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Free A$20 Worth of BTC (after Registration with Referral & First Deposit within 90 Days) @ CoinSpot


CoinSpot is at it again with their Valentines Day bonus referral credit, for new users signing up and making a deposit.

If you signed up last year, and held your BTC — you'll be up over 500% (so that $20 of BTC is now worth over $100!). Use a referral code from the OzB referral system and spread the love this Valentines Day!

  • Register and ensure there is a promo entered
  • Verify your identification (Drviers Licence or Passport), this was pretty much instant for me
  • Make a deposit within 90 days
  • Reward is nearly instant after deposit is received

There is plenty of options for making a deposit, including:

  • POLi
  • PayID
  • BPAY
  • Cash Deposit (@ Newsagents)
  • Direct Deposit

CoinSpot also supports withdrawals, they need your bank details for this (BSB, Account Name & Number).

Referral Links

Referral: random (862)

$10 AUD worth of Bitcoin for referrer and referee.

This is part of Valentine's Day Sales for 2021.

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      • +1

        Currently BTC and ETH have an on chain tx fee over $10 at a minimum.

        Most stablecoins such as USDT run on ETH, so they also have $10 fees.

        For a newbie, the simpleist way is LTC. Only need an address to send to, it only costs around 20c, and it should get several confirms within 30 mins.

        There are others that are faster, and cheaper, but they require extra steps to get right, so not great for newbies.

        Also, be aware of your tax obligations if your a regular trader. Doing 100's of trades a day can make you end up in a whole world of pain come tax time…

    • +1

      BTC network fees are on the high side, you can swap for a coin with lower network fees XLM is the lowest. Buying BTC i recommend ftx as they pay these fees.

  • Are you able to withdraw the deposit after receiving the $19.80?

    • Yes you can. You can also swap it for different coin and transfer it elsewhere if you have other Crypto thing. Have a look at Celsius if you're only after referral (need to buy a bit though)

      • Oh cool, I guess with it only being 10 bucks i'll probably just purchase some sort of coin with it and see what happens. Cheers!

  • I'm outside. Is it easy to register with Mobile?

  • sorry, not related, but anyone using hardware wallet? which one is better Ledger or Trezor?

  • +1

    I got in early in the crytpo market and made 50k+ profit.

    Current holdings - ETH - 60%, BTC - 15%, ADA - 10 %, XLM - 10% and TRX - 5%

    Looking to buy more ETH.

    Will HODL for the foreseeable future.

    • nice. since this time last year your looking at 4x on BTC alone. So you have $80 instead of $20 in 1 year.

      • Mate, ETH looking good this year, hence why I'm pumping more funds in it.

        ADA and XLM I'm very interested in, already made good profits on them. TRX is my dark horse looking at 2-3 year hodl.

        • In your opinion, what makes a particular crypto look better than another? Is it the underlying technology, or is it purely based on public interest and momentum (I know DGE has been pushed up by recent celebrity 'endorsements'). Just trying to wrap my head around the strategy of crypto investing.

          • @PurchaseAnxiety: Doge is a meme coin and this pump and dump is taking advantage of new investors. Lots of new investors jumped on the bandwagon when DOGE was pumping and probably lost a bit of $$$.

            Elon is a rich bored bloke. Tesla made more money on BTC than actual sales of vehicles.

            Do some research. I'm looking at real world applications and future prospects. I diversify 5-7 crypto that I think will do well. Do not panic buy or sell.

            Personally I will buy in ETH, BTC, XLM, ADA and TRX. Plan to HODL for the next 3-5 years. I'm in it for the long run.

          • @PurchaseAnxiety: Kinda cute you're asking, hope you're not holding out for an answer before you dive in with your savings.

          • +2

            @PurchaseAnxiety: At the heart of it is supply/demand but it's probably a bit (or a lot) more speculative than shares because there's less standardised metrics to analyse various coins/currencies on.

            I'm hardly a crypto expert but I tend to look at a few things:
            * Aim. What is the point of this crypto?
            * Team. Who's behind the crypto?
            * Partnerships. Who else has faith in this project?
            * Marketing. How well are they generating hype?
            * Roadmap. Are there any milestones that will increase the value?
            * Similar Projects. Does this have a big brother whose footsteps it's following? (i.e. Cardano and Ethereum)
            * Ecosystem. Are there other projects that will help/hinder this one?

            Also consider market trends (Into The Cryptoverse on YouTube helps with this) such as knowing that as Bitcoin goes sideways the altcoins tend to pump and when Bitcoin picks up again there'll be a flow back from altcoins to Bitcoin.

