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Xiaomi AIoT Router AX3600 WiFi 6 Router US$109.99 (~A$142.80) Delivered @ Banggood


Xiaomi AIoT Router AX3600 WiFi 6 Router 2976 Mbps 6*Antennas Mesh Networking 512MB OFDMA MU-MIMO 2.4G 5G 6 Core Wireless Router WiFi Router

Take off shipping insurance for $109.99USwith coupon.

Ships from the AU warehouse

Coupon BGN0293AU

hopefully helps someone

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  • Is google blocked on this router?

    • If it were, you can just use a manual DNS like or

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  • This looks powerful

    • Needs more antennas though. Lol

  • it's a decent router .. i have one …

    the ONLY issue is that the menus are all in Chinese and you have to use a translator to do stuff … its hard when you're initially setting it up … but otherwise once up and running, you can use Chrome to auto convert the page

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      I have the international version and it is all English. I have read you can flash the Chinese version to an International version

  • Surprised I have to heard the comment about more antenna's:)

    • Needs more.

  • I have 2 and it supports Mesh + wifi6. Pretty decent one.
    Only thing is it has 4x1G port, no 2.5G.
    It works good with NBN as a wireless router, much better than netcom etc.

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      what you mean no 2.5G?

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        it was cut, I mean 2.5 Gbps. Ethernet Port.
        AX6000 has 2.5Gbps Eth Port but not AX3600.

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          maybe i need to brush up on my ethernet ports … haha i didnt realise they went that high .. okies

          still 4x1Gig is better than 1x1Gig+3x100Meg :P

          • @CereaL: 10Gbps is a thing too

          • @CereaL: NZ is selling 4gbps plans, Japan and others have 10gbps. No issues 1gbps and the NBN though :(

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    Just got AX6000 for $155

    • Where did you find it for $155? Cheapest I can find on Ali right now is around 128 USD (~166 AUD) after GST and also using the 5 USD coupon

      • you can buy them off Taobao for $119 before shipping if you know how to use the site

      • Seems like a lot on Ali that are cheap and say free shipping until you get to the checkout?

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        Although it took me 2 months to receive it, note that you need a switch to use it if you are planning to use lan as it only has aggregate 1Gbps lan for the other 3 ports compared to no limit AX3600. I am using 2.5g port for nas and wifi for my pc to get the full bandwidth.

        • What do you mean by “aggregate 1gb lan for the other 3 ports”?

          Are you saying that 1gbps is shared across all 3? So you’ll get max 333mbps if you use all 3 at the same time?

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            @WarriorZ: It's dynamic, capps at 1Gbps tho, if you have 900Mbps for one you have only 100Mbps for the other 2, use WIFI as much as you can, this router is not designed to let you get the full bandwidth via lan ports.

  • Anyone with experience with these? Can you easily change it to English?
    Can get the AX6000 under $150 on AliExpress, surely that's better value?

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        You can if you refresh the English firmware.

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      AX3600 only supports 80Mhz channel width, so the 2.4Gbps figure is due to 4x4 setup. Problem is, 4x4 wireless LAN network cards are too expensive. Intel's AX200, AX210, both 2x2, support 160Mhz and you actually want 160Mhz support, as such AX6000 is a better choice. That said, it's best to wait for WiFi 6E for the new 6Ghz band. However, if you can get AX6000 for a cheap price, then I guess you could consider it.

      AX3600 is good on paper, but I doubt most people would be able to benefit from that. Even if I were to get a 4x4 wireless card, I would also try to opt for 160Mhz support.

      • The ax3600 supports 160 MHz 2 x 2 and 80 MHz 4 x 4 mu-mimo

        • Even so, the total number of simultaneous clients in 2x2 160Mhz is still half compared to a 4x4 160MHz router. With Xiaomi products, you need to be careful and look past the marketing. The bandwidth remains the same. I am not interested in this particular router so I haven't really checked anyone re-tested it with the new firmware on 160MHz. And, what does that mean dynamic 2x2 160MHz and 4x4 80MHz (the bandwidth is finite)? Does that mean if a client only supports 80MHz, then it drops to 80MHz. A lot of mobile devices aren't 160Mhz ready. It makes more sense if it is 2x2 160Mhz OR 4x4 80Mhz with dynamic switching, but that means a high chance to do 80Mhz fallback.

