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Sea to Summit Ultralight Insulated (Small) Inflatable Mat - $81.99 Delivered @ Davo's Tackle


Cheap as chips hiking mat. These are top quality, the ultralight insulated giving great R-Value warmth and in my opinion top knotch comfort.

This one is only for the small mat - which mightn't suit those who are taller or want to keep their feet on the mat.

But at this price it's a no brainer. I don't expect it'll last long.

No experience with the company. Saw it linked in a camping FB group.

Also Free Shipping over $60 spend. So no more to pay to get it delivered!

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  • Cracking price - I need a regular length unfortunately

  • I have one of these, they are great. Pretty much the best sleeping mat for hiking, they weigh nothing. I've never seen them this cheap.

    • how many gram? Those full legth ones from amazon are 450-480g and cost $39 or thereabouts? in what way is this better? seriously asking :)

      • To add to this…

        Quality name brand gear like S2S or Exped tends to be a lot more comfortable and last a lot longer than the cheap no-name stuff… I haven't had much luck with cheapies, the baffles tend to come apart internally and they just lack structure in general, probably fine for back sleepers but as a side sleeper I find my hip just sinks through them to the ground…

        Also, I love the pump sack that comes with the S2S mats these days, inflation is super fast and easy. ..

      • These are amazing. I don’t know how they do it but you could sleep on concrete and feel warm and comfortable with these. Clearly stolen alien technology. Check out their inflatable pillows too. They feel like a proper pillow and pack down to fit in your palm. They lock onto the mats so you don’t slide off in the night.

        • you could sleep on concrete and feel warm and comfortable with these

          Was that in winter (Tasmanian, Siberian, Hawaian?) or in summer?

          • @pizzaguy: The S2S Comfort Plus AS does ok in Tassie down around zero-C, it only has an R2 rating, I think the Ultralight in this deal is R3 :

            True winter camping if I'm expecting sub-zero temps I play it safe and carry my bulky R-5.8 Exped Downmat-7 LW…

      • The closest match to what you mention are these, ($35, 480g) which are not insulated.

        This looks pretty good for the price, but still inferior in every way. Comparing to a regular sea to summit (since they're the same size), these are 690g vs 480g, and only have an insulation R value of 1.3 instead of the 3.1 of the sea to summit. But on a budget this one doesn't look too bad.

        The main thing is that comfort is not something you can compare. The Sea to Summit mats are really comfortable, some other mats simply aren't. Without lots of reviews (there are plenty of reviews for the sea to summit) the cheaper ones are hard to judge if they are actually comfortable or not.

  • That small is REALLY small!

  • I don't need one… But can't resist to buy it as a backup. Thank you OP!

  • Sold out quickly I guess