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Keychron K6 Wireless RGB Mechanical Keyboard $69 + Delivery ($0 with mVIP/ Free C&C in NSW) @ Mwave


This is the current cheapest price around for the aluminium version of this decent mechanical keyboard (RRP $109).

Review + Mod


  • This is not a hot-swappable version. I strongly recommend that you should get the aluminium version which is kinda more premium than the normal one at the same price.
  • Don't select "Mwave Transit Cover " to minimise the delivery cost.

Some other Keychron keyboards are currently on sale too:

Mod Note: Updated main URL to all Keychron K6, as the Aluminium Gateron Brown are out of stock.

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  • +13

    Having used the K2 for just over 14 months now, it’s an amazing keyboard. I was a fool spending 160+ on brand keyboards.

    Fair warning though, if you’re the type of person who rests the base of your palms on a rest to type you will not enjoy this keyboard, there’s a fair bit of clearance from desk to keys.

    They (keychron) do offer complimentary to the design bamboo wrist rests, but I guess you can find compact gel ones probably cheaper online.

    • +2

      That's the key reason why I didn't go keychron in the end. Also, maybe ABS keycaps was a bit of a turn off/reason to go for a different option. But the features for the price (bluetooth, RGB, mac keys) and the stylish retro aesthetics make it hard to go pass if the height/keycaps aren't an issue for you. Maybe this sounds like damning with faint praise, but it's not meant to. I recommend keychron to people who are interested in going mech, with the warning about the height!

      It's possible that the height wouldn't be an issue for me - but not being able to try or test one locally was tricky. Wasn't willing to take a punt.

      • I honestly got used to the height pretty quickly.

        Mileage will vary greatly if you use wrist rests though.

        • I ended up getting a Leopold 750R. Double the price of a keychron, and with no features! Wired. No lighting.

          But lower profile than cherry key caps and PBT keycaps. That was the most important thing for me.

          But really do like what keychron are offering. And the price is comparable to the cheaper offerings with iffy sounding quality control.

          • @huggsymersh: I was honestly swayed from MKBHD - he swore by it and I was sick of RMA’ing my Corsair k70 for the third time for the same reason lol. I figured if it was a dud then so be it.

            I got it for a really good Boxing Day sale at the time so I couldn’t resist. Haven’t looked back.

            I agree the keys get “glossy” but I don’t feel it takes away from it, it’s a solid chunky base and i love it.

        • +1

          PSA for everyone looking for a matching Keychron wrist rest, Catch has the K2/K6 width wooden wrist rest for $39, not sure if anyone else in Aus stocks it. Would recommend, honestly found the k6 a bit too high for comfort before grabbing it.


    • on the k2 (gateron brown) with a gel wrist rest.. has been a real pleasure to type on.. definitely does need the wrist rest though for me as it is quite a high keyboard

  • +3

    I strongly recommend that you should get the aluminium version which is much better than the normal version at the same price.

    I think the only difference is the 'aluminium' version has a metal piece that attaches to the edge of the plastic base. Plus the hot-swappable switches. Other than that I believe they're the same?

    Also note that Keychron has notoriously bad keycaps with blurry writing. Personally I wouldn't get one without intending to swap them.

    • Yup. That is the only difference mentioned above, but I think the aluminium frame does make the keyboard feel more solid and stable (most importantly at the same price with higher quality build). The aluminium version was always much more expensive than the normal one.

      Totally agree with you about the keycaps, but at this price this is still a great choice.

      • Yep, the aluminium frame is attached to the plastic base, but if you're into modding it's handy because you can take it off and paint it easily. Unfortunately this is not the hotswappable version.

    • Where would you recommend buying keycaps compatible with keychron k2s? A bit new to all this

  • +16

    Heard such good things about these keyboards I'm just not ready to drop my numpad lol

    • +15

      Went tkl years ago and never looked back. No ragrets here

      • +4

        I can live without numpad but not without F keys so watchout for those thinking of getting the K6…

        • Arent they layered and you just press the function key and a number?

