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Westpac AmEx Closing on 24 Feb: Migrate to Qantas Ultimate for 60k Points + $200 Cashback + $450 Travel Credit ($450 Annual Fee)


Received the following email (out of nowhere) yesterday stating that the Westpac Altitude Amex card is being converted to an AMEX product on 24 Feb:

A reminder that on 24 February 2021, your American Express Westpac
Altitude Platinum Card Account will be automatically transferred to the new
American Express Elevate Credit Card.

The biggest impact is that if you are trying to wait out the 18 months before getting a new AMEX card so that you become eligible for sign up offers again, you will be impacted. I dare say a reasonable number of ozbargainers hold this bank issued AMEX so this is a bit of a warning as much of a deal - cancel before 24 Feb if you don't want this to happen: e.g. some previous deals I assume are all impacted by this:

Anyway when I called to cancel, they actually offered me an upgrade to the Qantas Ultimate card ($450 annual fee but with $450 annual qantas travel credit) as well as 60,000 sign up points and $200 back once spent $3k in first 90 days and I actually felt this was a pretty good deal. This offer is available until 15 March so if you do get converted this is a no brainer if you plan to go anywhere with Qantas.


The best bit for me is that given I'm early in during my 18 month period, this allows me to get a pretty decent sign up option where otherwise I'd have to wait some time. I assume it works also if you already hold a separate AMEX issued card.

It turns out if you are eligible for the offer it takes you to this link https://www.americanexpress.com/au/credit-cards/upgrade/qant... if you're logged in so maybe give that a go.

Check out https://www.pointhacks.com.au/credit-cards/qantas-ultimate-a... to better understand the card.

Hope this helps

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  • Oooh interesting. Thanks for the detailed post

  • Can I open a new Westpac account to get this?

    • No I don't think they will open any new AMEX cards now, but if you want the Qantas Ultimate card just follow a referral link by clicking the "Show more" button under the referral links section under the deal post and finding a Qantas Ultimate referral.

      That has a deal at the moment for:

      • 100,000 qantas points
      • $450 annual travel credit
      • 2 qantas lounge passes, 2 amex lounge passes

      But it doesn't have the $200 back that the westpac upgrade customers get.

      • +1

        The problem is if you’re already an Amex customer (not Amex westpac) you wouldn’t get the 100k offer.

        This offer though is valid to existing Amex customers.

        So a no brainer for me, assuming I find a way to spend the $450 Qantas credit, it’s 60k points and $200 free for zero effort

  • +1

    You didn't get the initial e-mail in mid-December and subsequent snail mail?

    • Evidently I missed it

  • +1

    thanks for the reminder, sorting out the upgrade now

  • what 18 months of impact? I just canceled mine yesterday, ignored the offer as we are pissed with Westpac for doing this shit again and again

    • Most AMEX sign up offers are only eligible if you havent held an AMEX issued card for the past 18 months - the Westpac card was exempt from this as it was a "bank issued card"

      • I see, thanks for the info, don't have good use of credit cards recently due to low interest rates (used to utilise cash for interest earning while using credit cards + gaining points etc0

  • +1

    Really good as I wouldnt have been able to access this card normally as I dont have the minimum income required. Upgraded last week and looking forward to travelling again and using the lounges

    • Awesome!

  • +1

    How does this compare with the card that we are going to change to? As I understand the new card gives you 2 points per $1, which is the same as the Explorer's card.

  • +3

    Ive had a qantas discovery card since 2017 - no AF, got an email from amex last fri for the same deal…..

    we’re handing valued card members like you an exclusive upgrade.
    As a member since 2017, we know you love to grab life with both hands.

    Whether it's sipping on a beautiful Shiraz courtesy of your complimentary Qantas Premium Wine membership1 or seeing more of Australia with your $450 Qantas Credit2, it's all yours and more, when you upgrade to the Qantas Ultimate Card.

    Plus, for a limited time, enjoy 60,000 Bonus Points and $200 Back when you apply for an upgrade by 15 March 2021 and spend $3,000 in the first three months3.

