This was posted 10 months 6 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[VIC] Nadal Vs Tsitsipas (ATP Cup) Adult Tickets $20 (4th Feb, 5:30PM) @ Rod Laver Arena via Ticketmaster


Thanks for the support, I hope you will enjoy the game.
If you didn't manage to book for this game please check out other games as there are more tickets available.

"Cheap tickets for a great match.
Spain vs Greece, Nadal vs Tsitsipas, at Rod Laver Arena in VIC. 04/02/2021 night session.
Other games probably available for same price.
$20 tickets.
My first post so be kind.
You might have to book more than a couple seats and create an account otherwise unable to check out."

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  • -2

    Good price, but not really a 'deal'.

    In saying that, I've already got tix on Tuesday

  • you sure it's Nadal Vs Tsitsipas??

      • The schedule shows, there would be 3 matches in total from 5:30 PM, are we entitled to enjoy all the 3 matches?
        This is my first time going to Australian Open

        • +1

          Yes, there are two sessions - day and night. With a night session ticket you get to watch all three matches. For advanced stages there may be only one or two matches in a session.
          BTW this is for ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) Tour. Australian Open starts from Feb 8.

          • @mmniks: Thank you for the response and also clarification that its not AO. But still, some part of my bucket list will be checked as this is my first visit to Rodlaver Arena and also watching Nadal!

            • @rampvm25: Oh yes! We booked tickets too. Plans to watch Nadal play for the first time. :)

  • +11

    Oh look, just about the only two players not complaining about quarantine..

  • also any workaround to just buy 2 tickets instead of forcibly buying 3(due to quarantine I guess)?

    • Yes, just pick an area where there are only 2 tickets available next to each other. If there are 3 or 4 they won't let you buy just 2

      • thanks got 3 instead in the 2nd row from front ;)

  • Getting the error 'Unfortunately, we are unable to reservice your chosen seats' no matter which section I select..

    • same

      • Yeah I've figured it out - you have to select a group of seats with the number of tickets you want to buy.

        • @dawnface I'm still trying to get this clear in my own head; is the point that you simply can't purchase single tickets (i.e. for one person only) this year?

          It doesn't seem to be mentioned in the FAQ and the error message is a little uninformative. I understand the policy if it's COVID related but it seems crazy that it wouldn't be explicitly mentioned in either of those two places.

    • Probably you have to book the whole seating due to COVID.
      Create an account first then scroll down the seating's and try again.

  • I can't seem to buy any seats as it constantly says "Unfortunately, we were unable to reserve your chosen seats".

    Anyone getting the issue?

    • +1

      Yeah I've figured it out - you have to select a group of seats with the number of tickets you want to buy.

      • Sorry can you elaborate? Clicking on the section brings the ability to select individual seats. Where else can you indicate the total number of tickets you want to buy?

        • so for example I needed to buy 2 tickets, so I had to look around find a block of 2 only and add both to cart for it to work.

          • @dawnface: Got it! Now if one has to get an entire allocated section and it has 7 seats, how do you get it as it seems the max per buy is 6 seats?

            • @jpwwong: eep good question.

            • @jpwwong: Maybe try a block of 3 and a block of 4 under different accounts…

  • Same

  • It is working only when you choose to buy 4 at one transaction.

    • +2

      you have to find a block with the number of tickets you want to buy then add them all to your cart for it to work.

  • +3

    so the trick is zoom in on any stand/number, select and add the tickets, wanted 2 had to buy 3 forcibly as selecting 2 would give an error(must have been done due to COVID situation as they need to leave empty seats between each group)

    thanks OP was eyeing AusOpen but would settle for this, hopefully it's a long great game🤞

    • +1

      Worked for me … thanks.

      The pricing is much fairer than the AO.

    • my interactive map doesnt even load

  • Oh wow, wish we could go. Will all these ATP matches be shown on CH9 ?

    • Highly doubt on 9, probably fox

      • CH9 has rights for Atp cup

  • Thanks OP

  • +1

    is it easier to grab a signature in ATP cup?

    • +1

      during covid times, i think the ability to mingle with stars will be lower

  • Is it best of 3 or 5 sets for this cup?

    • +2

      only grand slams are best of 5 sets

      • -1

        Except for women who only have to play 3 sets, yet still demand the same amount of money, because you know, equal pay for equal work or something…

        (prepare for truth bomb to be modded to oblivion in 5, 4, 3, 2…)

  • awesome, got 3 tickets

  • So you have to buy a minimum of 2 seats??

  • Tickets for every match look to be $20

  • +1

    Awesome first time post

  • Why cant I get them?

  • how does distancing work for the event?

