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Receive a $5, $10, $50, or $100 Coles or Woolworths e-Gift Card with any Mutti Pesto Stir Through Sauces Purchased @ Mutti Pesto


Ok i know this reads like a bit of a comp but i've just successfully redeemed and can confirm that you will definitely at least get a $5 gift card pending validation.

What happens is you buy any one of the 2 styles (green or red Tomato) of Mutti stir-through sauces 280g available at either Coles or Woollies, fill in the form and upload the receipt, and you will get a new screen to spin a wheel with the $5, $10, $50, or $100 options (I got $5 on the two times I did for the 2 receipts I had today). It will then say congratulations, etc and it will take up to 2 days to validate. You will get a e-gift card for the chain you purchased from, however I recommend to buy them at Coles as they are currently half price at $2.25 edit: our good friend doweyy has pointed out that it's now Woolworth's turn for half price this week, so it's kind of like getting free sauce and making $2.75 profit.

You can redeem once per transaction up to 4 times for a household, and can purchase until 28 Feb but claims run until 7 March.

Let us know in the comments if anyone manages to snag a $100 card!

Full T&Cs:
Conditions apply, see www.muttipesto.com.au/terms. Starts: 3/2/21. Purchase by: 11:59pm AEDST 28/2/21. Enter by: 11:59pm AEDST 7/3/21. Limit 1 entry per transaction; 4 entries per person & per household. Retain receipt/s. Instant prizes: $100 Coles or Woolworths Grocery eGift Card; $50 Coles or Woolworths Grocery eGift Card; $10 Coles or Woolworths Grocery eGift Card; $5 Coles or Woolworths Grocery eGift Card (see terms for details). Promoter: Mutti Australia Pty LTD (ABN 476 330 842 69) of 87-103 Epsom Road, Rosebery, NSW, 2018. Permits: NSW TP-00561 ACT TP20/01680 SA T20/1491

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      Yes same happened with me. I was careful not to send the same receipt in twice so I think they made a mistake.

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      Same here :( and I had 4 separate receipts too.

    • Same here, It seems they are not checking the transaction number + time.

      • Yes it looks like they may just be looking at the receipt number.

        • receipt number should be different though…

          • @maxchange: Why would they all be different? The receipt number I got was 3xxx. There are hundreds of thousand of transactions at Coles everyday. They don’t all have different receipt numbers. They need to look at store name, register, receipt, date, time.

            • @minniethemoocher: I was saying that the receipt of all yours would be all different/
              Yes they reset each day and linked to terminal number etc.

              • @maxchange: All my receipt numbers are all different. But it is possible that another person made a claim previously to me today with the same receipt number at a different store. I am pretty sure I didn’t send a receipt in twice so I am wondering if the person approving the claim might be looking at the receipt number only and not the terminal/store info.

      • Coles: Only [Credit card approbation #] + [transaction #] is different per receipt.

    • +2

      Likewise. 4 separate receipts, 4 rejection emails.

      • hopefully not been smashed it over already

      • +1

        same, very odd

  • +1

    Picked up the last 4 at Coles East Vic Park.

    5 5 5 and 10 for me - thanks!

    Edit: I did see plenty at Coles Raine Square at lunchtime today, if anyone is looking. They were marked as full price though(city store doesn't get all the specials).

  • +1

    Got four $5's. Thanks OP.

  • Tried one recipt and got rejected after 1h.

    • +1

      One single receipt and they rejected it? Thats weird

  • I had 2 granted and 2 rejected

    • I had mine rejected because of the image file format being .JPG and not .JPEG. Save it as .PNG or .JPEG, of PDF it

      • +1

        Oh what seriously? Mine were all .jpg

        Annoying if that's the case cos the uploader should detect that.

      • Did they fix it or allow you to reupload?

        • start again, upload receipts with correct image format. I did it, no problem

      • Got all 4 of mine approved today. That was with .jpg

  • Damn its green or red pesto. Bought 4 orange ones…

    • Doesn't taste bad though, and if you're lucky you can still make a profit if you buy again (if they get honored)!

    • +4

      From coles website
      From 13th March 2020, we will be temporarily suspending our change-of-mind refund policy to discourage over-purchasing. If you have already purchased additional items you no longer want, please look at donating them to community organisations or neighbours who have been struggling to purchase them during this time.

  • +5

    $5, $5, $5, $5. Just my normal luck.

  • how does this work… do u have to buy 2 x multie style pesto per receipt?

    • +2

      One per receipt. Up to 4 in total (4 separate receipts) per household.

      • oh, cheers

  • 4x $5. Thanks OP
    Free is free.

  • +2

    50 5 5 5

  • I submitted 4 different receipts but only got 1 email confirmation "thank you for your entry". Anyone experienced the same? Hope that's just a delay though. Got 4 x $5. Thanks OP

    • Check junk mail

  • 5 and 5

  • +1

    3 x 5, 1 x 50. Thanks OP!

  • 2 x $5. 😊

    • I appreciate your positive attitude.

  • 4 x $5. Thanks OP!

    • Same here, well, still small profit :)

  • +8

    few of us got rejection emails, just a glitch, got this email this morning after e-mailing them :)

    Thanks so much for your email to alert us of this error.

    It appears that there was a glitch in the validation system last night, which we are fixing and you will receive your voucher via email this afternoon.

    Any additional claims that you have made are also in the process of being reviewed. We have had a large number of entries in the last 48 hours and are working as quickly as possible to validate these so you receive your vouchers as quickly as possible.

    Thanks for participating, we appreciate your patience and apologise for the inconvenience.