            And finally, while it feels great to see the balance go up.. always consider what you'd have done if you'd just thrown your money in Bitcoin instead (this is the index you're trying to beat).

  • Thanks Op! I can confirm I deposited $10 and got nearly $20 in Bitcoin :) Seems very good as they only charge 1% to buy currency

    • +1

      if you do market order (can only be done from website) it is 0.1% approax

      • hey mate, could you explain more on this? i tried doing the market order and it still comes up as 1% for me. are you talking about buy limit and buy stop?

      • Nice! I will have a look

  • Depositied $1 via poli and instantly got $20 (actually worth $19.80) in BTC

  • Worked for me. Signed up using the referral link, deposited $2 via PayID and 2 minutes later had $21.79 in my portfolio. $19.79 of BTC. Thanks OP.

  • thanks

  • +1

    ETH - come back in a year from now and thank me.

    • sold my bitcoin and got ETH

  • Are we allowed refer members in same household? Anyone successful in receiving bonus with such referrals?

    • +1

      I'm not sure if it's allowed or not (probably not), but did it long ago and it worked. Give it a try I guess :)

      • +1

        Confirmed yes I did refer and both got bonus. I don’t see why not as two different people

  • Thank you random ozbargainer. Just verified my account to find $40

  • +1

    Can confirm, just referred my wife and we both got the $20.
    So I now have $39.40 of BTC for free.

    • and it's just gone up 6c!!

      • +1

        add 2fa, then leave it for a few years. last years deal has 4x. $20 is now $80

  • Wonder if I will get another 20$ btc from someone uses my referral code on OZB this time. 🙈🤣

    • I was just wondering then I log in my account I got another 20$!! LOL

  • $20 then the * says

    '* the amount of Bitcoin (BTC) credited to both parties will be the equivalent value of AUD $10 at the time the referred party completes their first AUD deposit.

    Edit: got around $20 after $1 deposit. Cheers.

  • Stitch up. Wants to charge me 0.003 to send to my coinjar. That’s the $20 right there haha

    • +1

      convert to xlm or a coin with low network fees.

      • Thank you matey

      • I've found ADA quite useful for this purpose as the volumes ensure you don't get screwed too hard on the spread.

  • Should I be concerned that the banner at the top of my dashboard says I'm eligible for $10 after my first deposit?

    EDIT: NVM, should have read comments first :). Apparently people are getting $20 even though it says $10.

  • Just signed up my partner we both got 20

  • -2

    NVM figured it out, answer is no :S

  • I've signed up but looking like I'll only get the $10 bonus for some reason :(

    • It should be $20, do you remember what link you used ? some people entered affiliate links last year which earn differently

      • I didn't keep the log unfortunately. I've just done a PayID so once it processes I'll see what happens.

        • Refresh your browser

  • +1

    This is legit. Thanks OP

  • How long does it take to verify an account? Been waiting a while now

    • Immediate

  • +1

    How long does it take for the bonus credit to show? I registered using a referral link, did the verification, deposited $10 and it's still showing $10 - That was 5 minutes ago

    • it automatically buys the bitcoin if you click dashboard you should see it there.

  • Deposited via PayID using Westpac app, still yet to receive my deposit. Says 'Processing' on the Westpac app. Is it maybe because this is my first time using PayID?

    • Same here with my westpac payid deposits (2 lots of $1). Nothing yet.

    • Still waiting on my PayID deposit to come through too from this morning (Bank of Melbourne, owned by Westpac).

      • Coincidence? I think not.

      • Can confirm westpac (and subsidiaries) are not instant payid to coinspot. Deposited via CUA account and went straight through after 2 deposits via westpac did not.

        Don’t use westpac for the bonus today.

        • Thanks. Just deposited $1 via NAB PayID and got deposit and confirmation within 5 mins.

        • Same issue here with Westpac. I tried with with Poli a second time and it went through instantly. The first deposit will probably be there tomorrow!

  • Just signed up via the referral. Whomever I used your welcome. Not really big on crypto or shares so just did $1.

    • Did you receive $20 worth of BTC for a deposit of $1?

      • +1

        Yes. When you sign up and put your deposit in. I just did $1 As that was the minimum, my account was funded with $20 In Bitcoin (value was $19.77 after the 0.1% fee)

        If you like you can then instantly sell those shares in Bitcoins again 0.1% fee( you'll have approx $19.50) and that money will go into your account which if you want can then have it transferred to the bank account you linked up or paypal

  • Anyone know how the heck you are supposed to enter license expiry.

