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Dell S3221QS 32" Curved 4K UHD Monitor $417.93 Delivered @ Dell Australia


New low price for this monitor - looks like Dell has kept the promo going.

LOVEKEANU is eligible for 3% cashback via CR (or Shopback).

Down to almost $400 - get 'em while they're hot!

Also buy 5 from dell for a further 7% off if you're that way inclined (one for every room!)

Happy hunting!

@CR rep any chance of getting that increased Dell 10% cashback up and running for a few days again?

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    People who bought it last month for $439 in this deal can contact dell and ask for a refund on the difference. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/607226

    Call them within 30 days of purchase if you find a lower price:

    • thank you so much!

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        update: they're processing it now. just make sure u send thru a screenshot of the deal (w/ code applied) as well as a link to the item (mentioning lovekeanu).

      • How? They say don't price match sold through EBAY

        • i bought it through dell.com, sorry mate

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      Thanks for heads up. Tried the online chat, they told me just to call the 1800 number and ask for customer care. Will find out in 2 business days…


      • As above, rejected because dell ebay. Only option to return eBay purchase and buy again thru dell.com. can't be bothered

    • Does doing this affect cash back? I bought with the 10% cash back so wouldn’t want to lose it.

      As a side note, my order is still stuck in order received. How long does it usually take to get to the next stage?

      • Yes you will most likely lose it

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    Damn, if only it wasnt curved.

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      What's wrong with Curved Monitor? I thought easier to read?

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        I have a 27" curved and am over it, want to go back to flat. I'm not even sure why.

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          I'm not even sure why.

          Because it’s stupid for a 16:9 screen that is smaller than 34” to be curved. Curved screens make more sense for ultrawides.

          Dell makes this S3221QS curved probably wants to alleviate the poorer viewing angle limitations of the VA panel.

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        im a graphic designer so the shapes being slightly bent would mess with my perception

        • That makes sense.

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          thought the whole point of curved monitors was for opposite effect when sitting at appropriate distance. in a large flat monitor your eyes do not see the edges at a 90 degree angle

          think about a huge flat monitor if you look at the top left corner, you wont be looking at it straight on. on a curved monitor the sides will be straight on just as if you were looking at the middle. hope that makes sense. our field of view is also round - simply our peripheral vision curves at a similar degree a curved monitor does. field of view google images explains it enough. mostly talking out my ass here but curved monitors are generally superior to flat ones at large monitor sizes

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            @jonnys1n: I was on the fence with curved monitors, and when I tried one, it looked a touch awkward, but once you get used to it, they're fine.

      • He is just not into curved

  • Daymmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Wish I hadn't bought the Xiaomi couple months back. Or not?

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    Op you should post the website of the deal not the Cashrewards page..

    • Was just about to say the same thing!

  • this or the xiaomi? i had the 27" 4k but it was too small

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      I have Kogan 34" ultrawide (same panel as the Xiaomi) as my main monitor, with this Dell S3221QS as my secondary monitor to the side.

      Which is better for you depends entirely on your usage, and which aspect ratio / resolution you will make better use of. ie. What type of content you want to display, and how you plan to carve up the space.

      FWIW, if 27" 4K is too small for you, 32" 4K will be much better. I am using mine without scaling.

      For reference:
      24" FHD - 92ppi (too low for me)
      34" ultrawide / 27" 1440p - 110ppi (comfortable, a bit on the low side for me personally, but totally usable)
      32" 4K - 138ppi (comfortable, a bit on the high side for me personally, but totally usable)
      27" 4K - 163ppi (too high for me!)

      • yea im not too atm…..

        4k = 3840 × 2160

        34" xiaomi = 3440 x 1440

        so actually you can put some black bars on top and bottom to create the xiaomi ultra wide losing 2"

        but the xiaomi is 144hz, i have never used monitor over 60hz but i heard great things about it.

