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Jetstar Return for Free: SYD to GC $36 Ret, SYD to MEL $64 Ret, MEL to GC $64 Ret, BNE to SYD $74, PER to SYD $169 Ret @ IWTF


Jetstar is having a return for FREE sale. Amazing prices across their whole network. Lots of different travel dates depending on the route.

Departing Melbourne (Avalon)

Departing Darwin

Departing Sydney

Departing Brisbane

Departing Melbourne (Tullamarine)

Departing Cairns

Departing Adelaide

Departing Hobart

Departing Gold Coast

Departing Perth

Departing Townsville

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Notes about this sale from the Jetstar website:
Checked baggage not included. Available until sale ends or sold out. Selected travel dates apply, not available on all flights or days. Availability may be limited.

There are lots more dates than appear under the routes, most from April - mid December, so do a bit of a search to find some that work for you.

For this airfare and more, check out our deals site http://iknowthepilot.com.au/

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  • Some return flights are cheaper than one way :) syd hamilton island, never been there how is may-jun in hamilton island

    • Hamilton Island is just full of resorts. QLD weather is always warmer, so good to get away in winter.

      If you want to venture out of Hamilton island it is not cheap to catch the ferry across (think when I last looked it was over $100 return)

      Recommend Whitsunday coast (Proserpine airport) as that will connect with Airlie Beach which is a mix of backpackers and resorts/airbnb, with loads of activities you can book.

      Depends on what you're wanting to do - tours will also depart from Hamilton Island.

  • Better than Qantas Mystery Weekend flights

  • Scared of border closures anyone?

  • Already booked during presale to Uluru. Can't decide between Byron or Sunshine Coast as another trip.

    Just noticed Hervey Bay is another option via Sydney. So many options.

    Haven't been to any of the destinations I've listed, dunno what to pick as I can probably only do 1 extra trip.

  • Yeah booked for September, still free return, saved $280 from my last cancelled booking!
    Thanks OP

  • You book now and when it's time to fly you might be in another lockdown…

  • Just be cautious that, if your flights are cancelled due to border closures/changes, the FareCredit refund Jetstar gives you can't be used on sale fares:

    FareCredit is not available when part of the trip involves a zero dollar journey (e.g. Return for Free or Kids Fly Free).

    • FareCredit is something you purchase as an add-on to your trip, to get a refund credit if you decide to cancel for whatever reason.
      It's not available to purchase with return for free flights.

      Normal flights booked without this, but affected by covid, I've received refund vouchers for and have booked the current sale using them.

      How do I purchase and use FareCredit?
      When you’re booking selected flights on Jetstar.com, you’ll have the option of purchasing a product called FareCredit when you are finalising your payment. FareCredit lets you cancel your booking for any reason and get a FareCredit voucher for the value of your fare (plus any in-flight extras). You can cancel your trip for any reason (even if you’ve checked in online) until airport check-in opens for that flight.

      You can buy it to cover your whole booking or just one flight if you’re certain about the rest. Once added, FareCredit will apply to all passengers on the selected flight.

      FareCredit is not available when part of the trip involves a zero dollar journey (e.g. Return for Free or Kids Fly Free).

      To cancel your booking go to Manage booking. For bookings where not all passengers want to cancel, call the Jetstar Contact Centre.

      See the FareCredit credit voucher full terms and conditions for full details - https://www.jetstar.com/au/en/help/articles/farecredit-vouch...

      Normal cancellations due to covid fall under this, not FareCredit;

      What if I can’t travel due to border restrictions?
      If you booked on jetstar.com and your upcoming flight is affected by a border closure or lockdown impacting travel between the destinations listed in the booking, you will be eligible for a credit voucher for the full value of your booking. Depending on the circumstances, cash refunds or free changes to flight dates or times might also be available. The easiest way to make changes to your booking is often at Manage Booking. If you can’t see options available to you, please contact us. Alternatively, you may want to wait as flights may be cancelled and additional options may be available which, depending on the circumstances, may include cash refunds or free changes to flight dates or times.

      If you made your booking through a travel agent or third-party website (eg Webjet, Skyscanner, etc), you will need to contact the company you made your booking through for help.


    • +1 vote

      Thanks for posting, I was not aware of this.

      • I think they introduced it after covid kept affecting bookings initially, from memory I think they wanted an extra $20ish for short flights like MEL to SYD

  • Canberra is just out of the picture!!

  • Nothing that leaves today? I've had enough of work for one week…

  • How can it be "return for free" when the return version of the booking is more expensive (as three of the five Perth options are)?