  • Got some tix. Thanx, OP! 2 days earlier (2 Feb) will be Rafael Nadal vs Alex de Minaur, at Rod Laver too. Also, the main match will not start before 7pm.

  • Who took my bloody tickets behind the player front row ?

  • +2

    I needed only 2 tickets so I purchased a row of 3 and bought the 3rd as a child ticket, only $5.

    • Kids tickets are very cheap :)

    • damn $5 kids, I missed that in hurry and paid $20, good on you

  • brilliant, got three tickets in the lower. May be in my 10th try.

  • Tried logging on, buying blocks of 6 seats. I give up 😢

  • +2

    Lumo are offering 5 X $10 Ticketmaster at 50 % off and ordered successfully :)

    • +1

      True Ozbargain right here! Well done!

    • NIB also offer the same through their rewards portal.

  • And 5 max cards can be used for the purchase .

  • +3

    Looks like the ATP cup will be a secret Ozbargain meeting

    • Correct including most of my friends.
      I will be very popular at this match maybe I will bring an OZbargain flag.

  • +1

    that was annoying as hell. couldn' get it to work with 2, 3, or 4 tickets

    • agree, couldnt get any to work and there's still a lot of seats left. Can't call ticketmaster either due to Covid…

  • Does anyone know how I can get this to work? Keeps saying unable to reserve your selected seats blah blah

    • Just bought another 3 tickets it still works. Please zoom in on seats and then choose all blue available seats in that row.

    • As others have said earlier, you will have to buy all the seats in the available set.

  • +2

    There were some great seats in front rows, but in a block of 7. The maximum tickets I can buy is 6! A good deadlock.

  • +1

    Yeah we're all trying to buy those two lots of seven aren't we….

  • Does anyone know where the info is on which players are playing who on the matches ?

  • Can't seem to find the info on the site… are we required to wear masks while sitting during the match?

    • +1

      Yes , because its common sense . Seeming they spend 10's of million on the player's quarantine there is no way they are going to risk it here .

  • +1

    thank you op what a great idea

    found a couple of 2 seat groups, one adult and one child $25 total will get me in! haha

  • +1

    Got tickets, thanks OP :)

  • Who televises this?

  • +3

    Heaps of other good matches in case anyone misses out
    Australia (De Minaur, Millman) vs Spain (Nadal, Agut) on Tues night
    France (Monfils, Paire) vs Austria (Thiem, Noval) on Thurs night should be fun to watch!
    Australia vs Greece should be a good atmosphere given the large Greek population in Melbourne

    • Hey mate, I just purchased tickets to Tuesday night through Ticketmaster but it says I am going to Margaret Court at 6:30pm on Feb 2nd. I'm starting to think there is another game on Tuesday night (Rus v Arg) and I've somehow booked that instead lol

      • Yep, there's 2 concurrent night games each day.
        Tues has Aus vs Spain (Rod Laver Arena) and also Rus vs Arg (John Cain) arena.
        Rus vs Arg should still be a good game!

  • Wow tickets available again but now $60 each?

  • Where are you guys parking if you're driving in?

    (I know Public Transport is a option, but I wanna weight them up first).

  • More tickets released again now in the low (best) seating … but now $100. ATP have obvs got permission to sell more and get back some $$$$

  • Anyone want to go to the tennis tonight Nadel is out at Melbourne PM 4 free tickets name and email

  • +1

    Soooooooo whats the go now?
    We get refunds?

    • +1

      Yea just got a message, going to be refunded

  • +1

    Indeed, we're all getting refunds but it'll be delayed. Here's the email I got -

    Hi silverrat23

    Today's tennis events have been cancelled…

    Due to event safety protocols tennis events scheduled for today, 4 February 2021 have been cancelled. Your booking will be refunded. Tennis Australia apologise for the inconvenience.

    Refund Process:

    Due to the number of cancellations, our refund process is taking slightly longer than usual. You don’t need to do anything; we will issue a refund for your tickets onto the original credit card you used to buy your tickets. We truly appreciate your patience and understanding.

    Only the original credit card holder will receive a refund via the method outlined above. If you received your ticket(s) any other way, including via “Ticket Forward”, you will need to contact the original credit card holder for your refund.

    Please understand that given the extraordinary circumstances, our Fan Support teams are incredibly busy at the moment, so we encourage you not to contact us. Instead, you can find lots of information and answers to your questions in our information portal.

    We're sorry for any disappointment caused.

    Thank you very much for your patience.

    Best wishes,

    Ticketmaster Customer Service

  • Got my money back already (Paypal). The first event I booked since March 2020 … and then it gets cancelled because of this stupid virus.

  • I think extremely high chance this ATP CUP is totally cancelled .
    And I hope my gift cards with May expired turn into 3 yrs during the refund .

  • Announced Its on rescheduled at this stage .

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