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nbn Technology Choice FTTP Upgrade Quote $0 (Was $330) @ nbn Co


$0 FTTP quotes are back. There are installation fees if you decide to go ahead with it.

Due to the intricacies involved in generating and processing quotes for complex premises, the Group Switch and Area Switch application forms are currently unavailable on our website. We are only accepting applications for some single premises at this time.

Please refer to our website in the future for updates as we continue to optimise the nbn™ Technology Choice Program.

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  • Has anyone else's quotes changed? Mine has doubled in cose compared to the last automated one.

    • Some went up and others went down.

  • +1

    $ 16,235 HFC to FTTN. Ouch. At least I can get gigabit speeds though so not essential:

  • $20,600 - HFC -> FTTP

  • 32k for me 😢

  • 2.8k quote in suburban Sydney to go from FTTC to FTTP. Seems like a low end quote. Has anyone done the conversion? Interested to see if there is any distinguishable difference since FTTC is serving my family of 5 quite well right now. But might worth just future proofing.

  • I'd be keen to know what is involved in the FTTC to FTTP upgrade to warrant the typical $3K charge.

    Do they replace any hardware in the pit? Do they just splice the existing fiber? I genuinely have no idea how it works.

    Please do let me know if I'm asking a dumb dumb question! :D

    • The parts are cheap and it's the labour costs.

      NBN contractors come install conduit, install different fibre hardware in the pits, install a small NBN box outside, run fibre from the street to your premises and installs the fibre NTD inside where you requested.

      • Okay let's assume parts being 'cheap' is $1000, including:

        • Use and servicing of splicing equipment
        • Fiber cable
        • Fiber box at front of house
        • Fiber NTD

        How does one justify an additional $2000 for labour? Esp. situations where conduit already exists!

        I fully expect some here to chime in with "omg $3K is cheap by comparison to my $17K quote!". That's very true if the price is your only comparison! I do feel for those living in FTTN and slower HFC areas. Being stuck on slower speeds would s**t me to tears, too! But I'm focusing on the quote provided for FTTC to FTTP, and why that specifically is $3K.

        • @wellzi, this question has been asked before on the Whirlpool Forums.
          For FTTC to FTTP there's $300 - $500 in parts and 5hrs - 6hrs work if there's a readily accessible conduit to feed the fiber cable from the pit to the house.

          • @bender: Thank you bender. I appreciate your time! :D

            I should have done my research properly but would have taken ages to find. Haha

  • Mind remained the same since last time: $10,500 FTTN > FTTP

  • nbn™ Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) > Cost $16,359 inc. GST

  • Wow, 5 figure quote.

    HFC (current) -> Change to nbn™ Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) Cost $ 16,375 inc. GST

    Can't think of anything legal to make profit using the bandwidth to earn the money back :shrug:

  • +2

    For current FTTN users, the location of your node is irrelevant to the price, because the node isn't used. Just because you can see a node it doesn't mean thats where your fibre run would be. Just more indication of what a waste of money those things are.

    • +1

      I dunno about this, my node is a friggin mile or two away (I am literally the furthest house connected to it) and I got quotes on a few places in the area and my quote was HUGE to match me being the furthest away - so there is some correlation in some circumstances!!

      • They will connect you to where they have planned that the fibre joins will be. It could be near a node, it could be nowhere near your node. Only NBN planners know. In your case with a node so far away there's obviously a long run to any fibre, whatever they connect you to.

        If I look out my front door I can see my node too, but my quote was $10 620.

    • I thought when they run the fibre to the node they run extra pairs to link back for future upgrades? The node is about 150m from my house and my technology quote was around $9.5k

  • +1

    $ 15,353 inc. GST

    I'm good for now. thanks NBN!

  • NBN Co: "OK, I will save you $330 so that you can spend 10 to 50 times more money on me"

    Genuine Thanks to OP, though

  • $2831 to upgrade from FTTC to FTTP. Landlord said nope.

    • +4

      might have said yes if you offered to contribute $2830

    • Landlord is a dope:
      1. Cost to him/her would be tax deductible, so effectively a much smaller real cost, and
      2. Property would be much more desirable (let able?) so could easily get higher rental income.

      • Not really. Get your facts right. NBN is not a priority on any property rental. Location, Location, Location

      • You got the dope part right.

