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Nacon CL-750 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard $95 (Was $169) + Delivery (Free C&C/In-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Not sure if it’s a good keyboard but the sale price seems interesting.

Might bite the bullet for the home ‘office’ setup!

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  • Word of warning re: mech keyboards

    I have a logitech that I love using, but often get people complaining about how loud the noise is when I type and am off mute. If you are on conf calls a lot a noisy mech kb may be a bad idea…

    Also note that I am not swapping this keyboard out. They can suffer!

    • I get the same complaints, but I don't care :P

      They can suffer under the might of Razer (they are really loud)

    • You could try using o-rings on each stem (which makes the typing feel bit mushy), or get a keyboard that has quieter switches like MX Silent Red or Silent Black.

      Though this says it is a blue switch, likely going to be noisy regardless of whether you have a o-ring or not. Blue switches are normally clicky switches.

    • Just don't type when you're speaking and mute your mic at other times when you're listening in - this has been the unwritten rule where I work since COVID hits and all meetings went virtual

      • Same here. We've also made a point of reminding people that when they're tapping on their keyboard during the meeting it means they're not paying attention, which would be analogous to scrolling through Facebook on your phone while sitting in the boardroom. That kind of brought 'em up short, and the tapping stopped very soon afterwards.

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      They can suffer!

      let them eat cake clack?

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    Blue switches and no number pad. Good for gaming and typing but no good for work, especially if you're on a call when typing.

    • Are you heavily dependent on a number pad?

      I’m considering dropping it as I don’t spreadsheet crunch and would love a bit more room!

      Any other critique for work use?

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        I make skype calls so having a number pad makes me efficient at work.

        I recommend red silent switches but alot of ppl dont like it (feels like you are typing on a pillow).

      • No num pad means you can move your mouse closer to the keyboard and it's significantly more comfortable for long periods !
        It's a trade I gladly make for no num pad 👍

      • I'm typing in IP addresses all the day long so a numpad is essential for me. I'm also a left-mouser, so I'm fortunate enough I can position the mouse plenty close enough for comfort.

  • can someone recommend a good keyboard for typing fast and not too loud (no gaming) ?

  • +2 votes

    are we going to completely ignore that enter key?

    • or the split spacebar, ugh.

    • It's the UK keyboard layout with the large enter key.

      The US version has the smaller enter key.

      So if you buy this just make sure you set the operating system to UK keyboard layout.

  • Take note it is a UK layout

  • Honestly, the $29 kogan mechanical keyboard uses genuine outemu switches, and the only fault i can give it, is that at max brightness, apparently people have led's fail.

    I run mine at half brightness, and all are still great.

    Outemu is actually my pick of switches.

    Cheery got worse to meet a cost
    Kailh seem to wear out oddly quickly.

    I only have 2 hands, why do I own like 5 mechanical keyboards, lol.

    I just HAD to try all the switches didnt I? sigh

    G915 soon. But not at full price.