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Finish Quantum Ultimate Pro Dishwasher Tablets Lemon 48 Pack $19 (Half-Price) @ Woolworths


First time trying it hopefully it's better than their cheapest versions.
Same price at Amazon AU + Delivery (free w/ Prime)

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  • This or fairy platinum plus?

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      i prefer fairy, used to find residue on my bowls when stacked in the bottom so they overlap each other, sometimes food and sometime just black stuff. i find fairy removes all food and never leaves that grime.

      • Thanks.
        My experience with fairy has been flawless too as compared with other tablets. So won’t give this a go and stick to fairy.

      • Do fairy's still leave that faux lemon tainted smell and taste on plastics? We last used fairy about 1.5 years ago and had to chuck out the pack due to this. They clean well but also taint dishes.

        backupper1: Read the reviews for fairy. Some people notice this problem. If you're susceptible and sensitive to specific perfumes then proceed with caution. I would run a reduced load with fairy.

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    This seems to be one of those items where you should just never pay full price, which is like 32$ for 32 units. Same with Biozet washing powder, if you stock up when on sale, you will always get it at 'half' price.

    • i agree, haven't ever bought dish tabs at rrp.

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    Amazon has a min. purchase of 2

    • good pickup, didn't notice that

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    What pisses me off is their ripoff pricing. No wonder grey imports are rife.

    40c/wash I can handle. So I'd pay this. But could really be cheaper.

    Imho they created this product purely because they're not happy with their margin on the old quantum tablets. I'd wager this formula is only 1% better and they know it.

    Don't even get me started how there's lemon and regular "flavour" on some tablets. Wtf? Irrelevant. If you can smell or taste lemon then there is residual tablet on your cutlery/crockery.. Ie: the tablet hasn't done it's job.

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      The lemon scent is for the dishwasher so it smells nice and fresh when you open it up, no need to buy a clip on freshener.

      We only run the dishwasher once a week or once its full so it helps.

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        Well I've been schooled. I don't get the need but to each their own.

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      I tried Aldi once, immediately binned a whole box after terrible washes, and yes, never looked back.

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        Aldi works fine, asian or European dish cleaned fine. Either charcoal browned roasting tray come out sparkling clean or plastic container stained with tomato sauce.

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          Not in my experience, not cleaned and left residue on dishes. This was in Bosch.
          Finish Quantum Ultimate work perfectly every single time, never had to rewash.

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            @cook99: yeah, you haven't been trying hard enough. I have a bosch too.

            • +10

              @lgacb08: Not sure how I can try harder at putting a tablet in and turning it on…

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            @cook99: Yep residue and subpar clean.

      • Really? I have genuinely found little to no difference from the most expensive finish tablets to the Aldi ones. And I was always sceptical prior to trying them.

      • Iirc there is more than one aldi type. The expensive one is not the best one. But i don't use aldi myself.

      • Did you notice that it etched glassware?

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    40 cents per tablet is still a rip-off, and using "pro" in the name is idiotic.

    Finish marketing dept: "It worked for iPad Pro, let's do the same for our dishwasher tablets."

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    Based on our experience, these ones actually are noticeably more powerful than the mid-range Finish tabs — which themselves are noticeably more powerful than the standard Finish classic tabs.

    • The standard finish tablet should not even be produced. It's terrible.

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    40 cents is too expensive

  • yeah, for the extra 30c compared to an Aldi one I can afford to split the load in half and not worrying about residue or extra water/electricity.

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    Seen Finish 0% (no plastic wrapper) $19 for 60pk @ woolies

    • I tried these and they were awful.

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