      • As a tenant you may want to try suggesting to your landlord to split the cost, it may seem more attractive (depending on the cost to the landlord). With some of the quotes for this upgrade it would be hard for the landlord to recoupe the spend - I'm speaking from a similar experience with solar+battery.

  • +2

    $18,864 wow let me just check under the couch cushions!

  • +1

    $ 12,427 inc. GST
    House being built behind me has FTTP :(

  • +2

    $12,636 for an FTTB to FTTP conversion. Bog standard unit block with a central riser, less than 100m cable distance to the MDF.

    The words no and way spring to mind.

  • +1

    $14,000? Yeah I'll pass on that this time thanks. Wonder how they previously justified charging $300 for an automated quote I got in seconds….

    • It was always just a tactic to stop people from finding out, and less to do with the calculation process they already had as part of the NBN paper clip upgrade.

  • HELP!

    Currently on Telstra Cable unlimited ~100mbps and probably leaving this premises in 6months. Obviously, Telstra are trying to force us onto NBN however status seems to be as below -

    Sorry, your location is not eligible for the nbn™ Technology Choice Program.
    Your premises is not yet ready to connect.
    The global supply shortage impacting nbn™ HFC connections.

    Seems we are due for HFC tech in our street, but delayed…

    Is anyone in the same boat? What are my chances of staying on Cable (we have Foxtel, too).

    Do we sign up for the HFC NBN and just hope it's delayed out the wazoo, effectively staying on Cable internet until it's done? Also, we STILL have a Foxtel cable running into the house… Why can't we just stay on this?

    Thanks all in advance 🤗

    • I was hoping to get HFC but they are offering me FTTC, so I wish I was in your situation.

      If I was you I would check your nbn roll-out date for your address.
      That is what is relevant to you right now.

      • +2

        FTTC is probably better than HFC.

        If your whole neighborhood is on HFC you feel it in peak times and thanks to NBN forcing it to be the only choice for some neighbourhoods it can be ugly.

        FTTC would also be cheaper to upgrade to a real fibre solution.

        • Thanks for the info.

          The installation location is also an issue for me.
          The current phone socket locations are not appropriate.
          I can see some out of pocket expenses coming my way with FTTC.

  • +1

    Due to the intricacies involved in generating and processing quotes for complex premises, the Group Switch and Area Switch application forms are currently unavailable on our website. We are only accepting applications for some single premises at this time.

  • I went from $4k last quote to $12k this quote….

  • +1

    $2944 for FTTC to FTTP for Rowville, Vic.

  • I have a really shitty internet currently with FTTN and barely get any 4G reception let alone 5G.

    FTTN to FTTP $6,189

    Really can't justify at this stage.

  • The plan is to upgrade all connections to FTTP so they're just trying to get as many people to pay for it before they do the upgrade themselves.

    • +1

      In what? The year 2050? 🤣

      • 2023

        "Rather than upgrading all two million households to FTTP, customers in upgraded FTTN areas will need to request a fibre connection themselves. The upgrade will be delivered free of charge, but the government says the opt-in approach will mean it doesn't spend money deploying ultra-fast internet to households who don't need it."


        • That is not for all connections. That is only FTTN where NBN choose and not all of FTTN will be upgraded during that period.

          • +1

            @Twix: Yeah true but would you be bothered spending thousands to upgrade if you're already getting gigabit speeds on another technology?

  • As always doesnt work

    Form down for maintenance

    Apologies for the inconvenience. We are currently performing routine maintenance. This form will be up and running again shortly so please check back soon.
    If you have an urgent enquiry, please contact us on 1800 687 62

  • $16,337 for me… or I could spend, via an ISP, $52.50 to $56.25 per day (28 day Feb month) for 3 years — which comes out at $56,700 ($1,575 per month for 36 months). This is for a GB service on Business Ethernet.

    • Is that the nbn business Ethernet product or fibre through Telstra or TPG?

      • Neither, it is an ISP that I am an agent for, Exetel. If that price makes sense to you for your business, feel free to contact me offline.

  • $ 16,392 inc. GST. Who hoo!

  • Probably don't want to do this if you've received a NBN letter. Did this and was disconnected the next day…

  • Had a $5k quote when this was first available HFC to FTTP. Its now jumped to $11k, looks like that's a nope here

  • It's FTTP to the house, but you are sill responsible (extra cost) for internal cabling right?

