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AmEx Westpac Altitude Platinum Bundle - up to 90K Bonus Qantas Points, $0 Annual Fee, $0 Qantas Rewards Fee (1st Year)


Identical to the Finder deal (when choosing Qantas Points) except for the $0 Qantas Rewards Fee and later offer end date.

  • Receive 75,000 bonus Qantas Points after spending $3,000 on eligible purchases on your new Westpac Altitude Platinum Visa Card within 90 days
  • Receive 15,000 bonus Qantas Points after spending $3,000 on eligible purchases on your new American Express Westpac Altitude Platinum Card within 90 days
  • $0 annual card fee for the first year (normally $150 - Visa / $49 - Amex)
  • $0 Qantas Rewards fee for the first year (normally $50)
  • Bonus Qantas Points will be credited to your points balance within 12 weeks of the eligible spend criteria being met
  • Minimum credit limit $6,000 (Visa), $3,000 (Amex)
  • Existing Westpac customers who currently hold an Altitude Platinum Visa Card or Altitude Black Mastercard, or who have held one in the last 12 months, are not eligible for this offer.

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Westpac Altitude credit card: random (4)

20K Qantas points for referrer and 10k Qantas Points for referee if referee has not held a Qantas Points earning Westpac Altitude credit card in the last 12 months

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  • Can I cancel before 1year is up and get it essentially for free with Qantas points? What's the catch?

    • Of course.

    • yes you can

    • The only catch is having to spend that much, the two credit checks and the burden of cancelling the cards.

      • Why is it two checks? I once got two cards from NAB and it was just one check. MasterCard + AMEX

        • Because nowadays banks issue AMEX companion cards from AMEX themselves, rather than from the bank. You're essentially signing up a bundled offer of two cards across two finance providers.

        • Banks don't offer amex anymore because of issues with passing through transaction costs. They get around it by offering a bank branded amex issued by amex. Hence two credit checks; one by each entity.

        • Those days are sadly behind us Trev :(

      • +7 votes

        Lucky my credit rating has already hit rock bottom from all the other deals. I’m safe. 😎

      • And cancelling the card is mostly a straight forward process that takes ~ 3 mins on the phone - I did that at least a dozen of times before - just need to pay off your card beforehand.

      • That’s a deal breaker for me.

      • +1 vote

        Why is it bad having credit checks?

        • A lot of Banks automatically Credit Score now - and if it is too high, an application for a home loan, for example, is automatically declined without a human hand touching it.
          And they are not looking at reason, with these cases. Just declined. No correspondence entered into.

          You would have to have a LOT of activity on your file though, for that to happen . Then it is seen as a bad risk - a serial borrower.

    • I should also mention the hassle of chasing up Westpac should the bonus points (or even the standard points) not arrive.

  • Do you have to hit spend on both cards? Or will I still get the points after a 3k spend for Westpac?

    • Must hit spend on both cards. $3k each for a total of $6k

      • I got both cards as a bundle. I thought I can get 75,000 points after spending 3k for Westpac. I do not want to use the Amex card at all as I think it's not worth spending $6,000 in 3 months. Can anyone clarify this?

    • Buy fully refundable business class ticket.

      • I assume you have to wait until the points are credited before requesting a refund?

      • Hello,

        Have you succeeded in getting them refunded, in full?

        Where did you book from to get total cost refunded (ie, no international CC fees, and all CC fees refunded)?

    • You can choose to hit one or both spend targets and get rewarded with the relevant points.

      Same as the deal from Finder.com

  • Any clarity on whether it's possible to avoid the Amex enquiry or at worst avoid receiving the card to break the 18 month rule?

    Read conflicting comments but if the Amex could be somehow be left out/confirmed to not count would be all over it.

    • Also curious if AMEX issued cards count towards the 12 month rule.

    • What’s this 18 month rule you speak of?

    • Amex cards issued by amex dont count against the westpac one. I.e. i can have an amex issued card and still be eligible for the deal

      • that is a great news then, we were wondering about that, but worse case we will only get the $75k points.

    • Yeah my partner signed up for the finder deal. Basically when amex said send us your documents we ignored them. Then they called and we just said actually we don't want the amex card.

      Not sure if they did a credit check (can't imagine they did without my partner's income documents) and we definitely aren't getting the card.

      • Sounds good, will roll the dice

        • … and lost. Just got an SMS my American Express was approved and card is on the way.

          Uploaded last two payslips to verify on Westpac site, possibly better going the other method for those in the same boat.

      • They have to do a credit check before offering a card, that's how you get application approval

      • So you are definitely getting the VISA card then still?

        • Yes, we already have it.

          Although can I say, I have had the worst Westpac customer service experience with this application. Their branch staff should be embrarrassed. They don't know their own product and they can't be arsed to provide a decent customer experience.

        • @Nuggets:

          I think that is the case with most banks to be honest, I have had similar experiences almost with all the banks. I insisted that Westpac employee find the deal on their system if it is online and she rang someone who showed her where it was.

          Commbank gave me broucher for their basic credit card with $250 cashback that had expired months earlier.

          ANZ told me that my credit card was cancelled and I shredded the card, only to find out five months later that the card is still active.

        • @nadan: that last one is a doozy.

        • @Nuggets:

          Yes, that means extra five months of wait time to apply or another one of their card.

        • +1 vote

          @Nuggets: branch staff

          ? Is it necessary to visit a branch like its 1978?

        • @gikku: yeah strangely enough.