    • See conditions on Jetstar site.
      After selecting forward flight, only flights showing $0 are eligible for free return. Jetstar lists available dates when booking.

  • Arrived too late!
    Cheapest flights sold out for my destination (Gold Coast - Syd @$36).

    Found $74 (shows the Club price of $66!). Very few return free return flights available.

    Jetstar shows available dates for the free return flight when booking on their site. Next return flight is a month after arrival!

    Think I might skip this special.

    Have a promo $25 voucher to use by December, so want a very cheap flight to use it up.

  • Got Cairns to Perth April 22/May 2nd for $185, used $170 voucher to get it down to $15, I think you can be a bit flexiable with some of the dates I guess only the return flight has to be in the aforementioned date ranges?

    I don't mind the red eye back from PER>CRN but what happened to the cheap flight over leaving Cairns at like 6am, I prefered that one being cheap, as is, arrive 11:35pm on a Thursday night, if anyone else is off to Perth for Here Comes the Sun (Tame Impala) say peepohi

    • but what happened to the cheap flight over leaving Cairns at like 6am


      There were travel restrictions - especially into WA. That meant higher risk of cancellations & costs for airlines.

      Lower passenger numbers - almost no overseas flights bringing fliers into Cairns, & less people flying into / from Cairns within Australia.
      So some flights were cancelled to cut costs.

      That 6am flight was cheap as it was not attractive to most fliers - before Covid.

      Guess that's the reason.

  • when is the best time to visit Goldcoast, Syd and Melbourne from Perth with toddler?

    • A very broad question.
      Depends on the toddler & what you want to do when you get there.

      Outdoor activities depend on April - June weather, so check that for locations. It varies for those different locations. Cold & wet is usually not toddler friendly but if the activities are inside, not as big a problem.

      Cities have lots of alternatives for different weather - including beaches. Gold Coast not so many indoor activities - more theme parks & sand.

      Took a flight to Adelaide in August, 2019. Few were interested in flying from Gold Coast - so booked. Many were wanting to leave the cold & winds of Adelaide at that time. Enjoyed a lot of galleries & coffee shops. Couldn't say no as the flight was only $1.

      Hope you find a good location & cheap flight.

      • Thank you, I would like to visit tourist places in and around (must see places) more into outdoor activities. just wanted to to avoid cold as you said its not toddler friendly.

        • Living like The King on an Ozbargain budget😉

          Check Melbourne weather - gets cool to cold with heavy rain by June. I found it depressing (not a big coffee drinker). Happier in nature.

          Gold Coast is warmer. Growing up there the photos show me as a toddler - smiling in the winter sun. But if it rains, there's not so much to do. Rains aren't usual or heavy at that time.

          Sydney is a favourite for me - the harbour, amazing walks along rocky headlands with beach views, ferry rides, Blue Mountains excursions, along with the usual big city attractions. It can be very busy or very quiet in nature. Plenty of choices & not too cold.

          Was looking at another trip to Sydney.

          (No toddler, but I travel like a curious child in search of new adventures)

        • Haven't got to Perth yet - one day!

          Looking up the flights & weather there…
          $199 return for a month in May (maybe too cool for me @10.5 - 22.3°C)
          Or $209 return for month of November (14.3 - 26.6°C) - seems a good time to visit.

          • @the INFIDEL: I would suggest if you like to explore Perth Sep -early Dec will be best option for outdoor activities.

            • @The king: Thanks.
              Yes, that's the travel advice I read.
              A month or longer from October seems ideal. (Not available in September)

              Am more used to exploring overseas.

              • @the INFIDEL: Not with this COVID, it may take couple of years to go overseas without any restriction i think!

                • @The king: Was planning years of travel or living permanently overseas before Covid. Planned to live near a cheap flight hub in Malaysia etc.

                  Have been exploring Europe & Asia for up to 9 months a year since 2005.

                  Now it's uncertain, so changing plans to seeing areas of home. NZ is a possible opening in near future.

            • @The king: No $175 flights.
              But found a $219 return flight mid October - end of November. Nothing planned for that time, so why not!

              Using a $25 expiring voucher, it's a good price for a nice time of year.

              November also seems a good time for nature & events in Margaret River.

              • @the INFIDEL: Down south is bit cold compare to Perth, you can still visit in summer if you find cheaper flights, caves, beaches and wineries are must visit :)

                • @The king: All booked mid Oct to end of Nov.
                  A bottle of red should keep me warm🍷

                    • @The king: Thanks. If we hadn't chatted, I would have left Perth for another time. So why not this year!

                      As usual, didn't pay for anything except basic fares. Saved $90 - almost half the cost of the flights! More of an adventure that way. But most wouldn't choose that!! And certainly not with a toddler!

