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Huawei P40 Pro 5G 256GB Dual Sim $998 @ Officeworks


Sub $1,000 5G phones are always great. Seems like Officeworks are doing a better price than BecexTech and Good guys to avoid a price match.
This is the dual sim model

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  • same price Amazon au

    also is that your site - price possum?

  • is google play included?

  • the only good thing of this phone is the camera system, lack of Google kills it

    • I had a p30 for almost 2 years now and can confirm the Huawei camera is super over rated. Feel lucky that i get it for free.

      Once I get the right deal for ip12 PM or S21 Ultra. Its bye bye China phone time…..

      • Yeah, my friend have this phone as well. Camera is ok, would not buy it just for the camera. Not worth it.

      • bye bye China phone

        Hello Made in China phone but with an American badge.

      • Comparing a 2 yr old old non pro device to a current flagship camera.
        I suggest you compare the P50 instead.

      • I have been using P20pro for 3 years. A friend once said Huawei camera are good for night shots. Haven't investigated in detail :D

      • +18 votes

        I have the p30 pro and my wife has the iPhone 12 Pro, she takes my phone when wants to take photos as they come out a lot better.

      • P30 camera was nothing compared to p30pro, same as s21 vs s21 ultra.

        • +5 votes

          What's worse, he was comparing the 2019 P30 (non-pro) vs this 2021 iPhone Pro Max and S21 Ultra…

          Back when Huawei had P30 Pro, iPhone had iPhone XS

        • Still using p30 pro from eBay deal back in 2019 for 860$ after shop back 60$ cb. Damn good value. Still loves its night mode.

      • interesting. i have p30 for 2 years and i love the camera better than my husband's mate 20 pro. we always compitate with the best photo we can take from each phone.

      • in my experience this is not accurate. My old Mate 10 was able to consistently beat S20 minus sharpness and night shots. Now my Mate 20 Pro completely walks over the same S20 in all scenarios, cases where S20 takes a comedically edited and fake photo Mate 20 Pro spits out photos that look like were taken by a pro.
        I have tested both P30 and P30 Pro and both have very decent cameras.
        I am talking about Ai Mode tuned on and point and shoot. If you fiddle around with manual mode the other phones might do better but Huawei cameras are really something else.

  • Damn, I still run a P20 Pro and it's been the best Android phone I've had, bang for buck wise. A shame that whole Google relationship just (profanity) out.

    • Yeah I'm using the Mate 20 Pro 40w fast charge and almost two day battery with its excellent cameras and OLED screen still impressed it only cost me $600 new

      • How did you get it for $600?

      • I'm still very happy with mine as well, I've even gotten used to the silly curved display.

        The only thing that sucks is the under display fingerprint reader, works less than 50% of the time, for me.

        And the front camera really isn't great.

        And I'd prefer stock android, but that's just nitpicking.

        All in all, still a fantastic phone and very close to being perfect for me.

        • Yeah the physical scanners are better!

        • Not sure if it's because of your screen protector?

          I had this problem on my P30 which I later found out it was because of screen protector. After changing 5 different types of unbranded tempered glass protectors, I found one that suits the under screen fingerprint reader.

          • @b0b0: Ditto. My fingerprint scanner on M20 pro works fine after removing the screen protector.

          • @b0b0: No screen protector, but screen is a bit scratched.
            I work with my hands a bit, which doesn't help.

            I've got my fingerprint saved in my wife's Pixel 1 (yes, she knows) and it unlocks first time every time.

            But given the excellent face unlock, it's not that much of an issue, only while we had to wear masks and for some apps that use the fingerprint to unlock them.

            • @spludgey: Don't blame your working hands for the garbage under display finger print. That's my biggest gripe with my Mate 20 RS… It is just bad, really bad. Completely unpredictably bad. My old Mate 10 took less than 150ms to unlock (I actually timed it) and Mate 20 RS is 1s+ that is if it works.
              None of the other under displays are any better or worse, they all suck.
              The rear finger print on Mate 20 is also very fast so it is definitely an under display issue. I've got no screen protector or scratch and I've got clean and uncut fingers so no blame there either.
              Side finger print is a good placement, or on the front. Back of the a phone is a bit awkward.

              • @OpayuOnam: Good to hear it's not just me.

                I hated the idea of a rear mounted fingerprint reader, but since using it on my wife's Pixel maybe once a week, I don't really mind it. Not perfect placement, but I'd much prefer it to an under screen one!

      • Have the same and it's excellent! I've always slightly missed my mate 10 too. Shame no more to come :(

      • did you get it from jbhifi deal? lol i had one for my hubby that time

    • Bought the Mate 20 Pro for my mum and she absolutely loves it. Unfortunately at the end of the day, its a game of Politics, and we the consumers always suffer because of it.

    • If Huawei isn't allowed to install Google, the P40 Pro says it is running Android 10, how come?

      • Android is an open source OS, so anyone is able to use it and configure it to their liking. Google play services itself is google based so they can't use anything Google based, until the ban on China is lifted, which hopefully one day is so Huawei can get back on top around the world.

    • I used the P20 for two years and was so happy with it!!

  • will be on HangMeng OS 1.0 soon

  • I've been using a huawei p30 pro for the past 2 months. Once this one dies out in a couple years time I might jump to a Harmony OS phone and see how it goes. Huawei's phone's are so beautifully designed it might be worth it…Let's see how Harmony OS develops till then.

    • yeah and wait for the dream chip from SMIC too mate, good luck!!

    • April 21 will be 2 years with my P30Pro. Never left it on charge overnight, just chuck it on charge when I get ready in the morning for 15 mins and it's good to rock. Battery life is still unreal. This thing will go another 2 years at this rate, so you have a lot of phone life ahead.

