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Xiaomi Robot Vacuum $298.99, Dreame D9 $399, Dreame F9 $359 Delivered @ Gearbite


Greetings everyone, another excellent deal for Robot Vacuum Cleaners. Please use coupon code GB100 with extra $100 off for Xiaomi and Dreame Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

Robot Vacuums

Comparison Dreame F9 ($359) Xiaomi Mi Robot 1st Gen ($298.99)
Sensor Vslam Laser Distance Sensor
Suction 2500Pa 1800Pa
Dust Bin 600ml 420ml
Battery 5200mAh 5200mAh
Smart Room Mapping Yes No, Whole House Map
Mopping E-tank(200ml) N/A
Zone Clean Yes Yes
No Go Zone Virtual Wall, Restrict Area, No Mop Zone N/A
Selected room cleaning Yes N/A
Auto Charging Yes Yes
Smart Room Map Yes N/A

Dreame Robot Vacuum, Come with Dreame Australian Local Official Warranty.

Comparison Dreame F9 $359 Dreame D9 $399
Sensor Vslam Laser Distance Sensor
Suction 2500Pa 3000Pa
Dust Bin 600ml 570ml
Battery 5200mAh 5200mAh
Smart Room Mapping Yes Yes
Mopping E-tank(200ml) E-tank(200ml)
Zone Clean Yes Yes
No Go Zone Virtual Wall, Restrict Area, No Mop Zone Virtual Wall, Restrict Area, No Mop Zone
Selected room cleaning Yes Yes
Auto Charging Yes Smart Top Up
Smart Room Map 1Map Upto 3 Map Via Firmware update Early March

Roborock Robot Vacuum, Do not need coupon code, discount price applied. Come with Roborock Australian Local Official Warranty.

Comparison Roborock S6 Pure $639.2 Roborock S5 Max $799.2
Sensor Laser Distance Sensor Laser Distance Sensor
Suction 2000Pa 2000Pa
Dust Bin 460ml 460ml
Battery 5200mAh 5200mAh
Smart Room Mapping Yes, 3 Maps Yes, 3 Maps
Mopping 180ml Manual Water Tank E-tank(290ml)
Zone Clean/ No Go Yes Yes
Selected room cleaning Yes Yes
Auto Charging Yes,Smart top up Yes,Smart top up
Smart Room Map 3 Maps 3 Maps
Specification Roborock S6 MaxV $1019.15
Sensor Laser Distance Sensor
Suction 2500Pa
Dust Bin 460ml
Battery 5200mAh
Smart Room Mapping Yes
Mopping E-tank(300ml)
Zone Clean Yes
No Go Zone Virtual Wall, Restrict Area, No Mop Zone
Selected room cleaning Yes
Multi-map 3 maps
AI Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance Yes


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  • Why buy from Gearbite, when you can get the same price from Roborock for s6 Max or S5 Max

    • I think this is more a Dreame-centric offer with the S6/S5Max mentioned as a mere basis of comparison, Gearbite’s still had some of the best prices on Roborock historically when they’ve been on sale (unfortunately not atm, relatively speaking)

  • bought D9 about 2 months back from Gearbite $579 and now $399

    What a joke

    • Same boat, looks like they are now matching Kogan prices.
      Now I look like lab rat :(

    • how would you rate D9? How's the battery life and suction?

      • I’m disappointed with the D9
        Firstly paid premium price approx $600 a few months back
        Secondly the map resetting every few days is absolutely frustrating. Has had the update applied but issue remains.
        Gets stuck somewhere, starts to reposition when I set it free and then fails to reposition so has to start the whole house again.
        Would not recommend the D9 and have actually had a few friends and family not buy it based on my experience with the RoboVac.

        Suction is good but battery life I’ve found is not sufficient for my house, approx 200 m2. Needs to come back to base to charge and then completes the job when it has enough charge

        • This is exactly happened at my house as well. Map resetting every 5 times

        • The constant map reset sounds very much like my gen1 vacuum. Very disappointing.

        • Piece of shit. Do not buy. Good suction but software crap, sensors always say they need cleaning, map resets.

          • @ImpulseMan: They have offered an exchange or refund, which is great service at least. Let’s see how the process goes.

            I have to say today I was about to throw it out a window, hence the frustration of my post.

        • Damn. That's disappointing. Thanks for the heads up. 🙇‍♂️

        • i agree with your post too. the map resets every so often so it's frustrating. the suction is good and my battery life is decent so i'll keep it but i wish i had bought it at $399. how's your mopping function? i've used it only twice

          • @pizzacracker: I’ve had no issues with the mopping

            • @Aydin: It's your mop outputting very much water, like is the floor even damp behind it?

