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TaoTronics BH085 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones - $74.99 Delivered @ Sunvalley via Amazon AU


Shipped from Amazon with free delivery. I bought a previous model of their earphones and love this brand: comfortable headphones, pretty good sound quality and ANC effect.

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  • I have a pair of these and can confirm, comfy as. I wear glasses and there's very little ear pressure.

  • hmm looks good too bad not touch control
    this still better on paper but not sure about the plastic quality comparison between them
    (also has ambient mode pass through)

  • I own the earlier TT model, BH-22. It is fantastic, above average sound quality, and very comfortable, even for long periods of time wearing glasses. The BH-22 battery life is amazing, it's like twice as long as the advertised amount of time, even after 3 years of use.

    I'd buy this sale, but fortunately my previous purchase is still as-new.

  • Bottom line good value for money. You have to spend around $300 to do better.

  • Another thing I like is that the ANC is independent of the power. On occasion, there is a lot of (brief) noise and I'm able to get some silence without turning on the TV or music. Might not be a thing for everyone.
    Something I don't like is that the connection can be really flaky, even when fully charged. They will drop out every 5 minutes then reconnect but the song on the music app (YT Music) has paused and needs to be restarted. Anyone else see this, on cans or YT or combination?

    • No issues with dropouts for me. Love that you can have BT on and no ANC. Something my Sony XM3s can't do.

    • I don't have drop-outs either, message sun valley and tell them about the issues

  • Bought a pair of these last week.. they're decent quality. I do own NC700's and QC35's, the sound quality and ANC is decent for what you pay. Definitely recommend.

  • Thanks, op… order placed

  • Which is better, the Taotronics or this Edifier:
    [Edifier W828NB] (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/606306)

  • I have the BH090's for TV watching while Mrs is working. The battery life is fantastic - for my usage (60-90 minutes a day) I charge once a month.

  • I bought these on special, at same price.
    Great headphones, music is excellent.
    ANC works ok
    excellent value for money

  • Do these have aptx-ll (low latency) ?
    Sometimes they leave it off the spec as its not widely known about or supported (without a transmitter)

    • No. Mine from April 2020 deal did not have LL. Not sure on the latest version, but i doubt it…

    • Nope. The BH055 is the only model with both hybrid ANC and Aptx..But never sold to Australia, so you need to get them imported. Unfortunately now discontinued. I believe the BH90 has aptx, but just normal ANC (not hybrid ANC)..

  • Great headphones, amazing service by Sunvalley if you ever have any issues.

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    I was wondering how these compare to the BH090 (which there was a now-expired bargain a few days ago) and found this:

  • are these good for mobile or PC calls?

  • I work on ride on lawnmower so I was looking for good quality noise cancellation… would these fit the bill? Is there a figure in specifications that will tell me the reduction of noise from outside?

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      Normally they tell u decibel noise cancelling, but I'll tell u from personal experience they're OK. Definitely quieten background noise, but ANC is half as good as XM4's for example. So basically your lawnmower will become a bit quieter but you'll still hear it even with music playing. When I'm on the office and turn on ANC without music, peoples' speech goes from understandable words to murmurs. That's enough for me cos if I can't understand their words they don't interrupt my train of thought, but if you really hate the sound of a lawnmower, get XM4s

    • For the lawnmower, you really do need top of the line noise cancelling. Bose based their commercial products on early work with airline pilots, and providing headsets that reduced airplane 'drone' to reduce their fatigue.

      That being said, I think a lawnmower is lower frequency, and you'll probably find a lot of the noise is being transmitted into your body and to your ears that way. I'm no expert though, so if you've heard of a working option, go for that.

  • $67.49 now.

  • $89.99 (- $10 coupon) now?