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$60 Cashback on $75 amaysim 125GB 6-Month Expiry Plan @ Cashrewards (Was $35, Ends 6PM AEDT)


This awesome deal just got a lot better. Please ensure you read the terms below carefully before proceeding. If you've already puchased any amaysim product via Cashrewards this month, you are unfortunately ineligible for this offer. I will endeavour to provide at least 30 minutes notice when amaysim gets close to the quota limit.

The following terms are specific to the $60 amaysim cashback offer only:

  1. Limited strictly to the first 1000 mobile services (redemptions), and one per Cashrewards member. Offer expires when (1) cap is reached (sold out), (2) withdrawn by amaysim, or (3) 11:59pm AEDT 09/03/21 (whichever occurs first). When the offer is over, the cashback rate will revert to $35 for this SIM. updated 4:10pm: Allocation exhausted, but amaysim has extended to now end 6PM AEDT.
  2. New mobile services only - offer is not available for existing mobile numbers.
  3. Offer is not available to anyone that has previously purchased an amaysim product via Cashrewards this month.
  4. You must click through the offer on Cashrewards. Do not exit amaysim's site until your purchase is complete.
  5. Offer applies only to the $150 Unlimited 125GB long-expiry mobile SIM for $75 (March promo). You will receive the SIM in 2-10 business days, which must be activated within 30 days of purchase or cashback is forfeited.
  6. If PayPal is used as payment, you must verify your ID through 'my amaysim' after purchase.
  7. Turning auto-renewal off after activation will not disqualify you from cashback.
  8. amaysim SIMs bought from retail stores/outlets are excluded from cashback.
  9. Cannot be used with any other amaysim or 3rd party promos/codes/referrals.
  10. Direct any enquiries regarding delivery, activation or ordering to amaysim customer support on their website.

Fraudulent activity, including creation of alternate accounts (against terms of service), will result in rewards forfeiture and account closure.

Ensure you disable 3rd party plugins and VPNs, close any additional browser tabs, and don't click away to other sites looking for codes etc after clicking from Cashrewards as tracking will be lost (try our mobile app). Do not exit amaysim after clicking out from Cashrewards until you complete your purchase. Tracking should take no longer than 60 minutes for amaysim. Check out our Help Centre & Contact form here for any questions or issues.

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$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 90 days.

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    • +2

      Yes. As a new SIM.

      Some of us have Amaysim numbers, which can't be ported in to Amaysim. So we need to port out to another service & back. But very little time to do that today!

  • me ,my wife and kid today totally bought 3 plan through cash reward all cannot track. we just cancel this three orders vis live chat.

  • Havent tracked, use cashrewards app to buy it, hopefully it will go through next hour

  • Thanks - completed at 5.59pm

  • My payment failed but they still approved my plan and sent me an invoice (Paypal outstanding balance), no cashback tracked. Should I cancel or send a claim to Cashrewards (as I can revise my Paypal payment in the account later)?

    • +1

      from looking at reply above, they suggest to message them after 7 days if it still hasn't tracked

    amaysim Mobile
    AUD $75.00
    AUD $60.00

    Thank you

  • @TA, will you be able to revive this anytime in the near future? :)

  • Snap. Got sim activated it and realised I never got tracking from Cash rewards, clicks recorded but nope no tracking. :/

    • You can submit a claim after 7 days. TA said that Amaysim will honour it.

  • anyone received the sim?

    • yes I did today

    • Received this afternoon and the port has already completed from Woolworths Mobile

  • How long does it take to port from telstra? Got sim yesterday and still waiting.

  • +1

    7 days have now passed for those that need to submit their Cashback claim. I have just submitted mine.

    • Thanks for the reminder. I've never done it before, is it done on the app or website?

      • You’ve probably figured it out by now but you can use either.

        • Had to do it on the app, the website doesn't show the claim button for me.

    • Yep just lodged my request also. SIM was received yesterday.

    • OH found it - invoice is on the Amaysim website under Payments - they don't email it to you.

  • Amazingly my cash rewards has already been approved. I should have the $60 back in the bank in a few days time!

  • Abit late for an update but I received my sim card on friday and got approved for cashback yesterday, Since it was my first time using cashback I got an extra $20 back ($80 total).

    The speeds are pretty slow (13mbps DL 4.6mbps UL) but doesnt matter its going into my 4g samsung tablet in the shed for when Im playing my Quest 2 there.

  • -2

    So, if it must be activated within 30 days of purchase, is it from the date of purchase?

    • Does it have to be activated?
      Got the sim today, haven't activated yet, was going to wait towards the end of the month when my kogan 90 days sim expires. However, when I logged into my amaysim account, the plan already showing 174 days left

      • +3

        They reset it when you start using it.. I had an SMS from them the day after I activated saying something like "we noticed you just started using this so we reset your start date"

  • Submitted my claim yesterday and was told that Cashrewards had not received any information from amaysim yet. I haven't had any issue with other sites so I believe its unlikely I made a mistake throughout the process. Hopefully it comes through for others

    • I received same response and have been a pro cash reward user :) let’s hope no dramas at the end!

      • This has happened to me before, especially for big purchases from Accor, where i was expecting over $300 in cb. They threw it out the Window saying no information from vendor.

        I've done the same for amaysim. Let's see what happens.

  • Is there any deadline for amaysim to activate this $75 plan?

    • +1

      30 days from when this was first posted.

  • had mine tracked, approved, and just withdrew the money.

    My sim came preactivated. emailed Amaysim to change the date to when I got the sim card.

  • +7

    Hey guys. Been advised that if you activate the SIM from this promo prior to March 31 (as a lot have done already), cashback will be approved by amaysim within 7-14 days of activation. SIMs activated after March 31 will need to wait for the usual approval time-frame of up to 75 days. So it’s in your best interests to activate ASAP (before end of March). Thanks :)

    • Anyone got the cash back approved within 14 days of activation? I got mine activated on 25th March and cash back is still pending.

      • Not yet. Been 11 days for me so far since activation but I’m wondering if it won’t apply in my case due to having to lodge a claim because my purchase never tracked.

        • due to having to lodge a claim because my purchase never tracked.

          Ditto here, lodged a manual claim.

      • I activated mine on the 18th of March and it's still pending too :(

        • My wife had her cashback approved today after activating about a week ago (post the 31 march early activation cut off).
          Mine is still awaiting approval, we both activated at similar times, difference was mine didn't track automatically.

  • A couple of days ago, I tried activating my sim, but no success, I contacted their live chat, they guy said that there was an error on their end and now they have sent me an email saying that they will select a new number for me, so it's in limbo

    • I'm trying to activate online and it just sits there loading.

    • All good though activating online this morning.

      • They have allocated me a new number, it's activated now

  • +2

    Got my cashback approved today.

    Thanks tightarse


  • +1

    Crap, totally forgot about the activation within 30 days……..!! Just activated today, here's to hoping

  • +6

    Hi guys.

    All amaysim $60 cashbacks from this promo (including claims) should now be approved in your Cashrewards accounts. Spend wisely :)


  • +1

    Yep…it's been approved and ALL GOOD.
    Again you have come through.
    Thanks again …
    Regards and Best Wishes