              • @kulprit: The different levels for the mopping function seems to be working well for me. Low settings gives me very little water on the mop and the high setting leaves my floorboards visibly wet. No issues with the mop. I use the mid level as I don’t want the floorboards getting wet.
                I have also used a replacement mop cloth, propeller and brush I purchased from AliExpress with no issue at all.

                The map resetting is the issue that makes me want to throw this thing out the window. Pretty useless if you can’t automate the cleaning process and have it clean the house when you’re in the office. Map resetting removes your virtual barriers, your no go zones, etc.

    • This is crazy. I did the same thing. And we all asked at the time for them to match Kogan and they went quiet.

  • I upvoted for the helpful comparison tables. Thanks.

  • Is D9 any good?

    • At launch it was somewhat frustrating as it lacks the refinement of the S5 Max while promising equivalent if not greater power/efficiency (especially on Carpets). Since the latest firmware and especially considering this price, it’s a very capable performer, if it was still at the approx. $550-$600 of launch, it’s a good if not great value alternative to the market leader like many other Xiaomi/Dreame products, at $399 it’s much better than an Ecovacs or almost any other name brand equivalent

  • Still seems pretty high for the S5 Max when they were going for under $550

  • been waiting for s5max for 550-600 but went with the d9 as it looks similar
    though i want it more for mopping.. not sure on differences really hopefully did the right thing

  • @Gearbite, can you please advise if the room mapping issue has been resolved with the Dreame D9?

    • Cureent firmware1039 fixed some map bugs, 3 maps firmware will be avaialble around early March.

      • I think some bugs is the operative word here. Still plenty of bugs and no movement in a while on the firmware front.

        No Google assistant support, or 3 maps. Sometimes the whole map gets lost. Sometimes it's just the virtual walls and no mop areas, so then you get nice wet carpet.
        I've also had it start, then 30 seconds later say it's finished and go back to the dock.

        I'm still hoping they fix everything as it all seems to be software. Weirdest thing is it always takes two presses of the start button on the vacuum to start a clean up.

        I've also found that the mopping attachment didn't put out anywhere near enough water. Even on its highest setting the floor is not even wet behind the mop. I was originally running it on low as we have wooden floors that shouldn't get too wet, but have upped it to high and I'm still not where I want to be.

        • Yep, pretty frustrating having paid $579 on this 4 months ago, and foolishly bought on my AMEX so no shoppers protection.. didn't think it would lose so much value so quickly.

          Dud purchase :(

        • Robot is probably in sleep mode hence the double tap for the power button. Mine takes a few second after pressing the button to start. Are you allowing it this time?

          It's recommended to wet the pad prior to starting the robot. I have a solution of sugar soap and water that I spray the pad first.

    • OP means firmware 1072, 1039 was the prior update. It appears to resolve issue of device appearing in the wrong room after mapping is complete/between uses

    • For me it got worse after updates so sent it back

      • Not my experience, firmware updates ironed out all the issues save for lack of multi-maps / Google home connectivity, but that’s good you were able to send it back….especially compared to Kogan who by some accounts haven’t even fulfilled orders yet.

        • It was effective robot for cleaning but it kept losing its position during clean sometimes and after updates 4 out of 5 times it started a new map when did a room or zone clean

          • @F1Maniac: That’s a concerning anomaly, I haven’t experienced that yet, I did have some minor issues editing Area’s successfully due to the way the vacuum maps walls, but from what I’ve read this and issues such as you described arent confined to this model. Hopefully the March update brings more stability and features.

  • Still waiting for a decent deal around $600 on the S5 Max. The price keeps going up? Surely $800 isn't a deal when they were $550 a few months ago

  • Wait I just bought a Dreame D9 5 hours ago… Order #20905

    @rep Can I please be reimbursed or should I cancel my order / purchase again? Ideally I'd like to keep my spot in the purchasing queue

  • What would be the go to for a 2 bedroom unit with all floor boards. Im thinking d9? Or is the xiaomi mi sufficient?

  • Thanks OP! Have been waiting for someone to match Kogan pre-order price on Dreame D9!

  • What's newer d9 or f9? What's better out of the two?

    • Does not matter which one came first. The only thing that matters is who sucks better

    • The main thing you should be looking at is the sensor. Everyone here would likely go for the D9 because it uses LIDAR instead of VSLAM.

    • D9 is the newer and more feature-rich but as others have said F9 is slightly slimmer due to lack of LIDAR unit, picked the D9 up at launch, it was frustrating with the initial firmware, but still performed admirably, especially with the automatic “Carpet Boost” mode. Since the recent update in late December, it’s been very consistent, in mopping and/or especially vacuum modes

    • Thanks all for the replies. Very helpful and much appreciated.
      @rep can you let your marketing/web team know that they crammed so much tracking junk into the website and cart page I couldn't actually checkout properly on my mobile so you didn't get any money.