    And if you are on a 50/20 plan, getting FTTP only makes sense to also upgrade to 100+ plans, again extra cost.

    Looks like a very expensive upgrade.

    • Hire a cabler to install Ethernet at your own expense.

      That depends how bad your NBN is. A stable FTTP 50/20 is better than a unstable 100/20 FTTN that dropouts regularly and every time it rains.

  • We're just a regular house in a regular suburb with FTTN and it's too hard for them ………..

    "It appears your request is considered to be for a complex premises and requires further manual assessments to understand the build costs associated with your premises and location.

    Due to intricacies involved in generating a quote and processing these types of applications, we are currently not accepting applications for complex premises."

    Ah well, when it's not too windy the smoke signals work reasonably well!

    • For some reason we are the same.

      FTTN, three bedroom house, not even on a slab, and apparently it's too complex.

      So annoying, genuinely want to upgrade to FTTP, is there any other way to get it done?

      • No other way with NBN. Keep filling out the form every few weeks.

        • Insanity.

    • $10,447 for my premise.
      That's for 240m of mixed underground, cross road, overhead and back to underground to the FDH (my assessment).
      How complex is your premise?

  • How can I apply? I need multiple 4k movie streaming.

    • +1

      Apply here

      • +1

        11K for me. I will need to check my Reddit stock tips. I WILL BE BACK!

  • My unit has FTTB NBN.

    I was advised by NBN that I can hire a certified electrician myself to connect fibre to my unit. NBN would only charge me a few hundred dollars for FTTP activation.

    Alternatively, free fibre upgrade is available with NBN Ethernet. But the 1000/1000 plan is too expensive at $999 per month.

    I currently use Optus 5G Home Broadband with 600/45 Mbps for $70 per month. Cheaper and faster than NBN but no public IP address.

    • Keen on more details on getting your own electrician to do it. What hoops would you be made to jump through? If there are line faults later does it mean you have to hire your own sparkie to troubleshoot?

      • Hiring a sparkie is not an option. For any faults get in touch with your ISP.

    • You have to go through NBN. Hiring an electrician to connect fibre is not an option. Electricians who have a cablers license can only install Ethernet wiring and sockets inside your premises.

  • My quote was $14,081 incl GST. FTTB to FTTP. I'm 30 floors up

  • $ 11,436 inc. GST
    Thanks, NBN but I think I will have to pass on that.

  • $2931 to upgrade from fttc. Lordy lawd

    • +1

      Low FTTP quote. Going ahead?

      • +1

        FTTC is already fibre ran to the street anyway, FTTC is scheduled to have 1gbps plans available within a year. Only point in upgrading from FTTC is if he has to work from home for the rest of the year and can write it off on tax.

        • NBN CEO said not to hold them to that FTTC timeline.

  • +1

    $ 15,855 inc. GST from HFC to FTTP … lemme check my bitcoin wallet

  • $13,066. That's the inequality between myself and my nearest neighbour who now have this data for free and will sell their house an extra $10K thanks to crappy FTTN. Thanks.

    • Just an idea… Anyone want to write a script that will get a quote for every Australian address? Could make for some interesting data mining, and a good picture of the state of this NBN shambles.

  • +1

    Anyone paying this would be making a mistake they are cash grabbing and have already said they are rolling out fttp across the nation.

    • NBN will only be upgrading FTTN-P where they choose. Anyone on FTTC, HFC and so on that wants FTTP has to pay for the installation.

    • +2

      Imagined how much longer to roll out FTTP to everyone and the cost that NBN would have to charge for their products

      Because the rollout plan was changed so much the cost is higher than if a pure fibre rollout was put in place as was the original plan.
      Rollout speed was glacial and even though they say the rollout is complete theres still places without access to any real nbn infrastructure.

      Additionally you wouldnt be taxed $6,000 since its understandably cheaper to do a whole street or area than one single house. Additionally im recoiling at the $19,000 cost!

      Just because you only care about 24-40mbs means everyone should? 24mbs is not enough for a small family to be streaming and doing other stuff. 40mbs is barely enough to be called a modern speed. And of upload rates? How do you think I feel having to upload 10GB videos on a 10Mbs upload speed? Every week. Literally faster to drive the files to location.

      The "bulk" is a disengenious metric. First fttp affects property prices and resale potential. Secondly, it strongly affects people working from home, especially those running a business or infrastructure from home. Thirdly, how is this being measured?

