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Google Pixel 5 128GB 5G (Unlocked) $849 Delivered @ Telstra


Telstra is also having a sale on the Pixel 5 model. $150 off RRP. These are rarely on sale.

Can be purchased outright without a plan it seems.

Price match at JB hifi and use 5% discounted gift cards as it seems Officeworks is refusing to price match due to “Telstra price error” - highly doubt it as it would’ve been fixed by now

Credits to willy000 for picking it up

Specs and features:

  • 6.0" OLED display with a resolution of 1080 x 2340.
  • Dual main camera with a 12 MP main sensor and 16 MP ultrawide lens, as well as an 8 MP front camera.
  • 8GB of RAM.
  • 128 GB storage capacity.
  • Android 11 operating system.
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G Octa-Core processor.
  • Connections via 5G, Bluetooth 5.1, and 3.5 mm.
  • Simply connect to the network using a nano-SIM.
  • 2 year warranty.
  • Comes with a USB-C cable for charging.
  • Sleek, black design.
  • 4080 mAh battery with 18 W fast charging.
  • IP68 water resistance, making it able to be submerged up to 1.5 m deep for up to 30 minutes.
  • Qi-enabled for wireless charging, and it can be used to charge other Qi-enabled devices.


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    • Tried as well on the phone, they said in order to buy it you had to be a Telstra customer (i.e. have a Telstra ID).

      • Same outcome for me, you have to sign in as telstra customer to get that price.

        • Which is free..I showed them the whole process in store and they happily agreed

          • @rdhupar: You don't have to be a Telstra customer to get one?

            • @f4te: No, just provide id to create account and that's it

              • +1

                @rdhupar: To create an account its asking me to enter a telstra mobile or landline number, I guess you had at least one of those?

                • +2

                  @tre180: Just register. Dont need any Telstra numbers. I dont have any services with Telstra and I could register and create a MyTelstraID for free. It requires you to authenticate yourself with a Passport or Driver's License which I did and that's all.

          • @rdhupar: was it the black one you bought? the sage one apparently is online purchase only…and I had no luck with them price beating it online.

            • @kchibi7: I wish the 2 threads could be combined as this discussion applies to both. I actually bought the 4a 5g so not sure about Pixel 5. That being said Officeworks should price beat that as well.

        • +2

          Called again and apparently it's with 'management' now, deciding whether they can price beat.

          • +1

            @f4te: Good luck, let me know how you go.

  • Oh man now I'm torn but I might wait for Oneplus and their 9 announcement.

    • -1

      I'd go with the Pixel if you don't care for the raw specs and having your apps aggressively killed all the time.

  • Bugger
    Bought last week for 950 on eBay!

  • The back on these feel real nice as well if your umming about getting one, it's like a aluminium but not quite but Metal , it feels nice in the hand and it won't break like Glass

  • +1

    Did anyone ever get jb hifi to price match officeworks' price beat?

    • Yes i was able to do last year for an Mi 9T from JB Hi-Fi Pitt Street Sydney

  • This or S21 from yesterday’s post for 999?

    • CPU in Pixel 5 is meh, probably half of S21 performance. I would go for S21 if extra $150-200 is not an issue. Camera in Pixel looks better though.

  • tempted to get this as i walked past office works this morning. i had a s8+ and now on a redmi note 9 pro. interested to see what other shops like JB/Amazon do today if anything.

    • Something like this you need to price beat quick before OW catches on and match the price.

      • Went after work when there was no one there in Pitt Street Officeworks Sydney, the girl didnt question it and price matched it on the spot. No more stock but will be picking up on Monday. Now to get a case.

        • please post receipt

        • Got this one for $13.99, but for some reason they are $22 now

          The genuine fabric cases are very nice but still around 60$

          fwiw the Pixel 3 is a lot better for camera, microphone, speaker and loudspeaker, but dont mind the smaller size and battery life on these. still waiting to order a replacement p3 xl, if i don't get a decent price many as well keep and use as well.

  • Bugger, I've been tracking this phone got months and pulled the trigger on an eBay plus 15% promo a couple of days ago for $890. You win some you lose some I guess.

  • Anyone else still on a Pixel 3? They're set to stop receiving updates in October this year from what I understand.

    What would be the best play of I want to stay with the Pixel range? Wait for the 5a?

    • im waiting for the pixel 6

      • +2

        I'm waiting for the pixel 7

    • I'm On pixel 2 & Sony XZ1 :)

      What I am waiting for is an google phone with a project treble supporting chipset.

      • I've got a 3XL, I'm gonna wait for the 5a/6 especially as leaks suggest there could be a new camera sensor.

    • -1

      im on the pixel 3, the battery is so horrible but the colour choice with the 5 is helping me hang onto it..

      I want white!

