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$60 Cashback on $75 amaysim 125GB 6-Month Expiry Plan @ Cashrewards (Was $35, Ends 6PM AEDT)


This awesome deal just got a lot better. Please ensure you read the terms below carefully before proceeding. If you've already puchased any amaysim product via Cashrewards this month, you are unfortunately ineligible for this offer. I will endeavour to provide at least 30 minutes notice when amaysim gets close to the quota limit.

The following terms are specific to the $60 amaysim cashback offer only:

  1. Limited strictly to the first 1000 mobile services (redemptions), and one per Cashrewards member. Offer expires when (1) cap is reached (sold out), (2) withdrawn by amaysim, or (3) 11:59pm AEDT 09/03/21 (whichever occurs first). When the offer is over, the cashback rate will revert to $35 for this SIM. updated 4:10pm: Allocation exhausted, but amaysim has extended to now end 6PM AEDT.
  2. New mobile services only - offer is not available for existing mobile numbers.
  3. Offer is not available to anyone that has previously purchased an amaysim product via Cashrewards this month.
  4. You must click through the offer on Cashrewards. Do not exit amaysim's site until your purchase is complete.
  5. Offer applies only to the $150 Unlimited 125GB long-expiry mobile SIM for $75 (March promo). You will receive the SIM in 2-10 business days, which must be activated within 30 days of purchase or cashback is forfeited.
  6. If PayPal is used as payment, you must verify your ID through 'my amaysim' after purchase.
  7. Turning auto-renewal off after activation will not disqualify you from cashback.
  8. amaysim SIMs bought from retail stores/outlets are excluded from cashback.
  9. Cannot be used with any other amaysim or 3rd party promos/codes/referrals.
  10. Direct any enquiries regarding delivery, activation or ordering to amaysim customer support on their website.

Fraudulent activity, including creation of alternate accounts (against terms of service), will result in rewards forfeiture and account closure.

Ensure you disable 3rd party plugins and VPNs, close any additional browser tabs, and don't click away to other sites looking for codes etc after clicking from Cashrewards as tracking will be lost (try our mobile app). Do not exit amaysim after clicking out from Cashrewards until you complete your purchase. Tracking should take no longer than 60 minutes for amaysim. Check out our Help Centre & Contact form here for any questions or issues.

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    • Won't allow you to pay for it if you port in. Interested to know if they let you port in when you activate the sim.

      • +4

        I was able to pay and have the cashback tracked on CR when I put in my current number for port in from Kogan mobile.

        Just want to make sure the CB wont be rejected later down the road.

        • I tried it 5 times and tried different credit cards all failed. Maybe my number has some kind of restriction on porting?

          • @DarkOz: have you been with your current provider for less than 30 days?
            I was having porting issue via Online once and was told by Kogan customer service about the requirement of staying with a provider for more than 30 days.
            They managed to override it on the phone and got me ported.

            • @iamtapu: Been with them 9 months. Maybe it’s the credit card payment. Some others reported it worked through PayPal.

            • @iamtapu: That's absolute BS from Kogan.

              I was with Kogan last year, then ported out to Vodafone, and 2 weeks later, Kogan sent me an email asking my to port back to then for a special price. I took up the offer to port back to them.

              When I tried to do the transfer back to Kogan, they tell me I can only rejoin after a minimum of 30 days later. What BS right? Why send me the promo to ask me to port back then?!?! Wtf.

              They then told me "I'll make an exception this time". I replied, I'll make an exception too to use Kogan this time.

          • @DarkOz: This happened to me as well so I used Paypal

        • Same…tracked cr while Kogan porting

  • Mine has tracked :/ via the CR app

    • It’s been an hour already and mine hasn’t tracked in the app

      • Interesting username

  • +1

    Bought one 10 mins ago via App, but nothing has been tracked yet while others track instantly😭😭

    • Same here!

      • I've been waiting 3 days for my app purchase to track. Still nothing. It's Last time I use the app to make purchases.

        • The T&C stated that the CB will be tracked within one hour. Nothing comes up after 60 minutes, so I have cancelled the order.

          • @Babyboss: Oh dear. Looks like I've just paid $75 for 6 months of Optus then. 😭

  • anyone else having trouble logging in? i can log in normally in the site. but when purchasing i cant log in

    • +1

      same. had to make new account

  • *** Friendly note if you choose a new number. You can keep refreshing the list of numbers and hopefully a good number comes up.

  • Ordered, and tracked! Cheers

  • Ordered and tracked. Upon activation, the entire 125GB data is allocated for use and I have 6 months to use it up, right? (as opposed to 20.8GB allocated every month)

    • That's right.

  • Thanks TA bought one and tracked

  • Tracked , but my card are not working on amaysim , paid through paypal.

  • They won't send out my $6 Sim from other day saying it hasn't been paid for ?? (even though it has tracked on cashrewards).

    Also, Amaysim didn't honour a similar deal Shopback. So starting to appear a bit dodgey.

  • Cashback tracked instantly, thanks TA!

  • Getting the cart error - "Whilst we twiddle with the on/off switch, we suggest you come back later and try again."

    Any solutions?

  • thanks TA! just got one and cashrewards tracked

  • Cashback successfully tracked. Thanks!

  • Here too, Cashback tracked instantly. Thanks!

  • Used to be with amaysim and ported out. Tried to transfer number and get one, tracked immediately.

  • lol not checking me out, must be crashing?

  • Got one! Thanks OP!

  • I was meant to buy the 6 months but on my email it says UNLIMITED 75Gb. Is it correct. Second thing is I was told to enter in ID details but since at work it took me a while to get my ID. When back to Cashrewards that screen is gone. However I'm not sure I got rewarded as it has not been tracked yet.

  • +2

    How do I know I am the first 1000 redemption?

