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55% off Netflix: Basic ~A$4.66, Standard ~A$7.07, Ultra ~A$9.49 Per Month (VPN to Turkey Required) @ Netflix Turkey


November 2021 - See new/latest post here

OzReminder for those who may not be familiar with this hack. Thank you for the original post Ulysses31. Here are some steps to setup a Turkish or Argentinian Netflix account to save $$$. Results may vary so its best to read up, there are plenty of comments below and members happy to help. Unfortunately it may not work for everyone so please keep that in mind.

Netflix plans

Turkey Basic $4.66 Standard $7.07 Ultra $9.49/month
Argentina Basic $4.02 Standard $6.61 Ultra $9.64/month (Note: Taxes will apply)

Step 1: Please understand that following all these steps may not work for you

There is no need for aggression in instances where you are unable to subscribe to an international Netflix account. Share your experience so everyone can chip in and help out. There are plenty of examples where hacks shared on this platform do not work for some people, but may work for others:
* Modem reset for faster internet,
* Cash back program purchase tracking,
* Price matching an unobtainable deal or price error,
* Targeted bargains, and
* Limited quantity items quickly or instant (bot) sellout.
Similarly we know there are cash back users who follow every single step for cash back (turn off ad blocker, have no items in cart, do not click other links, etc.) on their purchases and it does not work, its probably best to move on.There are many users who successfully use this hack and enjoy paying half the price of the Australian membership. Unfortunately there are also many users who have been unable to sign up to Netflix Turkey or Argentina. After all it is intended for people who reside in Turkey or Argentina. If it does not work, I am not affiliated with any of the entities listed below or linked to and cannot guarantee any outcome. I can only read comments on this platform and others to share them with you. Your patience is appreciated. Please do not take it personally.

Step 2: Obtain a Turkish or Argentinian VPN

Express VPN

Step 3: Confirm Turkish/Argentinian IP

IP Check

Step 4: Sign Up to Netflix

In a private-browsing tab open Netflix

Step 5: Enter Card Details

Possibly working: 28 Degrees, ANZ Rewards, Citibank Debit, Macquarie
Mixed reports: CBA, ING


Q My bank blocked my payment, what do I do?
A Some banks block 1st attempt and then text to confirm it's you. Once you reply, 2nd attempt may work.

Q Where can I purchase a Turkish Netflix gift card?
A Others have had success purchasing Turkish Netflix gift cards (for a premium) or using Transfer Wise.

Q I have an existing Netflix subscription, can I use the same email?
A You can try! Visit Netflix website and cancel your subscription ASAP. It will expire at the end of the billing period. Then follow Step 1-5.

Q I thought it would cost $4.66 but I was billed for $5.00.
A Please note that changes in the foreign exchange rate will impact the subscription fee. Happy to update.

Q How do I enter an international mobile number?
A Ignore any requests for a mobile, open Netflix in a new tab and confirm account is working. If you must, there are a couple of resources for codes being sent to an international mobile number. Please note that these services may not work since others may have used the numbers for verification codes from Netflix SMS Codes PVA Codes SMS-Activate SMS Approval.

Q Do I need to use a VPN every time I access Netflix?
A No, VPN is only required for sign up. After sign up, use Netflix without a VPN and you will have access to the Australian Netflix library.

Plans and pricing

Thanks Putin
Turkish Plans and pricing
Argentinian Plans and pricing
GST/VAT and Tax related questions
Full list of Netflix pricing around the world thanks CC123 and Giu

See previous post for this deal for additional discussion.

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          • @illumination: I subscribe to Disney+ from India. The subscription is tied to an India phone number and you need to enter the OTP everytime you logout. Also I always have to turn on VPN to use it. Too much work to set it all up but insane value.

            The Indian Disney+ includes Hotstar as well which is basically all the content from Star network. The library is pretty good.

  • +2

    I finally got this working. Cancelled my aus subscription and waited for it to run out at the end of the month. VPN with windscribe to Turkey but it was asking for a mobile number. Ended up buying a Turkey gift card instead from G2A as an alternative. Once that gift card ran out it I put my Macquarie debit card details on the app with no VPN and it worked. Last charge was $7.88 for ultra

    • what did you do to bypass the Mobile number step,
      Even with opening a new window it still prompts me.

