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Xiaomi Curved Gaming Monitor 34" 144hz WQHD 3440*1440 US$379.99 (~A$478.88) AU Stock Delivered @ Banggood AU


Update 1: Coupon has been renewed so have removed expiry.
Update 2: Coupon has reached the limit of 100 redemptions.

Great price for the Xiaomi Gaming Monitor, AU Stock and 1 week delivery.

  • Resolution: 3440*1440
  • Display ratio: 21:9
  • Screen curvature: 1500R
  • Refresh rate: 144Hz
  • Response time: 4ms
  • Color gamut: 85% NTSC
  • Color: 16.7 million
  • Contrast: 3000:1
  • Brightness: 300cd/m2
  • Single window;
  • left and right split screen;
  • picture in picture mode

2 x HDMI 2.0
2 x DP1.4 interface
1 x AUDIO interface
1 x AC IN power cord interface

To get price in title:

  • Apply coupon BGAU759 & remove shipping insurance at checkout

Note: Title prices include GST. Approximated AUD price, based on today's MasterCard rates, paying in USD.

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  • I can only get it down to $503.65?

  • Any info on warranty? Only can see an image that says 1 year, but nothing else…

    • Yeah the Australian warranty is 2 years. Ignore the image.

      • where in the page says it is 2 years warranty? honest question

        • Not there. But on the Xiaomi AU web site warranty page it states that all Xiaomi products purchased from authorised marketplace sellers come with a 2 year warranty. Now if Banggood is an authorised seller.

          "This Limited Product Warranty applies to all Xiaomi products purchased from Authorized Marketplace Sellers for twenty-four (24) months from the date of receipt of shipment (‘Limited Warranty Period’) except for sporting goods and Viomi products which limited to twelve (12) months from the date of receipt of shipment."


          • @hollykryten: thanks; so it might only come with a 1-year warranty then?
            As we are not sure whether Banggood is an authorised seller or not…

            Although can it be extended more with ACL?

    • Mine just arrived, can't power it up.

  • Been eyeing this monitor for a long time and bought it at around this price point a month ago. So glad I did. As we all know, this is a brilliant monitor for its price. Advice I can give is make sure if you are not using the included Display Port cable, that your cable is Display Port 1.4, otherwise you wont be able to run it at 144Hz.

    • I'm using the supplied DP and I seem to be getting 120Hz (?).

      Would there be much difference between 120 vs 144Hz?


      • On integrated graphics, I would imagine you're not gaming, so it wouldn't make much of a difference. If you had a dedicated GPU and are aiming for high framerate gaming, you may or may not notice a difference. Personally I don't notice a difference in game between 100Hz and 144Hz, but everyone is different. I run @ 144Hz cause I like to see the higher number (sounds silly, but that's it lol).

      • to add to this the reason your max would be 120hz is your DP input on your integrated graphics will be DP 1.2. Both inputs need to be DP 1.4 (plus a DP1.4 cable) to have 144hz

      • You probably need to put it in the other DP. Try DP 2 :)
        Otherwise it could be your DP output capped at 1.2 or below which will limit the screen to 120hz.

    • so what you mean is, I should get a DisplayPort 1.4 cable instead of using the supplied DisplayPort cable?

    • A good quality cable makes a difference. I have this monitor and it wasn't until I changed the cable to a new better quality that my screen tearing went away. With the old cable I was getting horizontal screen tearing every 30 seconds.

    • Lucky. I'm stuck with a Xiaomi 34" curved that displays nothing but a black screen.
      Can confirm I'm using the provided DisplayPort cable.
      Waiting for Gearbite to receive stock before they can exchange.

      Semi-regretting not going Samsung now.

  • If it's AU stock why quote the price in US$? bang-not-very-good.

  • How long is the delivery?

  • duh i have LG 29" wide but still tempted by this

  • FYI

    "Notice:The plug included in the package is a Chinese standard plug , please equip an adapter for use."

  • This is a great monitor. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/581689 for settings discussion

  • If only it had USB C. That would be the dream

  • Great monitor but it seems to really struggle at 144hz with a significant amount of ghosting even with overdrive correction, bumping it down to 120hz however and the problem with ghosting is gone in 99% of cases and frankly I couldn't see the difference if I tried.

    However for people who want as high a refresh rate as possible, its something to keep in mind.

  • Would any other stores price match Banggood?

