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[NSW] 50% off Licence Renewal Fees for Eligible Drivers @ NSW Government


I believe this scheme has existed for a long time but I couldn't find any active post about this. An old post is here. Hope this helps some OzBargainers. I personally admire this scheme - it would encourage people to drive safely and also make the safe drivers feel proud.

If you have a good driving record, you may be eligible for a 50% discount on your licence renewal fee (that's approx. $175 saving on 10-year car licence fee).

To qualify, at the time of renewal you must:

  • Have held the NSW licence continuously for 5 years. You must have less than 6 months total break, for example if your licence was expired, suspended, cancelled or refused for any reason, except on medical grounds.
  • Hold an unrestricted NSW licence of any class. Interstate and overseas licences, NSW learner and provisional P1 and P2 licences are not counted.
  • Renew your licence within 6 months of the expiry date. If you renew more than 6 months after expiry, you must pay the full renewal fee.
  • Have no relevant offences recorded on your NSW licence. This includes the 5-year period leading up to the date you renew your licence. Interstate and overseas driving records are not counted.

Note: 10 year licence only available for unrestricted licence of class C (car) and/or R (rider) aged 21 to 44 years.

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  • Nice, did not know this. Thanks OP

  • Isn't it automatic?

    • Yes, I believe it applies by default if you meet the criteria.

    • Yep but how do I buy 10

      • For a 10-years licence, you need to go to a counter. You can't do it online as far as I know.

      • You can only do this between ages 21 and 44 I believe, or something around that. If you don't fit that criteria, then you'll be only given the 5 year option.

        • Correct. I think it may be 45 though but you may be right too.

        • +2 votes

          Males are discriminated against as my wife received the 50% discount for 10 years and I could only get 5 years.
          They cited that male eyesight degenerates faster than females.

          Strange cause i still dont need reading or driving glasses. Wife needs reading glasses

      • Only eligible for a 10 year license if it is a standard C class licence, that is cars, utes, vans, some light trucks, etc.
        If you have a LR of higher licence like I do, you are not eligible for a 10 year license, only 5 year.

    • I got my licence renewed on sunday for 5 years. Discount was automatic.

    • It was automatic for me. What wasn't automatic was renewing my license 6 months early, thus locking in the discount even in case of a speed camera incident.

  • I recall reading that this was for under 45’s a while back but can’t see anything on the site about it now.

  • That's a far greater incentive to drive safely than demerit points and fines!

    • If you happen to get one speeding fine say 60 in a 50 zone in past 5 years and paid your fine and learnt your lesson then boom you get penalised again 5 years later when you go to renew your licence and pay double what you would have otherwise.

      • Reminds me of those arcade rhythm games which give you an extra bonus for hitting all the targets. If you miss one target you might get 999,900 points, but hitting one more for perfection is 1,200,000 points.

        Yes, I guess it's unlucky if you're otherwise a safe driver and you have one ding that makes you ineligible, but those are the rules. What's the difference between that person and one who speeds all the time and only gets caught once in the system?

      • Don't drive 60 in a 50 zone. Easy solution.

      • Lost one point for driving without headlights on at sundown on a main street of a town with lighting. Only point I've lost all the way up to 30.

        Cop was an ass, and now I get the privilege of paying double :.

        • Same thing happened with me. It wasn’t even dark yet but the cop was a douche. I think I ended up renewing for less anyway so by the time my license expires my record will be clean and I’ll be good for the 10

    • $17.50 a year. That's what some people pay in tolls every day. I think the demerit points and $285+ fines and 3 points (just for 11kmn over) are a still a better incentive. Fear is a better deterrent.

      The kind of people that intentionally speed and commit other offences don't care about saving a few dollars in licence renewal. The kind of people that stick to the rules aren't doing it for money.

  • Thanks for the reminder OP. I was going to drink and speed this weekend but 50% off is too good to pass up.

  • Cheers for the reminder

  • 100% off speeding fine if you stay under the limit ;)

    Good discount regardless

  • Make sure you go after the 5 years have elapsed, if you have started with a 5 year licence(like me) and tried to renew a few months before the expiry, you will have 2 options:
    pay the full price or renew after the licence expires :(

    • Or renew for a year first and then do for 5 or 10 years next time once you have held it for 5+ years.

    • Yeah I actually had to let my licence expire a week just to get the full 5yrs period. It happened when we're under lockdown so it wasnt an inconvenience

      • Doesn't this then exempt you from the discount?

        Renew your licence within 6 months of the expiry date. If you renew more than 6 months after expiry, you must pay the full renewal fee.