      • +1

        Used a gift card from G2A and it never asked me for a number

        • +1

          Can confirm this worked for me also! Also used a Macquarie debit card and was charged $5.20 AUD for the standard plan as soon as I submitted my card details. Didn't ask for a Turkish number and I didn't use a VPN either. Worked like a charm!

  • -1

    Good to know people selling for $60 a year in classifieds is making $120 every year by Simply sharing a turkey account!!!!

    i.e they are charging 4 people $60 a yr = $240 and only costing $120 a yr for ultra hd

  • Did anyone try swapping their Oz Netflix account with payments being made from iTunes to this Turkey account model? I've been on iTunes payment for a few years now and always top up the iTunes balance with iTunes cards (on 20% discount).

    • Didnt move from iTunes but moved from an AU paid account to Turkey.

      Worth mentioning it wont be possible to resubscribe with iTunes payment if you move away from it.

    • I recently made the move from itunes to turkey. Just need to overcome the fear of it potentially not working, and then you may be rewarded with even cheaper netflix.

      I'm now using Netflix Turkey with TransferWise.
      I used the 100TL gift card as a stepping stone, because even when i tried to sign up it kept declining my transferwise, so i use gift card to move it to NetFlix Turkey then used their chat to add my TransferWise as a "backup payment" once gift card is used up.

      • did you try to add any credit cards as the backup payment? i tried a few credit cards myself and via online chat. None of them works.
        so transferwise debit card will work?

  • I have been using Netflix Turkey for probably 3 years now, there are a number of ways you can redeem this offer, I have tried both,

    I ordered a 100 TL Netflix voucher and redeemed on Netflix Turkey (I had an existing Turkey signed up Netflix account)


    Originally I did this,
    1. Cancel existing Australian subscription
    2. Use PureVPN (VPN is important as Surfshark did not allow me to subscribe) connect to Turkey
    3. Select your subscription
    4. Use a credit card that works internationally- I used 28 Degrees MasterCard

  • Successfully signed up with a Turkish account ages ago with a Citi debit card.

    Now what time chat to an Up Debit card but no luck. Tried with VPN on and off. Any suggestions on making this work?

    • Yes it’s the VPN, I had the same issue trying to update my credit card using SurfShark, I then used PureVPN and it worked.

    • I had to do chat to get my transferwise via secure chat to work in Netflix Turkey.

  • personally still using the Argentina setup.

    Didn't notice the price hike till it was mentioned here, defo increase Oct last year but its been declining since, most recent charge is $10.97 for ultra account.

    • Check the upcoming charge

      All mine were 499 but starting from next month it's 699

      So might see if I can change to turkey or ham

      • yeah same when i check the billing on my netflix account (ARS449) but i was referring to what was debited from my bank account, which jumped to ARS736.36 ~AUD$13.90 in October & has been declining by around AUD$1, last charge was AUD$10.97 (still ARS736.36), i presume the tax & exchange rate are what's making the difference..?

        Might also have to go with the Turkey option, hoping i don't get stuffed up with the changeover, i currently pay using my Westpac debit card & haven't had an issue since registering with the Argentina account. From what I've read here, probably worthwhile confirming my ph# etc prior to cancelling & switching to Turkey..

  • What a pain.

    Used NordVPN to connect to Turkey
    Signed up for the Turkey account, except it wanted to verify mobile.
    Tried ignoring it, but it constantly wanted me to 'Finish signup'.

    Signed up to smscodes.io and worked out how to charge it
    Then realised they do not support Turkish SMS for Netflix

    Tried using Nord to signup for Argentina Netflix
    Kept getting redirected to AU or US netflix (depending on what browser and settings I used).

    Finally decided to install torbrowser, set the exitnode to AR and tried again.
    Success. Can finally signup.
    No issues with my Citibank Debit card.

    It also wanted to verify my mobile, but at least smscodes.io supports Argentinian Netflix.
    Finish, create account (select a few shows etc).
    Have been charged $6.60 something already.
    All seems ok.

    Log out of torbrowser and attempt to access it from my normal browser.
    I am back at 'Finish Signup'… It wants me to select an AU plan.
    Can no longer maccess my AR account settings.

    I give the (profanity) up. I'll just pay for a month when Drive to Survive comes out next week.

  • I tried different methods listed here but always reached a dead end. First problem was I couldn't login using my existing login credentials if Turkish vpn was turned on. Second problem was that I was unable to use CBA, ING, UP or Wise cards.

    But finally, this is how I got it to work.