    Tried a few times few different ways but still keeps saying "Please enter a valid date"

    Nvm it's just "ddmmyy" if anyone else is wondering lol

    Btw cheers OP!

  • +2

    Nice. Referred wife.

  • +2

    Just checked my account and there was $20 in there, thanks to whoever used my referral :)

    • Hehe I just applied using that link

  • +1

    Grrr I didnt have my coinspot referral details registered here

  • Could not create account, please try again, or contact support.

    • Do you have an existing account with coinspot? Did that error for a friend who tried to sign up today and had forgotten he had an account from a few years ago. Try another email address.

    • Happened to me before, try different email address

  • Thanks signed up. Used code and added my referral. Hopefully someone uses mine.

  • Can’t seem to get a westpac payid deposit to be recognised. Tried 2 lots of $1 and followed the coin spot westpac
    Specific payid guide. Nothing.

    • Poli is immediate did it for my parents.

  • Not sure how random is the referral link. Haven’t received any hit on mine lol

    • +1

      Haha randomly against you (and I)….

      One can get multiple hits, while some will never.

      • +1

        I got 2 referral bonus today. 🙈 Thanks to whomever used mine. Maybe it's my birthday I got lucky. 🤣

        • Very lucky… still none here

  • Cheers OP!

  • +1

    Oh. This is why i have 20$ worth of bitcoin

  • Can confirm westpac (and subsidiaries) are not instant payid to coinspot. Deposited via CUA account and went straight through after 2 deposits via westpac did not.

    Don’t use westpac for the bonus today.

    • yea westpac seems to be not instant to crypto sites (not just Coinspot). Probably their additional verification period to make sure accounts aren't hacked.

      • Which isn't a bad thing unless you're trying to get a deposit in for a bonus.

  • +4

    I just checked my coin spot account if I didn't sell my BTC off in 2018 it would be worth 24386.25 :(

  • +4

    Do you need to tell you accountant or ato about the 20 dollars?

    • +2

      Not until you sell the coins.

      i.e. You will have aquired the asset at a base cost of $0 for (approx) 0.0003 BTC.

      If you sold straight away for AUD (and the price at which you sold still works out to $20), you would have a capital gain of,

      (sell price - (base cost + sell fee))

      (20.00 - (0.00 + 0.02)) = 19.98

  • +3

    lol thanks for the reminder. I swear i signed up last year and forgot all about it as per usual. I'm up to $168.23

    • +2

      it's slightly over 4x from last year at this time. There was a few other deals like Celsius one where the $10 turned in to $460usd+ or Using uniswap exchange once you now have a spare 13k+ AUD

      • I don't know what the movement has been or whether i signed up two years ago. I just know when i saw the post i logged in and i was at 168. Maybe i had $40 in there from referrals. Either way it was funny to see. If only i'd done similar many years ago.

  • How does coinspot compare to btcmarkets?

    • +3

      more alts on coinspot. more liquidly on BTCmarkets. Btcmarkets also has instant withdrawal.

  • Sweet, got the $20. Thanks OP!

  • +1

    I used my PayID via ING, entered in the number in the description and it transferred without it. A bit annoyed. I just submitted a ticket to CoinSpot to see what happens next.

    • Update: They processed it manually and it's showing in the account. Pretty fast.

  • +1

    just used my payID from Macquarie bank using the referrer and deposited $10. Got the $20 in BTC. So whoever my random referrer was should get there's as well.

  • Mine said $10 referral credit in the dashboard, but i deposited $1 via poli and got $20 instantly.

    • Don't worry every every single person here got the same as you

  • Damm i joined CoinSpot 2 weeks ago, is it too late to take advantage of this deal?

    • +1

      two weeks ago your $10 would now be close to $15?

  • +1

    My long term review of Coinspot after gosh it been many years now. Still don't like the usability of Binance, but each to their own.

    - Has lots of the crypto flavours on offer.
    - Very fast deposit timeframes (payId is by far the quickest ~ just a few minutes)
    - Has easy to use advanced options (stop loss etc)
    - API capabilities (i.e. pull your stuff into say Splunk then do data stuff when you've run out of netflix to watch)
    - Is Australian
    - Seems quite secure
    - Mobile version of the site works well on your mobile
    - Offers easy to use schedule buys
    - Offers coin/token bundle buys (i.e. the top 3 market cap ones etc)
    - Has referral program

    - CSV output for EOFY requirements are tough for noob tax accountants to make sense of so either get yourself a good one or find one that supports the coinspot csv

    - Good platform that does everything well.

    • If you just put money into it and hold then you don't have to do anything at tax time right? It's only when you withdraw you have to declare it on your tax info?

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