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Hisense 65Q8 65" Series UHD 4K Smart TV $1718, Free Shipping to Selected Cities @ Appliance Central


The price for this has come down a bit more. Not quite as good as previous deals at Good Guys, but very close.

Free shipping to selected cities:

Also available here: https://www.buysmarte.com.au/hisense-65q8-65-164cm-4k-uhd-sm...

Most regular stores (Good Guys, JB, etc) are $1,795 so could no doubt get them to price match

I'm in the market for a new TV (to replace old 10 year old 42 inch plasma no name brand) so this looks like a wonderful improvement. My budget is around $1800 max so this rules out the Sony X90 and X95 for me and I can't wait for 2021 models. People online complain about a bit of motion blur with this TV, but I've always been impressed with the deep blacks and vivid colours in store plus so bright!

I like how the stand on this one is more centred rather than those silly feet on the ends which mean it wouldn't fit on my cabinet.

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  • Great TV! Comes with 2 remotes. Built in soundbar is decent. And UI is plenty fast.
    This TV is bright!

  • I've heard the UI is fast, although not Android and if you plan on adding a device such as Nvidia Shield it's fantastic.

  • Awesome TV especially for the price. The built in speakers are excellent.

  • I can vouch. Awesome tv for the price. The new OS is pretty snappy.

  • Mate has one and it looks awesome and price is good . Can always get a Chromecast with Google tv if you need another OS.

  • This is so tempting, weighing up buying this vs waiting to pickup the 65" X9000H on sale below $2000.
    Thoughts anyone?

    • Supposedly Sony better, but I can't justify higher budget in my circumstances. Also think Sony has a few separate issues which might be deal-breaker to others ie no TV is perfect. I also can't wait for 2021 models even if better to come down in price enough to buy.

      • Depends on how sensitive you are to motion. Either way it's pretty bad on any Hisense TV no matter the model, where Sony is easily the best motion of any brand (The Q8 is less of an issue than others though). Other than that it's the best LED in Australia for the price by a country mile. Even meant to be updating it so it can support Kayo in the home screen.

        • Kayo is on the latest firmware. And the Plex app on this by far most stable I’ve experienced.

        • Would there be settings you can adjust to minimise this issue? I don't watch any sport really.

          • @placard: Sports just show it up even more because it runs at a higher framerate. It's still bad. Blur reduction off and judder reduction lower can be a big help in getting a better movie picture.

        • Any ideas of a good video to use to test the motion in store?

          I've heard so many bad things about the software in the Sony not delivering (blurry at 4k 120Hz, HDMI 2.1 needing the TV to restart regularly etc.)

          • @theknight27: Stutter / judder is on every TV but its Sony's method of black frame insertion that cancels it out better than others. Also helps with all other motion too. You'll see that on slow panning shots (Planet Earth is a good demo for checking those scenes). Motion is with any moving content. More noticeable with a person moving quickly with a still background (some fight scenes), or tracking a still main object against a moving background (like a driving game)

  • How long does it take to turn on? I had a 2018 TCL Android - it would boot the tv up, then Android loaded. Took almost a whole minute for a picture to turn up. I would finish chilling before Netflix even loaded.

  • Well all that I can say is I am impressed on first impressions. Yes it might not be the best, but I can't really notice it (and don't want to now). I'm also not prepared to stump up another $500 for a Sony, so for it's price I'm very satisfied.

    Coming from a 42" plasma no name brand, the difference is night and day. I haven't even gone into settings and made any adjustments yet.

    I managed to just ask Good Guys for their best price without even mentioning this ad in this deal and they gave it to me for $1,706.

    For the price, I think it's great value. Even in store looking at the $700-800 Ffalcons, washed out pictures, bland colours, for $1k more it's amazing. And as said, I don't want to spend another $500 on Sony and waiting for new models to be released and then come down in price is also not an option.

    There might be some motion issues, but I haven't noticed it yet and won't look for it either.

    • That's great you're happy with it. I even read just before that the newer firmware update fixed quite a few issues that people were complaining about. The specs on this TV are better than Samsung or Sony's top models. So motion aside, actual picture quality should be as good as you'll get for the current LEDs available.

  • Thanks OP. This was good timing as my Aldi 65 finally carked it after 5 yrs this week. Just ordered through Appliances Online instead though with price match so I could have it delivered tomorrow.

  • Currently $1650 at powerland.
    And if you have ebay plus you can get it on the it on their ebay store with the 10% capped at $100. So $1550.

  • with Ebay 15% off (or 17% ebay plus members) can get it now for $1525 + delivery if needed