    1. Sign-up or login to your existing Australian Netflix account.
    2. Add your card details while you're on Australian Netflix.
    3. Do not logout from your AU Netflix account. Now turn on your vpn to Turkey.
    4. Go to payment/subscription plans page. If you're seeing charges in AUD, refresh the page and it will convert to TRY.
      (* I had to select the plan then go to the next page and then hit back to see charges in TRY)
    5. Confirm payment in the next page. That's it.

    Also, do you guys know if the future payments will be charges in AUD or TRY ? Thanks.

    • Turkey dollars

    • Just tried this.

      Did not work.

      Used PureVPN.

      Had already logged in to my AU account.
      Activated VPN.
      Refreshed payment page multiple times and still same pricing 10.99 for basic. Etc.
      I select premium and just says confirm at $19.99, hit back and prices still same

      Using chrome on Android.

      • Sorry it didn't work for you.
        I just signed up using a different email-id to test this method again and surprisingly its working for me. I had to refresh the page once and it changed from AUD to TRY.
        This time I used surfshark vpn using chrome on Android (although PureVPN should work as I was using it the first time)

        If you're still keen, I'd suggest giving it another try with a different vpn. Good luck.

        • Yea I am going to wait to end of billing cycle and re try.

          Basically restart membership when you are "in" Turkey to get local plan charges.

          I just went into a new cycle and have to wait till end of month to try this.


          Just sign up using a new account.

          This is just for informational purposes for anyone else trying the same way.

          • @Pandaboss: Well its end of the period today. And I can get as far as the payment section.

            Plans show up in TL but when trying to take payment it does not work. Using ANZ travel rewards VISA, which I've used before for international purchases ok.

            I Might contact Live chat and see if they can find out what is happening.

  • +3

    Got this to work via Turkey, new subscription and account by doing the following:

    -Clear cache and cookies, turn off location services on device being used.
    -Connect to Turkey via VPN of choice
    -Using incognito/private mode, sign up at Netflix
    -Tried to use ANZ Rewards card didn’t work 29/12
    -Turn off VPN i.e. go back to Oz
    -Bought 100TL giftcard via g2a (yes It does feel a bit scammy, so be vigilant and buy from a well reviewed seller)
    -Clear cache and cookies
    -Turkey VPN
    -Private/incognito mode, select redeem giftcard option with netflix.
    -Skipped putting in a mobile number
    Nb. It took about 8 hours for my giftcard to work. Initially I was getting an error message and thought my g2a scam concerns were validated. Just wait like 8-12hours then it worked.

    Hope this helps someone.

    • +2

      Ok so this worked. thank you.

      Couple of things my gift card worked instantly. G2A seemed ok.
      I haven't been able to add a credit card after getting the account started which is a bit annoying as will have to continue buying gift cards.
      I have found a netflix endorsed place to buy gift cards from https://www.trendyol.com/netflix/100-tl-hediye-karti-p-47214... they don't charge any additional fees unlike G2A. The site is only in turkish so google translate is a must but worked fine. Voucher is sent to email so dont stress about the address you put in, look up your fav hotel and use those details. Unfortunately can only purchase 1 gift card per transaction. Voucher came through within 2 min and worked perfectly

      • +2

        Purchased from G2A…giftcard received in 5 mins and I was able to load it immediately
        Purchased from trendyol… 2 hours still waiting for the gift card

        • double check you junk folders. Mine came through the promotions tab on gmail. Otherwise it might be a little bit of luck of the draw. Still if its for top ups and takes a few hours to come through i'm fine with that better than paying inflated prices for the gift card

          • @TheBoneSetter: My Order is yet to be processed …so nothing in spam folders..
            Status of Order is "Your Order Has Been Received"… may be odd time of day, not sure why it is taking longer for Order to be delivered

            • @SUD26: i got an email instantly that said (translated)

              "Hello there,

              We received his order number 52865xxxx . Thank you for choosing us for your shopping." etc

              it also had a status bar at the top of the email with stage of processing/delivery. Interestingly it still says processing now.

              I then got a second email a couple of minutes later with this subject line "Kod Gönderimin Tamamlandı " which has the code number

              The original email had a link to check order status so check that, you can cancel the order as well, so might be worth cancelling and trying again.

            • @SUD26: did you receive the turkish netflix gift card from trendyol.com in the end?

            • @SUD26: did you receive the turkish netflix gift card from trendyol.com in the end?