          • +1

            @Fergy1987: kinda tough when you have to use it often for coding or gaming… especially some shortcuts that involve CTRL as well…

          • @Fergy1987: Yes, but that's annoying, plus it means there are no special function (media) keys (like most keyboards have).

            I'm sure there's a use for these, but I'm sure it doesn't match my use case.

            • +2


              no special function (media) keys

              They're available by fn1 + number keys.

      • +2

        I tried TKL for a few months at home and eventually caved and bought a GK21s because I missed the numpad. Each to their own :)

    • +3

      im really keen on getting a left handed numpad keyboard

      makes way more sense when you think about it too, more room for your mouse to move around and you can still use your mouse when using the numpad

      • +5

        Best just getting a TKL with a separate numpad that you can position anywhere

      • +2

        Or, get an ambidextrous mouse and use left hand for mouse

        • +1

          Exactly what I was going to say. Learn to be a lefty and you'll be amazed at how much wasted space you reclaim!

    • K4

    • I'm with you. Typing IP addresses is such a pain with TKL so I'm seriously considering C2 now

    • Got the TKL K8. Initially want the K1 v4 because of the low profile and full set of keys. But selection of keycaps is minimal (pretty much nothing except keychron's own range) so decided to TKL k8 ago.

      Keyboard is fantastic, love the multi device switch. But the lack of number pad is killing me since I always need to type numbers at work. But once I find my misplaced usb number pad I will be fine. (had it cos my previous laptop didnt have number keys).

  • +19

    This is not a hot-swappable version. I strongly recommend that you should get the aluminium version which is much better than the normal version at the same price.

    actually, it's not really much better. it's just a few aluminium pieces that slide into the plastic shell. it might add premium feel but it adds more weight which might be detrimental to some that wants a portable keyboard to move around constantly. you might end up wanting to paint it as well.

    also, the lack of hot-swapping means you're locked into whatever switches you choose, so if you've never had a mechanical keyboard you might not know the difference between tactile/linear/clicky, and i made this same mistake the first time, i said: I OH BOY I WANT CLICKEH CHERRY MX BLUE HEAR I COME. it didn't just annoy other people - it annoyed me too. they also require the most actuation force to register key press.

    also, default ABS keychron keycaps are garbage and will develop an oily shine pretty quick (if it were food i'd say "it's your window to weight gain!", but on a keyboard it sucks. as mentioned above, factor in another $50 to buy some nice PBT keycaps.

    that said $69 is a good price and you can learn to solder/desolder too if you want to change switches. it's also a really good idea to buy it local because keychron won't even ship your order, regularly screw customers on warranty (if they reply at all) and their shipping is astronomical (think $26USD and then they'll charge a remote location fee ($30USD) when they're just about to ship your order so after waiting you'll just say yeah ok because you're so sick of waiting and just want your board.

    it's a shame no-one has stock in AU of the hot-swappable non-optical white backlit boards, i had to settle for optical switches and RGB gimmick (that i have turned off permanently now because i can't stand any colours other than white (OMG RACIST WHITE SUPREMACIST).

    i'm gonna lube my switches soon too, paint my case, add sound deadening, and change switches and keycaps again…

    tl;dr i've entered an expensive hobby i previously didn't care about because of previous ozbargain comments. thanks ozbargain.

    • +1

      Thanks for your comment. Edited to make it clearer.

      Same boat here for the hobby. xD

    • I have the k2 - recommendations for updated key caps?

      • +1

        checkout aliexpress (use affiliate checker and maybe cashback as well), it's the cheapest source generally for most likely good quality keycaps. just search for "pbt keycaps" and start clicking around, anything with a cherry mx stem will work (they pretty much all are). otherwise drop.com has some unbelievably amazing keycap sets that are nearly $200, also available on amazon. kbdfans.com is another place with a lot of keycaps as well but fairly expensive shipping from US.

        if you want shine through, maybe try some pudding keycaps in PBT. there's also the dye sublimation and doubleshot to consider as well if you don't want the letters to wear off.

        keycaps are one of those things that can end up costing you more than the keyboard itself.

        there's also different profiles (OEM, XDA etc.), so you need to have a think about what feel you prefer. google images search for "keycap profiles".