        • +1

          so actually you can put some black bars on top and bottom to create the xiaomi ultra wide losing 2"

          Yeah, I've seen people do this with monitors like the 48" LG OLED.

          but the xiaomi is 144hz, i have never used monitor over 60hz but i heard great things about it.

          If you are a hardcore gamer playing FPS games, then for sure you would want the 144Hz. (Although you may be better off with something like the Dell 27" DGF gaming monitor). Or if you are accustomed to high refresh rate screens, then it's probably hard to go back to 60hz.

          Personally, I don't really notice the difference in real word usage. I have my ultrawide at 120Hz and the Dell at 60Hz, and I don't really notice the difference (100% productivity usage). My phone has a 120Hz screen, which IS much smoother to use than 60Hz when you compare back to back…but I have mine set at 60Hz for battery life, and I can't say I really notice it ever in actual use. YMMV

    • waiting patiently for replies before biting the bullet

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    Anyone has experience with this screen and Photo/video production? I'm really tempted and feedback would be really useful! thanks in advance

    • -1

      It's bottom tier - I returned. Looking at the next Ultrasharp when it arrives.

      • Same. Would get their next 32“ ultrasharp as soon as it gets updated.

        • Why not the U3219q ? Just curious.

          • @illidan: Because it’s getting a bit old and that it has some flicker issues as some reviews mentioned. Otherwise it’s a solid IPS 32”.

            • @FrugalNotStingy: Thanks. I just broke my 32UD99 and in the market for one. None of the LGs in a reasonable price range has over 60W PD so was looking at that one.

              • @illidan: You’ll need to be sensitive to flickers to notice the issue though. Don’t think Dell will release a successor to the U3219Q soon as it’s not mentioned in its 2021 monitor lineup. They have already released the expensive mini-LED UP3221Q not long ago.

                Personally I will still get the U3219Q if the price dips to around $1000. Worse case I’ll just return it if I notice the flicker issue. It‘s currently out of stock at Dell though.

                • @FrugalNotStingy: Appreciate your replies mate. Yeah, I’ll keep an eye to see the movement as well. Might go to UWs as well. Don’t know for certain yet.

                  • @illidan: For UW, I quite like the new U4021Q but the low brightness kills it for me. If you‘re not using it for image editing maybe the AW3821DW which recently has discounted to as low as $1568 (deal has now ended) is a good choice if you don‘t mind the vertical 1600 res.

  • +1

    Strange. For CashRewards, clicking Dell gives me a neverending Loading Merchant Data.

    I don't want to use Shopback if possible…..

    • I had the same issue last night. You have to log out and log back into Cash Rewards and everything loads fine afterwards

      • Another thing to add is that if this goes down in price again within 75 days (CR's rule on validating cashback), I would suggest not bothering to claim the price match guarantee as that may invalidate your cashback.

        In saying that, Dell via CR approved my cashback within 3 weeks and the amount is now in my CR account ready for withdrawal so I applied just now via email to Dell to claim the price match guarantee.

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    FYI all, re: curve.

    This monitor has a curve radius of 1800, while most of the 34" ultrawides have a curve radius of 1500.

    Read: more curve on the ultrawides, less of a curve on this monitor.

    I did some reading, and for people doing drawing work with a lot of straight lines, the larger radius (less curve) is better.

    Hope this helps.

    • Learned something new today!

  • Anyone gone from dual monitor to single Ultra wide instead? I do some work on autocad amongst other things and have been tempted to get an ultrawide for home use (currently have a 24 inch basic Samsung)

    • If your budget can stretch (a lot), go for one of the 38" 3840x1600 monitors - best of both worlds - not too tall (some people get neck strain looking up/down), good ppi (see @caprimulgus post above), and tons of real estate side-by-side.

      If not, then get either this or something like the Xiaomi 34", depending on your needs.

    • +1

      I did, same as you.

      24”x2 to 1 34” ultrawide curved.