    • This particular Amex bundled card is excluded from the 18 month rule so you will still get the bonus points even if you already hold a card issued by American Express.

      • Would love any hard evidence of this.

        Just called to cancel the approved amex and said they may need to manually add points following my call when going for the Explorer bonus in 6 months.

        Not guaranteed was the take out, at the very least will require follow up (and potentially begging) to their call centre.

  • Qualifying income?

  • Is this the most Qantas points you can get at the moment?
    Or is there a card that gives 100,000+ points?

  • From the previous deal I applied for both, westpac was grandted and amex was rejected (had Amex Explore card). Someone may increase credit limit for amex and gets rejected intentionally if the spending is too much for two cards.

  • [email protected]#k!
    Signed up for this a couple hours earlier:
    15k less points and $50 Qantas points fee. Still netting $550 profit (valuing 100 points at $1) but could have $750…

    • Call them up and see if they can change it over or give extra bobs.

      • Just did. Can't change during application. Can cancel and reapply but that would be a 2nd application on credit history, not worth it IMO. Can also change after but then not eligible for points as can't have had an account within 12 months.

    • Same. But I went for the platinum offer as it doesnt mention anything about a $50 Qantas charge on the Platinum offer. Turns out it has the same $50 charge as the Black.

      Got the please send your income details email. Called them to see if I can change. They said I have to cancel the current app, then reapply for the Amex/Black deal. Meaning 3 credit checks.

      No credit check showing, but westpac recon they use a different credit reporting authority than what credit savvy use.

      Current rating 770. About to apply for a homeloan, no idea what 3 checks would do? Got prior investment properties, so hoping credit check won't mean jack.

      Plus side of cancelling app and reapplying= save $50 get extra 30k points and access to Amex lounge. 1 credit check. Small credit limit.

      Negative, 2 extra credit checks. 15k min credit limit.

      Anyone know how long I can leave an application hanging for (when at the please send income docs stage)?

      I recon it's 90 days. Might sort loan, then
      Cancel. Reapply for Black.

      • Call them and tell them you are going overseas for travel/work/whatever and want to finish the app when you get back, and ask how long you have

      • "But I went for the platinum offer as it doesnt mention anything about a $50 Qantas charge on the Platinum offer."
        Yes it does:
        "Choose the rewards program to suit you.
        Opt in for either Altitude Points or Qantas Points, and earn points for every $1 spent on eligible purchases.
        A $50 Qantas Rewards fee applies for customers who choose to earn Qantas Points through the Altitude Qantas rewards program."

    • They told me i was only eligable for 60k points but checked further and found i went through finder link….extra 15k points immediately.
      Unfortunately the $50 QANTAS fee still applies.
      Good luck.

    • Hi @Viper8

      How would 60k qantas points make $550. Can you please explain. When you go to qantas store and buy a gift card it's approx 54850 points for $250.


      • Lol if you're using your points at the Qantas store you're doing it wrong. Very wrong.
        You get significantly better returns using them on flights, especially business-class flights.
        Valuing them at $550 is extremely conservative. I booked $8,000 worth of business flights for 144,000 points recently. That values the 60,000 points on the CC I applied for at over $3,000 (by the time you exclude taxes from ticket price). $550 is assuming you'd normally booked the absolute cheapest nasty Jetstar red-eye flight on sale that month. Realistically on cheapish Qantas flights (what I would actually pay for with my own money) 60,000 is probably worth ~$1,000.

  • Any access to Amex Lounge at airport

  • Has anyone else got rejected from Westpac in the past even though they have a good credit rating, can easily get approved from ANZ/NAB's similar card and meet all the cards requirements?

  • Is there any issues with applying for this while you have the AMEX card? Any negative aspects to your credit rating etc?


    Be careful, Wesptac are notorious for not giving you the points quickly

  • Can't remember when I closed my last Westpac card. Will any of the credit reports show the date it was closed?

    • No. If you don't have a copy of the letter they sent you upon closing, give them a call and ask nicely.
      Always keep a record of the close date for your credit cards. I have a very long list of cards & closed dates in iOS Notes.

    • Probably not. The old reporting system did not keep record of account closures, only applications. The new reporting system which is slowing being adopted is more thorough.

  • Keen on this but im 6 months into the 18 month american express waiting period. Is that relevant here?

    3k spent for 15k points on the amex prob not worth the hassle anyway.

    • The same discussion on the previous deal was inconclusive.
      The real question is do you want to reset your 18 month AmEx waiting period for 15K points?
      I would argue you're closer to the start than the finish, so go for it. Also for the record, I'm not you.

  • Any good deals for velocity points?

    • possibly the virgin money cards [clean non-affil link]:
      Flyer (60K $64 Ann Fee 1st yr, $129 flight voucher) or High Flyer (120K, $289 Ann Fee, $129 flight voucher, steep monthly spend targets).


    Has anyone been successful in applying for these credit cards without an income? What sort of proof is required?

    • Nice first comment. Don't do it.

      Welcome to Ozbargain btw


        i have plenty of savings so no risk of not paying…but in all seriousness is there a way

        • I don’t think they care about your savings, instead your regular income.

        • Banks may budge a bit on min income, but not a lot. the risk to the banks is huge, you could blow your savings and have no means to repay the card.

        • @muncan:

          I have a regular income over $30,000pa but i've been denied past applications where I've met the criteria, should I try my luck with this one? (the last time I applied was about a month ago, i think it's too soon but i'd like to have a credit card so I can start somewhere)