      • I don't have the K2 but have the K8, replaced the keycaps with some Razer PBTs in Black and White and it looks pretty damn good. The shine-through from the RGB with the new ones is much better than the originals if you care about that.

    • How are you planning to add the sound deadening? Looking to do the same with a mech keyboard I have.

      • haven't decided yet, i know to absorb sound more mass is generally better but a lot of people have just been using the foam that came with the packaging. i might buy some sound deadening butyl rubber mats from ebay or jaycar and cut it up and combine it with softer foam as well. i saw something at bunnings that might work as well, some kind of anti vibration pad.

        dynamat would probably be the best option but is ludicrously expensive, probably a cheap knockoff would be good enough too.

        to reduce sound, the type of plastic used in the keycaps and thickness makes a difference but undoubtedly the biggest sound maker is the switches themselves, gateron red is a linear switch and fairly quiet but i've ordered some kailh silent switches, and i put o-rings underneath my keycaps already (cheap on ebay - combined with a shopback $5 deal)

        at the moment i have a ping sound on a few of my keys and it's annoying, it's related to the spring so i'll be oiling all of them too

        i've come a long way in just a few weeks hahaha

        • nice, just checked out bunnings and those are good suggestions, I have a translucent case though so looking for something white or opaque. Maybe some sort of silicone pad? I'm not keen to spend a fortune on sound deadening material.

          Haha I've fallen down the rabbit hole also. I got my Gateron yellows a few weeks ago and I've got some PBT keycaps off Aliexpress in transit. Looking to buy lubing tools now but 205G0 isn't cheap and there aren't many options either so still seeing where's the best place to get those.

          • @fufufu: You could always go for some Tribosys lubes. I find them to be cheaper than Krytox and they're easy-ish to find here in Australia.

            Alternatively, you could go for AliExpress's Krytox and make a mix of 205g2 and 105. Quite cheap and effective as well as long as you get the ratio correct.

            • @YeemaiI: Yeh I'm looking at the Ali krytox. Cheapest I can find is about $12 for 10g?

              Not sure where to get tribosys?

    • I'm not a keyboard hobbyist, got a Das Keyboard 4 on my PC, this is gonna be replacing the cheap as dirt Motospeed keyboard I use exclusively on my iPad. It'll be good to have a keyboard with actual mac hot keys instead of Jerry-rigged windows keys

    • Don't the aluminium ones have the gateron hot swappable circuit boards?

    • Blues are one of three lightest key switches. Blacks are heavy.
      Also, were you planning to live your blues? Generally not recommended as it can ruin the click.

      • -2

        yeah i read that somewhere, lubing is more beneficial to linear (and not advised to clicky) which i prefer anyway. i didn't touch the blue's and almost immediately bought the same board in browns and used that for a few years but i wanted a wireless portable and ended up with the k6.

        it's a gateway keyboard, first you get the thrill of lubing switches and changing keycaps and before you know it you're building your own custom keyboards and dealing as a bit of a hustle on the side to fund your habit.

        meth keyboards, not even once*

        *joke explanation

  • +2

    I have used K1 v4 Red and Brown. They were great keyboards, works well on the Mac and Windows.

    • Which did you like better? I type for work.

      • Try Red one. Brown is just a little bit more clicky than Red.

  • I have been using the Corsair Strafe with the Cherry MX silent switches since 2017 - any idea which switches on these would be closest to the feel of them?

  • feels like it needs num pad + wifi

    im more keen on https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005001625799251.html

    • Interesting, looks like the RK860 is a relatively new keyboard. Not many reviews.

      If you get the K6, you could always look to getting a wireless numpad.

