible issues.
                as long as you're prepared to wait, deal is awesome.

                • @TheC: yeah I agree, I've always got my parts from local computer shop and got them to put it together - sure I pay more but I would hate for this to happen to me and then wait around 2 + months for new 3080 and lottery of another DOA
                  clearly its an issue since you are not the only one its happened to
                  I dont see why in this case they need to send the card back to manufacturer to test?
                  the card was working in their shop- isn't this a courier /warranty issue instead
                  in any case they should have a better solution I think…even with the shortage of cards as is
                  good luck though

        • Any DOA card would be down to transit damage during shipping, not because anything wasn't tested. We internally pack each system very firmly to minimise the risk, but with a heavy heatsink on RTX GPus there's no accounting for poor handling by a courier if that occurs. Requesting the GPU to be shipped separately is definitely something you can do as a customer and we will ship it in its original packaging or protective packaging if we receive the cards bulk packaged.
          Overall DOA numbers are very low.

  • 640K of memory should be enough for anybody.

  • +1

    Luke, have you guys considered afterpay as one of the payment options? From what I understand zip pay has a limit of $1000 which doesn't really help too much when purchasing $2-3k items.

    We have a much higher limit with afterpay, which would be alot easier to break down repayments between savings and salaries.

    • +2

      They've never reached out to us and I haven't looked into them, tbh. Overall, finance hasn't been hugely appealing to us because of the inherent costs affecting a relatively low margin item, despite its high purchase price.

      • Fair enough, thanks for the reply.

      • +2

        Afterpay and Zip Pay both charge the merchant about 6% - and I'm pretty sure the merchant T&Cs mean you're not allowed to surcharge customers like with Paypal/credit cards.

        Definitely not worth it when your business is based on volume instead of fat profit margins.

  • What an amazing computer. Not in the market for one but highly recommended!

  • +3

    Hmm, not quite as strong as the original $1998 3600/3080 deal around launch. Slightly better MOBO though and the 120m AIO is a minor improvement over the stealth cooler. Not quite worth the 300 additional cost though. Although I'd rate the galax higher than the gigabyte Eagles cards.

    • +7

      A bygone era made of unobtanium, that deal!

    • Dude! the prices are inflated wordwide for CPU/GPU….not ot mention the availability is also rare these days

  • When picking the 5900x CPU it says "Pre-Order - Additional Wait Times May Apply" any rough idea how much longer?

    • +1

      From the deal post - they may arrive sooner (than the 3080s), but with no firm word from AMD on 5900X stock right now we're letting you know there's a chance they'll arrive after the 3080s do. You can always check in with us later in February if you're interested and up/downgrade accordingly. I can't give an ETA without the info, would just be setting us up for a fall if they don't come in.

  • Can something be done to remove the watercooler? Only good old reliable air coolers are good enough for me!

    I understand if this is due to shipping damage and you might have to therefore ship without a cooler. Could just bump the ram up or a better case or something, I'd be down for that.

    • +1

      Not really - the systems needs a better cooler than the Wraith and our experience with aftermarket air coolers not surviving transport means we can't offer them. You could order the whole thing unassembled and on-sell the stuff you don't need.

  • Hey luke, how do us SA residents select pickup?

    • +1

      Enter Local Pickup at Checkout in the Notes field. Your shipping will be refunded upon collection.

      • fastest draw in the west south :)

        • +2

          Cool Hand Luketechfast

      • +1

        Where is pickup BTW? The idea of picking one up and not having to go through Aus post is actually making this more tempting? quick google search says 20 Wodonga Street
        Adelaide 5009 SA is this correct?

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