              • @steveyyf: nothing yet.
                Very difficult to get through the support :(

                • @SUD26: trendyol is a fraud?

                  • @steveyyf: Yes…I guess so…
                    I was able to message seller and he is now telling that as I have provided wrong phone number he cant sent the card.
                    I have asked him to email me multiple times but he just dont respond

                    • @SUD26: Finally able to get the refund (-conversion charges).
                      Was able to get the support ticket raised (thanks to google translate)..and as outcome they will cancel the order and refund ..

      • I gave a shot and purchased from trendyol. After 3 hours and still waiting for gift card

  • Does anyone know if the 6 month Netflix credits for the Chromecast TV would also apply to the Turkish or Argentinean Netflix accounts? If so, does it provide more than 6 month's credit (say approx 11 months) due to the much cheaper cost of Turkish and Argentinean accounts?


    • Unlikely, as the Credits don't usually equate to "Money" it is simply months. Unless they have changed it.
      As for using of netflix promo codes across region, never tested this ….. and not sure if it is worth risk it simply changing to 95.94 turkey dollars LOL!

    • Netflix credits are usually applied as a $ value in currency so changing to another regions area is not possible while they are being used.

  • Stupid question, once I use a VPN to sign up, when I sign on via my Smart TV is this Aus Netflix?

    • +1

      Yep :)

  • Ongoing problem with adding my debit card finally got resolved.

    Got into chat with support. They sent me a “secure form” over chat. Filled in my debit card details. Card accepted.

    No need to go down the gift certificate path.

    • how can i ask for the form?

      i was trying to ask them to add card but they tell me go to ask bank why i cant add to Netflix

      • My bank told me they saw no attempted transaction from Netflix. I relayed this to Netflix support and they sent me the form.

        • thanks i will try

    • I did online chat with them and they send the secure form for me to add card details. I tried 3 credit cards with the secure forms but none of them works.
      the online chat agent also not sure why it doesn't work. I paid the turkey subscription 2 hours ago with turkish netflix gift card.

    • which debit card you used? Have you tried to add any credit cards?

  • Well, i just got charged $10.94 on the Standard plan for Argentina.

    But luckily they gave me a free upgrade to Ultra HD so i guess that's ok.

    Card: HSBC
    VPN: SurfShark

    • Did you have to enter an Argentinian phone number?

      • no, just open a new tab

        • What do you mean by "open a new tab"? Can you elaborate?

          • @scavang3r: Like literally open another tab and go to netflix, and it would skip the phone verification on that new tab.

            • @Koipanda: Does not work. Asks to "Restart Membership" and makes you go through adding the credit card payment again.

              • @scavang3r: Dont use the same email.

                Start fresh with different card.

                And when you get to the part where they ask for your phone number, you just open netflix in a new tab to bypass that.

  • great

  • There is a trend in Turkey which is Netflix Brotherhood. Someone takes netflix ultra account and shares it with 3 other people with cost-sharing. So you can pay 2.5 AUD per month for one account for the Ultra package.

    • +2

      It's common practice here. I share my Netflix Ultra with family and friends and in return I get Foxtel, Amazon Prime and Youtube Premium.

  • I was able to sign up successfully.
    ING, COMMBANK, NAB debit cards didn't work
    Bought netflix gift card worth 100 TL ( $19.95) from MTCGAME

    • how much 100TL gift card cost on MTCGAME? 19.95 AUD? gift card fast delivery?

      • Yes $19.95, delivery within 2 hours

    • it cost 20.29 AUD on MTCGAME? seems cheaper the G2A.

  • Just changed my expired Netflix account with 86400 card saved and no mobile number attached to Turkey successfully. Got charged $4.71 for Basic plan. I logged in normally no VPN, then at the select plan page, turned on VPN and refreshed the page. When prices changed to TL, select the plan and proceed with the payment (using saved card details). On the last page, it asked for mobile number, but wasn't required to enter (said something like add mobile number to recover your account etc). I ignored that and didn't enter mobile number and clicked Continue. After that it was just all the account set up options like mature content, choose language etc.

    • did you have to wait for the plan to end or what? I am on argentina but need to wait a month for it to end

      • Not sure if it makes a difference or not but I waited a month after plan ended.

  • Just heads up that I successfully subscribed using the Turkey rate but Netflix cannot be used outside of Australia.

    • Hey, do you know why this is happening? When i was on an Argentina account i had no problem accessing Netflix from different countries, but apparently now with the turkey subscription it is showing people outside Australia an error screen. Did you solve this?

