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Dell 32" Curved 4K UHD S3221QS Monitor with AMD FreeSync 60 Hz $439.20 ($428.22 eBay Plus) Delivered @ Dell eBay


Original Coupon Deal

Dell S3221QS monitor on sale with wheats coupon taking it down to $439.2 being the lowest price.

Ebay plus member gets 2% more discount. Don’t forget cash rewards.

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      You're dreaming.

      • I got a bit excited after seeing this YT vid talking about HDR

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          HDR on monitors is a bit of a fluff.

          Peak brightness above 400 cm/d is good for bright viewing and better than something non-HDR, but it isn't enough for a proper HDR experience to see details in bright scenes.

          Even HDR 1000 isn't enough. I think you should get a 48" OLED if you can accommodate it or wait for the smaller 42" OLED supposedly arriving this year from LG.

          • @giventofly: They will not doubt be priced accordingly, but I wonder if they’ll bring the price of other modes down somewhat?

            Particularly keen on the Ultrafine.

          • -1

            @giventofly: I looked at TV's in a similar spec, but they weren't that great for editing on…

  • Don’t forget cash rewards.

    How much do you get back for monitors ?

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      0%, but CashRewards still gets a commission for the eBay referral…

      It's sort of when somebody says 'Tell Blah Blah I sent you', and you expect a better deal, but there is none… Just a kickback to the person that sent you.

      • Just a kickback to the person that sent you.

        but the post has nothing to do with cash rewards.

        is the OP affiliated with them?

        • IDK, but I was more saying that CR get's the referral $ as eBay is 0% fro users

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            @mwalks: no point really then…

            • -1

              @jv: Just use shopback for 1%

              • +5

                @chyawala: Just use shopback for 1 0%


    • No cash rewards but Virgin and Qantas still give 1pt per dollar.

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    This is a VA panel if it makes a difference to you

    • -4

      it does thank you. too blurry for me

    • +2

      In relation to a down-voted comment above (not by me), the panel type does not determine the sharpness, just in case anyone is wondering.

  • Is this the cheapest ever price?

    • yes it is

  • Damn, keeps getting cheaper! I should have waited (bought in the first batch).

  • Finally this monitor is back on the Dell eBay, unfortunately brought this a few weeks earlier via Dell website deal for $487, although that did come with a $55 coupon

    • Check the Dell monitor post from a few days ago. Comments indicate a few people were in the same situation as you but got the difference refunded as part of a 30-day (I think) price guarantee.

      • Yup can confirm. Takes 1 email. Couple of days later refund of the difference is processed.
        Just curious on your experience with this monitor.
        For me calibration is a bit fiddly. I can either get good vivid colours with crappy blacks. Or half decent blacks but washed colours and low brightness.
        Otherwise pretty happy with it.

  • Is this different from the xiaomi ultra wide? So this would be taller, and wouldn’t be able to put as many excel docs side by side?

    • +2

      Yep, the Xiaomi is an ultra-wide (21:9) while this is a normal sized (16:9). So yes, it is taller and would not be able put as many things side by side compared to the ultrawide.

      The Dell has a higher resolution compared to the Xiaomi tho, and the Xiaomi has a higher refresh rate

      • Thanks!

      • Is one better for work/music production vs gaming?

        • +1

          It depends on the person, I prefer the extra width of an ultrawide for both gaming and work but it's up to you. Go have a look at some ultrawide and normal monitors in stores and try them out and see what you like.

          • @yikes914: Yeah, I tend to agree. I think I'd probably line up some 24" screens on the side as well.

            I normally game in my TV, 65" but it's hurting my eyes alot lately so looking for an all rounder.

  • Can someone explain how the USB 3 upstream works? I got a Surface Pro 5 with a USB 3 connection. Does the USB 3 transfer the video or do I need to ALSO connect an HDMI (or another) to support the video transfer?


    • +2

      It's just a usb hub for peripherals. You need type c with dp or thunderbolt for video

      You'll be using the mini display port on your surface for video

    • Believe the monitor's USB port does NOT transfer video.
      You need connect its HDMI or DisplayPort for video.

  • +5

    I returned mine from the last deal because of backlight bleed. Pretty bad from the left and right sides as well as a strip across the top. It's mostly a lottery which panel you get but something to keep in mind.

    • Was the return easy? Did you have to pay return postage?

      • +3

        Return was suprisingly easy. Just needed to send them photos of the bleed (1 normal lighting, 1 in dark room). As well a photo of the service sticker on the back + a piece paper with my name and date.

        They sent Startrack to pick it up for free.
        Money refunded 2 days later.

    • +2

      Same. Really shit monitor. Horrible return process too.

    • -1

      Hi mate, I clicked a photo of my monitor.. would you say my monitor has this issue?

      If yes, does this become worse over time?

      • +1

        I'm not an expert so take what I say with a grain of salt, bit it does seem like there's a lot of bleed on the top and bottom.

        There isn't really a benchmark for how much bleed is acceptable though. Are you noticing it in your daily use? If you are, then consider getting it returned.

        And no, it wont get worse over time. has lots of backlight bleed photos you can compare yours to

  • Hows this compared to the recent xiaomi one?

    Can any that owns both comment?

    • +2

      I don't have the Dell, but I have both the Xiaomi 34" and a 32" 4K samsung VA panel (U32J590) - so it should be a close-ish comparison.

      For gaming, Xiaomi wins hands down - I've got mine at 120Hz and everything is buttery. I still can't play for shit, but thats not the monitor's fault. It is also great for wide-screen video (no black bars at top/bottom).

