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$5 Referral Bonus for Referrer and Referee ($5 Minimum Investment within 14 Days of Sign up Required) @ Spaceship Voyager


Previous $10 deal has expired so posting this new deal. Obviously not as good as getting $10 but you're likely to earn an additional $5 from the increase in the value of your portfolio anyway as opposed to waiting for the next $10 deal, provided that you've deposited enough.

Note that referral codes need to be added to your account after you sign up (within 14 days of sign up). Use the referral randomiser to get a code. You must invest a minimum of $5 to receive the $5 referral.

Guys, before you add your referral code in the system please make sure to have invested at least $5. There’re comments from people in this deal and previous deals saying they didn’t receive the referral credit because the referrer didn’t meet the eligibility criteria. Be considerate and don’t ruin it for others.

No fees on the first $5,000 invested, and 0.1% on balances above $5,000. I'd recommend the universe portfolio, see historical returns. Thanks @pretz

This is genuinely one of the best investment apps out there so I'd encourage you to stay invested instead of immediately withdrawing the money. The returns have been rock solid. Though note that past performance is not indicative of future performance.

Terms and conditions

Mod: This deal never started, the $10 was extended until 21/2 at least, if not 28/2. Terms and conditions states 28/2, but Terms and conditions in the app states 21/2. Start date for this $5 deal updated and previous deal extended.

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$10 referral bonus for both referrer and referee

Referee must add a referral code and deposit a minimum of $5 within 14 days of sign up.

(Referrer must have deposited a minimum of $5.)

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  • +22

    I've deposited an average of $500 every month since June 2018, and the return (profit) is about $10k so far.

    • +3

      In a similar situation - also encouraged all my friends who had zero trading experience and wanted to get started to try the app first. It's interesting to see them get so vocal about losing 23 cents initially, but now they're up hundreds or thousands

    • What’s that as a percentage return on investment. 500 /m is what $6k a year invested … minus fees.. you say ‘about 10k’ and let’s call it over 3 years so 3.3k a year growth … so over 50% a year is that what you are saying? Then you have to account for it as a capital gain right? I mean it’s not all free money.

      Just getting my head around this stuff.

      • It's not capital gain unless you sell it.

        As illustration they are around 50% up YoY on their Universe Portfolio.

        • +1

          50%+ return shown if you did a lump sum exactly a ue ago.

          Most people think those return are what they actually earn.

          I notify spaceship to provide return for each individual long time ago to avoid confusion.
          Still, not providing actual return for each individual. You have to calculate yourself your actual return if you do a regular top up.

          Cgt is similar to stocks/shares, you hold over 12 months and you get 50% off cgt.

        • So with CGT, does the fund charge a tax on selling or one should report it within the normal annual tax returns? It would be separate to regular income though as different rules apply to CGT right eg 50% less if asset held over 12m?

          If incremental amounts added regularly do we break down the profits incurred for investments added over 12m ago, vs within the 12m , could be a nightmare to start tracking all of this? We would use the index over time to calculate?

          Also as part of KYC/verifications do we supply our TFN to the fund, and they can auto send info to ATO to prefill correct information, make it easier (like bank interest),.or does the ATO solely rely on us to report it correctly.

          • +1

            @scar4ace: One should report themselves in the tax return.

            Correct. Treat it like any other CGT assets, such as shares.

            Each time you buy in, you will have different unit prices/cost bases. Similar to when one buys shares overtime.

            You add TFN after the account is set up.

            I'm not sure about pre-filling. I believe ATO doesn't pre-fill gains on CGT assets.

            Bank interest is an income = this is a lot easier for prefilling.

      • +1

        You will receive an annual statement, known as an Attribution Managed Trust Member Annual (AMMA) statement. This statement will help you, or your accountant if you use one, to complete your tax return. It details the amount of income and taxation attributable to you and the source.

  • Anyone know if it’s possible to transfer a Voyager balance into a Spaceship super balance without triggering a CGT event?

    • +3

      I'm afraid you'll have to trigger that CGT event :/

    • +2

      not possible, it will definitely trigger CGT.

      You have to sell all your existing units and then invest that into their super. You can then lodge a notice of intent to claim a deduction to get a tax deduction on your personal tax return since you're contributing after-tax money.

      • Thanks.

    • Did you gain any profit? If yes then yes, you need to CGT it.

      • i was reading about that in at the ATO forums about mining (ethereum)

        they said if you earn less than 10k and use it to buy personal stuff (not business related) then there is no need to report it

        does the same apply here?

        • +1

          Link me. Doesn't sound right

          • +1

            @Korban Dallas: https://community.ato.gov.au/t5/Forum-Archive/Mining-Cryptoc...

            Generally speaking, any capital gains from personal use assets are disregarded if you:

            acquire cryptocurrency (either by purchasing or mining) with the intention to purchase items for personal use
            have capital gains of less than $10,000 for the entire financial year.