                      Flights are at night, so meals are unnecessary. Will sleep - it's free!

                      Travel overseas with a small day pack for similar amounts of time. It's how I've travelled for years. I like a quick exit from airports.
                      (Last local Jetstar flight they weighed carry on. Staff told me as long as it's under 8kg.) I just layer most of my clothes until on board. Easier in warm weather. And buy what I need (toothpaste etc & possibly some clothes) after arriving.

                      Certainly don't mind where I sit. It's a way to pick up good advice from locals & experienced travellers.

                      • @the INFIDEL: its pleasure, thats the best part of Ozbargain people help each other with information.
                        I agree with you, our destination is what is more important then few hours of flights journey if we can adjust and save some $$ why not.

                        • @The king: True. Some people are very helpful!

                          I can afford the $90, but I'd rather spend the money on a good meal in Perth.

                          Like all journeys - it's about the experiences we have.
                          What I get for the Jetstar fees are not a great experience for me. I just need to get to my destination.

                          I've learnt not to lug a large heavy bag on my journeys as I once did - i used to regret the inconvenience. I've never missed not having things I left behind. Rather I love the freedom travelling light brings.

                          In places like rural Japan, I hitchhike & sleep on beaches. The locals treat me like a celebrity! (Won't be doing that in Perth.)
                          I've learnt most by doing that. It's all part of experiencing life differently, which most find intimidating, sticking to the known.

          • @the INFIDEL: Perth in May is cool days but not chilly. SWesterly storms generally haven’t arrived yet

            • @pebee47: Booked for 7weeks in late Spring. Looking forward to seeing Perth & Margaret River.

              Those promo dates weren't listed here. Warmer weather suits me better for my first experience.

  • It is a good option if you plan your leave around the trip. But with my leave fixed to certain dates it is not going to work.

  • Always stayed in Perth and never get a chance to visit eastern states or other states. Now time to explore Australia :)

  • If this helps anyone, I just booked 2 destinations in one trip for anyone trying to escape Melbourne for winter

    Melbourne > Sydney then Sydney to Hervey Bay during the sale dates. Total return was $170 including all destinations :D

  • Thank you OP.

    Can finally return home to the Gold Coast in June with $88 flights, not so happy about checked baggage that cost $25 1 way, thats almost 50% of my flight tickets HAHA

    • Damn, if you fly often maybe consider purchasing a Club Jetstar membership as it'd give you 20% off baggage…

      • at most I usually fly 3 times a year pre-covid. Will Club jetstar be worth it?

        • Seems not, unless you get baggage both ways and are travelling with another person who also needs baggage - then yes.

          However, sometimes airfares via Club Jetstar are cheaper than the displayed price, I haven't factored that in (normally it's up to $10 off) plus early access to sales. If you think that might be valuable it might be worth trying it out for a year.

  • I know this isn't really the spirit of Ozbargain, but everyone should have a look at Rex as an alternative to Qantas/Jetstar. Competition is a good thing.

  • Don't forget email received after booking:
    Subject: yourCODE - Your flight unlocks a $25 voucher for yourDESTINATION hotels

    $25 voucher for any accommodation (not just named destination) on Jetstar Hotels
    Must book within 14 days of receipt.

    $25 isn't much!
    I've used this & $30 Qantas birthday code (none in 2020) to pay for cheaper dorm bed nights in backpackers on their site.

    From memory, was only able to use 1 code per booking. So booked 1 night at time & contacted accommodation to combine bookings.
    (Received codes that time from a well known Ozbargainer.)

    Code may also work on Qantas Hotels.

    • First night booked with voucher on Perth trip!
      Had option of free night in a $25 basic 4 bed dorm room in old pub with bad reviews.

      Spent $9 more for 4 bed dorm room with ensuite, in an award winning purpose built facility with 24hr reception.

  • As a Club Jetstar member I booked 5 different return trips from as far north as Cairns and as far south as Launceston for less than $350. Over the next 5 months You can’t beat this for value. Border closures? Not a lot to lose here.

    • You sound like me LOL What did you book? =)

      I booked;

      • Uluru (finally, have never been)
      • Hervey Bay via Sydney (again, have never been but it sounds amazing)
      • short trip to Sydney for Vivid!

      The total I paid for the above was about $440 (had to pick a more dear Sydney flight to make the most of the trip, it kinda killed me to pay more than $64 haha)

  • Very nice deals, thanks. Any reason for the Jetstar Pacific A320 in the thumbnail? That's the Vietnamese Jetstar operator lol.