  • Thank god, I went for Roborock during the sale and didn't buy D9 at 600$

  • D9 is laser vs vslam on F9. F9 has a slightly lower profile for getting under beds (ensembles) but D9 has laser for faster and more accurate mapping.

  • Bought D9 from kogan last year, got delayed once, then again to Feb this year, now again got an email from Kogan delayed till April. I hate kogan so much. If it weren't for my $500 credit I got with the credit card, I would just buy it here…

    • I don't even read Kogan posts. Nothing about them that isn't fully worthy of hate.

    • Unlucky. I got mine at start of Feb and it's runs beautifully. Vac and mop

    • was in the same boat as you (kogan pre-order part only).

      i ordered the D9 above instead. and cancelled the kogan order immediately after.

      i received the d9 from gearbite today. i am still waiting for my refund from kogan. pft.

  • Hi rep.
    I have a credit as a voucher code from a previous item return. I can only add one voucher so cannot obtain the cheaper price. Can you help?

    • I've been told to connect them (as you are) and they'll be able to apply both the coupon code and the gift card code.

  • Hi rep, any robovac with the Y mopping pattern that you can discount?

  • How does Xiaomi Viomi V2 Pro compare to these models?

    • I would like to know too.

    • I will let you know when my D9 arrives. got the V2 pro for downstairs at the place i'm renting, just ordered the D9 for the carpeted upstairs.

      Tried using the V2 pro for the carpeted upstairs, if you use it regularly enough it will get out a decent amount of pet hair before it becomes a problem, but the single map feature of the V2 pro gets annoying so I'm just gonna keep it downstairs with the invisible walls and have the D9 upstairs.

  • Which one is better for carpet and tile sweeping? Xiaomi Mi Robot 1st Gen OR Dreame F9?
    I dont need mopping.

  • Are these robots able to move up and down the carpet edges automatically ? If yes, is there a thickness limit for the carpet which these can climb?

  • Guys or OP

    I have the Xiaomi Mi Robot 1st Gen for about 3 years from you still going strong.

    My question is the D9 an upgrade? I DON'T care about the mopping.

    • Likewise have had the 1st Gen for 3 and a half years, never missed a beat and 2 years in Darwin which is a credit to the quality of the batteries. Can't comment on the D9 just want more of the same when this one finally gives up the ghost! Also not too bothered about mopping …

      • Had mine for 3 years in Darwin too, and still doing its job. Pretty sure u can replace the battery on these when they eventually due.

      • Wife took our first gen in the divorce. I liked it so much I just bought another one.

  • Thanks, ordered D9. Now wait for shipping. How long it takes to ship?

  • any deals on s5 max

  • @Gearbite, is the D9 in stock?

  • I have the F9 from the October “prime day” week and ebay decided to do a 20% off. Still paid $389 and it’s dropped again!

    Really happy with it, but when I bought it the D9 was still over $550. Other commenters are saying the laser is smarter

  • Cheers OP - bought a D9, looking forward to seeing what it's all about ;)

  • Any good sales on the S5 Max coming?

  • Great price for the first Gen.

  • How well does the dreame d9 clean wooden floors? Is the the mopping function worth while?

    • Keen to hear this too. Most reviews on Amazon I saw say "not used mop function yet".

    • Would like to know this too.

      Ia the D9 enough for a 4 bedroom house (mix of carpets, wooden floor and tiles)? Also, can we add floor cleaner chemicals into the vacuum or is it strictly water-only?

      • It is strictly water only
        It drags around a microfibre cloth and pumps water onto it from a tank
        It works great for regular moping
        If like going around by hand with a cloth

        Doesn't get too wet

        You need to take the mopping compartment if when doing carpets

        Because it doesn't use heaps of water it is good for wood and laminate floors
        Would need find on other floor tiles too

  • I bought the s5 max from Toby around the mid $500 and probably the best money I've spent. Recently I've added it to google assistance and it's been heaps better with voice control without having to go into the roborock app.

    Definately recommend the s5 max.

  • https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/xiaomi-mi-1c-robot-vacuum-clean...

    Isn't this far, far, far, far better value compared to the Xiaomi Mi Robot 1st Gen? For an extra $9, you're getting a mopping function, and also much better suction (2500Pa compared to only 1800Pa)? Both are Xiaomi….

    What am I missing? Can I please have some guidance from anyone? I note the Kogan model is called "Xiaomi Mi 1C Robot Vacuum Cleaner" and is a "direct import" with "Kogan Warranty" (Which I assume is not very good), but at least it would still be covered under ACL, right?