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NBA League Pass 50% off for Remainder of Season - $114 Australia/ $30 (via South Africa VPN) / $27 (via Argentina VPN)


It is the time of the year again. NBA League Pass at 50% off. $114.99 if you enrol in Australia, or $30 (enrol via South Africa VPN - R349.99), or $27 (enrol via Argentina VPN - ARS$1900.00). Take your pick.

Enrolment via Argentina may require VPN also to view.

I am sure that there are other countries that are even cheaper. Then again I cannot be bothered to check.


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  • VPN required to watch or only for sign up?

  • I'm not certain, but I think Indian LP might be the cheapest of the lot

    • When I was using that a few years back it required a vpn to watch unsure if that is still the case. Honestly if you don't need the ability to watch replays just watching streams is fine.

      • correct.. if you sign up via India, you need to connect to the VPN everytime you want to watch. If you sign up through South America, you only need the VPN for sign up

        • I just signed using a VPN through Argentina. Turned off the VPN, and the app says I have no subscriptions. When I go in through the browser with a VPN it says I do. Am I doing something wrong?

      • Everyone should be using a VPN anyway. It's like $2 a month

        • I 100% agree and pay more for ExpVpn, however this is Ozbargain, where people will order a $100 gift card for $98.50

      • Yes, that is what I'm doing right now.

        Since I have VPN anyways, doesn't matter whether I turn it on to watch.

        If you don't currently have VPN and have no plan to subscribe to a VPN plan, then it is better to trial a VPN to just sign up through South Africa.

        The price for India is less than 20 AUD (999INR, which is around 18AUD) for the full season when I signed up back in Dec.

        The saving for the season league pass alone already paid for the VPN.

        • What do you recommend for the free VPN trial to sign up via Argentina? TIA

          • @sigplay: Yes, if you do not plan to subscribe VPN for long term, then I would definitely suggest doing a VPN trial to sign up.

            However, depending on your VPN provider, NBA.com might be able to identify that it is a VPN connection and might not let you sign up, say, as Argentina account, so not all VPNs are equal.

            • @muddrex: I tried Windscribe but it doesnt look like their free trial allows me to connect to Argentina. I will try others

              • @sigplay: ExpressVPN worked for me but I signed up for their 30day money back guarantee trial instead of the free 7day one. Not sure if it would work for the free 7 day trial

  • I did this last year
    it works and everything
    but I can't cancel the subscription
    does anyone know how to cancel the automatic yearly payment?

    • If you paid via paypal, there is an option for automatic payments in your paypal account, if not then got to contact nba support

    • There's parts I really hate about this app. It's certainly not easy to cancel your subscription, Very dodge

  • This is a great deal.

    However as a Celtics supporter, this season can be forgotten about.

  • Does anyone know when one VPNs (via Argentina let's say), but it still displays the full AUD prices, why its doing that and how to rectify?

    • You probably need to close down and restart browser completely. It may still have existing persistent sessions open when you turn on VPN

    • I would suspect that it is because NBA.com is able.to identify this particular VPN server and therefore didn't give you the Argentina pricing. Try another server from the same VPN provider or you may need to use another VPN provider.

  • thanks for the post.

  • Sign with SA . Only VPN needed for sign up . I'm on 2 year now no issue

  • surfshark VPN doesn’t seems to work. Any recommendation on which trial VPN to use?

    • ExpressVPN worked for me (though I still can't confirm what they've charged on my card) but I signed up for their 30day money back guarantee trial instead of the free 7day one. Not sure if it would work for the free 7 day trial.

    • I have used ExpressVPN for the past two years (connecting to India) and no issues whatsoever.

    • I'm really hating Surfshark lately. No end of connection problems (on PC, Android seems ok) and if I can't VPN my way to a different country when my current LP sub ends, they can go (profanity) themselves

  • I used Tunnel Bear VPN and Chrome incognito mode at the start of the season to buy bia Argentina. Worked first go.