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eufy Cam 2C Security Kit 4 Pack Plus Homebase Unit $349 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Huge discount on this 4 Pack system.
I paid nearly the same price for the 2 pack last year

Eufy Security, eufyCam 2C 4-Cam Kit, Wireless Home Security System with 180-Day Battery Life, 1080p HD, IP67, Night Vision, No Monthly Fee.

Features & details
Eufy Security, eufyCam 2C 4-Cam Kit
Wireless Home Security System with 180-Day Battery Life
1080p HD, IP67, Night Vision, No Monthly Fee
Package Dimensions: 30.7 L X 13.3 H X 22.4 W (centimeters)

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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      • you are wrong . No 4K on horizon.And thi s4 pack sits at $699 most of the time.

        • Could be wrong on EUFY 4k as I may be thinking of Reolink cameras I read up on. If you know for sure, all good. Yep this kit is typically $700 so this was a good deal. IIRC SCA had this kit for about $420 last year after discounts. Could probably check on old posts

    • Officeworks put a clearance price on an out of stock item but it is slightly glitchy on their site as you can add to cart.

      Amazon algorithm goes "let me price match against it" and bam we get cheap Eufy 2c

  • +2

    Curious as to how some managed to get SCA to successfully price match/beat OW when OW's product is clearly "unavailable" online and in stores?

    • It seems to be pretty much luck as I contacted a store that someone from here purchased one from and was explained that after he left they contacted Officeworks to find out there was no stock and the manager would not allow me to do the same purchase

      It's great for some of our fellow bargain hunters but sucks for the rest of us as it seems to be a lottery kind of reminds me of when people contact Telstra customer support and manage to pull certain things off the others can't.
      I'm gonna contact Officeworks in the morning to try and see if there's any stock in Australia and try to work a bit of magic if there isn't I don't think there's much that can be done

      • Always comes down to the person, and store policy. Half of the time I've price matched or beat the salesperson takes it at word that they are in stock at a store without checking it. OW shows it is unavailable online and OOS at the selected store, so easy to say another store where it is in stock but is inconvenient to drive there.

        Take a friendly and honest approach when talking is the best tip and they'll usually want to help you out. Some salespeople are just grumpy and want a reason to debate so I give up and try another store. Haven't ever had a price match online work for me.

        • I appreciate the advice. I'm not sure how honest it is telling them it's available in another store though when it seems to be out of stock nationwide but I'll give it another try this afternoon at a different supercheap. So you suggest stating it's in stock at a different store? What if they check?

          Also would you recommend taking the item straight to the counter and trying to price match or going straight to the counter?

          • +1

            @Sammy Boi: It was in stock at another store when I said that. I would have asked them to call that store if they had questioned it and would have the same outcome, but if they are at the stage of doing that you're probably dealing with a sales person who isn't likely to just say yes. I would always start with finding someone to ask about price match. A manager is best. Check that they have the 4 cam kit first. They have them in a locked cabinet near car stereos most places so you can't just pick it up.

            Always open with asking if they can price match or price beat as once they have said yes they are more likely to do it. They will ask where/who (OW is not a dodgy store), or say they can't match codes or cash backs (none on this), or it needs to be the same item (model number in OW specs), or must be on stock (ring another OW maybe an hour away from the SCA store to ask them to check on shelf). All are legit answers if you are prepared, and they usually won't object.

            There is a stock checking tool someone built that scrapes officeworks stock levels. It is mentioned on several deals I've seen in the past. If you search old posts and forums on OzB it should show up. I suspect it may not be reliable for this specific item but is worth a try to save ringing around

  • Dont buy consumer grade security cameras, get PoE and onvif h265 , with human detection is better. You won't regret it in couple of years down the track.

    • +1

      How much would it cost to get 4 PoE cameras, a DVR, and an electrician to run the CAT6 cabling? What if you're renting? How is the DVR app's UI compared to eufy's app?

      Wireless cameras like these definitely have their place.

  • JB Hi-fi sales on the phone priced matched this to OW, they checked that the model numbers are same and did it(with a slight hesitation for giving 50% discount on it). Placed an order for click and collect. Smooth transaction, went and picked it up. Thanks OP.

    • Was just in the process of this with a guy on the phone at JB, then when I refreshed the OW page the price is back up to $598.

      Looks like I need to wait and hope it comes around again soon.

      • +1

        Hunt around for a UPS in the meantime, just picked up a VP1600ELCD as I needed one immediately via OW pricematch to nerdifypc.com.au; but this was done in a rush vs waiting for a bargain

        edit: you don't want your home security system to be defeated by a turned off electricity main switch

  • Bingo. I was able to get one from Supercheap today.
    I went to Officeworks Nerang yesterday. They checked and confirmed that no OW had stock, it wasn’t available from the warehouse online but he could see 4 in transit that would be available somewhere at some magical time in the future.
    I then went to Supercheap Burleigh this morning where a fellow ozbargainer had success yesterday. The manager was back and said they shouldn’t have done it as there’s no stock at OW. I then went to Supercheap Robina. Asked if they price match, showed them the online price and said that 4 are on their way. The nice guy behind the counter said how many would you like for $348 each.