    • Same but for my Velocity Escape, and member since 2013 (not the first time they've tried to lure me into an upgrade)

      • id be interested in the Velocity Escape upgrade offer too. Does anyone have the upgrade URL link?

        • If you log into your account, there might be a pop-up or on the sidebar. I was also e-mailed about it. Could be targeted

  • $450/year. Will only benefit who can travel annually flying Qantas. A bit too much for me. The last time I have ANZ travel, I only used one free flight and costs more as I have to pay for the taxes too comparing to other airlines.

  • thanks op. upgrade url link works even though i only have the westpac platinum card on different USER ID log on, and it says $0 fee. will they prorated the annual fee already paid for the westpac amex card? however i already have the ultimate card during a recent discovery card upgrade. if i try upgrade link with this USER ID to log on it says i don't qualify. So does Amex allow you to have 2 ultimate card accounts? i might give it a try as there are no credit checks for upgrades and its a once in a life time offer. does anyone know if they will refund part of the annual fee if you cash out the bonuses and downgrade the card a couple months later on? do you need to take up offer before feb 24th or will it still be on the table until mar 15th?

  • +1

    Does the upgrade affects your credit score?

    • I’d be interested to know whether an upgrade requires a credit check too.

      • +2

        no credit checks for amex upgrades AFAIK so thats another reason i always take them up if a good bonus offer is on the table.

  • Conflicted as the elevate card is only $49pa
    Great deal when taking into consideration pts per $ and insurance, if planning to keep as an “ongoing” card
    Whereas if you upgrade - yes great bonus, but hefty annual fee - probs will cancel after first year, cant fully utilise the perks in this semi covid affected year, then left with no amex for 18m in order to get the next sign up

    • +1

      true the wbc platinum card was a good earner 1.5 points per $1 at only $49. not sure what they will do if you paid the fee already maybe they will deduct it from the new $450 fee. IMO this will be a once in a lifetime offer too good to pass up. im sure you can downgrade later on to another amex card like the elevate one..

  • Also just FYI on below

    Transfers from American Express Westpac Altitude Cards Only. You will no longer be entitled to any of the Card benefits on your old Card after the transfer is complete. This includes your insurance benefits. Any existing purchases including travel purchased on your old Card, up to the date of product transfer, will no longer be covered under the American Express Westpac Altitude Cards Insurance Policy. Only new purchases made on your Card from the date of transfer will be covered under the new Card’s Insurance Terms and Conditions. Please refer to the appropriate Insurance Product Disclosure Statement for further information.

    • Yes true best check if you will be covered if you upgrade for previous card purchases , i think perhaps not.

  • +1

    $450 annual fee

  • Cancelled my Westpac Amex just over a year ago. But it still appears when I log into my plat edge and they still send me a monthly statement for $0. I rang up and they said this is the norm. Dumb, but partners is the same.

    Wonder if I can call up and get it reinstated for this deal?

    We will then both have plat edge travel credits + ANZ travel card flight (cancelled but credit being held) + this travel credit…but nowhere to go without a medium risk of forced quarantine.. ..hmmm.

  • +2

    A few years ago I got a targeted marketing offer in the mail from Amex. Amex offered an ongoing $350 annual fee plus approx 60k Qantas points bonus to upgrade from the Platinum Edge to the Qantas Ultimate. So only $350 per year for the $450 credit etc. only thing is they later changed the $450 credit usage rules so it can only be redeemed on the Amex Travel website and I get the feeling that booking through Amex Travel is more expensive than booking with Qantas directly. Qantas sales aren’t reflected there perhaps. I know that booking cars is more expensive than direct. Other users may know more about this though. Anyone know if the Amex Travel site is good value or not?

  • So my Qantas credit hasn't appeared - checked with customer service and they said it won't appear til next months bill - but nowhere on site or in t's and c's does it say this. Little sneaky as I wanted to book a trip now

  • +1

    thanks op worked .You have been upgraded to The Qantas American Express Ultimate Card. got 2 ultimate accounts now when you are meant only 1.

    • Amazing what computers let you get away with.