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Dell Inspiron 15 3505 (Ryzen 5 3450U 8GB RAM 256GB SSD FHD Win10) - $599.20 ($584.22 with eBay Plus) @ Dell eBay



So I was considering some Chromebooks as I wanted a cheap laptop for travel.

It looks like the Chromebooks with the new AMD processors are not yet available, and the older generation were not on specials.

Besides, I prefer something with a bigger screen, full size SD card reader is also a nice little bonus.

This one is great for my purposes. Good *VA screen but no keyboard backlight. I think pricewise it is not more expensive than similarly specs Chromebooks if not cheaper.

Since it is sold via ebay there is a chance to use the discounted gift cards as well.

Original Coupon Deal

P.S. Note that ETA delivery is about a month.

P.P.S. It has been on this deal before, some discussion here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/600722

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  • Or this one @ $428.22 after the 22% code if you have eBay plus

  • Posted elsewhere but will try in this Dell Ebay post.
    Son started uni this week and makes content for Wii games using 3d apps.
    I've been thinking a16GB laptop with GPU, i5/i7 and possibly up to $1500 might be the go.

    Wondering if this fits the bill or too much to lug around.

    Any suggestions ?
    Thank you

    • Me personally, I prefer the AMD processors for the current generations, regardless whether in budget or mid range sectors Ryzens are very good.

      • That's the problem with relying on brand and not noticing the tricky naming of AMD mobile CPUs.

        Ryzen 5 3450U is Zen+ based tech, not Zen 2 tech (so technically, it is 2 gens behind current gen AMD). So for that particular generation, it is Global Foundry's 12nm. While AMD did go for 4c/8t combo, it is still no match of intel's 4c/8t combo. If this is 4xxxU series / Zen 2 (tsmc 7nm) based or 5xxxU / Zen 3 based, then it is a different story.

        This is a low cost setup for people who are really cost sensitive, after a budget setup and don't really care about current gen performance. 802.11ac "1x1" WiFi on this laptop is another clear indication that Dell did try to lower the cost as much as possible. HDMI 1.4, USB 3 gen 1 ports: further indications this is really a budget model.

        • hey mate, what would you recommend?

          • @BL1TZKRE1G: Haven't been checking laptops lately. Normally, I reckon 13 inch laptops are better (15 inch ones are too heavy). 15 inch ones, they are less mobile, so generally prefer them to have sufficient power to do more heavy lifting work.

            Need to know what you are after. If you have mates who know a bit about tech / laptops, ask them (as they probably know what you need). Be careful when checking:

            • CPU = do check properly, the model numbers nowadays are confusing to make sense.
            • USB 3.2 gen 1 = USB 3.0.
            • 802.11ac "1x1" WiFi: the worst type of Wireless AC.
            • HDMI 1.4: 4K is limited to 30Hz (if supported). 2K high refresh rate not supported.
            • Windows 10 Home S (default option): can only install apps from Microsoft store.

            This laptop feels like a 2017 laptop (with a cheapo WiFi, but I guess you do get bluetooth 5 it seems).

            • @netsurfer: Windows 10 home s can be changed to normal windows with one click no?

            • @netsurfer: So, what would you recommend?

              From your comments one gets the impression that the subject laptop is bad, but you do not offer any alternative.

              In my opinion it is great - cheap chromebook alternative with better versatility. You do not pay for the features you do not need.

              CPU = may be a bit weak but would not matter for light use.

              USB 3.2 gen 1 = USB 3.0. - 3.0, so what? a little bit slower. Lots of modern day mobiles still have 2.0!

              802.11ac "1x1" WiFi: the worst type of Wireless AC. - still offers 433 Mbps which is more than 4x than the fastest (consumer) NBN.

              HDMI 1.4: 4K is limited to 30Hz (if supported). 2K high refresh rate not supported. - One really needs an Nvidia shield (that's what I use) or similar for a good 4k. Even powerful laptops suck at this.

              Windows 10 Home S (default option): can only install apps from Microsoft store. - not a problem for me.

              What may be really bad about it is the chasis quality. I had a Dell 7559 from a couple of years ago which was a higher end machine and the chasis is just crap - the hinges, the display cable etc. It is just falling apart. Even my friend who has Alienware still had similar problems! I don't know if other brands are as flimsy. But the price is hard to beat…

              • @Musiclover: It's not a bad laptop given as it's close to people looking at chromebook (spec) prices. On the previous deal they sent out 512GB and better CPU. All in all its good bang for buck value imo.

        • "…for people who are really cost sensitive"

          Well that's everyone around here ;-)

          (appreciate your comments though :-) )

          • @jcozb: So, just chop my comment to make fun? There were 3 things mentioned, the other two were: after a budget setup and don't really care about current gen performance.

            The other two conditions are just as important, if not more important than cost sensitive.

    • Off topic but I want to know more about this:

      …"makes content for Wii games using 3d apps."

      I had no idea that was a thing.

    • This laptop is quite heavy to lug around. Plus the battery life is terrible since it's a gaming laptop. So probably no good for your soon if he's looking to take it to uni.

  • Just purchased this on the last deal at 22% off. Ordered 1st Feb and delivered 12th Feb.
    Specs for laptop are different… What I received had the Ryzen 5 3500U and a 512GB SSD.

  • What am I doing wrong? I can't get the 20% with either of teh above codes, price stays at $750 for me. "This code can't be applied to your order." on entering the coupons on eBay's checkout form (pita that you have to get to there before entering…).

    Is the 599 also only eB+?


    Also, presume VA screen, anyone know? and brightness?

  • Approx rated battery life in hours? Cant seem to find it.

  • It just arrived, a little feedback.
    The specs are as per docs, no upper specs (i.e., 256 GB and 3450U).
    For some reason, I was missing a chasis bolt at the bottom.
    It has a standard bay for an HDD or full size SSD and a spare memory slot.
    Otherwise, as expected.