      But, in your case have a read on whirlpool as I remember someone said autocad and curve doesn’t go well (can’t remember the thread)

    • +1

      I went from 2x 27" to 1x 34" Ultrawide, and ended up putting one of my old 27"s off to the side.

      Even with the window-snapping controls in Windows 10, a single big screen just doesn't seem to work as well (at least for me) than two independent screens.

      I am contemplating the possibility of how well a super-ultra-wide (5160x1440) would work in Picture-by-Picture mode with two inputs from the same computer, though (ie: being able to change from a single widescreen to what is effectively two indepdent screens with an invisible bezel)…

  • The curve is huge!

  • +3

    Spewing - bought it in November for 550$, and it got delivered early Jan!!!

  • +1

    I've got the xiaomi 34" monitor from the other deal. Not that big of a fan.
    I much prefer a 4k screen (maybe cos I work with google suite more), text on screen just seem a lot more sharp on a 4k screen?

    What do you guys think of this dell 4k curve?

    • Text on 4K screens looks sharper to me. Text on lower resolution scaled up, on a 4k screen, looks sharper to me than on a lower resolution screen.

      If you don't need more than 60Hz refresh rate then this monitor is great. The curve is not really noticeable after a while. Your usage may vary :)

    • The Xiaomi is just a really wide 27 inch monitor. You lose the majority of the extra real estate to your peripheral vision. A 16:9 32" will 'feel' bigger in use due to the commensurate increase in vertical res. It's the more immersive experience for the majority of content. The Xiaomi comes into it's own if you regularly use applications that would otherwise require a reference monitor.

  • grabbed this screen last month, quite a big fan. using it as a second monitor to the s2721dgf and whilst i went in with serious doubt about the curved panel i've grown to not mind it as you don't really notice it in practice. if anyone has any questions about the screen id be happy to hear them

    • Feedback on viewing angles and colours for watching movies would be appreciated.

      Basically, are both issues not a concern or does one of those bother you a little?

      • +2

        i don't personally have an issue with the horizontal viewing angles as i'm almost always looking at the monitor straight on, but the vertical viewing angles are definitely poorer than my ips (and even then it's better than the tn i was coming from). having said this, i believe rtings said the horizontal viewing angles are still stronger than many other va panels (especially for the price).

        watching movies is an absolute treat on this screen. colour reprodution is good (i have not calibrated the screen), but it's worth noting that itll come down to personal preference as to whether a high-contrast panel like this is more suited for your viewing habits or instead an ips with more saturated colours. black uniformity is acceptable.

  • Does anyone know if the U3219Q will be on promo anytime soon? It's the UltraSharp 32" 4K.

    • Let's hope 🙏

    • 8ms response. Hmmmm.

  • +1

    That is breathtaking!

    • +1

      YOU are breathtaking !!

  • +1

    Bought it in February for $490, got a refund couple of weeks ago when price dropped to $450.
    Now it's further down… time to get 2nd one :)

  • How is this for gaming?

    • Should be fine if not into serious fps gaming IMO

    • -1

      If its anything like my Dell 27" 4k monitor, great! I have a Switch and PS4 connected to my monitor. Really low input lag, great colours. Easy to switch between inputs. Love it.

  • anyone using this with a Mac?

    • +1

      Works fine - you'll need a USB-C to DP/HDMI adapter though (the monitor doesn't come with USB-C)

  • Note this uses a VA panel. Can anyone comment on how this compares with an equivalent IPS panel?

  • +2

    In short - my experience is that for office work it's a great monitor, but compared to my 27" IPS - blacks are not that black.

    • Agree, i had both S3221QS and S2721QS, i only used for PS5 gaming, S2721QS much better than S3221QS after turned on HDR game mode.

      • Had? Did you return the S3221QS (or both)?

        • yes, S3221QS returned, StarTrack pick up next Tuesday.