  • Thanks OP, 3 x $5, I ain't complaining!

  • +2

    Just got my $50 voucher! Other $5 ones haven’t come through yet

  • 4x $5 here

  • I have received $5 voucher 30 mins ago but other $5 ones haven’t come through yet! :/

    • +1

      Got all :)

  • +6

    $5, $5, $5, $100. Thanks OP!

  • Is anyone else having difficulties submitting this form? I can't seem to get it to go through and keep getting errors.

    • +1

      I closed the tab and started again each time. I did have an error if I just clicked the header and tried again.

  • Got 4x $5. Thanks OP! Spinning the wheel was fun :) Can't wait to try the sauces

  • +5

    Winning. $5, $5, $5, $100. Thanks for the post! All stocked up for lockdown pesto pasta meals.

    • Lucky!

      I was happy to get an extra $10!

  • +1

    $5, $10, $5, $5 for me- better than a kick in the nuts
    thanks OP

  • $5, $10, $5 and $5 for me. Let's hope confirmation comes sooner or later!

  • 5 5 5 5..damnit. Thanks op

  • +15

    When you’re OP and only got 4x $5 😫🤦🏽‍♂️😑🔫

  • Thanks OP got 2x$5 and 2x$10

  • Does the red tomato sauce taste better than the green one?

    • +2

      I chose three green and one red as the green one has more protein and less sugar, less tomato but more nuts and cheese. Only slight differences on all accounts. The green also has more basil and I'm expecting that to be the dominating flavour but I like basil :)

  • Thanks op. Will try my luck

  • 5 5 5 10 here

  • Do you use this as a normal pasta sauce or just add it at the end? Anyone have any good recipes?

    • +1

      I just put it on my toast

  • +3

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention, as I was going to Coles tonight anyways. I'm a provisional $100 gift card winner!

  • +1

    I won $50, $5, $5 and $5. Thanks OP!

  • 2 x $5. feel guilty for feeling a bit ripped off by "only" being paid $5 something to eat their product.

  • 5 5 5 5

    Same for my mate.

  • +1

    Anyone else notice the strange ingredient in these - "Vegetable fibre (pea, carrot, bamboo)"???!?!?!

    • Pesto for Pandas!

  • Last one in stock so got a $10!

    • +1

      Went back to get 3 x more
      Got $100 in the first go! I haven't won anything in my life thanks OP!

  • $5, $5, $5, $5

  • I don't usually eat pesto, but this will make me want to try.

  • There's still heaps left at Coles Kedron, 4031

    I won 5, 5, 50 and 5.

    Thanks OP :)

  • +5

    You beauty, 5, 5, 5 & then finished with a $100!

  • I had 5,5,10,5 thanks for this!!!

  • 5 5 5 5
    Thanks, try it for free at least. Hopefully there good

  • thanks OP!

  • How long does it take to receive the vouchers? Claimed a couple of days ago but no email yet. Monitoring spam too….
    Who is the email from?

    • from: Mutti Pesto Style Stir Through <[email protected]>
      subject: Congratulations, your entry has been approved!

      Removed part of the email, if you need it PM me but that should be enough to find it if you got it.

  • 5 x4 dang

  • +1

    $5, $5, $50, $5
    Thank you OP, nothing like free money to make my day!!

  • Went on autopilot and put 4 jars through 1 transaction - realised my mistake straight after. Staff were chill and did a refund for me even though there's the change of mind policy

    • … realised my mistake straight after. Staff were chill and did a refund for me even though there's the change of mind policy

      I assume that your 'change of mind' was that on second thoughts you wanted to put them through as separate transactions (with individual receipts). That does not breach their new/COVID 'change of mind policy', which pertains specifically to returns/refunds on returns. You were not seeking to 'return' anything as such, you were simply seeking to have the same transaction redone in a slightly different way.

      To their credit, both Coles and Woollies staff (and Target, Big W, and K-mart staff for that matter) have always been 'super-chilled' about stuff like this (and any returns with a receipt) any time I've requested it. As long as you're polite and respectful, and don't blatantly BS them, in my experience you will not have a problem with these particular 'main-stay' retailers in this regard.

  • +5

    Thanks op did 4 and got -

    1x 100
    1x 50
    2x 5

    Very happy I saw this post!

  • +1

    I'm such an idiot! I read this as "buy 2 Mutti Pesto Sauces" so I went and bought 6 (in 3 transactions)
    I only got to spin the wheel 3 times :(
    $5, $5, $5

    • +2

      Yeah I’m not quite sure why the mods changed the title as now it reads like you have to buy 2 🤔

      • Shouldn't the title read "with any Mutti Pesto Stir through Sauces Purchased @ Mutti Pesto"?

        • +1

          Yep, perhaps report the last revision for review

          • +2

            @Chickenleg: My apology. I was throw off by the name of the product

            Mutti Pesto Stir Through Sauces

            and the wall of text which said

            buy one of the 2 styles

            I read sauces and one of the 2 styles, and subconsciously I thought we needed to buy 2 (one of each style) to qualify.

            I am very sorry that my mistake had cause monetary loss for users.

  • +1

    4x $5. oh well.

  • 4 x $5 better than nothing.

  • $5 on second spin. Hopefully make full use of half price special at coles for my next entry, just a bit hard because of lockdown

  • $5 $5 $5 $5

  • I’m Mutti were smart, they’d only allow 5 5 5 5 from now on.

    • If Mutti were smart they would have made the limit 1 or 2 per household.
      I'm sure they allocated the dollars for this promotion instead of paying to advertise.