          You look at the chipsets used… clearly some firmware hacks were performed (or it is basically BS as most consumers don't really know how to test it)…

          • @netsurfer: It's all stated in here https://c.mi.com/thread-3063190-1-0.html. The 80 MHz 4 x 4 can transmit with two devices simultaneously while the 160 MHz 2 x 2 can transmit with only one.

            I can definitely see the 160mhz on mine router's option and firmware. Can't confirm if it works as i'm still waiting for my AX compatible card to arrive.

            At the end of the day, the uplink port is only 1gbps and i'm happy if it's possible to achieve 900mbps download/upload via Wifi. The simplest test that can be confirmed by using iperf or by copying files from NAS for real usage results

            • @blue1ce39: The bandwidth remains the same, so it is clear that Xiaomi tries to tick both marketing boxes (4x4, and 160Mhz). Sure, you can go that you just want to be pragmatic and you are happy with a WiFi 6 router that's more like an improved Wireless AC router, rather than a WiFi 6 router.

              Anyway, so if you go for this type of router, you are basically indicating most of the WiFi 6 features aren't really important to you. It's been like this in the router world for a while. The specs are pretty relaxed so even if you don't implement all the newer features, it can still be referred to as a WiFi 6 router.

              • @netsurfer: Not sure what's the point you are trying to make here.
                I'm pretty sure Wifi Alliance knows how to certify devices to meet it's specs. Certification ID: WFA96567 for Xiaomi Ax3600.

                Don't be so quick to judge what is best for another person, I'm only after a wireless Wifi 6 router that can do Wireless AP feature and Mesh where i don't really care about the other fancy stuff as i have an enterprise grade NGFW with IPS/URL filtering/AV etc at the perimeter and zones. What's your point again for newer features? If this wifi 6 router (2x2 160mhz or 4x4 80hz) can already achieve download/upload speed that is faster and it's limited by what its 1gbps ethernet uplink can achieve, not sure anything faster as in 4x4 160mhz speed is really a big deal as the full throughput can never be achieved.

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    That's AloT of antennae

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  • How much Xiaomi spyware? Their phones have plenty.

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      indeed. there is usually reason why these Xiaomi products are cheap and its not the components they use.

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        Economies of scale?

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      I'd only be using these if you could flash ddwrt over the top!

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      Not sure why all the neg votes, it's a genuine question, I bought Redmi and Xiaomi phones for my folks and the amount of Xiaomi phone home connections was pretty shocking. Now Xiaomi want to be the gateway for all devices on your network. It's a genuine concern.

    • You need to root the device, and re-write the hosts file afterwards to prevent them from homing in.
      Or, use Pi-hole as your DNS server.

      • Is there a hosts file on the device or do you mean the config file?

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          Is there a hosts file on the device

          Yes, you ssh into the box like you would any other ssh-enabled 'nix machine, and update the /etc/hosts file.
          There is a tutorial on the web somewhere.

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    I get 900Mbits/s down and 500Mbits/s upload on wifi6 with ipad pro.

    • That's some mighty fast NBN

      • I wish, sadly this was just a local test of wifi6 performance via iperf.

        • -1

          Sounds like something is wrong with your test, up and down should be the same.

  • 21 Savage wont be too happy

  • This one has the most antennas so must be the fastest.

  • How is the firmware on this? Things like traffic monitoring, device usage, etc? Asus' Asuswrt firmware is great. Wondering if Chinese routers have that much functionality.

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      Openwrt is unmatched, don’t expect anything like Asus firmware on this trash.

      • +1

        I don't get the downvotes. It's a fair point. I personally want the kind of reporting the likes of Asuswrt gives me. Merlin isn't available for my model yet, but vanilla Asuswrt is pretty amazing.

        I'll try and offset your downvotes.

  • Looks impressive, if it ran wrt it would be perfect

  • Thanks Op, have bought 2 units at $155 each 1 week back. As there is not much published on the Xiaomi mesh, I am wondering if anyone has 3 units running on mesh and will notice significantly slower wifi speeds? Don't really need 3 for wifi coverage where 2 is sufficient but need the 3rd one for the ethernet via WiFi mesh. Thanks

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    backdoor to china included for free inside?

  • This when compared to Asus RT86u ??

    • Asus every time

    • Which 86U, AC or AX?

      AX86U specs is much better than this. Better CPU, more RAM, better firmware, better build, better warranty etc.
      AC86U is quite old now and doesn't support AX so I'm not sure you can compare it.

  • How does one add the coupon code?