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Extra 5% off (in Store & Online, Exclusions Apply) @ JB Hi-Fi


Generic code in today's Herald Sun. Have a great weekend.

There is no barcode in the paper, however, user Ash-Say has generated one for us:

Barcode for in-store use


Apple products, gaming consoles, Microsoft Xbox and Sony PS5 branded accessories, Dyson, mobile phone contracts, Miele & Asko agency products, Dell built to order, pre-paid cards & gift cards, pre-orders, extended warranties, and delivery. Coupon cannot be used with any other coupon offers. Cannot be used at airport locations.

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JB Hi-Fi

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  • +6

    Thanks! I wasn't targeted in the other subscriber deal so this is great!

    • +2

      No worries. Always happy to help. Have a good weekend.

  • +2

    Has anyone had experience using a code in-store? Just wondering if it will be one of those awkward conversations at the checkout or if they are used to using codes in-store

    • +1

      I've used them in store. Though I think it might have been a barcode. They would probably knock the 5% off anyway even if the code wasn't valid since they price match and often will haggle to some extent.

      • +10

        But wouldn't you haggle and then use the code?

  • +1

    Im guessing these wouldn’t stack?

  • Does it work for game pre-orders?

    • +1

      Nope :(

  • How do u use this in store? Barcode generator?

  • +2

    Don’t forget to get the 5% off JB GC’s that a few places offer!

    • Or 10% with Flybuys and $50 Him/Her/Kids/Teen cards at Coles


      • -1

        Can I buy 3 different $50 GCs applicable at Jb Hifi and get 1000points against each card, on one flybuys card ?

        • +1

          The comments in the post I linked to say yes.

  • +6

    remember to compare prices to eBay/AfterPay deal before purchasing

  • Awesome

    How do you use it in the store in absence of barcode?

    • Buy herald sun

    • Phone is fine?

  • +27

    Here is the barcode if anyone don't want to spend time creating one.


    • Quality post - thank you kind sir / madame

  • Bought a Samsung t1 1tb ssd for $141.55. Pick up though.

    Thanks, herald sun.

    • +1

      Do you mean T5?

      • T5. Thanks.

  • +1

    So how would you go about bargaining the listed price then applying the code say if buying online click and collect?

    • +7

      I don't understand the downvotes??

      • -2

        How on earth would you expect to bargain an online price? You want them to create a special page for you to check out a cheaper item?

        • +1

          Appliance online do it.

          The TV I'm looking at is already nearly 20% more expensive than competitors, so 5% off is not going to cut it.

          • +4

            @placard: Then buy it from the company with the better price ???

            • +1

              @solidussnake: Probably will. Just thought I'd see if there was a solution. Just also a warning to people to check the initial price before you get sucked into 5% off - may not be saving anything.

              • +3

                @placard: Legit shopping basics though.

    • +7

      Call their phone sales team and after you have negotiated the price they will send you a shopping cart link via sms which you can then apply the code and checkout.

      • +4

        Exactly the answer I was after!

  • Thanks for this :)

  • Does this code have an expiry?

    I want to buy something but need to wait til mid next week =/

    • +1


  • Can I buy eftpos cards from JB? Ones that are not specifically jbhifi

  • +1

    Do we have the exclusions list? I am guessing Apple, right?

    • +2

      Yup, Apple as usual.

      • Yeah, just tried it on an iPhone :(

  • +3

    Code works on pricematch. Bought a S20fe,price matched the EDU store,then scanned barcode above at checkout. $645 total.

  • Ended up getting some Bose Frames Tempo.

    I cycle with in-ear headphones and I hate not hearing traffic.

  • -1

    I bought s10+ few days back, can I ask JB to apply this discount?

  • +2

    Got the Sony 75kd9000h for $2710 delivered!

    • Nice! Did you go in-store or called up online?

    • Did you use GCs?

      • Yes, for most of the amount(700) and paid remaining by card(~5)

        • Very good, I got offered $3,150 (before 5% discount) which is $2992 delivered - sounds like you got a cracker of a deal at $2,710 delivered!

          But they also offered me the model up, 75" x9500H for $3,500 delivered (before 5% discount), it's very tempting.

  • Samung Q75/Q85/Q95 or LG Oled in 65", would be great to get it for $2000-3000 or as close to

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