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Crucial P1 1TB SSD $122, Crucial P5 1TB SSD $179, Crucial P5 2TB SSD $379 Delivered @ Shopping Express

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    • Yeah but do you really want to pay more to use Amazon?

      • Not much difference once you factor in the 1% PayPal/CC Surcharge that Shopping Express has at checkout (No fee with Bank Transfer).

        Personally, I prefer Amazon as I usually get next day delivery.

      • Yes, I was amazed how quick Amazon deliver orders, I ordered a pair of RAM from Amazon just before midnight and I got it the next day.

      • Overall, being a PC tech enthusiast and having bought from many retailers, including SE/Futu, Computer Alliance, Centrecom, MSY, PLE…etc. and also Amazon, I must say that Amazon's customer service is the best by far. If I have any issues, I can initiate a return that's quick and easy. Even the stores which have a reputation for good customer service can be very stingy (e.g. PCCG).

        Once I bought a motherboard from them that would just crash when I tried to run my RAM at its rated speed (it would only run DDR4-2133), despite that CPU and RAM combo running at 3200 MHz on another board. PCCG fought with me for over 45 mins, needing to speak to three different guys and required me refusing to leave the store until they replaced it for them to budge. They said that this was normal behaviour and that "RAM doesn't always run at its rated speed", despite me explaining that the memory controller is on the CPU, so the motherboard has nothing to do with it and was likely a hardware fault. Of course, the replacement board ran just fine and resolved my issues.

        On the other hand, I also once had to return something on Amazon. Just clicked some buttons, printed out the shipping label and it was off the next day, no questions asked. Refund received quickly as well. I wish there was more competition to keep Amazon honest, but there's a reason they got to the top IMO.

        • there's a reason they got to the top IMO.

          By abusing their staff, stealing designs from other manufacturers and using their monopoly to perform illegal anti-competitive behaviour once they've stolen said designs?

          • @Ezekiel2320: And whose fault is that?

            It's the fault of other retailers who were too slow to get into the online retail market, those who can't even make a proper online storefront in 2021, those who have shit customer support and who treats every customer wanting to do an RMA or return a faulty product as someone trying to scam them.

            It's not my job to do apologetics for Amazon's competitors, it's their job to win my business and so far, they're doing worse than Amazon.

            • @p1 ama: Cool story bro. "Well I don't care how many Amazon workers die, as long as I save $3 on this toilet paper"

              • @Ezekiel2320: Clap clap clap. Look at this little boy making pseudo-moralistic stances and pretending to care about the downtrodden whilst commenting from a phone/computer made by exploited labour in China and wearing clothes sewn in a sweatshop by poor children. Please.

                The regulation of Amazon and other entities is a government responsibility. If they are breaking employment law, then it is up to the government to pursue and enforce said laws. It is a completely untenable situation to have all end consumers be familiar with all aspects of their purchasing decisions. For the record, I support the proper and appropriate regulations (including on Amazon). Don't be disingenuous.

      • Yeah but do you really want to pay more to use Amazon?

        As opposed to dealing with Shopping Express? Absolutely. The after sales service will be much better.

  • Does anyone here know if any of these are suitable for my Lenovo Thinkpad E15 Gen 2 ?

  • So many medium capacity m.2 drives on OzBargain… are there any decent smaller SSDs suitable as a linux boot drive? Looking to dual boot across physical drives, and I already have a decent storage/Windows boot drive

    • How much GB?

      • I think 250GB is the sweet spot. 500gb would be fine too but I don't know if I'd ever use the storage.

        I only really want/need to install OSs on it, programs and files can be on a separate drive so I don't have to panic too much if an OS goes nuclear. Problem is most of these smaller drives aren't much cheaper, especially DRAM drives.

  • As someone who's not familiar with these, what are the benefits compared to a SATA SSD? Would this improve productivity for a workstation, specifically 3D modelling and rendering? Is worth upgrading from a Samsung SSD 850 Evo?

  • I need some help. I want to upgrade from 256gb to this 1tb on my dell xps 13. Is crucial a good and reliable brand?

    • Yes. They were the most reliable brand years ago along with IBM, before Samsung took over. They do make some cheapo slow SSDs, but this is their faster one.

    • Be aware you might need an USB NVME enclosure to do a direct clone or otherwise take an image to an external USB (SSD or HDD) if you want to go down that route - I personally use Macrium Reflect for these and I recently did a couple of Dell 3493 - one done via USB NVME enclosure, the other via Sata USB enclosure.

      The only difference with the Sata USB enclosure if you might need to create rescue USB thumb drive to boot off first, then do the clone.

      • I'm stuck in this situation atm.. thinking of taking the 128gb M2 SSD>HDD>1TB M2 SSD.

        Not sure if this cloning boot drive will work or of laptops 512gb M2 limit would stop it from working….

  • i wonder where to get a 2242 ssd cause most ssd are 2280…

  • what would a ps5 (eventually) require?

  • How does this compare to the WD Blue 1TB SSD NVMe that is being listed on Amazon?

  • patiently waiting for a good deal on the kingston a2000 1tb…