  • I've had one for a few months now, I should have got the iPhone Mini.

    • why?

      • It's been very buggy to be honest, features that don't work, Google Assistant is no-where as good as Siri and doesn't work half the time. Nothing major, but just enough annoyances to make me regret the decision, I'll probably sell it at some stage and go back to Apple.

        • +6

          That's interesting. I thought the Google Assistant was miles better than Siri. Can I ask what kind of issues did you face?

          • +2

            @rdhupar: Also curious. Google Assistant and fingerprint reader are my main reasons for sticking with Android so far. iPhone widgets are just as good now I think?

          • @rdhupar: For example, this literally just happened - I had a notification banner saying that someone had commented on a post I made on Facebook. I clicked on it, and the phone opened Twitter. Things like this happen all the time.

          • +1

            @rdhupar: I would hate to think how bad the other assistants are then. We have Google homes all through the house and can say one of the most frustrating things is the google assistant. Plays songs completely different to what we asked, constantly loses connections, doesnt play Australian news, has to ask me if i want the weather when i ask it what the weather will be today. The amount of times i have abused the assistant is incredible, have even toyed with jumping to the Amazon one if i hadnt invested so much in all the units we have. Hoping it gets smarter over time.

            • +1

              @worthy1: It sounds like you might not have set all of your preferences in the "Home" app. Definitely worth looking through because it makes the experience way better. You can do things like set preferred news outlets, weather location, and a bunch of stuff which sounds like you might benefit.
              I can't remember if the settings apply to each device itself, or if each user needs to set their own preferences and it detects who's voice is speaking.

            • @worthy1: My personal favourite Google Home fails:
              - Google Chromecast insists on recommending Disney+ content, even though I've recorded in settings that I'm not a subscriber
              - the un-turn-offable acknowledgement commands if you are in a different room, or are using it to activate any device except for a light eg she blares out "Got it. Turning 4 lights off" in the middle of the night if the bathroom rather than bedroom Home Mini picks it up

        • go back to Apple

          No offense, but this seems to be the main issue here. People (including me) always compare a new product to the ones they are used to. I, for one, can't use my wife's iPhone even for taking a picture.

          I clicked on it, and the phone opened Twitter.

          Interesting. I have never seen anything like this on an Android device. Could be a Pixel bug.

          • @bio: I tend to swap every few generations, only had Samsung Androids before though, so I've got some experience with them and I've never had one with as many little random annoying bugs. Honestly, it feels like a Beta phone for testing rather than a finished product.

  • Did anyone manage to purchase from the Telstra website? I'm getting an error after the ID verification step

    • I did

    • Activate your account by clicking the link in the email they send and try the verification (checkout) again. It works.

      • Yeah I just realised it's giving me an error because I don't have a Telstra phone number, so it's not letting me go through the last step. It's not really saying that, but I'm pretty sure that's the error. I might get a $2 sim and see if that fixes it

        • That makes sense. I gave it a Woolworths Mobile number, which uses Telstra wholesale network.

  • Just rang officeworks and they are currently not pricematching the Telstra deal and are waiting for info back from telstra.

  • +3

    Got it from telstra during black friday sales for $750. great phone compared to my rubbish pixel 4

  • +1

    I'm guessing you could get JB to match and pay with discounted gift cards (5% from Suncorp). Has anybody got JB to match this deal yet?

    • I'm still waiting for my cards to come in from the TCN deal but might pull the trigger sooner as not sure how long this will be around…

    • Yeah, got it matched at World Square this morning. Having Telstra store right next door helps…

    • i have matched it with the previous deal when it was 749

    • +1

      Got it matched at JB hifi Kedron(BNE) earlier today. They checked the website and noted the buy outright option so no major fuss. Also did the 5% off gift cards via Suncorp thing. Ended up about $810 in the end.

      • tried the same jb hi fi. despite seeing this and previously approving for you they disapproved for me. pointed out the same thing as you and they didn't care. were quite rude about it too. guess there must be a rude manager there who doesn't like this deal.

        • As mentioned elsewhere it's below JB's cost price and whilst done are taking the hit for brand protection purposes and seeking for Google rebate first others don't want to lose money.

      • any chance you can share invoice to make things go smoother next time?

  • +1

    Officeworks called me back saying they called Telstra who said the price is a mistake and will be fixed shortly.

    • I guess I was lucky then, I price beat this morning.

    • Yeah, they told me the same. Not sure if the information is accurate but I bit the bullet and bought it from Telstra.

      • Telstra have a 7 day price match, so if someone decides to beat it we can claim the difference back: https://www.telstra.com.au/mobile-phones/price-match

        • Yeah but OfficeWorks (or someone else) would only match Telstra if they decide to update their advertised price. They won't beat them 5% for no reason.