    • hope ya bought me one too ;-)

      • I was literally thinking that after he asked me. I could have bought the 2-3 that were there for ozbargainers on the GC and saved them the headache. Next time.

  • Nice to hear some folks have been successful! I wasn't with my attempts calling for a price match (VIC here so we can't even go instore anywhere). If anyone panic brought (as we in VIC have done with toilet paper again lol), and doesn't want it I'd be happy to give you something extra for it!

    • +1

      I've bought 2 of these in Vic(from JB as they price matched). A friend of mine might be interested in 1 kit (since he has built a new house recently). If he doesn't end up getting it, I'll hit you up on here.

      • Nice if possible share the jbhifi store location and I can try to go as I am also in vic

        • You cant go inside the stores due to the lockdown. Call JB sales, they matched it over the phone for me and then texted me a special link to a "basket" which I had to complete online and that gives you an option for click n collect (curbside contactless click n collect). Since I was out for "essential shopping" already, I picked it up on the way back home. All within 5km radius. This was at hoppers crossing store. Try your luck before JB stops doing it.

          • @omicron: Which postcode did you enter on the JB sales line?

            • @Sammy Boi: Just enter your local postcode mate. I don't think that matters much since all calls go to head office anyway

              • @omicron: I just tried with my local postcode and no luck the guy called Jordan answered and said he has done one over the last couple of days but he can't do it because they don't have stock. That's why I asked for a postcode

                • +1

                  @Sammy Boi: Based on fakejv's advice I just called and got one.

                  My postcode is 3013 - you can try that.. go through the link they send and see if it allows you to pay/check out.

                  I opt'd for $5 next day delivery as the local JB to me is out of 5km and i didn't wanna risk the drive.

                  • @ezza: Thanks mate I'll try that are you calling the one 135 244 number

                    • +1

                      @Sammy Boi: Yeah I called that number
                      Suprised they were open on a Sunday at this time

                      • @ezza: Oh my god Bro I just tried that three times and on the third time I got a deep sounding Aussie bloke and he did it

                        Thank you everybody so much I'm gonna do click and collect and grab it tomorrow

                        Thanks to all the other boys as well with the great tips

                        • +1

                          @Sammy Boi: I think I got the same guy!!!

                          I'd say do post… risk if you turn up and the stores know about it.

                          • @ezza: I already selected click and collect I thought it might be less suspect just in case they try to send it from Victoria they might be like why are we doing this

                            They allowed me to change the postcode on the link for click and collect at my local store I'm in the ACT by the way.

                            Fingers crossed somebody just does their job and doesn't question anything as they are just filling an online order

                            • @Sammy Boi: Hehehe ahh yes you are in a diff state!

                              No worries.. good luck.. (to you and me both lol)

                              • +1

                                @ezza: I wish you luck as well buddy and thanks again hopefully this works out for us.

                                • +1
                                  • +1

                                    @ezza: Just got home from JB :) no problems at all

                                    • +1

                                      @Sammy Boi: Excellent!!! Just had made mine delivered!


                • @Sammy Boi: That sucks mate, sorry to hear that. If it helps, my postcode was 3029, good luck.

                  • @omicron: Yeah I just tried that and got a woman it seems like everyone is trying to call right now and they definitely know what's up but I appreciate it

      • Which JB mate ? Can we get the invoice to try on another store?

        • In Hoppers crossing Vic. Look at my response above on how I got it. I don't think you'll need any invoice mate, JB just matches it over the phone with OW. I just got a pm from a couple of guys that they succeeded with JB, glad to be able to have helped a few.

  • It looks like the JB hi-fi direct sales are onto it. I've spoken to multiple people in the last five minutes and I got the same answer they can't price match because it's out of stock

  • Price matched this morning at supercheap also. The kid looked suspicious and was looking around for managers but didn't see any so eventually put it though.

    Thanks for the tip about price matching.

  • Thanks to the above person. Called JB this morning and an amazing person picked up. He said, there is no stock but I am still happy to price match. Discounted to $349. Paid with 5% discounted gift card. Final cost $331. Just picked up and very happy.

    • Was it JBHIFI head office that you called? Thanks

      • Called 135244

        • +1

          Back to $598 at OW. Looks like party is overs thanks for the reply anyway

  • I haven't opened mine yet but my plan was to also get the security alarm set up and the wireless doorbell.
    Does anyone have any knowledge on what to get to make it all work together?
    I had a look at the Eufy site and it doesn't seem friendly or descriptive on how to add to your camera package (or maybe you cant?)

    Eg I want to add something like this on:

    Or do I just buy the keypad & sensors seperatly without a base station that comes with the above.. or there is some other way of doing this?
    And the door bell which i can see is just the doorbell itself without a base station.

    Does anyone have their set up going like this already?

  • Legit just look at these and google on Ozbargain and saw this… why do I have such bad timing 1 week ago…

  • +1

    Anyone actually got there's from Amazon yet?

    • +1

      Still says expecting by this Friday.

    • Expected delivery by 12 March. Blah

    • +1

      Yeah was one of the 6am orders so next day delivery.

