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Woolworths 100% Canadian Maple Syrup 250ml $5 (Was $6) @ Woolworths


As cheap as it gets for 100% Canadian Maple Syrup.

Woolworths 100% Canadian Maple Syrup 250ml $6 $5
Coles 100% Canadian Maple Syrup 250ml $6
ALDI Brookdale 100% Pure Canadian Maple Syrup 250ml $5.69
Queen Pure Canadian Maple Syrup 250ml $9 (Drops to $7 when on special)
Amazon S&W 100% Canadian Maple Syrup 250ml $8.81

This is 100% Canadian Maple Syrup, not Maple Flavoured Syrup or Maple Syrup mixed with liquid sugar (not 100%). Be careful of the wording/ingredients when comparing.

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    I was standing at woolies for like 10mins comparing this to the Queens brand. I swear it's the same exact product, the bottle is the same, ingredients the same even the nutrition info is very close. It's alot cheaper aswell when not on sale.

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      Are you looking at the maple syrup or the maple flavored syrup?

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        Both real maple

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      Yeah I did the same thing a few weeks back, I was waiting for Queen to go on special to $7 before noticing Coles/Woolworths had their own for $6. Didn't expect it to go on special and be even cheaper than ALDI version.

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      Queens brand one taste better IMO compared to the store brands. I always notice the difference even though they look identical on paper.

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        Is this anecdotal or double blind testing?

    • Anyone want to do a taste comparison? Maybe Queen gets the A grade and Woolies gets the rest.

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      Hi, Canadian here, 4 generations of maple syrup makers in my family.

      The short answer is - they essentially are the same product (as long as it's "100% Pure Maple Syrup").

      There's only one ingredient for maple syrup, and that's sap from the sugar maple tree, which is a sugary water substance that every spring your parents make you lug through the snow in heavy buckets to a collection tank, where it's transported to the sugar shack, where you boil off like 39L of water to produce 1L of syrup.

      In terms of official "grades", it varies a bit between US/Canada and Ontario/Quebec, but the main variation is on colour and it essentially boils down (heh) to "light, amber and dark"

      When produced for commercial wholesale, you typically get a whole bunch of maple syrup from different vendors and locations mixed together and then bottled, so it's very rare to see the various grades represented outside of the area in which it's produced.

      As a general guide, darker syrup yields a stronger flavour (good for cooking), lighter syrup is more subtle (good for pancakes), and maple "flavoured" syrup is good for never buying.

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        Good to know! Eh!

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        Ah, maple syrup made the old-fashioned way! I was hella disappointed to learn there are commercial ventures where the maple trees are grown on a hillside and taps are inserted at the start of spring with plastic tubing that runs down the hill straight into shed with an industrial boiler. Really destroyed the romantic image I've always had of some wizened old Quebecois driving his horse-drawn sleigh through the snow and hand-delivering the syrup to a rickety wooden shed where it's boiled off in an ancient copper.

        I'm actually going to look into the possibility of growing maple trees in Tassie to see if the sap can be harvested. Not sure if biosecurity would allow the species of tree in, plus no idea if winters here get cold enough for the trees to store nutrients deep in the root system so the sap will run properly in spring. Interesting though experiment at least.

        • A kind of an answer to your question is: all the maple syrup is from Canada and no one in the close USA ever started that kind of production.

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          To be fair, I'm not a complete expert on the commercial manufacturing side… but my understanding is that it's really hard to produce as a commercial crop - it's highly seasonal and highly volatile. If you get a bad spring you get almost no syrup, which is why Canada has a Global Strategic Reserve.

          The commercial producers near us always had a pancake house, museum, etc. to keep the business going year-round.

          As a result, I believe, and again, not an expert, that most of the syrup comes from a very large number of small producers, who sell into a co-op.

          • @Dex: "Global Strategic Reserve" for maple syrup…wow…i guess the spice syrup must flow

            • @ialam99: Yeah, there's a few comments below about the Great Canadian Maple Syrup Heist, which is such a fun story to read about, and then it actually gets really interesting with regards to how they did it and why.

              The strategic reserve is basically a way to keep prices consistent between seasons with low supply and seasons with high supply, and some wizened old Quebecois robbed it.

        • Biosecurity? Whats the worst that can happen? If they are invasive then we'll have a massive maple industry. Win!

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        How lucky are we to have an expert right here. I honestly didnt think maple syrup ozbargain post would be this interesting.

        • I am sure you heard before someone saying 'oil is oil' or 'coffee is coffee"

      • What's the problem with flavoured syrup?

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          Maple syrup is a bit like honey in that it's a natural product. You wouldn't buy "Honey flavoured syrup", would you? Well, maybe a bad example.

          Anyway, maple-flavoured syrup is made from fenugreek and sugar and a bunch of other junk. 100% pure maple syrup is made from trees.

          To someone who grew up on the real stuff, the fake stufff tastes pretty horrible.

      • Oh Canada 👏👏👏

    • Umm.. isnt it actually the same thing? Like sugar from different brands?

      • As per my rant above, yes.

        There are actually different grades of syrup, but you don't usually see that in commercially exported syrup, or even outside of syrup producing regions, really, so for all intents and purposes it's the same product between brands.

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    Will it drop to $4? Should we wait longer?

