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2000 Bonus flybuys Points (Worth $10) with Coles So Soft 3 Ply Hypo-Allergenic Toilet Tissue 32 Pack $13 @ Coles


Greetings everyone. Something different from Coles that I haven't seen before.

Offer in the NSW Metro Catalogue.

They're giving 2000 bonus flybuys Points (Worth $10) on their new Coles So Soft 3 Ply Hypo-Allergenic Toilet Tissue 32 pack, so essentially $3 for 32 rolls if you factor in $10 off your next shop.

Seems like a great price for this!

Edit 4/3: Seems to now be available again until 16/3 thanks to spy.

Origin: Made in Australia
Unit Price: 21.4¢ per 100 sheets
Inc flybuys: 4.9¢ per 100 sheets

As always, enjoy :)

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      • +1

        hope they set it up correctly.

        previously havent done properly and able to generate millions of flybuy points. ala dog food tin, ala beauty isele products.

        • Yes I pocketed 700k+ from that one dog food promo. If i had known you could order by the pallet I would of definitely ordered more. Netted two return business class flight on Singapore Airlines to Asia.

          • +4

            @nightelves: Do you have dog? What did you do with all the tins?

            I'm just only now finishing them for our dog.

            I didn't get much: http://imgur.com/2Nhqtut

            • @Turd: Yeah took nearly two years for my dog to finish all the dog food.

              • @nightelves: Did you get the other beauty isle promo? 70% off all items

                • @Turd: Nah which one was that?

                  • @nightelves: This was just before Corona hit:


                    • @Turd: Oh wow did not see that offer. That would have been awesome! But nothing beats the dog food one. $1 earns 650 points. After that Coles stopped offering bonus points on product offers 😂

                      • +1

                        @nightelves: Yep! Still was good. Spent 6k in that isle only cost 2k.

                        The dog food thing was a god send. Free money!

                        I hit like 10 Coles in one evening buying them all. Was gonna hit more on the weekend but they discovered it Friday.

                        Now thinking back you could have just scaned and rescanned the same tins. Lol

                        • @Turd: Lol me too😂. Called up and the manager said someone ordered by the pallet which is 1000 tin. So you didn’t need to go to each store. Yeah hit like 10 stores on a Friday night which was the last day they honoured the deal.

                          • @nightelves: Didt think you could order it like that?

                            Do you pay for it when you order?

                            • @Turd: Yeah you pay for it when you order.

                              • @nightelves: and then when coles cancels your order you get a refund. i thought about it but kinda risky.

                                probably the best was to re-scan the tins over and over. but you'd lose the dog food tin


                                ahh well

                                • @Turd: Nah they can’t cancel the order because the manager puts it through. Coles couldn’t cancel the order because they manager would have reported there was no inventory in store.

                                  • @nightelves: spend $1000 get $2250 not bad

                                    • @Turd: I don’t get how you could get 70% off beauty product when it’s spend $5 which you must pay for it first. So essentially you can only get certain beauty products at 70% off. Right?

                                      • @nightelves: Yep!

                                        They set it up incorrectly.

                                        So for ever $5 you purchased it gave you back $3.50, I have multiple receipts. eg If I spent $70, (70/5)700= how many points I got.
                                        If I spent 62, it's just (60/5)
                                        700 = how many points I got. etc..

                                        Was perfect for corona, had heaps and still got heaps of dettol wash solution from them lol

                                        It was only all health & beauty products in the isle.

                                        I tried tolet paper but didnt work lol

                                        • @Turd: Ohhh so that was the glitch. Makes sense now.

                                          • @nightelves: yaaaaaa

                                            They didnt pull it at all. So I was able to casually go to all coles in the area over the 14 day period and smile

                                            Till this day I havent really been in the beauty isle section at all

                                            • @Turd: Did you discover the glitch? That’s gold! Hahaha

                                              • +2

                                                @nightelves: Yes I did, saw the offer and hmm'ed it, tested it. Got the points for it.
                                                Then throughout the 14 day period bought products for myself, parents, friends and family.

