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Oclean Air 2 Electric Toothbrush + 4x Brush Heads US$37.99 (~A$48.21), 6x Oclean Brush Heads US$19.99 (~A$25.37) @ Oclean



  • Rep provided new coupon for the Oclean Air 2 Electric Toothbrush OCLEAN18 US$18 saving (previously US$15).

  • Coupon OCLEAN2021 for 6x Oclean Brush Heads US$19.99 (A$25.37) Product Link

Now that they're back from holidays delivery should only take between 10-15 days.

After the last Oclean deal proved quite popular, thought some of you might be interested in their newly released Oclean Air 2 Electric Toothbrush. Price is approximately $10 cheaper than their AliExpress store, so a significant saving if buying directly from their online store. Reading one of the comments from the last deal, delivery took about 17 days.

To get price in title:

  • Apply coupon OCLEAN18 at checkout

Note: Title prices include GST. Approximated AUD price, based on today's MasterCard rates, paying in USD.

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  • On the page they mention this code: OCLEAN2020210CD3 for $10 off.

  • I am electric toothbrush noob. Why are these better than my average Oral B electric toothbrushes on half price from Coles ?

    • Much quieter, much cooler shape, battery lasts much longer, better quality bristles, touch screen, bluetooth app.

      edit: this one doesn't seem to have a screen.

      • Can we get the replacement heads locally ?

        • Not that I could find. That's the reason I haven't bought into the OClean hype yet..

          • @NinjaChicken: Is it that big a deal buying from one of the Chinese websites? Just buy some when you're buying the toothbrush :) I bought a years supply for two brushes when I bought my Oclean X.

      • Well, you are not comparing apples with apples. These ones are different from Oral B. And what you said about these, it is valid for those more expensive Oral B too.
        Wouldn't use Bluetooth anyway. It doesn't really have any useful purpose, and I am not going to clean my phone every time I brush my teeth. That's why I have the smartguide with clock. Much simpler.

        Touch screen, well…

    • What zzymurgy said. I have the Oclean X and it's better than the Philips Diamond Clean (which costs 5 times as much) that I used to have in a number of ways. Other than what has already been mentioned, it also charges really quickly.

  • There is a deal in ebay that you can score 2 brush heads with the same for 30.99.

    • Oops only checked AliExpress before posting. Could it be that the brush heads are generic? The second pic from the same seller in this listing seems to indicate they might be, there's no branding on the brush heads.

      Still a good price for the toothbrush even if the brush heads are generic.

      • Not so sure. But these are Aussie stock and reaches me in a week's time.

        • Like I said it's a great price for just the toothbrush, you can then buy 6 genuine brush heads from this deal for roughly the same price as this deal.

          I should have checked eBay before posting so thanks for the heads up, will make sure to next time.

  • Apart from the screen on the X Pro, what is the main difference?

  • I like the sonicare style ones like this, wife not so keen. Any Chinese brands/models in traditional electronic style to look for?