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      Lol I didnt realise so many people were interested in maple syrup savings

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        An expensive luxury but most certainly beats any imitation syrup. So when it goes on sale it goes like hotcakes

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    Random aside, there's an interesting documentary re: maple syrup mafia on netflix

    • +3

      Great documentary!

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      I haven't looked that one up. Is it about The Great Maple Syrup Heist where thieves blatantly siphoned off thousands of litres of syrup from the warehouses where it was stored?

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        That's in there, but not the main premise of the series

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    Costco is the cheapest. They have their organic Kirkland maple syrup for $18 per litre

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      Yeah. I use a few bottles of that in the bath.

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        Didn't know "cornbeef" is made this way. Always good to learn new things.

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          Dispositionally tender and sweet.

    • The best was when they had crown maple syrup, aged in crown bourbon barrels, almost the best maple syrup I've had.

      The best to me is a brand called Noble, really good stuff.

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      Yep, i get the kirkland one too. 100% pure canadian maple

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    I would pay extra for the Queen brand is the best. It does not taste the same Woolies brand. Even my 11 years old daughter and 13 years old son noticed the difference.
    They said it taste like cruise ship buffet Woolies brand, cheap.

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      They said it taste like cruise ship buffet Woolies brand

      Tell them they ain't going on cruise ships anytime soon so this is as close as it gets.

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      The bottle is the same, take the woolworths label off and I bet the flavour improves.

  • Any deals on electric waffle irons?

    • Kmart one is good

    • +1

      In our Cafe we have the Breville Smart Waffle. It's far from a bargain, but it's copped a commercial hammering for 5 years.

      The handle broke (because we were squishing boiled potatoes for waffled potatoes, but the nonstick and cooking properties are as good as 10000 or so thousand Waffles ago. Unbelievable to me that a domestic product has survived that.

      • I saw the cuisinart vertical waffle maker for $100 too. And i thought that looked alright, then i read in comments online that turning a waffle iron over is important for creating air gaps. Now i don’t know whwt to think.

        • Maybe, our Waffles are a yeasted batter with folded in egg whites. Tbh I've never tried making them 'regular'

          No one has ever complained that our Waffles have insufficient air gaps 😏

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    Is Canadian syrup better than Australia syrup?

    • +3

      i've never seen anything but canadian maple syrup

    • +5

      100% Aussie made Canadian maple syrup

    • +7

      Maple syrup comes from (mostly) Canada and the USA. If you see any other maple syrup, run.

    • What about golden syrup?

    • -4

      NO! Australian is better …. please buy local !

    • Anybody from New Hampshire (NH) will say No to both ;)

      • I've tried syrup from Vermont, is the NH stuff better?

      • +1

        Actually, 16.66667% off. Sorry!

  • I have always bought the Steeves one for $5 not realising till recently it isn't 100% pure maple.

  • +4

    Literally went out and bought maple syrup why ? because of this post

    Bought the following

    1.Brookdale Maple Syrup (Aldi)
    2.Queen Maple Syrup (Woolworths)
    3.Woolworth brand maple syrup (Woolworths)

    1.Has a weird taste can't put my finger on it
    2.Tastes like real maple syrup with that smooth sweet after taste as well (Recomended)
    3.Tastes like sugar syrup

    • +4

      You realise, of course, that maple syrup is just begging to be poured over your crispy bacon? Or, for that awesome flavour hit, lay strips of bacon on a baking sheet (put baking paper down first, it'll save you work later) and drizzle with syrup, then pop into an oven at 160° for about 30 minutes. You'll end up with crispy strips of crunchy sweet & salty goodness!

      • +1

        Sweet Jesus. I've had dinner, but I haven't had dessert.

        • +1

          With maple bacon, you can now have both at the same time.

    • Method needed

  • +2

    Home brand maple syrups ranked:

    1. Woolworths (dark, full of flavour)
    2. Costco (no. 1 for value at ~$15/kg)
    3. Coles
    4. Aldi (noticeably lighter in colour)
    • Agree about the Aldi one. Used to buy it all the time, but then picked up the Coles brand one day. The Coles one was way thicker, darker and had a much richer flavour. It's like the Aldi one is watered down or something.

    • Thanks always wondered about this.

      Over in the US they changed the labelling system, used to be grade a was light and less flavour, with grade b being dark and better imo, always bought grade b. Not sure if it was the case here too, either way, they changed it to be more simpler for consumers.

      Check out crown maple syrup if Costco still carries it, better than anything out there in this country.

    • +1

      Strange.I prefer the Aldi over the premium coles one

    • How does maple flavoured syrup stack up against these.

      • +2

        That's like candy ass.

  • I cannot rate the Costco organic maple syrup highly enough. I stepped up from 'flavoured syrup' to real syrup and then the Kirkland syrup is off the wall!! :) We don't have it that regularly, so when we do we want it to be worth the wait.

  • +1

    A Canadian told me to only buy ones that are from Quebec. Apparently that's where the maple syrup mafia reside

  • -1

    Do yourself a favour and use maple syrup instead of simple syrup the next time you make an Old Fashioned. So good

      • +1

        Too sticky as well. Doesn’t soak into the ‘cakes.

  • Is this a new product? I didn’t know this existed. been getting aldi’s maple syrup all this time

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