      For coding & general desktop usage, the 32" 4K panel wins. Not by a huge amount, but text is sharper and its got a bit more vertical space.

      It really depends on what your usage requirements are.

      • Thanks for thr response.

        I have a Samsung 32 inch ultra wide (LC34H892WGEXXY).

        Looking to get a second monitor with same resolution.

        Tossing up between this Dell or the xiaomi.

        Only use it for work apps, occasionally YouTube, netflix.

        No gaming.

    • +1

      I'll just copy & paste my xiaomi/dell comment from another recent deal on this monitor -

      The Dell at this price, is quite a good deal. I picked one up when it was around ~$540 via Dell website.

      I had initially planned to use the Dell as my main monitor for my day-to-day-work, but the limitations of my desk/room meant that I was sitting to close to the screen which resulted in neck/eye-fatigue. Hence, I have now moved it to the side (which had a bit more distance between myself and the monitor) to repurpose it for a PC (4K connected via DP) running a few VM's for my demo environments, and also some light gaming/streaming on PS4 (non-pro). It is a very nice display when you are centred and have enough distance.

      Since the Dell was not a great fit as my main monitor, I also picked up a Xiaomi Mi Curved 34" (around ~$500 via Gearbite) as my main monitor for general day-to-day work.

      When I put the Dell and Xiaomi side-by-side, the Xiaomi display was about an 5cm shorter than the Dell, which made quite the difference in alleviating the neck/eye-fatigue.

      Since I did not plan to use these monitors to edit photos/videos, I was not too fussed about colour accuracy, but I did still apply the colour/display calibration profiles from the RTings website.

      The build quality of this Dell is great, display is nice and crispy, speakers are okay (as expected), good selection of I/O.

      The Dell's aspect ratio is a better for streaming, gaming, general use. Whereas trying to watch a 16:9 movie/show, 2:1 youtube video on the Xiaomi always resulted in wide black bars on the side. The times the Xiaomi is good for media consumption is when you find a movie that actually fits or is close to the ultrawide 21:9, e.g. Life (2017) -

  • anyone knows if theres dell monitor on sale that has displayport in & out for daisy chain?

    • Some UltraSharp models(not all yet) offer daisy chain. But recently UltraSharp series only give 3% off maximum.
      Seems a USB C docking for dual monitor setup is more realistic.

  • Price dropped again. Wow so quickly

  • Damn, just paid 646 one month ago for it…

    • If you used enough during that month I guess it's ok

  • Can someone compare this to the U3219Q which is an IPS and looks much thinner and bezelless comapred to this S.


    • +2

      Yea an $800 price difference.

    • Flat screen vs. curved :)

    • The bezel of this monitor is pretty much the same as the U3219Q on the top and sides, and is about twice as thick on the bottom.

      From the side, it is thicker, but I’d say it’s mainly due to the curvature (and speakers).

  • How will this monitor work with PS5's? Will this be upscaled or have black bars?

    • +1

      It'll be fine in terms of resolution. Just don't expect any more than 60hz

    • +1

      It will run in it's native mode with the ps5 scaling done within the console which is normal if you set your ps5 to 4k, no black bars. If you have any interest in playing games at higher frame rates then yeah this would be a skip. Unless you have a 144hz 1080p monitor lying around and buy a splitter which is what I do, I find it a good compromise. Since playing 120hz mode on ps5 will usually set the rendering resolution to 1080p.

  • +3

    Picked this up Friday week from Dell direct and used the ILOVEKEANU code to bring it down to $456.

    Its better than my old Viewsonic IPS screen but my opinion, id suggest hooking this up via DP and not HDMI as the picture quality is better on DP.

    I've borrowed a SpyderPro 5 calibrator from a mate to see if I can get the screen to be a bit more accurate in colour but out of the box, its good enough methinks for the average user (I just notice the differences moreso hence the reason for borrowing the SpyderPro 5).

  • Finally Keanu stopped being the coupon code.

    • It still works at

  • Historical low?

  • Can someone tell me which email address is for price match?

    I send an email to "[email protected]" earlier for last price drop, but no response. Not sure if I should contact other team..

  • picked one of these up last week. mine unfortunately arrived with a broken panel, but support hasn't been too bad in getting that sorted out. about half of the display is perfectly functional and it is pretty good looking. can recommend, especially at a price like this.

    • I just got a Dell S3220DGF which was broken on arrival too. Big crack from the very top centre that went all the way down the LCD panel, discolouration was noticable upon unboxing.
      Was from TGGC though so was an easy return/swap.

      • sorry to hear about that, glad you got it sorted though.

        • Wondering if its from Dell itself, or shipping to resellers, or the resellers handling.
          This seemed like something that would have to have happened in manufacturing. The box it comes in is pretty snug, it would take a whopping good hit to do what was done to this panel.
          Only other explanation might be that it was laid on it side in shipping with weight on it which caused pressued on the curved section.
          Just interesting to hear somebody else having the same problem with a dell curved monitor the day after I got mine!

  • Anyone had issues connecting to the DisplayPort on this?

    I have an older NUC5 that supports miniDP at [email protected] and HDMI at [email protected] or [email protected]

    1. NUC mini-HDMI to either of the monitors HDMI ports is successful (for both 4k and 1080P)
    2. If I try to connect the NUC's mini-DisplayPort to the monitors DisplayPort I get no signal (tried 2 different cables so far)
    3. A miniDP-HDMI adapter from the NUC successfully displays a signal (but is limited to the monitors HDMI refresh rates) but this shows the NUC's miniDP port works
    • The 3rd cable I tried successfully worked. It was a v1.2 rated cable from Bonelk, where the initial two cables I tried were v1.4 rated.

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