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[Refurb] iPhone 12 Pro Max 128GB $1649, Pro 128GB $1499, Mini 64GB $979 Posted, iTunes $30 Gift Card for $24 (OOS) @ Phonebot


Weve managed to get some more discounted itune $30 gift cards at 20% off. Online delivery by Saturday. One per customer only

Apple iTune $30 Card $24 (online only) (one per customer) SOLD OUT

Open Box Activated iPhone 12 Pro Max 128gb - Under Apple Wty till Jan 2022 $1649

Like New iPhone 12 Pro 128gb - Under Apple Wty till Nov 2021 $1499

Like New iPhone 12 Mini 64gb - Under Apple Wty till Nov 2021 $979

Grade A iPhone 12 64gb Under Apple Wty till Oct 2021 $1129

iPhone 12 devices are not hardware refurbished only change of mind returns

All orders placed today will be shipped by Monday with signature on delivery. Please contact 0394626936 (whatsapp enabled) if you have any queries regarding your order or use the messenger icon on the website or email us at support at phonebot com au. Stay safe and look after each other

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  • Hi Rep. Will your iphones be covered under ACL after Apple warranty? As in are they Aussie stock?

    • As an Australian retailer, Phonebot is legally required to provide you a two year statutory warranty on new phones (which they sell as well as refurbs). It doesn’t matter where the stock came from.

      Refurb phones would be covered by a statutory warranty too via the seller, but for a reduced period. Stock marked as “as new” or “unused open box”, with only a modest discount on price, should legally be covered for close to the original ACL period by the seller.

      Apple allows you to claim on the statutory warranty directly via them for AU stock to make life easier for their users, but legally, the responsibility is actually with the place of purchase.

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        Just bought the same phone for my brother from JB hi-fi and they said it has only 1 year of warranty. When I asked them about the 2 year warranty they answered by suggesting Apple care+. Idk why they lie to their customers.

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    Gnostic Hymn x 2

  • Where are you sourcing these change of mind returns from? I don't see any iPhone 12 phones being sold as brand new.

  • Had an absolutely horrendous experience with regards to purchasing iTunes gift cards from this company last time.

    After trying to contact support multiple times (over 5 times over several days) my online delivery of the digital iTunes gift card was delayed for some reason.

    I hope my case was an isolated issue but I would absolutely not recommend purchasing from this company.

    After trying to also reach out to reps / customer service for explanation and to pass on feedback, I’ve received nil feedback.

      • The gift card was delivered several days late with no communication from your team whatsoever, after having contacted your team on 5 separate occasions on different platforms (calling, Facebook, WhatsApp etc) with no success.

        It’s a good deal, to be sure, but the advertised timeframe for the delivery is misleading and doesn’t make sense (especially for a digital gift card purchase).

        • -11 votes

          I can check from order history that 10 gift cards were sent one day late and 4 gift cards were sent 2 day late than the advertised time frame. Can you plz pm the screenshot or some proof with no communication on multiple platforms so I can escalate this poor form from the cust serv team and have this issue addressed.

  • +3 votes

    Poor form. 64 clicks and already sold out of iTunes cards. No wonder I never seem to get one from these deals.

  • iTunes Gift Card OOS, same as last time.

  • Lol obvious iTunes card clickbait to advertise the iPhone deals. If they sell out so quickly, why bother advertising it on OzB?

    • +12 votes

      If they sell out so quickly, why bother advertising it on OzB?

      It gets the upvote count up really quickly, then after the cards are SOLD OUT, the deal cannot be set to SOLD OUT because the phones are still available…

      Very sneaky….

  • I can save some money on my tax debt with these! Thanks

  • stupid marketing clickbait scam, 10 gift cards total this time I'm guessing?

  • All orders placed today will be shipped by Thursday with signature on delivery

    Today's Thursday? Are you saying all orders placed today will be sent today?

    • -1 vote

      iv fixed this

    • This is exactly what it said last time. I received my order much, much later, after numerous attempts to contact them about my order. They’ve obviously copied and pasted this exact same post like last time. As others have pointed out, more than likely a click bait approach to lure in potential buyers for higher margin items.

  • Your cheap advertising trick won’t work well if your deal gets neg’d a lot.

  • Seems suss

  • This doesn't feel right… Need greater transparency. The answers given clearly avoid the questions asked.

  • Yeah, nah. Questions not being answered and the store rep is being snarky at people asking questions too.

    • -4 votes

      Yes because i finished work for the day

      • No, you're dancing around questions and being snarky at the same time.

        • -3 votes

          Your free to form an opinion and i can only deal with enough bs for one day. Discounted gift cards are sourced from suppliers just like woolies and coles does it. Please goto the counter at woolies next time and ask where these gc's were acquired from and how come they are discounted.
          With regards to warranty, its clearly stated on the product page and iv mentioned it in the deal description as well

  • Dubious business. Enquired about a refurbished iPhone with 2 years warranty. And when questioned what warranty, they said the warranty is to be claimed via the ACL route. Deceptive advertising.

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      Sorry even Apple advertises the phones with 1 year warranty. Whats deceptive here?

      • they said the warranty is to be claimed via the ACL route

        If this is the answer provided by any company, I would cease any further business with said company.

  • Last time I got a refurbished phone from this lot it was rooted and had adware on it— ads coming up every few minutes. I had to flash it with a non-standard image. Not a huge issue. But annoying.

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      Gday mate. Normally our phones are not rooted and running standard OS. Since they are preowned/refurbs the previous user must have had a crack at it. Sorry for the inconvenience

  • Store rep avoiding questions and snarky comments.

    How many iTunes giftcards did you obtain for this promotion?

  • Look they are definitely using the iTunes cards as a loss leader to advertise the deals of the iPhones here.

    But why does that matter? Aldi does the same with their TVs, eBay with their plus deals. And so on…

  • I do not recommend purchasing a phone from this company.
    I had an issue with a faulty phone that took forever to sort out, and I was not happy with the resolution.

    • -2 votes

      Gday im sorry about your experience. Were always working hard to address customer grievances. You can always pm me and ill personally follow it up

  • I prefer to buy new phones from China. The price of the iPhone is high in Australia.

    For example. Like New iPhone 12 Mini 64gb - Under Apple Wty till Nov 2021(phonebot.com.au) $979

    In China. The brand new iPhone 12 mini 64bg is around AU$950

  • Just received my iTunes card/code - great deal for those that managed to see the deal early enough to take advantage! Thanks OP

  • Hey OP when will gift cards be delivered?

    • Hi plz chk ur email. All of them were sent on Saturday. Plz chk junk mail or pm ur order number


  • I can see a lot of people are mad about this Itunes Giftcard deal.
    Lucky me, I managed to purchase 2 Itunes GC from this store in 2 different deals.
    But of course, I missed around 3 or 4 times.
    I think this is similar to the airpod ebay plus deals.
    Each time, 100 units were sold with 30s or may be 1 minute max.
    I blame OZ members for being too good at their fingers!

  • about to pull trigger for iPhone 12 Pro Max for 1649, def not paying for it if not AU stock