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10% off Physical Gift Cards (1% Processing Fee Applies) at The Card Network


10% off Him, Her, Teen, Active, Home and Kids gift cards. Includes JB HIFI. Go get your discounted merch.

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  • I tried using the BDAY code on a $500 HIM GiftCard & it didnt work.. Maybe the value has to be less..

    • Promo code: BDAY - valid until 05/03/21. Limited to one use per person and up to a maximum of $500. No additional cashbacks or discount applicable with this code.

    • +3

      Odd. Says limited to 1 person at a maximum of $500, so unless you’ve got split personalities I would have said you’d be ok.

    • +6

      Has to be physical gift cards

      • +1

        Right, so I can purchase 5 x $100 worth of Physical Gift Cards and all good :)

        EDIT: That worked perfectly, total came to $455 including the stupid $5 processing fee..

        • +11

          That’s right, so effectively it’s 9% discount 😉

        • Shipping is free?

        • Can I buy 5x100 for 5 times? haha planning on getting an Iphone 12 pro max on JB

      • -1

        I tried everything on the Ebay cards it does not work !

        • +1

          ebay is only in online card and online is not in the 10% discount list which is active, her,him, home etc

      • +6

        Now this deal sounds dangerous…. "lost in the mail"

    • Physical cards only

  • +1

    Anyone know if TCN cards can be used at factory outlets ie Nike or Tommy Hilfiger at Birkenhead point or Homebush?

    • +4

      worked for me last year at adidas and nike outlets

    • I used the HER card in CK outlet store last year.

  • +4

    Us the $5 processing fee new? Never seen that before

    • +1

      It is new. Op should put it in the deal description. I bought last month with valentine deal and there was no processing fee.

  • +2

    Thanks Tons OP, just in time for a $1500 spend at TGG !

  • Any expiry?

    • +1

      3 years from purchase
      But if you have converted to store GC
      depends on the store GC expiry (eg. JB GC has no expiry from memory)

      • Great, thanks.

  • +17

    Please be aware that Home card can redeem JB GC Online or use Instore
    But Him / Her card can only be used Instore

    • This is good advice, since if you swap for gift cards there is no limit to how many you can use in a single transaction

      • +1

        Good call - Home card wasn't listed in the original post. This allows TGG and JB Hifi use as well

    • Thanks a lot. Bought Home because it has JB and TGG but didn't realise there is additional benefit. Thanks.

    • So for JbHiFi would it be better to buy Home cards?

      • if you plan to use in JB only then HOME card is much better (as you can use in both Online and Instore)

    • How to use this jb online ?

      As normal Visa card in payment option ?

  • Does this work with Cashrewards or Shopback?

  • How many gift cards can you use in a transaction at JB Hi-Fi? I've already got 4, so wondering if another 5 (5*100) will work? Ta.

    • Late last year they have try to limit 5 GC per transactions
      But from what I understand the limit has now removed
      So unlimited (theoretically..)

      • Yes, i have used 10 once for online purchase.

    • +3

      When I worked at JB years ago I've seen about 50 used with no problem

      • Do not miss those $50 plastic gift cards lol

    • I used 17 the other day instore (Aimee insurance only provide $50 cards).

      • +1

        No you can change amount while buying to order upto 500$ From aimi

        • Good to know. It was my first time and was in a rush in store at the time. Will pay more attention.

  • +1

    Anyone know if any card apart from the "baby" card can be used at baby bunting? Code doesn't work on baby card.

    • +1

      Would also like to know this. Waiting for discounted GCs before buying new car seats like a true ozbargainer!

      • +1

        AGL's got 7% off the baby card. i used that to get my car seat at bunting in Feb.

        • Thanking you. 7% is better than a kick in the teeth. Cheers!

        • +1

          Anyone buying from AGL, I recommend double checking the store inclusions coz they're sometimes different. Eg, eBay is not included in the AGL version of the Online TCN Gift Card. It's a little dodgy.

    • Unsure why you were after GCs to be used at baby bunting but I was happy my laziness paid off for once. If your after a baby seat of some description this deal is killer. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/609196

  • Does it work on the Online Card ? Doesn't work for me.

    • +1

      This promo only include HIM, HER, KIDS, ACTIVE, TEEN and HOME physical gift cards

  • +3

    Dang, the only one i want "Online" (for ebay) is not eligible.

    • Same, that sucks.

      • The others you can get all the time with similar promos .

  • Just bought $1600 worth of goods from TGG last week with a standard 5% discount gift cards, ouch.

  • Can anyone comment on this store and their customer service? Heard multiple reports these guys have a bad rep - esp poor communication / customer service.

