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amaysim: $6 Cashback for $6 SIM Only 2GB Plan (First Renewal) @ ShopBack


Pretty good deal if you're into mobile hopping. Stack this with the bonus $5 cashback to basically get this plan for a $5 gain.

Plan info.


Limited to 800 redemptions.
Activate SIM by 28 Feb.
Expiry Date 19 February 2021

Referral Links

Referral: random (4026)

$20 for referrer, $10 for referee after first confirmed cashback (minimum purchase $20, exclusions apply) and adding banking details.

Exclusions: Any other Shopback new customer bonus offers; Purchases from Uber, Kayo Sports, DoorDash, Hayu, Accor Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels Group, ShopBack Vouchers (Gift Cards), Woolworths Gift Cards, Circles.Life (list subject to change)

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  • When you say first renewal, do you mean the 1st month paid. We don't have to 'renew' anything after the 1st month. It is just $6 charge for a 2GB sim card shipped to you? Then the cashbacks ontop.

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      No need to renew, you can disable auto-renew & switch to PAYG pretty much straight away.

      • Yeah so just $6 for the SIM delivered? I was confused with the 'First Renewal' part of the title I guess.

        • +1


    • +5

      Bonus is the number stays active (incoming calls & SMS) for a year past date credit expires. Useful in Deals.
      Just turn off auto-renew.

  • Also one good way to keep a number at no cost for over one year.

    30GB plan for $2 gain;

    65GB plan for 50c gain.

    • How do you get 65gb plan at 50c gain?

      • $15 - $10.5 - $5 = - $0.5

  • Does the SIM need to be activated within certain days?

    • +1

      Limited to 800 Redemptions & Customers have to ensure that SIM is activated by 28 Feb
      A valid ID check will be required to complete activation of a new service. Source ; see notes section

      • 800 Redemptions… Just bought @$6

        activated by 28 Feb… SIMs arrive Pre-activated.
        Once you use it (within about 2 weeks from experience), it resets expiry date to give full 28 days.

        SIM "on its way"
        Provided ID (drivers license) on site, validated email, changed payment to Bpay (will turn off Auto-Renew later).

  • I'm an existing customer. Could I activate this under a new ph no?

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      Yes, as long as it's a new service/SIM.

      Cashback is eligible for new and existing amaysim customers purchasing a new SIM and limited to one cashback per month per Shopback account.

  • Is this free?

    • $5 profit if bought through ShopBack extension Deal today!
      Only it it tracks…

  • Any cheap deal with any other operators?

  • +1

    Do they still pre-activate the sims? I remember they used to do that, and when you actually get the sim, you have to contact support to get some credit back.

    • yeah, they do. need to chat support to reset the plan.

      • Now automatic.
        Arrives Pre-activated
        Once you use it (within about 2 weeks from experience), it resets expiry date to give full 28 days.

        • So no need for manual 'activation' (by 28 Feb) in order to satisfy the cash back requirements?

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            @abadacus: At least if you are not porting your own number in, it arrives preactivated. So should be activated for Cashback.

            Just received mine.
            Although it wasn't able to make calls straight away.

            Check your account.
            Mine shows I have 26 of the 28 days left - so the plan is active. That was from the date the SIM was sent - 2 days ago.
            So check emails for date sent.

            In the last 2 days, there was no longer an ACTIVATE SIM showing to click to activate.

            Should reset to 28 days after first use.

            I paid by PayPal, confirmed my email & provided ID at sign up to make sure it was ready to go.

            Don't forget to TURN OFF AUTO RECHARGE! Otherwise you will be billed for following month!

            The Amaysim packaging states:
            "Got a new number?
            You're ready to go! Pop in your SIM."

            "Bringing your own number?
            Start your number transfer…"
            Which means you have to click ACTIVATE on your account.

            • @the INFIDEL: My account is active - my SIM isn't.
              Calls only transfer to Amaysim, no incoming calls, & no Data.

              Complained to Amaysim. But your account is active, so it should all be working!

              They finally found they sent the WRONG SIM / recorded the wrong SIM number on my account!!

              Amaysim said they could do nothing about their error - get online & swap the SIM in my account.
              I told them I have no access to the internet where I am, without the SIM activated.
              Not even an apology. Just extra credit on the account I can't use.