  • My p30 non pro is the first android phone I've used for more then 3 months. Camera still snappy.

  • Hauwei LOL. $1k? Just no.

  • +10 votes

    No google app store is a deal breaker for me.

    Dont know what goes into their huawei app store.

  • So where are all the negative votes for no google play store? Based on previous deals

    OZb is bizarre at times.

    HUAWEI P40 Pro Global Version 6.58 Inch 50MP Quad Rear Camera 8GB 256GB US$768.39 / A$1115 Shipped @ Banggood (HK)

    93 ⬆️
    14 ⬇️

    My 5G phone was sub $600

    • Hmmm. I guess the phone has to also cost over the AU$1000 mark, to set off the hateful racist/xenophobic anti-china OZB bogans.

        • +3 votes

          Here we go, a bogan just identified himself.
          Speaking of labor camps, no one’s trying to stop bogans to believe what they see from fake news agencies.

        • You mean the Labor camps like this?

          This is in a country where judges gets kickbacks from privately run prisons for sending them prisoners.

      • Hating on the CCP is not racist who as I understand it, owns Huawei. I hate them on the same level I hate the US administration and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be accused of racist for that. Just sayin.

        • CCP has been tagged by the west. remember, very other country has CCP's characteristics. In the name of democracy you really believe you fly high up in countries like India for instance? They use the word democracy of they can blend in with the world but deep inside they are even worst then CCP however, not on the western target list.

          • +12 votes

            @twoperspectives: can't we avoid phrases like 'hate china' which just feeds a discourse alive with historical conflict and war. The current faction of the CCCP and leader might be questionable but keep in mind the miraculous work that leaders of the PRC have done over the last 30 or so years…truly underrated as leaders managing to drag billions out of poverty and improve lives. No system is perfect ..'democracy' leads to all sorts of populist problems. power corrupts. resorting to stuff like hate America, hate china, and taking offence to and labelling is just playing into a game where the future is one large rift generated by generalisations and benefitting very few.

      • I honestly don't get this need by SJW's to try and equate people "hating" the CCP, with racism.

        No one here is saying "I'm not buying this phone because I don't like Chinese people"

        The CCP commits some of the most horrific injustices against their own people, let alone their enemies, and yet they seem to get a free pass from SJWs because it's racist to dislike a non-western government, of course it's completely ok to talk as much shit about the US or Australia government, those people aren't labelled "bogans"… They are the wanna be intellectual SJWs.

        Equating the CCP with the America government is just willfully disingenuous too, yes the USA isn't perfect but I sure as hell would rather live in America than china given the choice, any sane person would.

        • Agreed…but sanity dictating a choice of a nation to live in is a little subjective . …only objectively experienced situationally and then various people might choose either way depending on that experience . My Point was the ccp is factionalised within this one party state is all sorts of policy possibilities. My main point was in response to the generalist statements ..hating China or calling someone a bogan for hating on China ..both just are channeling aggression in a way that lead to conflict over misconceptions and if widely spread among groups leads to war . Maybe it’s what the world wants I guess.

          • @biozet: Anyway, I need a new phone and a friend likes his p30 pro but wanted to know if it could be set to just downlaod 3rd party apps via somewhere else..and if it’s likes to drop more in price due to google play. Maybe I should get a second hand p30

        • Excusing the crimes that the US had done by saying, "but the US isn't perfect."

          I don't think "perfect" is the right word to use when the harm and crimes were committed with intentions.

          • @PuppieWayne: Yes indeed . Perfect isn’t a word to use for any governing body

          • @PuppieWayne: Please show me where I was excusing their crimes?

            Do you disagree with my conclusion? Would you rather live in china (as a common person) than America?

            • @brad1601: Which cities of China. You know it's a huge place right?

              And depending on location.. I have friends in both Texas and NYC and they all want to get the hell out of there.

              China, Nanjing.. I won't mind living there.

              • @PuppieWayne: Anywhere really and to be honest, I'm more talking about which country would you rather be born in, not go there sponsored by a company for a job. That would be a completely different experience, I'm sure you would live a very sheltered life in that instance.

                • @brad1601: no one's living in a sheltered life in china anymore.

                • -1 vote

                  @brad1601: You really need to see how China has progressed. I would happily live in China than in the US, as I value my life.

                  • @FOX: Just delusional in my opinion.

                    Yes I'm sure there are some very "nice" parts of china, but why would you pick a communist country, where you have no choice over the leaders, you have no right to free speech (say the wrong thing and you might disappear…), You have to live under a "social credit" system watching your every move, death penalty apply for whatever the government decides it does and they'll send your family a bill for the bullet (literally)… Just delusional.

                    • @brad1601:

                      You have to live under a "social credit" system watching your every move, death penalty apply for whatever the government decides it does .

                      I guess those reasons are valid if you are typically breaking the law….

                      and they'll send your family a bill for the bullet (literally)…

                      really? or is this just another one of those lies thats been repeated too many times? I see an article citing that they bill the family if they come and claim the body…. so a bill is not sent to the family…. but again is this true?

  • Are there actually any downsides to using their inbuilt AppGallery? If you're not concerned about data privacy?

  • I have been using this phone for a year. Really great phone. You can get google apps easily. The only things is you can't use google pay/commonbank tap etc. That's the only pain.

    Other than that, every thing is perfect. 90hz screen, dual SIM, amazing camera etc.

    • Is it dual nano SIMs? As opposed to 1 nano, 1 esim.

      Also did you find a replacement for Google Pay on this phone?