    • +2

      You don't get it, the scale of doing it right with fiber at the start would have meant a significantly faster build with the proper economies of scale and much less operational costs. As it is the original plan was to spend $26.9B and get pay back on that; now we've spent north of $60B with no reasonable prospect of a fair return of funds to the tax payer. TurnCOST destroyed an awful lot of value and cost a huge amount extra to the project for a poor return.

      • +3

        The original plan seemed sound, i see no reason to suggest it wasnt reasonable. Certainly the current 60b for the original plan would have been even better.
        The original plan wasnt cheap, its a major infrastructure overhaul that could not have short cuts. The current rollout is even less so.

        The most popular plan is 50 and under because thats all thats avaliable and even on fttp connections where higher speeds are possible the cost is prohibitively high. Every other country with a proper fibre rollout youre paying $50 for unlimited gigabit (eg korea, japan).

        What is hard to agree is the value that a full/majority FTTP approach will deliver to Aust.

        How is this difficult to argue? The fact that server hosting in australia is complete trash alone justifies a proper rollout. The fact that jobs reliant on uploading data can o ly exist in specific areas of the country justifies it. The fact that even after all the cash spent the delivered result cant even compete with 4g justifies the value.

          • +2

            @KCF: MTM wasted monies hand over fist, monies will need to be spent later to fix it and we may never get the fix required. All monies spent on copper are basically wasted.

            FTTP was economic and there were so many benefits, some of which could have been very useful during this pandemic. But politicization destroyed any chance of this.

          • +1


            The speed held out well. If we had gone with FTTP or nothing approach what do you think the penetration be? How do you think the public would have reacted if only 50% available during the pandemic. I know we couldn't work from home with 3 kids home schooling at my old ADSL speed.

            My household was scheduled to have FTTP built within the next year at the time.
            Then Malcolm Turnbull came along and said no, "planning" for 1.5 years, then another 1.5 years of delays after HFC was announced.
            So to me, it was delayed for 3 years for no reason.

            I was living off $5 kogan sims powered by 4G, powered by telco towers that are powered by fibre for around 2.5 years when my ADSL2+ degraded to unusable levels.

  • +1

    One has to wonder - about 8 months back, we got FTTC - we are in a 9 house cul-de-sac, and the FTTC box is about 50 M from the entrance to the cul-de-sac.

    So last week, I see two guys doing some pit digging in the street - I wander out and ask what's happening. They are laying fibre - FTTP. I thought this was an either/or - appears not.

    • +1

      Usually it is only one kind of technology at a premises. It is possible that their is a fault and they said screw it and are now going to install FTTP, the FTTP is for nearby new developments or somebody paid to get their premises upgraded to FTTP and you still have to pay to tap into FTTP.

      Did you ask if that FTTP is for the whole cul-de-sac?

  • I keep hearing that 5G is going to blow out the current NBN installations of FTTN HFC due to the greater speed - however, I dont have 5G at the moment. Is FTTP worth considering if 5G is going to offer better/greater speeds ?

    • +1

      Even 4g btfos fttn and is on par with a lot of fttp connections. The issue with 4g/5g is usually not speed but ping, which is generally lower on fixed lines. Data caps are usually pretty low on mobile data, around 250gb for what would be unlimited on a nbn connection. I think telstra offers 4g fallback but idk if its unlimited or speed capped.

      • Ahh right, I've got 4g fallback and the speeds are terrible on the 4g and you really feel the speed difference. And, its unlimited (but i think they have terms in there that 4g can only be connected for a specific period of time even though they control when 4g is connected etc… ).

      • +1

        Telstra 4G fail over is capped.

        4G coverage required.Speeds capped at 25/2Mbps. Actual speeds may be lower.

      • Do you mean ping is lower on FTTP?
        Even on my FTTC, ping is 4 ms, whilst my 4G is approx 25 ms.

        • ping, which is generally lower on fixed lines.

          I mean xdsl and fttx lines (fixed) have lower ping in general.

    • 5G will take away marketshare from under performing FTTN premises and NBN are upgrading HFC to DOCSIS 3.1. Fixed line FTTP beats 5G any day of the week.

      • +2

        Yeah, I can't see us getting a 5G plan that allows you upload a couple of TB each month.

  • 11k for me. 5G here I come??

  • +4

    Anyone remember Malcom Turnbull pushing fttn? So cringe

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