            • @kehuehue: It is not a personal use asset if the original asset was acquired for investment purposes. When you put money into Spaceship, the only reason you are doing so is for investment purposes so it would definitely not apply here. You could maybe argue that you were only doing it for the referral bonus if you withdraw straight away? (Pointless though)

              In the case of mining if you are spending the crypto on goods and services as soon as it's mined then it could be a personal use asset, otherwise it also isn't. Though I understand mining also has Income Tax implications.

        • Read about managed fund not crypto related tax implication.

          Spaceship is a managed fund.

        • How would they possibly know if your mining ETH or selling it ? I’ve signed up to multiple platforms and no TFN was asked for . Unless you are reporting this yourself ?

          • @blackwalnut: ATO gets data from crypto exchanges, so if you are selling on those exchanges they would know and people have been getting notices from the ATO because of this. They don't need your TFN to match you, your name and address would be enough and most exchanges are strict enough to get this information from you for KYC.
            Of course it may be less likely of them having data from international exchanges but you never know?

          • @blackwalnut: how do you get it changed to AUD? I use BTCmarkets which is a melbourne based licensed exchange, so i guess it goes through the ATO's radar or whatever

            even banks like WazirX (which get crypto from binance) want you to provide some sort of ID before withdrawing currency

    • It likely would be considered a non concessional contribution if you are employed. Depending on your circumstances you can claim non concessional contributions to super on your tax*

      *not financial advice.


  • I sold my portfolio right before the pandemic and never bought back. Thought I made a great decision when selling before the Pandamic.

    • I'm sorry. 😭

    • you might have missed the bargains (i did too) but buying in now you will probably be where you were then anyway

    • For the ASX you're still better off, for the DOW you're only slightly worse off. So basically no difference.

      I sold my entire super at the bottom and bought back all in double once it jumped up 25% so I'm in a similar situation.

  • Still shows $10 referral & i just signed up…

    used your referral code btw 'Josh'..

    • “Andrew” got mine. Still $10 👍

      • Mines Huibin but apparently he needs meet eligibility criteria :(

        • +1

          That just means they haven't deposited at least $5 yet (funds can sometimes take a while to clear)

    • "thanh" got mine, but my initial investment won't hit until Tuesday

      Hopefully the $10 will still be valid then!

  • What is the dividend yield like?

    • Last year on the Universe portfolio I was paid roughly 0.2-0.3% of my investment balance after 5 months. (Not sure if the period length matters)

      You can also see the distribution amount in their financial reports. It does seem to come roughly to 0.28% if you divide the distribution by the total assets (could be wrong).
      2020: https://www.spaceship.com.au/documents/spaceship_voyager_uni...

      • Do you get the yield / income in your bank account??


        • Yes, was paid to my bank account at the end of July.

      • Thanks

    • It’s a managed fund that skews a little bit US tech-heavy in the Universe portfolio, which typically doesn’t pay dividends. They sell up holdings relatively frequently, so there are some CGT components to the distributions. If you’re after a high-yield fund I’d look elsewhere, but I’m very very happy with it as a growth fund.

      Not sure about the Voyager portfolio, but I think it’s just an index fund.

  • +5

    Correct if I'm wrong, just be aware some of the funds have a huge return, as they started right in the pandemic dip, therefore a 40-60% return in the last 12 months.

    DYOR do your own research.

    • +2

      Not correct and entirely accurate . Was $1 when spaceship launched many years ago. SP Universe.

      But great to let people know, can be a bit misleading

    • +2

      Spaceship was around and performing solidly even before the pandemic. Universe was $0.94 at the start of 2019 and went to $1.28 at the end of 2019.
      Then 2020 just ended up being even better (Now $2.21 for reference)

      • Do you know why they did so much better through 2020 compared to previous years? The index's performance didn't take off like theirs did.

        • +1

          The pandemic greatly boosted most technology stocks in 2020 for obvious reasons. A large chunk of the Universe portfolio is invested in these technology companies and other high demand companies during the pandemic. And then you have companies like Tesla in its portfolio that went from $100 to $800 in 2020.

        • +5

          I am a real user, what other information would you need?
          If, like me, you bought at the start of 2020 @ $1.28 and held til now @ $2.21 you would have made a 72.6% profit/ROI, pretty simple.

          (I did not neg you)

  • +1

    Good time for me to add my referral code it expires every month hey!

    I've been on spaceship since September and the growth is great :) should have started way earlier

  • +2

    Someone has made a website that tracks the historical prices for Spaceship Universe and Spaceship Earth - https://newwwie.net/

    Slightly easier to view than the website/app and compares with market index as well.

    • Not sure if it’s because I’m on mobile, but is there no legend to that graph? What’s each line represent?

      • +1

        You should be able to click on the graph to see which lines corresponds to which investment.

        Blue: Universe
        Green: Earth
        Black: Index

    • Anything that can compare Origin?

  • +2

    It looks like a mutual fund with low fees and no overhead transaction fees which sounds great. My question is, are there any additional risks going with these guys over more established mutuals like Vanguard?

    • +1

      More risk. Vanguard tracks an index.

      • +1

        Depends which Vanguard fund, but yes, this is higher risk for (hopefully) higher return. I have money in this and also in some Vanguard ETFs.