                                                Even the online orders worked, but was slow and I rathered getting the items faster


                                                Just say as a guy Ive never bought so many sanitary pack items / large adult nappies / not to mention femfresh items ever in my life! :D haha

                                                • +1

                                                  @Turd: Nice glitch to have discovered.

                                                  • +1

                                                    @nightelves: Every since those two glitches dog and beauty I havent been able to find any :(

                                                    This TP one is ok but bulky and $3 for TP.

                                                    • +1

                                                      @Turd: The Citibank cc was one recently discovered in November in September-October last year. Take out quick cash and pay $5.40 in fees and get $100 giftcards. Think some people got 1000s worth out of that.

                                                      • @nightelves: oh yeah? citi system auto gave GC's for each time?

                                                        damm citi offers etc I find hit and miss - risky.

                                                        i didnt get the quick cash offer till this month

                                                        • @Turd: Yeah but it’s one per account now. Used to be unlimited based on your credit limit.

                                                    • @Turd: @Turd, mate, what doggie glitch did you find please? :)

                                                      • @lordra: Spend $1 get back $2.25 (unlimited usage)


                                                        Imagine spending $1miiiilion dollars on dog food, then getting back 2.25million dollars in points worth

                                                        • @Turd: I'm guessing I'm just too too late to the party. :)
                                                          Next time!

                                                • +1

                                                  @Turd: the offer term is just 1x 700 points for spending $5 or more, I have never thought they made such a mistake for multiple 700pts for the total amount spend.

                                                  • +1

                                                    @samehada: neither did i, until i saw the points rolling in. so i smashed it.

                                                    6k for 2k spend

                          • @nightelves: How did they fixed the dog food deal? Did they just send out notice via email that deal finished Friday? Or did they just increase the price of the dog food tin?

                            • @samehada: Send out an email.

                              • @nightelves: That deal was not posted on ozbargain how did you guys find out? Was the dog food tin on special when the deal started?

                                At the same time of that deal I remember they also have Wet Wipe as well.

                                And the best one at that time was bonus points for paying with Android Pay. The annoying thing is you need to spend more than $1 so the transaction can show up in FB for the bonus points and I have failed it since I just bought a small item that is less than $1

            • @Turd:

              I didn't get much: http://imgur.com/2Nhqtut

              [Shows a photo of 11 bags full of them totaling about 396 cans]

  • +1

    Huge pile at the back of the store at Coles Jamison (Macquarie, ACT).

    • Still plenty tonight when I went

  • Quite a few at Coles Northland

  • there are some at wentworth point

  • No stock in my local one. The Manager said they have issue with supplier stock etc. Bla bla bla

  • Coles Subi for those looking from Wets Perth

  • +2

    Heaps available at forest hill, make sure you get the 32 pack not 24

  • Heaps available at Randwick Coles. They are located at the end caps instead of the usual tp section.

  • About 30 packs at Earlwood, NSW in the usual section.

  • If I buy 5 of these item, should I get 2000*5 points? Last week I bought 2 of bakery items which was 100 points each, and I got 200 points, does anyone know is it same to the bakery item? Thank you for your help!

    • I believe that you will get 2000 points each. There is nothing written anywhere which says that there is a limit in place.

      • Thank you mate! Hopefully I have these points back!

      • +1

        Hi mate, thank you for your answer, I ask the front desk person which was know about FB policy just now, she said each card per transaction can only get 2000 points even buy above one item, maybe the policy is different from each store, this policy was located in Forest Hill. Still thank you for your help mate!

        • +1

          Forest Hill staff got no clue what they are talking about.

        • +1

          They probably meant : "We know you will get bonus points for each pack, but please don't do it or don't tell anyone if you do!"

  • +5

    Please let us know if anyone gets points for multiple packs, thanks!

    • +2

      I'd be surprised if they can get points for multiple transactions unless they have multiple cards

      • +1

        Why though? In the same catalogue, they clearly say in bold typeface that there is a limit of one set of bonus points for the gift card (Google Play, etc) bonus points. If they only wanted to give away one set of bonus points for the toilet paper, laundry liquid, etc then they could have added the same condition as for the gift cards. But they didn't so the logical conclusion for the average person reading the catalogue is that there is no limit for the toilet paper, laundry liquid, etc bonus points.