  • +1

    Is the K2 the K2v2 or the older K2?

    • +3

      I asked the exact same question and below is the reply from Mwave CS. A little bit frustrating for me….

      Due to the nature of the packaging on these units, we're unable to verify if they are v1 or v2. Also, we receive units from multiple suppliers so we're unsure if these are updated stock.

      They should be V2, as we only just received our stock a month ago, however, I cannot guarantee this.

      • Me too. I guess they'll just wait until all those who don't know/don't care, buy up the older versions. A bit silly from keychron that their packaging can't note the difference. Or perhaps they could update to note V2, but thereby undermine sales of old stock.

        • I just received mine today and can confirm it's a K2v2. But yes, there's no way to tell from the outside packaging.

          • @Ovazealous: The outside packaging on my one has "Keychron K2" in large silver font on the top of the packaging with smaller silver text "Version 2" in a silver box.

        • +1

          Also received today and it's a K2v2. I cannot find the silver text "Version 2" mentioned by Ovazealous though. There are so many subvariants in terms of configurations so not surprised the box labelling may not be consistent.

  • Is it the same as this one list on the keychron website? https://www.keychron.com/products/keychron-k6-wireless-mecha.... They are selling $69 too.

    • +1

      Those prices are USD, and the Aluminium frame model is priced at $89 USD there.

      • Gotcha. newbie on getting a keyboard here. thanks

  • Agreed. I have the k2v2 Brown switches. It's very good.

    You will need a wrist rest and new set of keycaps..

  • Thanks OP, was just looking at Keychron keyboards yesterday, purchased K6

  • How is the wireless performance

    • A couple of seconds to connect on boot up, but no issues after that.

      • Would you game with it?
        Genuine question

        • If you play super competitive fast-paced shooters maybe not, but for everything else it will be fine. It also depends on what keys you want to use, so take a look at the pic and decide if the layout works for what you want to play.

          • @nsta8487: Mostly fps
            Currently using a USB wireless tkl
            But like the look of the keychron

            • @somm: tbh if you already have an MK you're happy with I wouldn't guarantee that the Keychron will be an upgrade. If you want a nice-looking keyboard there are better options than Keychron (but maybe not at the price). Consider ordering the GMMK Pro if you want something to game on and have money+patience?

  • Wait.. so which keyboard should I be buying?

    • +1

      I would go for the K6 with Gateron Brown switches if you've never tried a mech keyboard before. Super portable and a great intro to the hobby.

      • Thanks. Are the Gateron Browns better than optical browns?

        • I prefer optical switches. More smooth

        • +1

          I haven't actually tried optical switches, but this is from the Keychron help page:

          1. Optical switches use the light sensor for quicker response rates compared to the Gateron switches. Especially suitable for gamers. Gateron switches are quite popular amongst keyboard enthusiasts.
          2. Optical switches don’t use physical attachments for key strikes. It has twice the durability than competing switches and has a lifespan of up to 100 million keystrokes.
          3. To experience a different tactile feel, Gateron switches are available in blue, brown, red and yellow. Optical switches only come in blue or red.

          There is also a short video showcasing the different switch types here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=piOYCaaSM7o

          • @nsta8487: Thanks! Also this seems weird… because there is an optical brown listing on Mwave but on the Keychron website it says they only come in blue or red

          • @nsta8487: Thanks - I currently have a logitech mech keyboard which has terrible chatter after 2 years of use. I'm worried I'll get it again - it seems like optical may be the way to go.

  • +3

    hot swap version is definitely preferable but damn $69 is a good price and a cheap way to get into the hobby. i have the hotswap/alu k6 and the build quality is pretty good - stabs are nowhere near as rattly as some other cheap boards.

    • Agree 100% with this assessment. I'm considering picking up a couple of these to use as housewarming/wedding presents for some friends I think would enjoy them. I only wish it were easier to find cheap carry cases for the K6…

  • +2

    Would love to see Amazon price match it today.

