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120GB 365-Day Pre-Paid SIM Only Plan $129 (Was $150) Delivered @ Coles Mobile


Not as good as $120 in dec 2020 but I was looking for the kids - one of the most reasonable offers for long expiry prepaid SIM I can currently find.

I don’t have info when deal ends.

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  • What network?

    • Coles Mobile is powered by the Optus 4G Plus network, which reaches 97.3% of the Australian population and is available in all capital cities and over 700 regional towns.

      • My current one will expire on 15/1/2022. Should I buy this and can it be used on 15/1/2022, does it have a activation expiry date??

        Do you guys think it will only get cheaper and better by the end of the year?

        • Their terms and conditions say;

          "Activate within 30 days of purchase or by the date advertised on a promotion to receive offer inclusions advertised."

          So…. probably 30 days to activate? Their wording confuses me. Which I will admit is not difficult to do.

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      optus but probably without full access because I get really low reception almost everywhere in Brisbane, already regret in my 2nd month

  • Catch connect is $120 if you don't need overseas calls - same network and UNIDAYS additional discount available.

    • Catch 120GB unlimited calls 365 days can be got for $101 using Cashrewads. See below.

  • Good network, I have been using this for 4 months and didn't had any issues. totally worth buying it. But you need wifi at home and at work if you use a lot of data.

    • How did you activate the SIM card? Actually it requires bank card details which I don't prefer to put them their especially I may use it for just one year. Could I use a prepaid of gift card instead? Thanks.

  • Thanks OP! Can I just walk into Coles and buy a physical sim or do I need to buy online and wait for 1-2 weeks to get it in mail? Cos I need a sim in less than 1 week…my boost is coming to an end… Cheers

    • Yes you can go in store, I recommended this for my elderly parents whose boost sim expires in 3 days. They went to the local coles and picked up a sim for this price.

    • Thanks! Always try to buy in store. Online orders can get significant delays which I’ve experienced before (with Boost mobile)

  • Does anyone know of any similar priced deals for the Telstra network?

    Approximately this time last year I bought the boost 365-day package for about the same price and the same data is above. Sadly it's no longer that price.

    • Not 355 days but a Belong starter pack will give you 3 months with a referral code.

      Belong $25 Starter Pack for $10 @ Coles
      Belong $40 Starter Pack for $20 @ Coles

      • Thanks, hard to argue with those metrics.

      • I was with Belong for 2 months then cut it away. I noticed significant latency with messages and poor reception, albeit still better than Optus and Voda in my area. Back with Boost now and all is good. I know they are both serviced through the Telstra network but Boost is far better in my area (3km from Syd CBD)

    • If your Boost $150 plan has not expired, you can still recharge the same $150 plan via app only.

      • Yes but you will only get 80gb.

        • Is Boost still even operating? My 12 month prepaid just expired got no offer to stay in the prior 2 weeks, none of the pages 'recharge','my offers', 'history" etc etc load in the app. The webpage say the easiest way to contact us is via message "Simply click the Message us button above" but there is no message button!?
          From my end looks like they are doing a ghostie, that or at least they don't want anymore business.

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      Woolworths mobile uses the (wholesale) Telstra network and is similarly priced.

  • New customers only :(

  • Can you activate anytime?

  • can I move my phone number to this from Optus?

  • Does the SIM allow for WIFI calling?

  • $104 for 120GB unlimited calls 365 days at Catch if you use Cashrewards 15% off today.
    And can port direct from Optua.

  • Moved from boost to Coles. The difference is not pleasant. Boost is better in my case.

  • Wish it was $10 cheaper to match its lowest price but not bad deal anyway. Great value! Thanks, OP.

  • Does anyone know if it is possible to buy now and activate in March when my current yearlong thing from another provider runs out??

  • Can this be used in a cellular iPad as a data only sim ?

    • Yes but Kogan 60GB 90 days $14.90 works out cheaper over a year & has more data if you don't mind voda reception.

      • You cannot recharge after 3months and no international calling on that

        • I was replying to a member who needs a data sim for an iPad, so the idea is you turn off "auto recharge" then after 90 days toss the sim and buy another one.

          Regardless network providers are worse than banks & insurance companies when it comes to how they treat existing customers. It's rarely a good option to just recharge these days. If you're not sim slutting you're doing it wrong.

  • Is coles mobile customer better or worse than Optus or others?

    • Most of the customers are pretty cheap honestly, I know a few people who have worked in their call centers.

      Id rate the quality of the customer as worse; or perhaps just a little more "simple" ….

      Why though? Considering a job in a call center?

    • Oops I meant to type customer service …

  • No e-sim for Coles Mobile.

  • sorry a bit off-topic, is there still non-Telstra $2 simcards that I can port into without recharging?