    • Agree with poor communication (have tried contacting TCN and never get a response)
      But at the end as long as the GC is redeemable
      Believe most people will not have issues about it

      • What if the cards get lost in the mail / are not received? That would be a nightmare…

    • Had issue with two cards that got blocked. They didn’t want to unblock it, ended up getting money back instead. Took about a week to get it sorted.

      • +1

        was that via a bank chargeback / PayPal dispute?

        Or they just refunded you ?

  • Can I use this card to purchase store gift card, eg JBHIFI’s gift card?

    • +1

      Lol no

    • There's been posts on past TCN sales that the JB Hifi returns policy has been used to "convert" these into JB cards by purchase/refund.

      I'm not sure about the merits of this, as you have greater flexibility with TCN as you can use it in more stores rather than a single outlet. The "benefit" is that the JB cards don't expire and for certain cards can be online as well (Why not just buy the Home card that allows online and in-store purchases?)

  • Sold out 🙄 Just tried adding 5, at checkout it says sold out.

    Edit: i think only Him one but Her one's are still avaable

  • +1

    Bought five thanks OP. Hopefully, JB will have PS5 stock soon so that I can use these!

  • Bought home card so I can use it online for JB Hifi

  • +1

    It's a shame that you can't redeem gift cards at The Good Guys Commercial. It's also worth considering that anything that you want could be cheaper at The Good Guys Commercial and there are a number of ways to get membership (I'm a SunSuper member and get it free through that).

    • You can try to get a price match in store. Depends on the item and store, but it's been done before.

  • I know it’s one per customer but would they process two orders with different emails and delivery addresses?

    • +1

      I've placed 4 orders (5x$100 cards for each order) with each using different emails, but the same delivery address.
      All orders have been processed and provided with tax invoice.
      Hope it will go well :)

      • I did the same as I am getting a new phone! hahaha

  • Anyone tried to buy two times? like 2*500$ separate transaction successfully? Any TnC

    • +2

      I bought 4 times….different email address each time, but with the same delivery address for all.

      • Okay okay nice thank you. i was bit worried to order with same address. Have you done with same credit card or each has different one?

        I did two transaction with same credit card not sure they will check anything on that and reject it.

  • +16

    What a d**k. I just order and forgot to put the code in!! 🤬🤬🤬

    • +8


    • +8

      Im sorry, but you have lost your OzBargain badge..
      A true ozbargainer would put in the code first, & forget to add items to cart hahaha

      • +7

        Haha. I did put code in. But then Him cards were sold out so I went back and changed to Home cards but for some reason the code wasn’t present with the Home ones and I stupidly didn’t check.

        To be fair to TCN they very promptly responded with this :

        Thanks for your email.

        No worries, we will refund the applicable 10% discount to your original mode of payment.

        I will pass your request to our supervisor and they will proceed with the refund ASAP.

        If you need further assistance, feel free to let me know. Happy shopping!

    • spewin..

  • Can you use this to purchase Nintendo eshop cards?

  • Home cards sold out

    • $100 cards sold out.. $50 cards still available

      • $100 back in stock

        • +1

          it might look like its in stock until you try to check out..

  • Does anyone how to use the digital card? The TCN app is not working at all

  • +1

    Is anyone else received a 'Card was declined' error when attempting to checkout?

    • yes. for the HIM ones

    • Yes, Just tried a couple of times to buy Home ones and card got declined.

      • Had to go into my netbank app to unblock it

        • Where in the app did you do that?

  • I just bought $100 home cards, order confirmation email and tax invoice email received within a few minutes.

  • +1

    I really hope they don't start blocking cards just like Coles promo.

    It was a nightmare dealing with them to reactivate the cards.

  • I bought the Kids cards because they said they work with The Athletes Foot. Fingers crossed can work - kids always need new shoes and I don't know of any site that normally does discounts for this shop.

    • Same. Deals with TAF are hard to come by. Been holding off buying some school shoes. Now's the time.

  • -1

    eBay not working for me, anyone else?

  • +2

    Has anyone else only received the confirmation email and not the tax invoice email?

  • Bene looking for a deal with The Athlete's Foot. This is good and ordered the KIDS one. Ordered and received confirmation and tax invoice in minutes. Thanks OP!

  • Has anyone received an email from [email protected] to verify transaction? Is this legit?

    • Yep I did. They asked me to send photos of credit card and photo id to verify. I’m not sure if I’m comfortable doing that.

      • +2

        I won't be sending this info and ask them to share copy of their privacy policy where they explicitly mention this requirement and how they will treat/destroy this information which must also be covered in their privacy policy.

        If they don't provide any written policy, lodge complaint with OAIC and ask them to refund you. Not worth sharing ID just for 9% saving.

      • Strange process - they confirm the order id - take the money and then ask for verification?

        The email is also unclear if the activity is for usage of the TCN credit or receipt of the credit card payment.

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