    • Same, was about to buy it but $15 shipping to QLD kills it for me :(

  • Currently have a Logitech G613 but see these Keychron's popping up everywhere so keen to try them out. What switches would be most similar to the Logitech's Romer-G tactile? Brown?

    • +1

      Yes, Brown is the tactile switch. To be honest if you're informed enough that you care about switches and you think you'd keep this board for a number of years then I would recommend considering shelling out the extra cash for the hotswap version (not on Mwave, may have to buy from Amazon). It will let you tailor the board to your own preferences down the line and the resale value will be much better if you do decide to part ways with it.

    • +1

      Kind of hard to call Romer G or Brown switches "tactile" nowadays

  • +1

    I recently bought a full size k1 with low profile red switches.

    It's an awesome keyboard for anyone who wants fast (but not ridiculously loud) key presses. Light enough touch to activate, but not a really deep press like some of the other mech switches.

    Never thought I'd notice that much of a difference between keyboards

  • Thanks OP just yesterday was planning to go 65% just yesterday and this came up. I like the feel of cherry mx browns on corsair k70 mk.2. Would Gateron Browns be closer to it or Optical LK Brown

    • +2

      Gateron Browns would be closer :)
      I've got them in a different keyboard and they are very similar (Gaterons feel less grainy I guess)

      • Cool. Thanks.

        • Picked up today. And yes the brown feels real good

  • As with other comments, I highly recommend getting a wrist rest and replacement keycaps for the keychron boards. I recently did this with my K4 and the typing experience is so much better now https://www.reddit.com/r/MechanicalKeyboards/comments/m13f9o...

  • K2 is $79 now?

  • I tried adding K2 brown to the cart, it shows $79 but when checking out, the charge increases to $109??

    • +1

      I think you checked out just as it went out of stock.

      • Thanks yes it now shows no stock.
        I have ordered the standard K2 (non aluminium) gateron brown in that case.

    • Can't seem to find any information if these K2 are Version 2, which most reviews conclude is much better than V1…

      • The keyboard I purchased is K2 version 2, FYI it is marked as version 2 on the packaging, so it did not need to be opened to identify this.

  • Damn, was sick, slept in late, missed the k1.

  • +2

    I have the hotswappable non-alu version of this, with the Gat Browns, it's a great entry to mech keyboards. K6 is a nice layout, and it's not as high as the other Keychron boards, which is a common complaint with their range.

    Gateron Browns are much nicer than Cherry too, still I'm gonna swap em out cause I like tinkering.

    The keycaps look nice and let the LED through the legends well, but do shine easily, if you want to replace them Amazon has some good options and you'll get them faster than Aliexpress. Main thing to look out for is you'll need a set that comes with a 1.75 shift, and 1u modifiers for alt, fn etc on the right hand side. It also can be hard getting Page Up and Dn and Home the right height if using sculpted profiles like OEM and Cherry, but with uniform (flat) profiles like DSA and XDA this isn't a problem. I've linked some popular choices below:

    DSA Profile
    Preview: https://www.reddit.com/r/MechanicalKeyboardsUK/comments/hmsi...

    Cherry Profile, a few colour options
    Preview: https://www.reddit.com/r/MechanicalKeyboards/comments/lhc4j3... (note RHS CTRL has wrong keycap)

    • +1

      always check aliexpress for amazon items anyway as they could be the same seller just listing on amazon or an entrepreneur near the factory source, sometimes cheaper eg. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000112109326.html?spm=a2g0s... is a saving of about $10, that one's not affiliated but the amazon link wouldn't give cashback either.

      you're right in the warning about the sizes of the keycaps, many different layout standards so some keycaps in purchased sets might not have the size you need. be careful!

      • +1

        Yes, generally the same keycaps are available on Aliexpress for cheaper, but shipping might take a LOT longer compared to stock sold+fulfilled by Amazon, up to the buyer to decide :)

  • +2

    bought K6. thank u OP. my first mech keyboard