        • Here and here

          • +1

            @DisabledUser27274: Not in writing. If I was those staff members I would say the same thing as well. It's the safe answer and makes the customer go away.

        • Logically u r right….practically someone needs do an experiment then we will know the result. Just incase we don’t get multiple points for multiple transactions then don’t hope it gonna be manually added by flybuys as standard t & c is “one” each card.

          • @R n b: I think if it is just 2 packs you can still try to call them to add, but if you have bought a pallet then dont hold your breath:)

  • Anyone know in terms of quality are these slightly better than Aldi 3ply extra soft or about the same?

  • just tested it, my ahole rates it 6,5/10, small roll, paper not very thick, at $3 its great but after im done with this ill go back to kleenex because my bunghole deserves the best. plenty available at sunshine plaza

  • +16

    I can now confirm that you get 2000 points per pack. I bought 6 and 12000 points just posted in my account.

    Go forth and wipe those shelves clean.

    • +1

      Wow, TP shopping. Have you tried the paper ?

      • Not yet but I now have 2 years supply so I'll get very familiar with it.

    • +2

      can you post a photo to approve it? Cause you said you bought 3 packs in your last post, in this post, you said you bought 6. What? Buy one get one free plus 2000pts?

      • +1

        I bought 3 then went back later in the day to buy another 3.

        • +1

          2 separate transactions using the same flybuys account?
          It would be great if you can post a screenshot of your flybuys activity. Thanks.

          • @TanedaR: It does give 2k pts per item, not per flybuys. I saw it somewhere else too. Stack with bonus pts offers, you maybe get paid to use them.

            Another example shows how crappy customer service, staff member are. They do not know better than shoppers.

            • @Neoika: I only get a 10,000 pts for $310 spend offer
              I don't think I have enough space for 768 rolls TP😂

        • +3

          Prove it Capsy and you will be the Dunnie Paper Hero of OZB .

          • +1

            @popsiee: Tough crowd. I already took most of the risk.

            I might post a screenshot later after I go buy another 3 packs.

            • @capslock: Don't just get 3 clear the bloody store ( or fill your ride up ) lol , but prove it so other TP entrepreneurs can join the party :)

              • @popsiee: do they still have limits on stuff or do they wait till they run out then impose them?

            • +19

              @capslock: Ok, here is a screenshot of my points.

              • @capslock: Cheers mate!

              • +1

                @capslock: Hopefully it isn't a glitch and that they've already fixed it coz i just bought 4 more haha. Didn't see anyone else in the store that had it in their trolley

                • @MeesusEff: It seems nobody wants toilet paper that bad anymore these days.
                  No fighting in aisles, but still I only took 3 and left +- 15-20 on the shelf.

        • If not the case/they rectify things (so one per flybuys account) people will be out a lot of money with overpriced toilet paper (compared to what they they might normally buy).

          • @daydream: People I think are capable of measuring risk/rewards for themselves .
            I guess not all are good at it though :)

  • +3

    Just bought another lot, let's see if I will get the bonus point.

    • Should be good but let us know.

      • Keep in mind, Coles no longer offer change of mind refunds since the start of COVID restrictions last year.

        • You can still point them to the promotion, and then they should say why they didn't apply the bonus points.
          You can also go back and say the toilet paper is not up to the standard you expect (that's not change of mind).

  • How long before the points show up?

    • +4

      next day around 4pm-10pm

    • +1

      Usually the next day, although sometimes there are delays.

  • -3

    This is not in the Qld catalogue might be NSW only

    • +6

      Seriously! It’s in the Brisbane catalog. Page 35

  • Got mine in NSW today, cheers OP. This stack is going to last us ages!

  • -2

    Coles Catalogue NSW METRO

    …soooo NSW only?

    • Seriously! It’s in the Brisbane catalog. Page 35

  • Hopefully somebody can prove a multi purchase on the same card working . As I getting my 1st today and if any proof I will have to consider grabbing an Aldi trolley( biggest one around ) and competing with the Covid TP hoarder's of how much can be got into a trolley :)

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