    • +3

      The blacks are great. In fact Rtings singled out the blacks as being a notable highlight of the panel: https://www.rtings.com/monitor/reviews/dell/s3221qs

      "The Dell S3221QS has a great contrast ratio, producing deep blacks for a good dark room viewing experience."

    • you think so? if anything the blacks on this panel compared to my ips are significantly deeper because of much higher contrast ratio.

  • Purchased a $55 of on $110 code for $25 from a OZB.. But couldn't use it.. Lemme know if someone is looking for it.. Looking for $25 via PP..

    • +1

      Maybe too late, but apply the $55 off coupon first then the LOVEKEANU one and it works - I just did this with a $100 off $200 spend coupon and it worked.

    • I also have a $55 off voucher if anyone wants to go halves.

  • bought 2 of these last deal and am regretting the purchase. Viewing angle is horrid, any slight turn of my neck and I can notice shifts in colour. Last time I'm getting a VA panel.

    • +1

      Just return them, IPS panel much better.

      • +1

        @hnxhyx That's an impressively silly comment. Redeem yourself by listing a selection of UHD IPS panels for us to consider in the sub $500 bracket.

        • Go get S2721QS or S2721Q.

          I had both S3221QS and S2721QS in front of me, the only advantage which S3221QS has is big screen and that's the only advantage.

          • +2

            @hnxhyz: All due respect but losing 5 inches is not the solution you think it is. I have a 27 IPS for photo/video editing (grade Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 4K) and the difference is not insignificant.

            • @DisabledUser214288: Yeah, for me 27" 4K vs 32" 4K is the difference between needing scaling vs no scaling. This is a huge difference from a productivity perspective (ie. usable desktop real-estate).

              For me, that alone trumps any VA vs IPS debate.

              • @caprimulgus: Screen real estate aside, 150% scaling on a 4K looks mighty crisp.

                • +1

                  @Yuri Lowell: Yeah, but for productivity, (usable) desktop real estate is king, so that’s a rather gigantic “aside”. ;)

            • @DisabledUser214288: I mainly use both monitor for PS5, the difference for me is significant, After both turned on HDR Game Mode, colours on S3221QS looks so washed out and dulled compare to S2721QS the colors looks good to me.

              • @hnxhyz: HDR implementation in monitors has lagged years behind televisions. The latter is almost always the better option for pairing with an HDR capable console. Most people will be using this with a PC though and the SDR performance is a completely different kettle of fish.

      • ive already thrown the boxes away plus i can't really be bothered returning them. I'll just wait until a reasonably priced 4k 32" ips monitor comes out then hand these down.

  • thanks OP. just purchased one. should be more than enough for my missers wfh monitor.

  • Does anyone have any experience with gaming @ 1080p on a 4K screen like this ? Does it scale up nicely ?

  • Annyone notice a high pitched tone coming out of the speakers while computer is silent?

    I got one of these a few months ago, had the sound issue and 1 dead pixel. Got it replaced and new one is doing the same thing, and has 2 dead pixels (but in better spot off to side). Other monitors didn't make this sound!

  • +1

    Just bought one thanks champ.
    I hope it's made in Taiwan not China!

    • Why?

      • +3

        Two reasons:
        - quality of Taiwanese built monitors is way better. 2 of my cheap AOC monitors both had dead pixels out of the box. I now only buy monitors made out of China. Happy to pay extra.
        - ethical reasons. I don't buy Chinese tech where possible. My gf is from Hong Kong and they have lied to and treated the Hong Kong citizens so poorly. Violating their basic freedoms.

        • +3

          Fair enough! You‘re like my brother who doesn‘t touch made in China stuff. He even refuses to buy Apple products because they are made in China even Apple is an US company.

          I know a bunch of people, their friends and families who recently fled to the UK from HK because they were unhappy about the new policies.

          I think the S3221QS is made in China though.

          • -2

            @FrugalNotStingy: This is not a political forum. Take your anti China stance else where.

  • I've got this monitor connected to ps4 pro but only did 2k output is it the cable??

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