  • Subscribed successfully without mobile verification.
    1. Waited for current Aus subscription to cancel.
    2. Connected to Turkey VPN via Windscribe.
    3. Using incognito logged into Netflix.
    4. Renewed subscription using Transferwise debit card, charged in TRY.
    5. Netflix simply confirmed previous Aus mobile number (+6104…), no need for Turkish phone number.

    • do you put balance in aud in your transferwise account or do you need to convert AUD to TRY in your transferwise account?

    • Worked like a charm.

  • Prices are increas s now for turkey new accounts. Now it’s 55 TRY instead of 42

    • how abt old account which charge 42TL? or 55TL as well in future

      • At the moment, it’s showing as 42TL for me. Don’t know when the new rates will be applied to existing accounts.

      • saw this in Netflix

        These prices apply to new members and will gradually take effect for all current members. Current members will receive an email notification 30 days before their price changes.

    • Can confirm price increase from April 30, currently on Standard Plan for 29.99TL, will increase to 40.99TL :(

  • -3

    Why would anyone on Ozbargain want to take a discount for somthing which is available for free?

    • how to get it for free?

  • Has anybody resolved the payment method issue for Turkish account?
    Do you stay connected to vpn when adding the details?
    Ive tried ANZ, ING, HSBC, AMEX and CBA with no joy

    • Yes, you stay connected to vpn

      I had the same issue… finally resolved it by purchasing a gift card worth 100TL ( $19.95 AUD) from mtcgame, delivery within 2 hours

      • I also went down the gift card route. How does it work with balances? Eg What if you dont have enough credit for the 2nd month? Assume you need to keep topping it up manually?

        • +1

          Topping up is one option but I am going to retry using my card at later stage

          • +2

            @mahurani: Once you use the gift card you can just add your credit card to the account when you login then it should start charging it when the credit is used up.

            • @GerrardLFC: Should I be connected to turkey via VPN when adding credit card?

              • @ant75a: I think once you have added the gift card and the account is active you can just login from here and add your card details and mobile number.

                That is how I did it when I signed up few months back.

      • Did you add the gift card connected to Turkey? If so how? I've let my account lapse, but when I don't get any option for changing the payment method when logged in as Turkey.

        When I have VPN off, I get option to switch to paypal but not gift cards.

        • I login with VPN and it gives a link to redeem gift card. I initially logged in and paid with a gift card. Logged in again with VPN the day after to top it up with another gift card.

        • +1

          When I used the gift card I did not enter it from my account. There is a special link called redeem gift card. I clicked on it and entered my gift card then it asked if I had an account already to link to and I logged in.

  • Tried to set this up today. Im also getting stuck at the mobile section. Im using PureVPN.

    I then got myself a Turkish netflix gift card that works OK. Netflix is using the Gift card then will use Paypal. If I leave as is will Paypal be charged at the cheaper rate or does it default back to AU rates?

    I then logged in to Netflix AU and added my mobile and verified (as I couldn't verify when VPN was enabled)

    I tried to add my NAB visa card but it wont accept it now..

    Thinking about leaving as is for now and hope for the best Paypal is charged at cheaper turkish rate… Anyone been in the same situtation?

    • I didn’t see PayPal option at all for turkish

    • I had my paypal connected, once the giftcard ran out i got "Billing Issue". I then went to go try adding a bankwest DEBIT card (as my bankwest credit card was rejected previously) and it worked, replacing my paypal with my card. If it wasnt going to work the option there to add another gift card was available.

  • Do not use smscodes.io for SMS verification codes.

    Only after sign-up and payment do they tell you that "No numbers are available" for both Argentina and Turkey. Complete scam.

  • Just got charged AUD$15.62 for Ultra from Argentina. Feb was $10.76 and Jan $11.18. Anyone else experience the same? Anyone know why?

    • I think it's a price increase, Same with Turkey.

      It's been discussed here.

      • Found the email, monthly price will increase by ARS220 to ARS669 (pre-tax), a 49% increase, ouch!

    • OMG
      it's close to Aus

    • Just had the same issue. Ultra price jumped up heaps…

  • my AUS account expired today….used Windscribe vpn which allows me to access Turkey netflix….its taking my email address which I used on the AU account but not my password, so tried resetting my password via email option….. message is "Sorry, something went wrong. Please try again later." anyone have this issue?

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