              Even after going on an unnecessary trip by bus to Westfield to use Wi-Fi & activate - not activated so many hours later & no response.

              Amaysim Resolution Team sent me an email (which I did not see as I had no internet), saying they had rung me (on a number they had not activated) - asking for details I had mainly already given, before they could investigate!

              After another call to complain - was told the correct SIM number I had entered had not automatically been activated. Now all working 24hr later!

              Amaysim left 4 useless voice messages to a number they hadn't activated. Pretty dumb, Amaysim!

              Not a good experience!

  • Do we still get cashback if porting a number from another provider?

    • That's fine.

  • Damn it. Submit order then got a cart error however the order seems to have gone through but I doubt it will track.

  • Additional data (if you run out) is $10/1GB
    It is very easy to run out of data and end up with a $10 extra charge.

    • When data runs out on these prepay - the data stops in my experience of using Amaysim many times.

      Easy to run out if data - but you aren't billed for any extra unless you choose to buy it.
      Cheaper to choose a larger data plan in first place.

  • Is the Promo over (more than 800 subs??) as when I get to the amaysim cart the code just reduces the $12 monthly charge by $6 to require payment of $6

    • Obviously not!
      Deal is $6 Cashback for $6 SIM
      $12 is the full price, the promo price is the $6 you are being charged for the SIM.

      • So Shopback will reimburse via Cashback for the $6 paid on Amaysim site?

        • Yes, that's the way cashback Deals work - as long as it is tracked correctly.

          Why not get the bonus $5 cashback as explained?

          • @the INFIDEL: I am, just installed the App and the browser extension , all this jumping thru hoops .. want make sure it's correct! lolz

            • @Wally: Damn .. get thru the purchase only to get

              '' Our shopping cart isn't working right now…
              Whilst we twiddle with the on/off switch, we suggest you come back later and try again.''

            • @Wally: Unfortunately it's complex. And I've used ShopBack on mobile & app so many times.

              Using the web extension for the first time I forgot to click ACTIVATE, before ordering the $6 SIM!!

              Only realised that when I checked now to see if order tracked - not even showing in Click History.

              Sent Amaysim a request to cancel order & carefully ordered again on different email. Usually takes a while to dispatch.

              Showing in Click History. Waiting for Tracking notification.

              • @the INFIDEL: Apparently I didn't click 'Activate' either

                Where is the 'Activate' button on the web extension?

                • @Wally: It's in the Web Extension added to your computer browser.

                  Shows up as a small window - when you open a merchant supported by ShopBack. There's a larger button in that box to ACTIVATE.

                  • @the INFIDEL: ok Thanks

                    • @Wally: [UPDATE]
                      My $6 tracking was just confirmed from order 2hr 15m ago.

                      • @the INFIDEL: Seems it was auto activated as I clicked thru the browser extension window

                        I got my tracking confirmation a few minutes ago .. for purchase made 5.55pm lol

                        • @Wally: Well we both know what to do next time. Life is learning!

                          Just off chat with Amaysim - first order (not activated on ShopBack) cancelled & refunded.

                          Now we wait.
                          Amaysim can take a week to deliver, but comes Pre-activated. Resets expiry date on first use
                          ShopBack wait is so much longer!

    • +2

      Have confirmation the $6 cashback promo will now end at 6pm AEDT.

      • So if I purchased using extension after 6pm should the cashback be $4.20 for this plan according to cashback info? I have pending $3.50 that doesn't match.

        Also AusPost Online Shop 14 Feb 2021 still shows calculating. I purchased and received $50 Amazon card. Please check thanks

  • +1

    How would I know if I am one of the 800?

    • +1

      You should still be within that range as of 30 mins ago. Have confirmation the $6 cashback promo will now end at 6pm AEDT (in less than 30 mins) as a result.

  • Ordered one, hopefully the cashback is tracked

  • +1

    Confirming here the $6 cashback promotion will end at 6pm AEDT.

    • Oh no

    • +1

      on shopback website it is still listed as active in amaysim description

      • says $4.20 now.

    • How do you know when 800 is reached? My cashback shows up at $3.50. What happened to $6

      • This deal expired. Cashback should be 4.20 now but mine was 3.50

        • +1

          If its expired, why was it still up? Another great example of ShopBack failing!

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