      Some tips:

      PIR sensitivity issues in bright daylight, stick em under eaves where possible, out of direct sun

      6month battery life is marketing nonsense (something like bs 1 activation a day rubbish)

      Duct taped white bits with black so it stands out less

      Bought mounts with better range of motion then the default

      May need to remount later on, as apparently PIR detects better with perpendicular/side-to-side motion than head on

      Camera/Homebase siren not as loud as I wish it could be

      Add automations for homebase siren to trigger sirens on your outside cameras too

      Get a UPS for your router/homebase etc, (padlock your electrical box)

      Aliexpress have the 2k indoor pan and tilts (and the cheaper 2k indoor cam non pan/tilt think 38usd) available - 46usd or so then tack on GST, these can go indoors at windows, remove night infrared LED, motion detection should be pixel/algorithm based (need microsd cards for these I think)

      • Awesome feedback, thanks

        • Play around with the motion/activity zones (3 of them) and sensitivity options when you mount them - (I prefer all motion detection — someone can drive up in a car/van — vs human only and when we get really strong sunlight ~noon/arvo on a sunny day the thing triggers away like crazy with plants) — I mentioned to avoid direct sunlight, this can cause damage to the image sensor

          I bought the kiwi design mounts from amazon cos I wanted the greater range of motion

          Still feel kind of unsafe with having outside mounted cameras; they need to blend in or be out of reach (hence I got a few indoor cams to keep in windows —- following review sounds hilarious):

          2.0 out of 5 stars Stolen on the first night
          Reviewed in Australia on 4 March 2021
          Colour Name: White-1PackVerified Purchase
          Stolen along with my Arlo camera the first night it was installed! Thieves used a rope to pull the whole camera off the wooden pole it was installed on. The circular metal base mount and circular white metal piece that screws on the mount was the only thing left on the wooden pole. Not strong enough to prevent theft, even though it was installed over 3 meters in height using the supplied screws.

    • +1

      Email update today from Amazon. Still trying to source stock from our supplier. No ETA given, will update when stock supplied. Lucky in no rush to get it I guess.

      • +1

        Got the same email today. I'm not in a rush either, but was hoping to get it to have a play.

  • Anyone got it yet?

    • Mine was supposed to be delivered by 8pm today. It wasnt even shipped so I didnt think it was possible so I contacted them and they said it was delayed to mid April. Its better than cancelling the order so I said I will just patiently wait. I just hope that order does not get cancelled as Amazon is probably not profiting much from this sale.

      • Damn mid April. Sucks but yeah worth it for the price.

        • Thanks for sharing. I'm in the same boat as you all.

          • @eddiecox: Mines still says expected tomorrow, 12th March, lol.

  • -2

    Kinda glad I missed the Amazon stock and ended up price matching Officeworks with JB Hifi.. got mine delivered the day after.
    Although can't say I've set mine up as yet.

    • So you're in the same position as everyone else then? Only difference is that we actually haven't paid yet :)

      • Not sure why I got the down votes.. just suggesting I was happy with getting it so quick with a pricematch (as suggested by others in the thread).
        Happy to have paid and have it in hand I guess.

  • Nothing yet. Ended up buying hikvision with NAS setup. So will sell these.

  • It's all gone very quiet. :-S

    • +3

      Looks like they may have found some stock. I just received a dispatched email this afternoon.

      • +1

        Yeah, I got charged today.must be moving now

        • +1

          Yep, completely out of the blue. What a bonus

        • I got charged too but I didn't get any email and amazon status still says email will be sent when stock is available

      • Yep. It was dispatched yesterday and arriving today. The wait was well worth it.

  • +1

    Yeah, got dispatched too yesterday. All ends well.

  • +1

    mine have arrived today.

  • +1

    arrived today !

  • +1

    Arrived today. Can't believe the price!

  • Dispatch email 31st and got it yesterday! Thanks again OP!

  • Moral dilemma, amazon delivered these to wrong address and I contacted them and they issued a refund and marked as lost delivery error. I asked them what to do if I ended up getting them, should I send back but they said no as they are effectively lost, I suppose written off.

    Now someone has dropped them off at my home, effectively free through Amazon stuff up.

    I don’t even know what a write off is, but they do and they’re the ones writing it off.

    • Something similar happened to me at Christmas time. I bought a ~$75 item off Amazon. It was marked as delivered to a work address at 1.30am on a Monday. I checked the CCTV and there was nobody, and no package to be seen. On Wednesday I contacted Amazon and they said they'll just mark it as lost and give me a full refund. I immediately re-ordered it; conveniently the price dropped to $73.69.

      The next day, the package turned up. I got back on Amazon chat and told them it arrived. They asked if I'd like to keep it, I said yes but cancel the second order I put in the previous day first.

      The rep cancelled it and I got a refund for that second order. He then asked for permission to charge my card $75.60 (the price rose overnight). I asked if I could pay the same amount as the previously-cancelled order ($73.69) instead. He said OK and we ended the chat.

      A few hours later he emailed to say the billing team couldn't change the price on the order, so instead they'll just not charge me at all. Score! Free item, guilt-free. :)

  • Got mine yesterday and all set-up . Very Happy - great deal.

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