    • Don't be the bubble boy 1001 lol .

  • tracked instantly. Had payment error so switched to paypal and it worked

  • Tracked instantly yippeeee

  • Just wanna praise Amaysim for their superb customer service. I reckon the best I've ever dealt with. These guys are great. Because of that, I'm sticking with them.

  • Shows up in my click history but not in my rewards - will this mean its tracked?

  • Loading merchant data

    Can't activate cashback

    • +1

      have you tried to log out and back in again? that worked for me

      • Worked! Thank you!

  • Does anyone know if I can activate/port in a mobile number that is not under my Cashrewards account, e.g. I am using this to activate my wife's Mob. no? Or does the mobile number have to be under the same account as your cash rewards account? Thanks.

  • Bought through the CR app 45 minutes ago and it charged my card. No tracking

  • site not loading clicking via cashrewards

    • used another browser, purchased and tracked instantly

  • Cashback still hasn't tracked and I bought more than an hour ago

  • Tracked instantly with confirmation of $60 cashback. Very happy!

  • when i click on cashback the 60$ becomes 35$.. i think it is over :(

    • OzBed 1,000 times within 2 hours.

    • Mine still says $60 and just signed up.

      • $60 CB for me too, purchased a few mins ago.

    • open it on the incognito page, it worked!!!

  • Just bought and tracked instantly

  • +1

    Bought an hour ago, still not tracked :(

    • Same here.

      • -1

        I had to cancel first order and reorder via 4g for proper tracking.

        • Where do you go to cancel?

          • @BlueDracarys: I tried to cancel but it’s too late. Why does it have to be ordered with 4G and not wifi? The OP doesn’t explain that. I don’t have VPN either. If I don’t get the cash back, I’ll be pretty annoyed!!

            • @Ebaygiftcards: Ok I’ve cancelled the order via chat, reordered with the app again on 4G and no VPN. Still no instant track.

              • @Ebaygiftcards: That's strange, i got the CR confirmation instantly. It would be handy to see if the number of CR have reached.

  • Another awesome deal by TA. Thank you so much for this. We really appreciated all the deals over the years. Got instant cashback confirmation email as well.

  • +1

    "Our shopping cart isn't working right now…
    Whilst we twiddle with the on/off switch, we suggest you come back later and try again."

    Anybody getting this? I have been getting this ever since 2 weeks ago!!!

    • You may have a pending port on your number. I did from years ago. Use online chat.

  • Cashback tracked in less than a min.
    Thanks a bunch TA

  • Just bought one and it tracked instantly. I had to change my payment method to PayPal as my saved debit card from my old amaysim account wouldn't process. Cheers OP great deal!

  • Not tracked here either, did it through the desktop browser app, always worked before. Did this 30 mins ago.

  • Took me a few goes but finally worked. Tracked straight away. Thanks TA

  • +1

    Just FYI, the same exact deal was available around Black Friday with Shopback. At some point, Shopback shut it down and removed the $60 cashback from their list. Below is the link, and you'll see how the cashback was crossed out. Just don't be shocked if CR decides to pull the plug at some point. The SB deal was Ozbargained in about 5 or 6 hours and SB shut it down. One difference was that you could port an existing # in for that deal, but apparently not this one.


    • I got the same deal from shopback and my cashback was approved within the time it said.

      So no issues here for me based on that deal.

  • My first payment failed, and had to retry in my account. Is that will effect the cashback?

    • Nah had the same and was all good.

      • Thanks 👍🏻

    • I had the same issue with my first payment. I think I forgot to tick the accepatance of terms and conditions. Using the same CC payment, then It was ok. Got the CB tracked instantly

  • Thanks so much TA, just ordered one at 11:03 and tracked instantly for $60

  • Will it work if I been i customer back then? Or as to be a new email?

  • So nobody is getting the broken cart message? I kept with different browsers and still the same.

    • Broken cart message here

    • Same. Tried both the desktop browser and the phone app. Same broken cart message.

  • page is stuck on loading merchant data

    • +1

      have you tried to log out and back in again? that worked for me

      • Ordered successfully from the mobile app. I was using my computer before.

  • Bought one at 11:00 via CR app but it hasn’t tracked yet. The app crashed just when I was verifying the ID so I verified afterwards. Hopefully it won’t impact the Cashrewards!

    @TA can you advise if verifying ID afterward has void the cash back please? Nervous as I bought it only because of cash back!

    • whats the worst thing that can happen, you lose $60, would be the end of the world for you huh

      • +2

        The impure walk among us. Hand in your OzB license.

      • Yes that would be end of life for me, next question please!

    • I assume you could do a credit card refund if it doesn't get honoured as you haven't received what you initially paid for.

  • Bought it 10mins ago, not tracked!

  • Bought via app, paid with PayPal and it instantly tracked! Thanks OP

  • Bought online half an hour ago and still not tracked :(

  • If it doesn’t track instantly, does this mean that it’s unlikely to track? Has anyone received tracking notification over an hour after purchasing?

  • Thanks, OP. Had made a reminder to buy the old deal for my 11month old boost plan and this came up a few days later. I would have been spewing if I had bought it and missed out.

  • thats right unlikely to track. bundll card wont work but payment with paypal worked and tracked instantly in chrome desktop by turning off all security and allowing all cookies.

  • +1

    Didn’t track yet

  • +1

    Tracked almost immediately, hope it doesn't get rejected because I will port my existing number from Kogan

  • 1800 clicks and still hasn’t reached 1000 redemptions?

    • +2

      900 was probably from me, cause i kept trying to make it work.

  • Nice, ordered and the casback tracked instantly.

    Amaysim wouldn't let me process this as a credit transaction though (declined 2 cards) which kinda sucks as I could have stacked more cashback. But Paypal worked.

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