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[eBay Plus, Refurb] iPhone 11 Pro 64GB $827.10/$881.10, 256GB OOS & 512GB OOS (Network Unlocked) Delivered @ loopmobileau eBay


“Fully tested and reverted to factory settings by our on-site technicians. Our grades will be: Pristine - This is a like new product showing no signs of use. Very Good - This product is in very good cosmetic condition with a few light scratches. Good – This product will show signs of light scratches and signs of wear and tear. Fair - This product will have deeper scratches and dents.”

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  • Which part of the phone has been refurbished? Or just a used phone has been cleaned and factory reset?

    • The later. It's just a once over reset, check everything works ok, and wipe down.

      The big concern would be the old battery, that would definitely need replacing.

  • Does the battery get replaced (if possible)?

    • Nope. The term refurbished implies that things have been done to renew the phone. These phones are just checked for things lol. You're just buying an old used phone.

      • You might even get the one which was dropped in the dunny. Anyways Iphone 11 are rated to IP68. So all it needs is wiping off the liquid.

    • As long as the battery is still over 80% of original capacity, they won’t replace it.

  • Showing $1129 before discount.

  • $400 more to get brand new.

  • "Fully tested and reverted to factory settings by our on-site technician"
    = spray and wiped + reset.

    • Yep, my that metric, my 6 year old would be an amazing tech. But he uses baby wipes to clean the screen, so we could charge more.

  • For $827.10 you get a 64GB in fair condition. Aka deeper scratches and dents…. lol

  • So I bought a used 11 Pro 64gb off eBay for $850.

    This is about $100 more with warranty and 30 days return.

    So their prices don’t seem too off….

  • Cheaper at Apple Refurbished store online.

  • $830 for “deep scratches and possible dents”? What a joke. You’d be better off buying a pack of alcohol wipes and nice example from a private seller for the same or less.

    As others have noted, this is not refurbished, it’s at best wiped down and reset.

    • Yes, not refurbished. Refurbished should be in pristine condition. It’s just an advertisement for used phones at regular prices you can find any day.

  • Got a 12 pro max 128gb off gumtree brand new on Friday, plenty of bargains if you know how to deal and check, and have cash. No need to buy these used phones off eBay lol.

  • Where do all these used phones come from, do they just buy them off facebook/ebay and then re-sell?

    • people buy contracts for the phone plan, then sell the phone if they already have one and keep the phone plan …… works out cheaper than just the phone plan sometimes, and iphones don’t loose much between when you buy it and sell it …… sometimes people also just upgrade.