    • +1

      My guess is the price is right but you aren’t supposed to be able to buy it without a plan

    • +7

      I highly doubt this is a “Telstra price error”. If it was, then it would’ve been fixed by now. This is more like Officeworks refusing to honour their own policy

      • Exactly. Just show OW when Telstra was selling it for $749 and that wasn't a price error. The BS OW keeps coming up with to avoid price matching is unbelievable.

        • +2

          Yeah go to ACCC for their BS marketing on price match. The store would pick anything to refuse price match.

    • +2

      Call them back and accuse them of being liars. Price is still there

  • +1

    I tried officeworks again and definitely a no go on price beat.. Bought one direct from Telstra.

    • did you try in store or over the phone? some users reported success with the pixel 4a in store and I don’t see why they wouldn’t price match when they did it last year for the Black Friday deal - $749 at Telstra

      • I called the 1300 number and they told me that Telstra informed them that it's a pricing error and they would be correcting it shortly.

  • I tried went in office work been here for about 1 hour and trying to get an answer. Basically telstra reply phone purchased with prepaid is locked, phone purchased with postpaid is unlocked. But outright purchased they don't give an answer. Telstra only reply 'it should not be unlocked since purchased outright' but officework doesn't respond if it's not definite answer

  • +1

    How come this deal gets more upvotes at $849 compared to the deals at $749, $747. Maybe soon it will surpass the other $749 deal.

    I don't get it, the price is higher. Is it considered bargain worthy when the price is higher?

    • The first one you linked of $749 from Telstra is a duplicate post for https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/583498

      The second one you linked requires to be on a 24 month plan with Vodafone

      • I thought I read somewhere that you cancel and just pay pro-rate?

      • actually telstra had it on their online store for 749 outright. the first link is actually different as you dont require to sign up to a plan
        and i managed to price match with jb hi fi and got a further 10% off using gift cards

    • The $749 deal was very good, wish I bought it then! There hasn't been anything since then though, so over 3 months…

  • Got one from OW five docks NSW thanks op

  • +1

    Well, I had a look at it on the Telstra website.
    I chose to chat on the website with a representative.
    He told me that the device is locked to the Telstra network, even if you buy it outright.
    He said that you will have to pay a fee of $80 to have it unlocked.
    Not worth it for me.

  • -3

    I'd suggest you double check before handing over your bikkies.
    The telstra rep told me they are locked to the telstra network.
    Do your own research.

    • just had a chat with Telstra rep and was told these are not locked

      when you purchase the phone its not locked with us

    • Might be worth triple-checking - these are for certain unlocked.

    • +3

      The telstra rep told me …

      Every rep will have a different answer. That’s Telstra for you

  • Not working for me, after checkout and after it verifies your details I get a page that says:

    Unable to process your order
    To make this purchase, you need to have a Telstra plan. To continue, please add a plan to this order.

    Please contact us on live chat.

  • Can confirm that I called up Officeworks earlier and they price beat it straight away (without a telstra ID). Then, Click and Collected from my local Officeworks an hour later and I'm setting it up now. Thanks again OP!

    • Did you call them before reports of them declining to price match due to the pricing error? Sounds like you got in just in time!

      • just before 9am.

  • I just Rang Officeworks.
    THey said they have received a lot of enquiries about price matching the Pixel 5.
    They said that as of around 10 am this morning they have decided to NOT price beat the Telstra offer.
    The person I spoke to could not tell me why.
    Shame cause I would have bought 2.

    • -1

      office works, is selling phone outright, but telstra are selling it outright but linked to a plan, so that's the discrepancy , it's not apples to apples

      • It is not linked to a plan when you choose "Outright". The checkout page clearly said: Pay now: $849. Pay in the future: $0.

        • when did you buy it though? It erroed with something about needing to add a plan
          That might be the problem they corrected

          • @bobvegas: This morning between 10-11.

            I can still add one to cart by clicking Outright without choosing a plan. It says:

            What you'll pay
            one off

  • Tried Officeworks price match in store and via phone around 30mins ago with no luck… no solid reasons given, was just told they aren't price matching the Telstra Pixel 5 offer as it was a "price error".

    It seems they just don't really want to.

  • Officeworks said no because Telstra handsets are apparently locked.

    Telstra store said it needed to be on a plan.

    Bugger it. I just ordered it online.

  • +3

    Just bought mine. Officeworks elizabeth st Melbourne price beat it. Give this branch a try if you're in Melbourne.

    • +1

      Me too, just grabbed a card from next to the phone and walked to the front desk. I was asked which colour I wanted too! They've had to order it, so still a cancellation risk…

  • Just got Wooloongabba QLD to price beat. Thankyou!

    • +1

      Hey can I ask if you did this in store or over the phone with this store?

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