    • A lot of stores wont price match a coupon code. So you would be asking to price match pre-coupon price.

  • This or the Samsung G5 34inch ultrawide for $720… aaaand just bought the G5

    • Just FYI I've got the 34" xiaomi (300 nits) and have brightness at 100% and want it to be brighter. Not sure if it matters to you but the G5 looks to be 250 nits.

  • Hey guys anyone using this with a PS5 ? If yes let me know your thoughts.

    • I wouldn't. Ps5 doesn't do 1440p let alone wide-screen it's gonna be upscale for sure or stretched.

      Get a 16:9 1080p or 4k with Ps5 but most budget monitors right now don't have hdmi 2.1 for 120hz.

      Samsung q70t if you want 120hz or Dell 4k 27/32 if you don't care about high refresh

  • hey guys, would this be a good match for coding/office work? I do not game on my system.

    • Overkill probably but the size might be big enough for two windows comfortably side by side

      • +1 for 2 windows side by side. I went from having a 32" 1440p and a 32" 1080p side by side to not even using the 1080p monitor anymore.

    • I have 34” ultrawide.

      Plenty of space for three big windows open eg web, Word, email etc.

  • When's the Kmart stock back? They had monitors going for $450

    • $450 was the clearance price with limited stock. According to comments in that deal it won't be restocked.

  • Coupon expired now… there’s a limit of 50 users only

  • sigh, their loss

  • They are cancelling orders now. :(

  • I’ve got this monitor and it’s really good for the price but don’t expect to compare it to a wide screen that costs $2000

  • Just curious, where do people keep finding these random Banggood coupons?

  • General question….do you need a graphics card to drive this monitor? Or will integrated graphics do?

    Not that I’d be gaming on it, just wanting a curved 34” for work/office use.

  • Of course this was ozbargained.

    Can anyone tell me how this compares to the kogan 34 inch please?

  • This or Dell S3221QS for $428, will use for work and media playback. Any recommendations ?

    • I was looking at that too, I'm wanting to know if anyone is using this one with a PS5. Love to know what they think.

    • 32" is 2 inches taller
      34" is 3 inches wider

      16:9 is still better for youtube/TV shows
      21:9 for movies

      Refresh rate is moot since you're not gaming.

      Dell has more resolution hence more real estate and sharper text. This can show more content compared to wide albeit at smaller fonts, if you scale to 150% or so your real estate is back to a 1440p monitor.

      Xiaomi has a wider viewing area so split screen would be more comfortable than dell.

      • Thanks! Helps a lot

        Would have ordered xiaomi but looks like I’ve missed out. Coupon has reached 100 device limit.

  • should i buy this just for productivity ? dont do any gaming

  • It looks tempting. Please advice guys, compared to this one

    I still cannot make up my mind.

    • Price talks man

    • Picture quality or fps?
      Can you live without 144hz?

      Have you looked at the Acer nitro xv0 34"? 34" wqhd that does 144hz best of both worlds

      Edit: seems kogan is releasing a 34" wqhd 144hz monitor as well for $699, interesting

    • Thanks for the dell link, looks the Dell model better than the Xiaomi one:
      - comes with USB-C - future proof and looks neat-er
      - IPS screen thus sharper
      - Dell is 'rounder' (1900R), thus it'll be a more immerse feeling…I think….
      - built-in KVM to control two computers

      although not sure whether the additional $349 can justify Dell…

    • Thanks for all comments, I just gave it a go with Xiaomi. I had a good impression with their products, had a handheld vacuum V9, it is still quite good after couple years. I was just on time with other things Xiaomi sound bar ($102) and a monitor lamp too.
      Dell looks better and PIP/PBP is a great feature too, which I am using at work with LG monitor.
      Yeah, Xiaomi is almost half price $455 vs $830.
      if my budget is allowed, I would go with Dell

  • Thanks to OP. The coupon was renewed.

    Was able to order AU stock for AU$488.89 now.

    Cashback is tracked - $34.61 bringing it close to $450 deal of kmart…sweet!

  • the ultrawide is great. tho comparing to my 2015 27-inch (diagonal) Retina display with IPS technology;, VA does feel different, kinda a downgrade
    next monitor will be IPS again

  • 100 coupon use limit reached?

  • Seems 100 coupons limit has reached just over night. :(

  • Anyone know if this monitor has automatic input detection? I.e. it detects which input is active if you run multiple computers through the monitor