        • I think they meant that they were unlicensed for a week before renewing

          • @kerfuffle: I think I've completely misinterpreted that condition - I thought you had to renew it within 6 months BEFORE the expiry date (i.e. when you were still licensed). Thanks.

            • @kpm: The way I read it, your licence should not have been expired by 6months by the team you renew. Makes sense as there are instances when you should not or cannot renew before expiry.

              In my case, I had an overseas licence before and we got a speeding ticket in a school zone about 6months before I got my NSW licence. That speeding ticket got recorded into my NSW licence when I got it so I had to wait until that ticket was more than 5yrs old in their system.

              Note that we actually called ServiceNSW as we didn't understand why I couldnt get the discount and they were the ones who advised that it is an option

      • How’d you get to servicensw :)

    • Exactly the same thing happened to me, but i renewed for 10 years so wont be seeing any discount for a long time.

    • Thanks for the heads up.. did not know that. It's a silly / stupid / sneaky thing though.

    • Same with me. I renewed on the first day AFTER it expired (took a bus to service NSW), and got the discount.

  • When I got my first full licence just around Christmas last year , the customer service told me about it. But I think it's very difficult - no record in 5 years so you can apply for it

  • Typical, Vicroads give us no reward or incentive for being a safe driver in Victoria that I am aware of. My licence renewal is due next year so need to start a campaign for Dan to match NSW offering.

    • The match will come with the fee match (and rego fee match) as well though.. just kidding.

    • Though we do have $495 one off fee for custom plates, NSW has a yearly fee which costs an insane $450+ per year!

    • Ask Officeworks to price match

    • I believe trailer rego is cheaper in vic. Ie free for a domestic 6x4 and nominal otherwise. (Perhaps a NSWelshman can clarify)

    • The incentive does exist, but it's only targeted at drivers coming off their P plates. If they have a clean record when moving to full license then they can get a free 3 year license.

  • +10 votes

    Or to put it another way, 100% markup on your licence if you get booked just once in a 5 year period.

    • My mates racked up multiple fines within the previous 5 year period. Went to RMS to renew licence and the person was like congratulations you're a safe driver, 50% off for you. He's got like 6 points taken off his licence already. Funnily enough the only person I know that's been done by a fixed speed camera with 3 warning signs prior, anyway I digress.

      Drives 95 percent interstate and only came back cause obviously can't renew a NSW licence interstate. Obviously all his fines were interstate so his offences weren't unsafe.

      They've made it alot less lenient now. I heard that previously interstate offences were worth 0 points cause the systems didn't talk to each other so as long as your pockets were deep you practically had your licence in perpetuity. I don't think that happens anymore?

  • It's been around for quite a few years. Pretty sure it gets applied automatically if you have a clean 5 year record and tick the other boxes.

  • My ten year license renewal was $81.00 last year… not sure how I got that but no complaints on my part

  • I hope VIC does it too.

  • What if the driving offense was just over 5 years ago but the associated demerit points only clears ~2 years before renewal?

    I actually only got the 5 year license around 3.5-4 years ago so I could try and get the 10 year renewal at 50% off. Guy at counter was surprised when I told him why. I felt like I levelled up my ozbargain status then .

    Almost there…

    • It's based on the demerit points on your driving record not from when the offence occured.

      • Ah ok, I may have to do the 3 year renewal first to get the max 10 year benefit later. But the $-to-year ratio isn't great for the shorter term renewals.

        The website reads ambiguously though:

        you must go 5 years without any of the following:

        an offence that attracts demerit points

        The offence would be over 5 years

        • I talked to a Service NSW CSR about this recently for my renewal. They determine eligibility via your driving record. I checked mine online which said I had 0 demerit points. But I remember having points before that period just can't remember if it was within 5 years. Talked to the CSR and he looked up my record and he confirmed that the points were just within, and that the 5 year period would end in may this year. So he recommended to do the 1 year and then 10 year afterwards.

          Just looked it up, paid the fine back in 2014. So yeah it's definitely when the points disappear.

          • @CVonC: Ah ok, thanks for check/confirm. 3 year renewal it is. On the somewhat plus side I have to drive like on eggshells for longer. Wife will be pleased.

  • My licence is due for renewal and I had very good record so far but just last month I got 3 demerits point going through red light arrow. I guess I won’t qualify for this now :(

  • For those wondering, full prices

    1 year: $60
    3 years: $138
    5 years: $188
    10 years: $348

  • Also I think you get half price of CTP each year if you dont loss any of your points.