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Logitech MK345 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo $39.20 Delivered @ Amazon AU (Officeworks Price Beat $37.24, JB Hi-Fi $39.20 C&C)


JB Hi-Fi started the deal with a $9.80 discount for Logitech MK345 $39.20 C&C /+ Delivery (Was $49)

Amazon responded by matching its price Logitech MK345 $39.20 Delivered (RRP $74.24)

Officework has not discounts its price, so you can get it to price beat either store. Logitech MK345 $37.24 via Price Beat

The MK345 does not use Logitech Unifying Receiver.

Logitech product page for MK345

User reviews from past deals ranged from OK performance, fingerprint magnet, poor wireless reception (missed keystrokes) after 18 months, comfortable light mouse, bad mouse, to interference from USB3.0 socket.

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  • I prefer the MK545 now

  • I have the MK345 - it's not bad. Keyboard is noisy. Mouse stopped working after about a year (the left click button was temperamental, sometimes didn't register, sometimes double clicked) Did get used quite a lot every day though. Mouse also felt a bit small in the hand.

    I'm still using the keyboard. The special keys are annoying to use as you have to hold the FN button too. Been wanting to upgrade but cannot find anything I like.

    Perfect for occasional users i'd say.

  • Been looking for k860 for while.

  • Ha, went into OW looking for a keyboard for the old man this morning, did the usual staticice price checks on them all, and noticed this one was $39.20 at JB, but the picture showed a slightly different mouse (at least the logo was). The one of the OW shelf was $80.
    So checked OW website and the same model was listed as $59, with the same slightly different picture -which it scanned for at the counter.

    Obviously claimed the price beat based on the JB, but odd that there’s such a large range in prices. Having just set it up, it’s nothing special, pretty basic keyboard and mouse, has a palm rest which is ideal I guess, but both feel pretty hollow and “plasticy”. Still, good value for 37 bucks or whatever I paid.

  • Loved this keyboard when I had it a few years ago. Typing on it was amazing. I have the MX Keys now but still think typing on the K345 was better.

    Annoying this is the adapter is not the Logitech Unifying Receiver so once it breaks or is lost, then you have to replace the whole unit (which is what happened to me).

    Also the comment above about having to hold down the function key is pretty stock standard for Logitech, isn't it? And you can adjust it in the "Keyboard and Mouse" app.

  • It's a basic keyboard and mouse but it's better than the base line $15/$20 stuff on the market. I use this and it's fairly good value for money at this price.

  • Deal on K470 will be much better. I have this but keys are not soft. I guess you get what you pay.

  • Yep I second the poor wireless connection /missed keystrokes in reviews…. Had to get rid of them at work.. Just went with MS ones a lot more reliable

  • I bought this on Amazon when I searched for unifying receiver. This popped up and the main picture had the receiver in it. Imagine my surprise when I received it and it was NOT compatible with unifying!
    I suppose I could have done a return based on that, but for $40 I really couldn't be bothered..

    (I was already using a mouse with Unifying and wanted a keyboard that would use it and free up a USB port)

  • Thanks.
    Was looking for a new wireless combo. Hopefully my local OW has in stock

    Just curious why this is getting so many +s when the previous deals on the link Alvian posted only got about ~10 votes for similar price.

    • picked it up from OW. They had dropped price to 39.20 so no price beat. But still good deal.

      Typing on it now.
      Definitely worth the extra $20 compared to the MK220 I purchased ages ago (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/312367)

      Mouse is pretty smooth. Keyboard feels great (proper full size keyboard)