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Kensington VeriMark Fingerprint Authentication USB Dongle Black 5-Pack $49.67 + $7.88 Postage @ Amazon US via AU


Thanks to user 02LyW for posting the single pack last week. I picked one up.

t's currently retailing at Scorptec and PC Case Gear for $59 for a single pack (1).

** Get the driver from Kensington website directly - Verimark_Driver_v5.5.3534.1066_x64_Setup

Amazon's description:
Advanced fingerprint technology combines superior Biometric performance and 360° readability as well as anti-spoofing protection
Sign-in TO Windows with just your fingerprint, no need to remember usernames and passwords
Works in any USB a port (USB 2.0, 3.0, 3.1)
Compact design easily attaches to a standard key ring for convenient portability
Compatible with Windows Hello, Windows 10/8.1/7 computers and platforms, not compatible with Mac OS or Chrome OS

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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      Side of the monitor, many keyboards have hubs or if all else fails you can use a USB extension cable, not a big deal

      • +7

        Shhhh!!! You just told everyone where it is hidden.

        • +1

          We still need the finger…. I will get the saw.

  • +4

    Not really, some keyboards have USB ports. Users have their PC's in different locations.

    Mine is an instant login with Windows Hello.

    • HELLO

  • No free delivery

    Not eligible for Amazon Prime

  • Will try it on my monitor. It's not showing up as a Prime item for me though. Still had to pay the shipping.

  • Are these only useful for sign ins only?
    How would this work for desktops at home?

    • +1

      Some models can be used for banking and password managers.

      How would this work for desktops at home? If you are running Windows 10. They will work with Windows Hello. Setup is in the security settings.

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      pick up one of these bad boys

  • didn't know these existed! thanks OP, got one.

    edit: now that I've impulse-bought, are kensington trustworthy in this space? is any kensington software involved, or direct Windows drivers?

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        Get a clue. Nobody is 'giving' their fingerprints to anyone.

  • How does this compare to the cheaper no-name brand ones?

  • +2

    Obvious error. Price should be for one.

    Butthe code K68000WW does appear to be for a 5-pack. Good luck!

    • Comes up as $68 for me for the 5-pack but when I press buy now or add to cart it changes to $130. Trying to use the promo code you posted and get this message

      There was a problem.
      The promotional code you entered is not valid.

      Which seller is your code for? Any ideas what to do to get it for the OPs price?

  • If these are good enough to sign in can we use them for banking websites and email

    • In theory, biometric authentication is not as secure as a password. You can't change it.
      But a combination of biometric and a secret is better.

      • That makes sense. Hmm ill have to see how it works as ive never use figerprints for anything other than unlocking the phone. If i can use a combination in my browser that would be good

  • +1

    I paid roughly this for one. Works great for logging multiple family members in to Windows. I haven't got it working with anything else.

    I use it with a usb hub that sits under my monitor.

  • Edit: using classifieds

  • Thx Op. I think pretty good as a gift to some people. Hope they are not all packed in one box.

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    Cool, one for each finger.

  • +1

    How do these taste?

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    • +1


      • Don't give them any ideas for new standards.

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  • +2

    Nice find. Now I need to buy 4 more PCs….

    • +2

      use them all on one pc, multi finger authentication

  • +2

    price increase 55 now?

    • +1

      Looks like it! Also $55 here.

      • +1

        Now $60.89 + $7.88 Delivery

        • phew I bought in at 55 PP, these things are peaking faster then bitcoin BUY BUY BUY ,

          [email protected] check

          • @namanuu: Now $63.98 + $7.88 Delivery

            Total $15 increase in 15 minutes. $1 a minute…

            • @Freezies: Now $68.96 + $7.88 Delivery

              • @Freezies: Now $129.26 + $7.88 Delivery. I'd say it's over.

              • @Freezies: Shows as $68.96 + $7.88 for me too but when I press add to cart it changes to $130 + $7.88. not sure what I'm doing wrong.