      • Thanks for the response. Sorry I wasn't clear in my question. It was not around their investment choices and breadth of diversification.

        It was more about the holding company and the risk that goes under vs Vanguard or other more established players.

        For example, I would have no problem plunging life savings into a Vanguard fund and expect to be able to get them back later notwithstanding how much the assets would be worth later.

        Vanguard has been around since the 70s whereas this company appears setup in 2016?


        • +2

          Spaceship is backed by some big names, including Sequoia (huge venture capital firm) and Grok Ventures (Mike Cannon Brooke's personal investment vehicle). Other backers can be found here.

          At the rate the platform is going and it's favourable performance compared to other apps, I strongly believe it'll get all the support from investors it needs.

          I'm sure they'll look to IPO it somewhere down the track much like Raiz did (except raiz is crap IMO).

  • +5

    For those who are beginners like me, basically it invests in a portfolio of companies on your behalf. You set it to a weekly, fortnightly or monthly payment and select a portfolio to invest in. I like it because you can click on any company in the portfolio and they explain what the company does, why they like it and what the risks are, you can also see the stocks past performance. I’ve only joined recently so haven’t made huge gains. I’ve made $1.50 from a $9 a week investment started a couple of weeks ago, so I’ve received more $ from the referral bonus but I’ll keep the $ in there and see how it goes.

  • +1

    Just curious if anyone else had an issue that once you set up the account (I'm with commbank), I had an error message about my first deposit encountering a problem at the start screen.

    • I signed up a couple of weeks ago.. I never had an error message, but my initial investment never went through and I had to contact customer service to figure out where my one off payment was. I'm also with commbank.

    • I did with a different big 4 bank
      But I re setup the initial investment and didn't get an error the second time. Altho apparently the investment won't hit until Tuesday so will need to wait and see

  • Not a criticism, just an observation: I find it interesting how each portfolio is targeted at a ‘goal’ of some sort, using ethical investments to achieve that (e.g. Spaceship Earth only invests in companies that have a positive world impact). It would be difficult to keep track of that to ensure your money is not being funnelled in the wrong direction.

    Has anyone spread their investments over multiple funds to hedge against performance? If so, has that strategy worked?

    • Depends if they are audited. There is a very large industry for auditing non-financial information.

    • They don’t allow investment in multiple funds at this stage (though I guess you could try setting up different accounts and investing in them separately). Hopefully that feature pops up soon.

  • Has anyone done their super into Sapceship?

    Also, I tried to post this deal the other week when it was a $10 bonus and it was removed due to ‘referral spam’ I even copped a short ban!

    • +1

      Ive been a spaceship super user since day 1. It's a higher risk investment than say traditional Australian super funds but if you're aware of that then that's fine.

      • Nice, did you move your existing super over?

    • Post the deal without your referral, then if that deal gets certain number of up votes, you get your referral posted along with the random link.

  • How do you invest both in universe and earth portfolio under 1 account?

    • Don’t think you can, it’s one portfolio or the other.

      • Do you have to delete your account and make a new one then?

        • Which one people here choosing?

          Looks like Earth is a new portfolio and don't have 1 year return available as yet.

          • @Ash-Say: Earth's up around 12% since Nov 2020. You can open another account under a different email and get another referral.

          • @Ash-Say: Yeah, Earth is the newest, added 2-3 months ago. So far Universe is still better, but never know if u want to open both to diversify, that might be good idea

            • @hanofee: Wonder if Universe would be able to sustain the same amount of growth going forward.

              • @profeeder55: No one knows but as long as tech companies continue to do well (not just AU tech companies), the portfolio should continue to grow. The pace may be different.

                • @tajid: Do they allow multiple accounts under the same KYC detail?

                  Has anyone done it?

                  • @Ash-Say: I have. I have 3 accounts for each portfolio. Under the same details except email. This was actually recommended by their support until they allow having more than 1 portfolio under 1 account.

              • @profeeder55: Nobody knows. But I just ride with it, until it doesn't perform anymore I guess. Work well for now

          • @Ash-Say: I am personally on Origin, as I think the biggest selling point of Spaceship is they actively choose the top companies to invest in at such low fees. If you are in the Ethical investment camp then Earth makes sense.

    • +1

      They are introducing this feature soon.

  • I love the permanent marketing of this product on this site. SEO done right.

  • +1

    Hey, is there any brokerage fee? And if you withdraw from your earnings is there any fee?

    • +1

      No and no. See page 7 of the PDS.

  • Is anyone else getting an 'Oops there is an error with your referral code, contact customer support' when trying to add a code to their account?

    I'm within the 14 days of opening my account (opened 4 Feb).

    • +1

      Codes expire/renew pretty frequently, just try another one.

      • I've tried about 5, but will give it another few goes :)

        Edit: On about by 11th code it worked - referral for Lawrence when he meets tbe eligibility criteria.

        • +1

          Did you already make a deposit? It's possible that messed it up, may have to contact support.
          Nvm: nice work.

  • +1

    Lots of helpful discussion here

  • When do you get the referral in your voyager account?

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