          • +2

            @namanuu: WSBs are betting on this now?!

  • -2

    Works in any USB a port (USB 2.0, 3.0, 3.1)

    I can't see the USB C version

    • +10

      It literally says USB A right there…

      • But my laptop only has USB C

  • +1

    Nice, five for five fingers 🖐️

  • +3

    Quick search found
    Isn't 5x is overcapitalising?

  • +1

    If anyone wants to sell me one in Melbourne, I’m up to buy 1. Assuming it actually ships as this looks to be a price error?

    • +1

      Same here. For this price I'd be happy to pay for it :)

  • +2

    $129.26$141.88 now!

    Hope us people who ordered at original price still get them.

  • Anybody that got a 5 pack wanna sell me one ? :)

  • "Anti-spoofing protection". The digital headache.

  • I have just received mine from the post. It was only a single unit item and not a 5-pack as described. Returning it right now.

    • +1

      How did you receive it so quickly? This is shipped from the US..

      • I paid for Priority International Delivery. Only $10 more and I didn't have to wait for weeks. I thought if it was a 5-pack paying the extra $10 is still a great bargain.

        What I have found on the back of the box was a barcode with the model K68000WW printed on a sticker label covering the original barcode.
        It is obvious that K68000WW is the correct model number for the 5-pack product. But why or whoever put that label on I could not figure it out.

  • Like Mr Bargain i received mine today and they were all single packs. I've made a complaint and submitted it for return. Postage is refundable also and you just drop it off into a box so end result won't cost me anything but a bit of time/disappointment.

  • Also got mine today - single unit. Can't be bothered returning it so I guess I have a new toy.

    • Contact Amazon. I managed to get a full refund AND got to keep it.

      As it ships from the US, I'd have to think their logistics overheads for returning it made it cheaper to let me keep it.

  • From Amazon tracking - Carrier Delay - Operational/Capacity Related
    CA US

  • +2

    Just received mine. As others have said - I got a single pack, and not the "5-Pack 5-Pack" in the title of the item as listed on Amazon.

    I contacted Amazon support. They offered a full refund on return. I pushed a little (and am a Prime subscriber). They gave me a full refund without having to return the one they sent. So I guess I got a VeriMark USB Fingerprint dongle for $0.

    • +1

      Got mine today (single pack too). Just wondering vaguely what you said to support to let you keep it?

      • +1

        Never mind, rang them and that was the first option they offered me.

        • +1

          same here! they immediately processed the refund and said i could keep (or dispose of lol) the one i had

  • If anyone is installing this and getting a "device cannot start (code 10)" you need a different driver.

  • Received single unit here today too

  • Its $41 delivered with prime here so it is not worth keeping even if you just want one.

  • +1

    Wow. I just have to say it. Amazon customer service absolutely S#!ts all over eBay! Same as others. Received a single pack. Before checking this post I clicked for a phone call from Amazon. Phone rang within 3 seconds. Spoke to a real person. Offered me full refund due to misleading product description and said can to keep the item. All sorted within minutes. Honestly, how good is that!

    • +1

      Qquakka I totally agree with you. Had a bad experience with the eBay support team. I was on the phone with them for over an hour on a delivery damaged product (it could be even from the seller originally, as they refused to give me a full refund). The support guy from eBay agreed to give me a refund while on the phone and after a few days they refused to refund me. That's why now I no longer buy from eBay.

    • +1

      Couldn't agree more. I ordered two, they gave me refunds for both and told me to keep it. Had to deal with eBay earlier as a seller still hasn't posted an item I ordered in Jan - to which I was told that it's now outside of eBay money back guarantee and needs to be claimed through PayPal. PayPal doesn't deal with eBay giftcards so now it needs to get escalated to a manager at eBay. All for a refund on an item that hasn't even shipped wtf! Took nearly 2 hours and still no outcome.

  • I could only get a partial refund. I guess even after spending a few thousand the last 3 months im not their valued customer. Still a good deal tho.

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